Panic to Peace: How the Boston Bombings Made Me a Better Yogini.

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The following column was written by Demi Clark, 36, of Fort Mill, SC—a marathoner, Duke-trained Integrative Health Coach, vegan & 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher.

Land, Co-ops, Compost: A Local Food Economy Emerges in Boston's Poorest Neighborhoods

Green (Living) Review

From kitchens that buy and sell locally grown food, to a waste co-op that will return compost to the land, new enterprises are building an integrated food network. Since 1994, Lloyd has run City Fresh Foods, a catering company based in Roxbury—one of Boston''s lowest-income neighborhoods.

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Land, Co-ops, Compost: A Local Food Economy Emerges in Boston's Poorest Neighborhoods

Green (Living) Review

From kitchens that buy and sell locally grown food, to a waste co-op that will return compost to the land, new enterprises are building an integrated food network. Since 1994, Lloyd has run City Fresh Foods, a catering company based in Roxbury—one of Boston''s lowest-income neighborhoods.

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What Altruism in Animals can Teach Us About Ourselves

The Alien Next Door

Boston: Houghton Mifflin.

2010 197

Seven Billion and Counting: Population and the Planet

Nature Conservancy - Science

Friends and supporters gathered at a reception before the “Future of Nature” panel discussion on population and conservation in Boston. Integrated Action.


Green (Living) Review

During the last century, about 29% of these meadows have disappeared, but local sustainability and fisheries management may be the key to sustainability for this integral part of our ecosystem. PHILADELPHIA, PA – Two recent articles in Environment: Science and Policy for Sustainable Development Volume 55, Issue 3 provide information on environmental issues that can be used towards sustainable ecosystems. You can access these articles for free until 31st July 2013.

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Astonishing Facts About Wetlands


Luckily, in the past years, attitudes toward wetlands have changed from the view that wetlands are wasted areas to be dredged and filled for development to a recognition that they are indeed very valuable productive ecosystems, integral to the health and sustainability of earth’s biosphere.

Curriculum & Resources: The Food Project

The Green Changemakers

This manual explains how to run a sustainable production farm while integrating thousands of youth and volunteers throughout the season. Download (PDF) Urban Agriculture Manual (free download) The Food Project grows produce on urban farms in Boston and Lynn, Mass.

What Is the Future of Nature?

Conservancy Talk

For instance, Pennsylvania’s Working Woodlands is a model forest conservation program integrating private land protection, certified forest management, and carbon offset payments for the restoration and management of high quality ecological and economic values to priority forest landscapes.

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Sustainable Agriculture Curriculum

The Green Changemakers

each / free downloads) The Food Project’s Summer Youth Program employs over 100 youth from greater Boston and the North Shore of eastern Massachusetts to work on the land, grow organic produce, serve the community, and grow together.

The Ingredients for Pro-Kid Cities

Sightline Daily

Komppa took the time to answer some questions about what her travels and research in Boston, New York, Brooklyn, Chicago, Denver, Minneapolis, Washington DC, San Francisco, Toronto, and Vancouver BC can teach the Northwest about ingredients for family-friendly cities.

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25 Most Electric Car-Ready Cities, Ranked by Ford. Is Yours on the List?

Eco Chic

The cities on our list are working with multiple partners including local utilities, auto manufacturers, technology companies and others to support a successful integration of electric vehicles.&#. o Boston.

2011 79

8 Ethical Boutiques to Hit Up for Holiday Shopping

Eco Chic

You can shop their romantic and whimsical collection online or in-person at their fab South End location in Boston. Getting gifts is awesome, but getting gifts for your friends and family? That’s a tough one.

How Can We Get to Zero-Carbon Energy?

Nature Conservancy - Science

I’ll speak on that topic tonight at 7:30 PM as part of “ The Future of Energy ,” a Nature Conservancy/WBUR panel discussion at Boston’s BSA Space that also includes Daniel Kammen of the University of California-Berkeley and Jigar Shah , clean-tech entrepreneur.

U.S. Bike-Sharing Fleet More than Doubles in 2013

Green Blog

Paul (1,550 bikes), Hubway in the Boston area (1,100 bikes), and DecoBike Miami Beach (1,000 bikes). Hangzhou has 69,750 bikes that are well integrated with that city’s mass transit.

2013 62

Full Disclosure

Sightline Daily

In 1978, in First National Bank of Boston v. The Court wrote, “The integrity of the political system will be adequately protected if contributors are identified in a public filing revealing the amounts contributed.” A demonstrator after the McCutcheon decision, Los Angeles, CA.

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Six Parks We Can All Learn From

The Green Changemakers

Pioneer Courthouse Square (Portland, OR) The square attracts people in different seasons thanks to its integration with the transit system , sophisticated management , and diverse funding sources. Integration with Portland's light rail system is one of Pioneer Courthouse Square's main assets.

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Bike-Sharing Programs Hit the Streets in Over 500 Cities Worldwide

Green Blog

Bike-sharing systems—distributed networks of public bicycles used for short trips—that integrate into robust transit networks are being embraced by a growing number of people in the urbanizing world who are starting to view car ownership as more of a hassle than a rite of passage.

2013 82

Dozens of U.S. Cities Board the Bike-Sharing Bandwagon

Green Blog

Boston started its Hubway bike share to great acclaim in 2011, quickly surpassing ridership projections. The program has since grown from 600 to 1,100 bikes in Boston and neighboring locales.

Creating Urban Vitality through Mixed-Use Development

The Green Changemakers

[link] The integration of shops and homes create a high density and multi-functional environment. Mixed-use developments have been gaining ground as a successful planning design strategy to increase transportation options, revitalize local economies and enliven communities.

2011 52

Tech for Transit: Designing a Future System

The Green Changemakers

Written in collaboration with Next American City, Tech for Transit: Designing a Future System, will present conclusions from the experiences of participants in Boston and San Francisco who volunteered to park their cars for one week and find other ways to get around.

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Heroines for the Planet: Executive Producer of Betsy West

Eco Chic

This project has been a chance to hunt down dramatic stories of women’s progress, like the stunning tale of what happened when runner Kathrine Switzer entered the Boston Marathon in 1967!

Systems Thinking in Action

The Green Changemakers

Principles for living in harmony with the planet include: 1) be locally attuned and responsive, 2) be resource efficient, 3) use life-friendly chemistry, 4) integrate growth with development, 5) adapt to changing conditions, and 6) co-evolve to survive.

2011 60

Development: Time to leave GDP behind

The Green Changemakers

Developing integrated measures of progress attached to these goals offers the global community the opportunity to define what sustainable well-being means, how to measure it and how to achieve it. Beyond GDP: The Need for New Measures of Progress (Boston University, 2009).

How to make a city green -- without tearing it down

The Green Changemakers

Urban retrofits By Michael Fitzgerald on "The Boston Globe" As the world warms, it’s also getting more urban - more than half the world’s population now lives in and around cities. The problem is especially acute in older cities such as Boston. Here are some ideas already being tried, including some that might work in Boston. An integrated payment system means they can make the whole journey with just one card, or even a cellphone.

2009 40

How Do You "Know"?

The Green Changemakers

Guiding questions: “Am I staying true to my own personal integrity, standards, and values?” Self-image based on my evaluation of my competencies and integrity. Boston: Harvard Business School Press.

2009 52


Green (Living) Review

Each series will include integrated features on and companion content on for a full 360 approach to sustainable living.” Fans will see Steve visit a variety of locations this season including New Orleans for a green historic preservation restoration, Boston for an “out-sulation” project that could help people around the nation with their heating bills, and Hawaii where Steve helps the Army go green at Fort Shafter.

2009 100

Transformative Community Planning: Empowerment Through Community Development

The Green Changemakers

Across the country advocacy planning groups sprang up like the San Francisco Design Center, the Architects' Renewal Committee of Harlem, the Pratt Center and Boston's Urban Planning Aid (where I worked for a time in the early '70's). An example of combining the "common sense" of neighborhood residents with the critical analysis that planners can bring can be found in the investigations around redlining in Boston in the late '80's.

Training manuals and education resources on sustainability

The Green Changemakers

Evaluation Forms Pre-test Post-test Evaluation top of page Lesson Plans and Sample Student Work Learn more about integrating the Ecological Footprint into your classroom from K-12 Educators who have attended the “Thinking Critically about Environmental Impacts throughout History” workshop. They offered their integration strategies, what standards they addressed, barriers to integration, student reactions, and success stories.

2008 40

Conference Presentations (downloadable): Building Safe, Healthy and Livable Communities

The Green Changemakers

Broad(er) Partnerships Help Spur a Green Economy Along Boston's Fairmount Indigo Transit Corridor [CM 1.5] Fresh Food for All: Integrating Food Systems into Planning and Economic Development [CM 1.5] Integrating More Sustainable Design Into Form-Based Codes [CM 3.5] Integrating Indicators of Smart Growth and Healthy Communities into Real Estate Listings [CM 1.5] [link] Program The three-day conference program includes over 100 sessions and close to 400 speakers.

Protecting the Cultural and Natural Heritage

The Green Changemakers

Menino, Mayor, City of Boston Opening Address: Mounir Bouchenaki, Deputy Director General, UNESCO Cultural Heritage Division Visions & Challenges: Francesco Bandarin, Director of the UNESCO World Heritage Center Introduction of the seminar themes by Francois Vigier, Charles Dyer Norton Professor of Regional Planning; Director, Center for Urban Development Studies, Graduate School of Design, Harvard University.

2010 40

eConference - Planning healthy and child friendly communities

The Green Changemakers

Back to the Future Larry Keller, Cleveland, OH Creative Class or Procreative Class Laura Reese, Plymouth, MI Integrating Primary & Secondary Education with Community Life: Designing Cities of Learning Roy Strickland, Ann Arbor, MI Strategic Grantmaking for Child-Friendly Communities Jeanne Scanlon, Perkasie, PA 4. Keynote Speakers Activities and Events that Create Child-Friendly Communities Mayor Joseph P. Riley, Jr.,

Release Your Truth: How I Survived (and Triumphed Over) My Own.

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Ah good… when I was just out of college I went to a woman's bookstore in Boston and there were two young women, telling their stories, of abuse and incest… It is very sad that this happens in every way. Want to stay in touch with elephant?

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5 Reasons Why Yoga Might Be Too Religious for Schools.

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We can’t strip yoga of its transformational properties with any integrity and respect for the practice; I think that’s okay but it does make the public school relationship a potential challenge. Want to stay in touch with elephant?

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What If We Built Our Cities Around Places?

The Green Changemakers

Plans for housing and mixed use development were integrated with transit stations in seven towns to foster bustling street life and boost light-rail ridership. However, is likely its seamless integration of different transit modes, and the street’s hyper accessibility.

2009 56

What do we appreciate about Whole Foods? | elephant journal

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Amanda: in Boston, there are free cooking classes, and food education classes, i believe at least 2x/week. Want to stay in touch with elephant? Get 10 free articles a week: subscribe free to our Best of the Week newsletter. or get our popular Daily Wake Up Call.

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Meditation, Social Change, and Education

The Green Changemakers

It involves an integration of the sacred and the secular, spiritual life and everyday life. The concern is to join and integrate the search for power and material progress on the one hand with the quest for wisdom and well-being on the other. Is it possible to construct an idea of universal human developmental stages that integrates Western science and contemplative science?

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