Keep Our Environment Clean

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For example, that trip in your car releases greenhouse gas emissions while that plastic soda bottle may end up bobbing in the ocean for decades. Even the water you send down the drain can be dangerous when it deposits chemical cleaners and organic waste in rivers and lakes. A 2008 investigation by the AP found low levels of prescription medications in the drinking water supplied to 41 million Americans. Keep Our Environment Clean.

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New Year’s Eve DIY Water Bottle Noise Maker

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This year do it in Eco-Style with these DIY recycled water bottle noise makers. What you’ll need: Empty plastic water bottle. Water. How to make it: Place a handful of beads or coins inside the clean, dry water bottle.

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How To Choose An Eco-Friendly Hotel

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Between paper products, breakfast buffets, and, of course, all those tiny bottles of shampoo, hotels generate a lot of waste. So when you’re trying to find the perfect green place to stay, look for hotels that recycle and compost instead of just dumping all that waste in the trash.

What It Means To Be Socially Conscious

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for 20 bags designed to melt your leaves and leftovers to rich soil, to the Cadillac of composting – an earth tea brewer which uses trash and water to create a liquid fertilizer. Put the same amount of shopping energy into water conservation systems for your yard and garden.

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Recycled Art: Meet Emily the Elephant

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Artist Sarah Turner managed to get hundreds of children in the UK to make Emily the Elephant out of recycled water bottles. Mini-visitors got a chance to learn more about recycling in their community thanks to Emily’s help. Want more recycled art? Inhabitat.

1 Liter of Light Project uses recycled bottles to create solar lamps


This prompted MIT student Alfredo Moser to come up with an idea for a solar lamp fashioned out of recycled water bottles. Each solar lamp contains one liter of water mixed with bleach which creates the same amount of light as a regular 60 watt incandescent light bulb.

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Google Resorts to Going Green With Trash Talk

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Gmail offers recycling tips. I was doing some email spring cleaning during an especially snooze-inducing conference call, and there in my Gmail Trash file, up popped a random recycling tip. Instead, it offers clever enviro-tips and recycling facts in that folder’s top bar.

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Nike’s new green GS cleats are made from recycled bottles and beans


Throughout its body, the boot features renewable and recycled materials. Polyester and recycled water bottles were among the reused plastics used to create the tongue, lining and laces of the shoe, over 70 percent of which is composed of these materials.

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How Does Recycling Save Energy?


that you put into your recycling bin actually make a difference? Everyone knows that by recycling, we are helping to save landfill space and conserve natural resources, but did you know that by recycling you are also saving a lot of energy? Recycling means to reuse something.

How Is Plastic Recycled: Step by Step


One good way to stem the production of plastic is to recycle plastic that has already been produced and use it to make new products. Plastic recycling has become more advanced in recent years and is always becoming more efficient. So, how is plastic recycled, anyway? Recycling

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Win It: Recycled Yoga Pants from Ecozuzu


This week’s Secret Sweeps giveaway is a pair of Heart Skull Recycled Crop Yoga Pants from Ecozuzu. The pants are made from recycled eco-friendly fabric: it’s part organic cotton, part recycled water bottles and they look oh so comfortable! Breathe in.

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Case-Mate Promotes Environmental Responsibility with Launch of Recyclable iPhone 4/4S Case Collection

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Case-Mate®, the international design company known for creating innovative mobile accessories that protect, adorn, and enhance mobile technology, today announced a special rPET (recyclable PET) case collection for the iPhone 4/4S made out of 100% recycled post-consumer PET bottles. “As By creating Case-Mate products using recycled materials, we’re helping millennials stay stylish and environmentally conscious.” One recycled water bottle is used to produce each case.*

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London 2012 Olympics Uniforms Embrace Recycled Materials


The sports giant and Olympics sponsor announced earlier this week that the 70,000 participants will all wear clothing (Buttons, polyester and cotton) made from recycled materials. There are also plans for special “recycled&# shoes and the world’s first 100% recycled water bottle.

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Improve Your Water Quality with Nifty Gadgets

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Bottled water might be convenient for you, but it isn’t cheap or eco-friendly (unless you remember to recycle your bottles). Plus, you can never be sure how pure the bottled water is or where it came from. Why is Water Quality Important?

Lexus Teams Up with Eco Fashion Trailblazer Linda Loudermilk

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The glove is constructed from recycled water bottles, reclaimed leather, and Mud Dyed Cotton. The Luxury Eco driving glove by Linda Loudermilk is hand crafted in the USA to superior standards.

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Six Senses Hua Hin: Thai us up, throw away the key

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Gardens are irrigated using recycled water. Water in the private pools is pumped using solar power to a collecting pond on a hilltop, to trickle down again at night after being cleaned with oxygenating plants, creating hydroelectric energy along the way.

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‘The Story of Hajjar’: Muslim Women and Water Conservation

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The Alliance of Religions and Conservation has launched a special water conservation guide aimed at Muslim women and families. The hajj pilgrims walk, as she did, between two mountains in the Saudi Arabian wilderness known as Safa and Marwa to remember her search for water.

Some ways in which frugal living is also green living

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The frugal do many of the same day-to-day things that a "Green" person might and we only need to consider here the old slogan of “reduce, reuse, and recycle”. But there are other ways to save money by recycling. But frugal recycling isn't limited to crafters.

The Nasty Side of Recycling

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Theft of Recyclable Materials. The value of recyclable materials varies with the market that is driven by supply and demand. Hence, the development of a new market for recyclables. Copper and other metals have value for someone taking them to a recycling center.

How to go green with eco-friendly clothing

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Living a sustainable lifestyle isn’t limited to recycling water bottles and buying a few plants. Top designers are already embracing synthetic and recycled materials. Reduce, reuse, recycle–right?

Be a Water Saver

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Water is precious. Every drop of water we use, or waste, continues through the water cycle. How do we make sure there is enough clean, fresh water to share with all living things? We can use water more wisely. These are some simple things that you can do to help protect fresh water and the living things that depend on it. Post this list on a refrigerator or bulletin board as a reminder of what you can do to save water. Reuse and recycle water.

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Gorgeous and Graphic Green T-Shirt Bonanza!

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The tees below don’t, because they’re either made with organic cotton or because they’re made of alternative materials (like recycled polyester). The A Lot to Say t-shirts are made from recycled PVC (plastic bottles) which keep them out of landfills.

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10 Things that Make a Great Green City

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Comprehensive recycling and composting programs Yes, recycling is the classic individual environmental act, but it's not much good without someone to provide conveniently placed bins and reliable collection. New recycling bins being distributed in San Francisco.

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Best green household products must for every home


Recycling. All a user needs to do is to ensure that the shredder contains water to main viscosity by leaving the tap running or by adding water manually. The planet’s water sources are slowly drying up as dependence on this life essence grows. Waste water management has for long been advocated though very few truly put it into practice. SolarVoir gives ordinary folk a chance to treat their grey water by using UV technology. Paper bottle.

Beautiful Things: Eco Chick’s Holiday Green Gift Guide, 2009

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These intaglio pendants are made from recycled steel coated in black zinc and are inspired by the moth’s wing. Be sure to check out all the other glorious designs made from recycled metals; necklaces, bracelets and cuffs.

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Beautiful Things: Eco Chick’s Holiday Green Gift Guide, 2009

Eco Chic

These intaglio pendants are made from recycled steel coated in black zinc and are inspired by the moth’s wing. Be sure to check out all the other glorious designs made from recycled metals; necklaces, bracelets and cuffs.

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Curriculum & Resources: Water

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Education Connection Newsletter Read the newsletter: Lessons to celebrate and protect clean, fresh water From measuring your water footprint to understanding the breadth of the BP oil spill, here is a bounty of resources for your classroom of local and world citizens.

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