Beginning a Birding Blog

10,000 Birds

Well, although I am hard at work being the leading world birder, I’ve somehow had the time to become an old hand at this blogging stuff as well. Among the things that more and more birders have mentioned to me over the years is their urge to start their own birding blog, but they just don’t know how to go about it. Like the Magnolia Warbler (above) must go north every spring, the blogger must blog. Setting up your blog takes very little time.

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Top 100 Green Blogs

Living Green & Saving Energy

Top 100 Green Blogs. green blogs top 100 green blogs

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Nature Blog Network: A Eulogy

10,000 Birds

Can you remember the world before blogs? I’m tempted to say I’ve been blogging for all of my adult life, but if you’ve seen the gray in my hair, you recognize that statement as, at best, exaggeration. And yet the nature blog feels like something we’ve always had and enjoyed. Yet, when I started 10,000 Blogs 11 years ago, the vast firmament of nature blogs was shockingly dark and, for a new nature writer, somewhat lonely.

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A Cromulent Blog Reference

Environmental Economics

As a scholarly publisher at Environmental Economics | The Cromulent Economics Blog, abstracts of your content are now indexed in OCLC WorldCat and ProQuest Summon to academic researchers via the only repository of published scholarly blog content - the  ACI Scholarly Blog Index. From the inbox: Dear Tim, Keeping up with the research and scholarship of your fellow Ohio State University colleagues just got a whole lot easier!

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As I lay blogging

Environmental Economics

I tried to work from home, answering email and blogging (talk about unproductive!), done (other than blogging) then

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Why I blog?

Environmental Economics

From a student applicant's statement of purpose: I encountered with Department of Agricultural, Environmental Developmental Economics in OSU by professor Tim Haab’s blog on environment economics [link] , where I learn the most cutting edge of academic research. 

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Top 100 Economics Blogs of 2018

Environmental Economics

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CSWEP tackles economics blogs

Environmental Economics

The articles an introduction by Imazeki, "the impact of economics blogs" (McKenzie and Ozler), "teaching with economics blogs" (Whitehead) and "using social media for self-promotion" (Connelly).

Top 6 economics blogs?

Environmental Economics

Here is what Mark Thoma said about these blogs: Some of the RSS feeds in the sidebar stopped working for mysterious reasons. Or something else? DeLong, Krugman, Econbrowser, Calculated Risk, Free Exchange, Environmental Economics, and a few more. via Actually, it is something else. But still, at least we were mentioned in the same breath! We all broke down at once

Blog Awards

Green Earth Journey

Thank you Melissa , you should definitely stop by her blog , she is one of my daily reads! One of my new bloggy friends, Heather from My Red Award , awarded me the Best Blog Award tonight! 2) Pass the award to 7-10 other blogs that you have recently discovered and think are great!

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Noon Blog at Space Coast

10,000 Birds

The event that I am most looking forward to at the 15th Annual Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival is the “Noon Blog” that I will have the great pleasure of facilitating. The Noon Blog will be, according to the program,”a discussion about creating relevant content, integrating social media, and reaching your target audience.” And, assuming that you have registered, are you planning on attending the Noon Blog?

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No blogging today. meetings!

Environmental Economics

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Wine 'Round the World | Wend Blog

Wend Magazine

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Birding Brazil Blog

10,000 Birds

Derek Kverno has already created epic blog travelogues of his stints in Ecuador and Tanzania. Now he’s moved to Brazil , which means we get to vicariously explore the avifauna of another bird-rich country. Awesome! Asides

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The X Blog

10,000 Birds

Greg Laden , who blogs here on the third Thursday of each month on Bird Evolutionary Biology, has started a new blog with Freethought Blogs called The X Blog. Congratulations and best wishes, Greg! Asides

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Are Bird Blog Trip Reports Dead?

10,000 Birds

But if a blog post is an un-or-poorly illustrated, straightforward account of a birder’s visit to a local park that lacks amazing birds or scenery is there any reason to read it? Blogs started out, for all intents and purposes, as online, public diaries. Blogging

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"Top 100 Economics Blogs And Websites For Economists"

Environmental Economics

I would like to personally congratulate you as your blog Environmental Economics has been selected by our panelist as one of the Top 100 Economics Blogs on the web. Also, you have the honor of displaying the following badge on your blog. From the inbox: My name is Anuj Agarwal.

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Friday Photo February: Moab Warrior | Wend Blog

Wend Magazine

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Blogging the hurricane coverage.

Environmental Economics

and scooping the Sports Economist. Do those guys read Deadspin ? Rovell, CNBC's business reporter, tweets like the battle-weary Marine that he isn't: darrenrovell Just got the call: Heading to Montauk. Will be live in the storm on CNBC from 6am to 11pm ET on Sunday. Pray for me. He'll be there because, yes, the world needs to know what the hurricane's hypothetical Under Armour sponsorship revenues would be.

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Natural Living Blog Carnival – Honor the Earth All Year Round

Hug a Tree with Me

Welcome to the April 2014 Natural Living Blog Carnival: Honor the Earth. This post was written for inclusion in the monthly Natural Living Blog Carnival hosted by Happy Mothering and Crunchy Farm Baby through the Green Moms Network.

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Wipeout Wednesday: Snow Kayaking Spills | Wend Blog

Wend Magazine

Magazine Blog iWend Greenery Digital Edition Wend Your Way Subscribe Wend Blog Share this: Tweet Share Wipeout Wednesday: Snow Kayaking Spills Sarah Esterman February 23rd, 2011 Follow me on Twitter @sarahesterman I know, I know, we watched kayak carnage last week.

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We must have faces made for blogging

Environmental Economics

"  I'm probably slow to the party but the series features a series of short (5-10 minute) documentaries introducing basic economic topics like supply and demand, measuring GDP, what is money,  Of particular interest to this blog, one of the documentaries is titled " A Bee's Invoice: The Hidden Value in Nature, " which is designed to answer the question: Are natural resources vital to the economy?  

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Happy 10 year anniversary to the environmental economics blog (sniff)!

Environmental Economics

A website and blog dedicated to accessible writings on environment and natural resource issues written by economists. As you can see, this blog peaked a long time ago.

Sweet Blog Award

Green Earth Journey

I received a blog award from Rachel of Fallbrook Rose blog! I would like to pass this award to some new blogs Ive started following; Airport Love Story gretchenmist Karin Grow The Enchanted Tree The Organic Sister Growing Up Creative Inspiration for Decoration Mrs. Wright, Gone Wrong

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Political bias at the Environmental Economics blog?

Environmental Economics

Considering the political bias of the entire blog, I'm a little left and Tim is a little right ( we even did a test to confirm it ). I would claim that we have a neoclassical economic bias at this blog instead of a political bias.  I've been recently accused of being a partisan hack in the comments section by an anonymous troll (and here ): I noticed some followers actually seem to have to apologize to you for even considering a GOP view.

Blogging and Social Media Workshop for Writers

The Alien Next Door

My November 9 th workshop on Blogging & Social Media for Writers was held at the Mississauga Central Library. She made the activity of blogging both enjoyable and somehow a necessary aspect of modern life - the new communication to connect with the World, the people, our audience.”—Prata

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Navel gazing: Does anyone visit this blog anymore?

Environmental Economics

Here is a chart of unique visits to this blog from Statcounter While nowhere near the financial crisis peak, our readership is bouncing back from our 2012 trough.

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This is a blog post

Environmental Economics

Environmental Economics ( ) is a blog: I got a bang out of Forrest Wickman’s Slate article a couple of weeks ago decrying the trend of calling a blog post or blog entry a “blog.” Haven’t noticed the trend? You will; it’s a thing. Wickman points out that going along with this can make you sound silly. It’s as if people started referring to a newspaper article as “a newspaper.”. via Or a journal article as a journal. 

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Teaching with blogs

Environmental Economics

I've been reading Jennifer's blog lately since she asked me to write a piece for the CSWEP newsletter on teaching with blogs. In that essay (?) I promised to do more of this in my senior seminar course this spring

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Why do you even read this blog?

Environmental Economics

Go read Econbrowser instead. Menzie Chen: In response to this post , climate model skeptic Rick Stryker writes (in ALL CAPS no less): JUST BECAUSE A MODEL DESCRIBES THE EXISTING DATA DOESN’T MEAN THAT IT WILL DESCRIBE DATA THAT HAS NOT BEEN OBSERVED.

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I cast a long shadow at this blog

Environmental Economics

2015 194

Business, Birds, and Blogs

10,000 Birds

Now this is interesting! Asides

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Protecting Your Blog From Plagiarism

10,000 Birds

My colleague leavesnbloom over at the Nature Blog Network posted a really useful and cogent look at Copyright and Plagiarism. If you’ve got a blog that you want to protect from scrapers, aggregators, and outright content thieves, you’ll want to read this ASAP! Asides BloggingI learned quite a bit from it.

2011 138

I've Started Another Blog

Green Earth Journey

So I've started a new blog called Quoting Notes! I really like quotes. And I love to add original artwork (especially Etsy Artists) to quotes. Are You Quotable

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The left-overs. 10 birds that didn’t make it onto the blog.

10,000 Birds

The week between Christmas and New Year is always a good time to reflect on the year that just was. Amongst the highlights that featured in published posts, we find the drafts that never quite got finished, or didn’t have enough photographic support to appear on the world wide web.

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Greg Mankiw's Blog: A Trailer for the Pigou Club

Environmental Economics

via From YouTube : From Academy Award®-winning filmmaker Fisher Stevens and Academy Award-winning actor, and environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio, BEFORE THE FLOOD presents a riveting account of the dramatic changes now occurring around the world due to climate change.

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Lightning 'Round the World | Wend Blog

Wend Magazine

Magazine Blog iWend Greenery Digital Edition Wend Your Way Subscribe Wend Blog Share this: Tweet Share Lightning ‘Round the World Sarah Esterman February 26th, 2011 Follow me on Twitter @sarahesterman There are few things in nature more sublime than lightning.

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Best Elephant Blogs. Ever.

Elephant Journal

These Blogs Might Just Change your Life. Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Featured Events Inspiring (Wow) Buddha love massage Meditate meditation spirituality Waylon Lewis (by or about) Yoga A Little. We Hope. For your.

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We're a top 100 finance blog!

Environmental Economics

From the inbox: Hi Tim and John, I just wanted to let you know that I did a (pretty lighthearted) study to work out the Top 100 Finance Blogs, and Environmental Economics got in. Thanks for the great blog.

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We have a microeconomics blog*

Environmental Economics

What micro blogs should people know about? If I missed your blog, please add it in comments.). I don't know if this is universal, but one thing about a microeconomics blog is the blogger ends up saying the same thing over and over again. we found out how to solve that little problem ]), might deter entry into the microeconomics blog market. Mark Thoma : Peter Dorman: In the Blogosphere, Econ Looks Macro, econospeak : I’m mainly a microeconomist.

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Best Blog Ever. {Photos}

Elephant Journal

Homepages (Gold Tabs)* Arts & Culture Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Family, Youth, Enlightened Education Love & Relationships (see below for Sexy) Sexy WAYLON: Today Only — Ecofashion — Funny — Inspiring (Wow) dance fun photo

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One Lovely Blog Award

Green Earth Journey

I received this blog award shortly after giving birth to Willow and I haven't had the time to respond until now. In keeping with the tradition of the One Lovely Blog Award I'm posting the Rules of Blog Award Acceptance: 1.

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Music Monday: Telepath | Wend Blog

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