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Volunteer Profile: Getting Water to WV Residents - Fighting to Keep WV Water Clean

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In 1998, seven years after the last inspection of the Freedom Industries chemical storage site on the Elk River, Jen-Osha Buysee founded Aurora Lights. Jen-Osha, her staff and a band of volunteers spend their time raising awareness about the dangers of mountaintop removal coal mining, promoting local arts and engaging in educational programs for youth in West Virginia. Water, clean and pure from the tap, seems to be an undeniable truth.

World Water Crisis

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World Water Crisis Scott Warren / Aurora Next Back The Staff of Life Water, Earth's most precious resource, serves simultaneously as habitat, nourishment and cleanser. Brazil's Pantanal River, for example, is home to 3,500 species of plants, 400 kinds of fish, 650 bird species, 100 kinds of mammals and 80 types of reptiles. It is believed that water gives a person power to work and the courage to dance for the fiesta. Tags: Water Photo

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