The Path to a Greener Internet.

Elephant Journal

we’ll find ourselves compulsively turning off light switches in unoccupied rooms yet we won’t hesitate to browse social media for three hours a day.

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Seven Billion and Counting: Population and the Planet

Nature Conservancy - Science

Friends and supporters gathered at a reception before the “Future of Nature” panel discussion on population and conservation in Boston.

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Zipvan to now offer cargo transport services in Boston and Washington D.C.


The idea of car sharing might not be very appealing to many who love the freedom of owning their own cars, but if you are commuting each day all alone in a giant gas-guzzling behemoth, then you are only causing more damage to the planet.

Make Bhakti not Bombs.

Elephant Journal

Shortly after completing a peaceful, heart-warming interview with Bhakti Fest creator, Sridhar Silberfein, I logged onto Facebook and read the horrific news of the Boston Marathon bombing. During our conversation, Sridhar and I discussed how our planet would benefit from more [.]. Bad news travels fast on the internet: I’m here to spread some good news.


Green (Living) Review

SILVER SPRING, MD, April 2009 : Planet Green , the first 24-hour multiplatform lifestyle and entertainment brand devoted to the environment, announced that Emeril Green, Focus Earth with Bob Woodruff, Greensburg, Renovation Nation, and Wa$ted! The new season openers headline Planet Green’s special Earth Day celebration “Turn Back the Temp: The Coolest Week on TV” beginning April 19 – 25. Coming back for its second season, Planet Green’s series Wa$ted!

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Everything You Wanted to Know About Water but Were Afraid to Ask. {Video}

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85% of the world population lives in the driest half of the planet. Photo: UN Water World Water Day From our friends at U.N. Water World Water Day. 783 million people do not have access to clean water and almost 2.5 billion do not have access to adequate sanitation.

Heal Ourselves, Heal Our World.

Elephant Journal

If we tell stories that illuminate, inspire and transform our relationship with the natural world and one another, we heal ourselves and the planet.

Vegan Dining in Somerville, MA at The Pulse - Eco-Vegan Gal: Live.

Eco-Vegan Girl

Vegan-Related Recipes Eco-Related Health Calendar Contact Eco-Vegan Dog ENGAGE Productions Saturday, June 4, 2011 Vegan Dining in Somerville, MA at The Pulse Café & True Bistro I became a vegan in Boston in 2003, but at the time there were limited options.

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Bottled water is becoming obsolete

Green Life Smart Life

Boston and San Francisco have also taken bottled water off many of their menus and replaced it with filtered tap water instead. Tags: Food Good for the Planet Green Green Products Health Recycling Safety Water bottled water DEHA gavin newsom New York City san francisco tap water Bottled water is getting banned. San Francisco’s mayor, Gavin Newsom has stopped the city government from using money to supply municipal workers with bottled water.

Flying Spark food-tech asks, “Do you want flies with that?”

Green Prophet

A start-up business focused on finding new ways of using insect protein in food products is a finalist in this year’s MassChallenge, the Boston-based start-up competition and world’s largest accelerator program. They all think it’s the most promising way forward to feed the planet.

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Are You Smarter Than A Trash Can?

Environmental News Network

Walking through Boston earlier this week I came across an unusually large trash receptacle. When I went closer to inspect it (throw out my trash) I noticed that it was compactor designed for sustainability.

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For those in the northeast, I would suggest moving to North Carolina where sea level rises of this magnitude will soon be against the law.

Environmental Economics

The dramatic acceleration in sea-level rise, which is driven by climate change, poses an enormous threat to Boston, New York and other urban centers, as well as to coastal wetlands, beaches and other vulnerable ecosystems, according to scientists with the Center for Biological Diversity. This is an alarming study that shows just how fast climate change is transforming our planet.

Chef’s Collaborative RAFT (Renewing America’s Food Traditions) Event is from Oct 10-12

Green Life Smart Life

Red Planet Vegetables, Providence. Boston Marrow Squash. Tags: Food Good for the Planet Local Organic Dave Johnson of Local 121 Chef Joe Hafner at Gracie’s Chef Derek Wagner at Nick’s On Broadway Chef’s Collaborative RAFT Renewing America’s Food Traditions Chef’s Collaborative RAFT (Renewing America’s Food Traditions) Grow-Out Heirloom Harvest Week is a celebration of New England’s agricultural heritage, biodiversity and farmer-chef connections. .

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US Top Military official Says Climate Change Biggest Threat


In an interview with the Boston Globe Admiral Samuel J Locklear III, commander, US Pacific Command said significant upheaval related to the warming planet "is probably the most likely thing that is going to happen.

Beat COVID-19 boredom with a few free clicks!

Green Prophet

Boston Children’s Museum. Planet Fitness. It’s now months into your hometown’s COVID-19 paralysis and you’ve exhausted ways to keep positive and productive.

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Beat COVID-19 boredom with a few free clicks!

Green Prophet

Boston Children’s Museum. Planet Fitness. It’s now months into your hometown’s COVID-19 paralysis and you’ve exhausted ways to keep positive and productive.

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Nurses Say No To Tar Sands

Sierra Club Compass

That’s a health and national security risk we can’t afford for ourselves, our future generations, or our planet. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) recognize these hazards and are sticking up for our families and our planet. Karen Higgins, a Boston-based nurse and NNU co-president, agreed with Sen.

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Healthy, Organic Bars for On-The-Go by Taste of Nature

Eco-Vegan Girl

Taste of Nature is based in Markham, Ontario Canada and the company is committed to supporting the health of their customers and the health of the planet. Writer Amanda Shea lives in the Boston area.

Boys and Girls Club “Be Great, Be Green” Contest Finalists: Saving the World, and ADORABLE!

Eco Chic

Warning: I cried several times reading through the long descriptions of the project while voting (I was on an Amtrak from Boston to NYC- quite embarassing), but I couldn’t help it, these kids are INSPIRING!

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Recovery: Saving Timber Rattlesnakes, Why Wildlife Recovery Isn’t a Popularity Contest

Nature Conservancy - Science

Zion — an uninhabited 1,352-acre wilderness island in Quabbin Reservoir (Boston’s water supply). Venom was going to leak into Quabbin’s 412 billion gallons of water, poisoning Boston residents. But this planet was not made just for humans.

Meet Bill McKibben – the man who crushed the Keystone XL pipeline

Green Blog

The Boston Globe has an interesting article about “the man who crushed the Keystone XL pipeline”. McKibben is the man behind the successful + movement and global events such as the “Moving Planet Day of Action” last year. Speaking at Occupy Boston in October, standing with one hand plunged into a pants pocket, he seemed like a man still getting used to his activist rhetoric. The man who crushed the Keystone XL pipeline – The Boston Globe.

Basking in reflected glory

Environmental Economics

When his book arrived, But Will the Planet Notice?   Proposals to counteract the effect of greenhouse gases through “geo-engineering” – pump dust into the upper atmosphere, create artificial clouds – are schemes to “hack the planet.”. And he worked for Boston Consulting Group (“twenty somethings in suits, armed with spreadsheets, frequent flier miles and circles under their eyes”), so there is no shortage of confidence in what he says.

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Green (Living) Review

The author states that “the sum total of human activity is compromising the future of the planet,” and he delves briefly into a list of major environmental issues discussed at Rio+20 as well as the social and political barriers to the kind of change that will make a difference to the planet.

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Astonishing Facts About Wetlands


As unappealing as the term “wetlands” sounds, wetlands should be celebrated for their multiple services they deliver which help keep our planet and society going as well as for their extraordinarily beautiful landscapes.

One Billion Trees: Expanding Global Forest Conservation

Conservancy Talk

Even for someone who, everyday, deals with the science and mathematics around the question of how many trees can we plant to help save the planet, one billion is a hard number to comprehend. Photo: © Erika Nortemann/TNC. By Bill Toomey, Conservation Science Lead for Plant a Billion Trees.

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Chucka Stone Designs

Green Earth Journey

Name: Jenn Shon Shop Name: Chucka Stone Designs Shop Link: [link] Location: Boston, MA Ships To: Worldwide and free shipping promo going on through the end of 2008 to anyone in the US What materials do you use for your ECO friendly products?

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Markey Campaign Built on Climate Action

Sierra Club Compass

   “There are no emergency rooms for planets,” said Congressman Markey. Drew Grande, Sierra Club Organizer, Boston, MA. Congressman Ed Markey and Sierra Club Volunteer Sheila Loayza in Concord, MA on Saturday.

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Top 30 Most Interesting Cycling Jobs Ever


There are now opportunities open in places like Boston for jobs driving these! You will be working on the go in some of the most inaccessible places on the planet, so you have to know everything there is to know about working on bikes. The world of cycling is a vast one indeed.

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Electric Vehicles Get the Vote in New York City - Compass

Sierra Club Compass

Mission Electric, a non-profit that has partnered with the mayoral offices of New York, Philadelphia, and Boston, is funded by a grant from the Department of Energy's Clean Cities program. Compass. « Spirit Bears, Salmon, and Tar Sands Oil Dont Mix | Main.

How Climate Change Will Rob You Blind

Eco Friendly Daily

According to the study, cities such as Anchorage, Minneapolis and Boston will experience double-digit average temperature increases by 2100. The study also shows that climate change may affect the entire planet in ways that will drive up the economic costs of inaction.

What Altruism in Animals can Teach Us About Ourselves

The Alien Next Door

Boston: Houghton Mifflin. And until we do accept it and embrace all that it means--scientifically or not--I truly believe that our future on this planet is severely limited. I love this planet, Earth, and I pray we all take good care of it for our children and their children.

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What's the Economy for, Anyway? (film chapters)

The Green Changemakers

a Boston Review article on work-life balance by Jody Heymann The Project on Global Working Families Seattle Quality of Life Group "The way we''re working isn''t working" TEDTalk by Tony Schwartz Act Four - Health “How does the United States Compare?”

In New Video, Health Executives Urge Colleagues to Develop Sustainable Operations

Green (Living) Review

Partners HealthCare in Boston, MA, is building a state-of-the art facility, the Lunder Building as part of its sustainability effort. Health care needs to transform itself to be a greater force for healing on the planet,” states Gary Cohen, founder and President of Health Care Without Harm. “To

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“See Dick and Jane Screen” by Danny Bloom and Nina Munteanu

The Alien Next Door

As for ice scream, Alex Beam had a good column on the screening word as a neologism on June 19 in the Boston Globe, google it on your screen, and it was titled "I screen, you screen, we all screen" Will "screening" ever be accepted as a new word for reading on screens?

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Dialogues on the Environment: Q&A with Bill McKibben

Conservancy Talk

Time Magazine called him ‘the planet’s best green journalist’ and the Boston Globe said in 2010 that he was ‘probably the country’s most important environmentalist.’ Mark Tercek is the president and CEO of The Nature Conservancy. You can follow Mark on Twitter @MarkTercek.

Beyond the Wallet Condom

Sightline Daily

For 20 years, ever since the HIV epidemic swelled to global proportions, aunts, parents, schools, public health agencies, and governments around the planet have been trying to do the same thing: indelibly pair condoms and sex. Photo by This Year''s Love, cc.

2013 99

A Curriculum for Generation Z

The Green Changemakers

From Melbourne to Manchester, Bangkok to Boston young people are rising up to demand governments take action on climate change. By J enny Andersson As I write millions of young people from around the world have taken to the streets in the Global Strike for Climate inspired by Greta Thunberg.

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I Heart Blue: An Ocean Love Affair in NYC with Dr. Susan Shaw and Poets, Musicians and More

Eco Chic

She has appeared in several documentary films on the Gulf disaster including Animal Planet’s Black Tide: Voices of the Gulf and Green Planet’s The Big Fix, the Official Selection documentary at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival. Tonight!

Weekend Reading 4/19/13

Sightline Daily

It reflects not just the mirror bioregion to our own but the way big, apex predators have shaped and been shaped by humans, which it casts as the planet’s single most successful scavenger species.

Sustainable Furniture: Will We Pay for It?

Green Life Smart Life

consumers said they would pay 5 percent or more for green products, according to a recent survey from The Boston Consulting Group. 1 reason to buy green furniture is its healthier for the planet. Buying second-hand and antique furniture or accepting hand-me-downs are ways to save the planet and keep furniture from ending up in landfills. From The New York Times: Once a laggard in the green scene, the $8.3 billion furniture industry is catching up.

Bike-Sharing Programs Hit the Streets in Over 500 Cities Worldwide

Green Blog

Urban transport advisor Peter Midgley notes that “bike sharing has experienced the fastest growth of any mode of transport in the history of the planet.” The Boston metropolitan area is home to 1,100 shared bikes.

2013 82

Systems Thinking in Action

The Green Changemakers

Principles for living in harmony with the planet include: 1) be locally attuned and responsive, 2) be resource efficient, 3) use life-friendly chemistry, 4) integrate growth with development, 5) adapt to changing conditions, and 6) co-evolve to survive.

2011 60

Individual Consumption and Systemic Societal Transformation

The Green Changemakers

[link] Guest Editors: Philip J. Vergragt, Tellus Institute and Clark University, USA Halina Szejnwald Brown, Clark University, USA Table of Contents Editorial Cultural change for a bearable climate Erik Assadourian, Worldwatch Institute, USA Articles Introduction to the Special Issue Maurie J. Cohen, New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA; Halina Szejnwald Brown, Clark University, USA ; Philip J. Vergragt, Tellus Institute and Clark University, USA What's blocking sustainability?

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