"Examining the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and the Making of a Consumer Boycott"

Environmental Economics

Zhongmin Wang: In a new RFF discussion paper, “ Egregiousness and Boycott intensity: Evidence from the BP Deepwater Horizon Spill ,” we also explore the relationship between boycott intensity and media coverage, due to the latter’s ability to influence consumer awareness about egregious events. Using our market-level model, we determined an area’s boycott intensity by measuring decreases in BP brand’s market share across 257 US counties.

New Year’s Resolution #3 – Boycott Plastic Water Bottles

Green Home Blog

Plastics are a nearly unavoidable part of our lives. From alarm clocks to toothbrushes to soda bottles to cell phones, we all use and throw away plastic products everyday. One of the most common types of plastic waste is disposable water bottles: we use them at home, carry them to the gym, or grab one when we’re on the go. In fact, every year Americans throw away 29 billion disposable plastic water bottles, only around 23% of which are recycled.


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Tourism Boycott Heats up as Namibia Prepares to Kill 91,000 Seals

Green Prophet

Activists have launched an international campaign to boycott key Namibian industries ahead of its annual slaughter of 91,000 seals. Boycott. Namibia will start their annual hunt in just a few months, but activists have launched campaigns all over the planet to encourage people to boycott Namibia’s tourism and other key industries. Travel & Nature activism Animal cruelty boycott conservation Hatem Yavuz Namibia seal hunt tourism Wildlife

Boycott Launched to Save Imperiled Bluefin Tuna

Green (Living) Review

Consumers, Chefs, Restaurant Owners Urged To Avoid Buying or Serving Critically Endangered Species Suffering from Overfishing, Oil Spill SAN FRANCISCO: The Center for Biological Diversity today called on consumers, chefs and restaurateurs to boycott bluefin tuna, a staple at some sushi restaurants and one of the most imperiled fish on the planet. The boycott launched today calls on consumers in the United States and around the world to stop eating bluefin tuna sushi.


Green (Living) Review

A group of MPs has on Saturday, November 30, 2013 been backing Ethical Consumer''s call for shoppers to boycott Amazon this Christmas because of the internet giant''s aggressive tax avoidance policies. If enough people boycott Amazon then we will damage their business. We''re calling for a boycott of Amazon in response to the public''s anger at the scale of Amazon''s tax avoidance. The boycott of Amazon has been run by Ethical Consumer since December 2012.

World-renowned Chefs Join Call to Boycott Bluefin Tuna

Green (Living) Review

The Center launched the bluefin boycott Nov. Aside from launching the boycott, the Center has also petitioned the federal government to protect Atlantic bluefin tuna under the Endangered Species Act. SAN FRANCISCO, Jan 2011: Two of the United States’ leading chefs have joined the Center for Biological Diversity’s campaign to save bluefin tuna, one of the world’s most imperiled fish. Alice Waters, owner of Chez Panisse, in Berkeley, Calif.,

Boycott Wine Until Vineyard No Longer Animal Deathtrap?

Green Prophet

Regarding the Barkan winery, the SPNI is calling for a boycott of the company’s products until they begin to comply with being more flexible in regards to helping wild animals like gazelles survive by not fencing in the animal’s feeding range. This mountain gazelle can be seriously injured or killed if it tries to reached fenced in vineyards in the Judean Hills, in Israel. Wineries like Barkan are “open&# to find a solution, but not at their expense.


Green (Living) Review

For ideas, consumers can pledge to “ Boycott The Baggie ” ( www.boycottthebaggie.com ), for simple, easy-to-follow ways to reduce waste and go green! Sources: LaptopLunches.com, NY State Department of Conservation, & Californians Against Waste “Boycott The Baggie” is a campaign that CEO/Founder of OneSmallStep.com , Renata Bodon kicked off after she started collecting trash to show what one school year of lunch trash looks like.

I rage tweeted during executive time this morning

Environmental Economics

I'm on a one year boycott of the Transdisciplinary Journal of the @ISEEORG [link]. John C. Whitehead (@johnwhitehead81) February 5, 2018

2018 109

The Alberta Oil Sands

Eco Friendly Daily

Black Gold Climate Change Environment Green News alberta alberta oil sands alberta tar sands boycott boycott alberta Greenpeace My wife and I were born and raised in the province of Alberta. It is where we met, where our family is, and until we recently moved to British Columbia, it was our home.

Oil 48


Green (Living) Review

The product guide to bookshops and e-readers is available here: www.ethicalconsumer.org/ethicalreports/buyingbookswithoutamazon.aspx Ethical Consumer is currently running a boycott of Amazon. For details visit: www.ethicalconsumer.org/boycotts/boycottamazon.aspx Launched in 1989 Ethical Consumer is the UK''s leading ethical and environmental magazine. Boycott Amazon books E-readers Ethical Consumer

2013 101

Naive Israeli Startup Tricks Beirut Designers into Doing Illegal Business

Green Prophet

As Al-Akbhar reports, Lebanon considers Israel to be an “enemy state,” and the Lebanese Boycott Law passed in 1955 prohibits Lebanese from having anything at all to do with Israelis, and that includes any kind of direct or indirect contact. Regardless of whether or not we may think this boycott is warranted, it’s there, which means that non-political actors such as artists and designers are prevented from cross-cultural dialogue, and that’s a tragedy.

2013 73

New app helps you avoid unethical brands and companies

Green Blog

Even more impressively, you can join user-created campaigns to boycott business practices that violate your principles rather than single companies. Business & Politics Boycotts consumer power corporations Green Consumer individual responsibility iPhone mobile apps When you go shopping it’s not easy to keep track on which products or brands you shouldn’t buy to avoid supporting the destruction of rainforests or animal abuse.

Good News: U.S.D.A. Promotes Local and Organic Food with $52 Million

Eco Chic

Ecology activism boycott farmer''s market federal funding government local Organic policy procott USDA Source. I’ve always believed in the power of the consumer to create change. I emphatically support independent musicians, artists, and crafters.

2014 54

Shocking analysis by country of years left to zero emissions

Green Blog

The World will have to take action against the more notorious climate criminal and climate racist countries such as Australia through Sanctions, Boycotts, Sporting Boycotts (as were successfully applied to Apartheid South Africa through exclusion from the Olympic Games and other events), Green Tariffs, International Court of Justice litigations and International Criminal Court prosecutions.

So excuse me if I break my own heart tonight

Environmental Economics

I've decide to boycott publishing in JEEM (insert smiley emoticon -- see #1 below). Timothy Gowers of the University of Cambridge, who won the Fields Medal for his research, has organized a boycott of Elsevier because, he says, its pricing and policies restrict access to work that should be much more easily available. Sorry, the only boycott I can participate in is the one imposed by JEEM when they decide not to publish my crappy papers.

2012 116

Proud Tahini company gets boycotted for being gay

Green Prophet

Al Arz has come under fire and is facing a boycott for supporting a LGBTQ organization creating a hotline for LGBTQ Arab youth. But when this brand decided to help support an Arab LGBTQ group, its straight patrons called for a boycott of Al Arz.

2020 87

Climate Racism, Climate Injustice & Copenhagen Greenhouse Gas Reduction Proposals

Green Blog

Clearly the AOSIS proposal is by far the best on offer at Copenhagen and the US and Australian proposals are so destructive and so far removed from reality as to invite sanctions, boycotts, green tariffs, reparations demands, international criminal court prosecutions and other legal and trade retaliation by an indignant World. “What can decent people do to save the Planet from the Australian, EU and US climate criminals?&#.

Recipe: Tahini and Chocolate Popsicles with Maple Glaze (Vegan)

Green Prophet

It started as a gesture of support for the company when their CEO contributed funds to an association for LGBTQ Arab Israelis, causing some Arab communities to boycott their product. Who would have imagined tahini and chocolate blended up and frozen?

2020 83

I'm now looking forward to the spam inviting me to join

Environmental Economics

These emails are written as if they were personally sent by the user, but they are sent automatically unless the user opts out, which causes some researchers to boycott the service because of this marketing tactic and contributes to the negative view of ResearchGate in the scientific community. From Wikipedia : ResearchGate has been criticized for emailing unsolicited invitations to the coauthors of its users.

2016 122

Climate change is our global enemy, says Desmond Tutu

Green (Living) Review

In an associated editorial that was published in the British newspaper, The Observer, he argues that the same boycott, divestment and sanction tactics used against firms which did business with apartheid-era South Africa must now be applied to institutions that exploit fossil fuels. However, in addition to that, it is not just governments that need to divest and boycott companies that profit from fossil fuels and other destructive practices.

Enlightened Kuwait boycots IRENA energy event over Israel

Green Prophet

In another “interesting’ move for the planet, Kuwait decided to boycott an international energy event in Abu Dhabi because Israelis would be there. According to reports online , Kuwait officials decided to boycott the annual gathering of IRENA (Green Prophet is there!) But Kuwait took it upon itself to boycott Israel, a country which hands down has done more remarkable things for the clean tech world than all the other Middle East countries combined.

Knife or banana

Environmental Economics

It is also informative that economics textbooks are still being threatened by the climate police with boycotts for departing from climate orthodoxy.” The Stand-up Economist is not very funny!

2012 122

Nestlé 'UK's most hydrated community' push

Green (Living) Review

Join me in a total – as far as possible – boycott of the bottled water industry, and Nestlé especially. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Nestlé Waters – yes, the very company whose CEO states that water is not a human right but must be a commodity – is running a exclusive retailer competition to find Britain's 'most hydrated community' this August.

2016 101


Environmental Economics

 When has a boycott succeeded?  World trade poses a challenge to the boycotters. Matt Kahn : An interesting debate is playing out between the NY Times Joe Nocera and Joe Romm and friends.  You can read the details here.   I would like to add one simple point.   If Canada doesn't sell us their fossil fuel, will it really sit in the ground and not be consumed?   Global GHG emissions would be lower if such natural resources weren't tapped.

2012 116

Buying books without supporting Amazon

Green (Living) Review

Last December Ethical Consumer launched the world''s first organised boycott of Amazon in response to Amazon''s business model which appears to be built around using tax avoidance as a way to help make their prices among the cheapest online: www.ethicalconsumer.org/boycotts/boycottamazon.aspx ENDSThe product guides to bookshops and e-readers bookshop are available here: [link] [link] Launched in 1989 Ethical Consumer is the UK''s leading ethical and environmental magazine.

Desmond Tutu: “climate change is our global enemy”

Green Prophet

In an associated editorial published in The Observer , he convincingly argues that the same boycott, divestment and sanction tactics used against firms which did business with apartheid-era South Africa must now be applied to institutions that exploit fossil fuels.

2014 82

Breaking News: Coca-Cola Dumps ALEC | PR Watch

PR Watch

CoC announced a public boycott of Coke yesterday, joined by other public interest groups. Boycotts of Certain Companies/Industries. Also where appropriate it is extremely useful to employ counter boycotts such as those used in the recent Rush Limbaugh/Catholic Choice controversy. These can be very effective as they highlight not just the leanings of the objects of the boycott but also their loyalty and strength of conviction, which many feels goes directly to honesty.

2012 86

Interesting Green Ideas: Thinking Outside the Box

Green Home Blog

Environmentalist, Brent Schulkin came up with a unique idea a few years back which he coined as carrotmobbing – procott instead of boycott. Interesting Green Ideas: Thinking Outside the Box. There are many ideas out there when it comes to reducing our carbon footprint and helping the earth sustain life in lieu of man’s polluting ways. They can range from recycling to reusing and everything in between.

2012 126

GAP to go Solar Powered

Eco Friendly Daily

It wasn’t too long ago that clothing brand Gap Inc faced naked protesters and country wide boycotts over their questionable treatment of factory workers across the world, and although the boycotts didn’t manage to shut the company down, it seems that Gap have started taking Corporate Social Responsibility a little more seriously.

Is your bank funding fires in the Amazon?

Green Prophet

While we aren’t suggesting to boycott anyone right now, these are definitely questions boardrooms and executives should be asking each other. The list of banks supporting damaging practices to the Amazon include Banco do Brasil, Rabobank, and JPMorgan Chase.

2020 83

What Harvey Milk can teach today’s green activists

Green (Living) Review

They knew how to organize a boycott, how to figure out who they should be talking to in government, which political clubs they should be getting the endorsements of, and how to get the attention of the media. Since the days of the big Keystone protests, it’s become clear that the focus of environmental activism has moved away from trying to pressure the feds and towards making progress at the local level.

2014 104

Coca-Cola Plant Bottle = Greenwash

Green (Living) Review

Let's boycott Coca-Cola, at least until such a time that they apologize and rectify things. By Michael Smith (Veshengro) Coca-Cola has made a great hullabaloo over its so-called “plant bottle” but that bottle is nothing but lies and a way to mislead the consumer. On the official promotional material and the stands in the shops for the “plant bottle” Coca-Cola proudly declares as follows: Up to 22.5 percent plant material, up to 25 percent of recycled plastic, as ingredients for the bottle.

Access to water should not be a public right, Nestlé CEO

Green (Living) Review

Time to boycott Nestle and all its subsidiaries by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Nestlé is the world’s biggest bottler of water but the profits from this enterprise of selling water is not enough for the company, it would seem. Let''s hit it where it really hurts them, in their reputation and their bottom line and boycott the products of those corporations, and that includes their subsidiaries such as, in the case of Nestle, also the supposedly green Body Shop.

2013 120

How green the new iPhone?

Green (Living) Review

The phone itself is also not as it is not using the new European standard either, it would appear, and considering ethics also Apple should be on the boycott list for anyone serious about being green and ethical. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) While it has some features that make it “greener” than its predecessors the fact that the new iPhone has also made millions of charging and docking cables and many docking stations, etc. obsolete means that it is not very green at all.

2012 100

Kuwaiti Gaydar Test to Ban Gays Entry to Arab Countries?

Green Prophet

Oh, and if we have enough problems on our hands wondering if the FIFA 2020 World Cup should be in Qatar’s winter or summer, people from the LGBT in the UK are proposing an outright boycott. I think some input and dialogue from locals who live in the GCC is worth considering before big boycotts are discussed. Instead of a boycott, how about some (green) travel to the GCC countries to support the gay men and women there?

Ban 81

Study Finds Elementary Students Like New Healthier Lunches

Green (Living) Review

The standards also spurred student-led lunch boycotts in some districts. Students Complained When Regulations Implemented, But Ultimately Found Them Agreeable When the federal government implemented new school-meal regulations in 2012, a majority of elementary-school students complained about the healthier lunches, but by the end of the school year most found the food agreeable, according to survey results released Monday.

BREAKING: Intuit Out of ALEC; Coke, Kraft, Pepsi, too, while Koch.

PR Watch

CoC announced a public boycott of Coca-Cola and other ALEC corporate board members this week, joined by other public interest groups. I will be sure to boycott Kraft Foods, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Quicken, and Quickbooks. I thank PRWatch for telling us which companies to boycott. Skip to Main Content Area. Contact Us. News Feeds. Podcasts. Privacy Policy. RSS Feeds. Volunteer. Optional Member Code. Sign up. Reports Lisa Graves. Mary Bottari. Brendan Fischer. Rebekah Wilce.

2012 87

12 Days of Green New Year’s Resolutions

Green Home Blog

Boycott Plastic Water Bottles. 12 Days of Green New Year’s Resolutions. It’s that time of year again, when the holidays are over and we all turn our attention to the New Year. Most of us will try to start the year off right with a resolution – whether we want to lose weight, save money, find love, or switch careers, everybody will be looking to improve in 2013.

2013 143

Iran Considers Censoring Films Depicting Chicken Meals

Green Prophet

Designed to pressure the Iranian government to end what most view as a suspect uranium enrichment program, the sanctions and a new EU boycott of the country’s oil sales have crippled the economy. More on US Sanctions, the EU boycott, and Iran: Iranian’s Turn to Aubergine – Chicken of the Poor. US sanctions are putting such a strain on Iran’s poor that the government wants to censor films depicting hearty chicken meals , The Telegraph reports.

Iran 59

British firm cuts ties with Israeli company over flotilla incident

Green (Living) Review

A total boycott is needed. At least one British company is happy enough to cut their ties with companies working in Israel and Israeli companies and it would be good to see a total boycott of Israeli goods and services, whether in the field of computer, agricultural produce, or whatever else. A good start finally.

2010 104

Hatem Yavuz is the King of Seal Killers

Green Prophet

Boycott. They have also called for a boycott of all major industries that contribute to Namibia’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) including Namibia Breweries, De Beers, and Namibia Air. Hatem Yavuz buys the pelts of every one of the 86,000 seal pups that are slaughtered every year in Namibia. Every year in Namibia, 86,000 Cape Fur Seal pups are butchered to death and only one man has the contract to turn their fur into so-called fashionable apparel.

2012 88

Going Cold Turkey on Black Friday

Sightline Daily

So, I tuned in to a growing movement to boycott the biggest shopping day of the year. My shopping boycott has lasted 11 months—and counting. For one, here’s the Boycott Black Friday group on Facebook. And for some reminders that your own protest is happening in concert with hoards of others, here’s Time Magazine on Black Friday boycotts , protests, and anger. Wattpublishing, Flickr.com.