International day for biological diversity

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On the UN International Day for Biological Diversity, The Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM) calls for a greater awareness of the threats to marine biodiversity as without life in the ocean there would be no life on Earth. The first global census of marine life (which ran from 2000 to 2010) has logged 250,000 species; yet in its final report, the census team suggested that for every species known, there are at least four yet to be discovered.

Why oil and gas companies should buy whales hearing aids

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Whales, the earth’s largest marine mammals, have had more than their share of ecological problems in all parts of the world’s seas and oceans. One of their biggest risks is noise in marine habitats caused by drilling for oil and gas. .

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The Red Sea is Filled With Tiny Treasures – Saudi Researchers Intent on Discovery

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On the coast and half way between the two extremes of the Red Sea, KAUST has access to a significant wealth of undiscovered treasures floating- no, better – marinating right in front of them. Cleantech, Science & Technology coral reefs marine environment Red Sea Saudi Arabia

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California Kelp Contaminated by Fukushima Radiation

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Steven Manley, a biology professor who specializes in kelp, said that “kelp forests are some of the most productive ecosystems on Earth, and one thing about it is it has a large surface canopy which means it is continually exposed to the air and whatever contaminants are in it.”

Researching the deep of the sea with “Deep Heart” station

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The marine environment makes up over 70% of our planet’s surface, it holds 97% of all water and is the cradle of life on earth. Still, the ecological, physical and chemical processes underlying marine ecosystems remain largely unknown.

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Moving Red Sea fish farm cages shows positive eco results: new study

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A new study looks at what happened to the Red Sea marine environment when fish cages were moved to the Mediterranean Sea. In order to determine the long-lasting affects of the Eilat fish farms studies were made by research teams led by Dror Angel, a marine researcher at the Leon H.

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Our Today is Forever

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By Michael Smith (Veshengro) Plastic is a petroleum derivative, and is as bad for the marine and biological environment as oil is. Because those are synthetic molecules, they are large and they clog the biological systems they get into.

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New Science Shows Seagrass Meadows Suppress Pathogens

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It’s one more important check in the win column for the value of seagrasses, which have the dubious honor of being perhaps simultaneously the most important and the most overlooked marine ecosystem on Earth. Seagrass Meadows: The Most Important Marine Ecosystems You Never Think About.

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Why Is Biodiversity Important to Ecosystems?


The Census of Marine Life puts the number at 8.7 Biodiversity, short for biological diversity refers to the variety of life. Because people evolve with their environments, their history and identity is embedded there. The biosphere, the totality of life is a.

Natural Intersection: Understanding and Conserving Alaska’s Estuaries

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The article is a helpful tool for planning how to conserve the most biologically rich habitats in regions such as the Tongass of Southeast Alaska. Dave Albert: First, remember that the shoreline is a really hostile environment for most organisms. It’s not a constant environment.

How Coal Affects Water Quality: State of the Science

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After a recent spill at a British Columbia marine coal export terminal, the general manager was quoted in a local newspaper saying: There’s a lot of misinformation around coal. By far the most comprehensive scientific study of coal dust in the marine environment is Michael J.

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What Are the Major Threats to Biodiversity?


We rely on plants, marine life and land animals for food. We cannot recreate the biological processes allowing genetic adaptation. . These species have developed elegant mutualisms for maintaining a natural balance within the dark canopied environs. .

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Kareiva: Marine Pollution and a World of Waste

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I was just revising the “marine chapter” for a textbook I have coauthored, and looking at reviews from professors who had taught a conservation course using our first edition. If we fail — all of the marine protected areas in the world will make no difference.

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EPA Affirms Threat of Ocean Acidification, Recommends Coastal States Take Action

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SAN FRANCISCO: Responding to a lawsuit by the Center for Biological Diversity, the Environmental Protection Agency is recommending that coastal states begin addressing ocean acidification under the Clean Water Act. The Clean Water Act has successfully reduced water pollution for decades, and now it can be brought to bear on ocean acidification, a huge and growing threat to marine life around the globe.”

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Flying Down Under

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A recent shorebird survey , to be published in Biological Conservation, reports some worrisome findings. Along with the health of the marine environment, especially along coastlines, it turns out that the general health of aquatic ecosystems is crucial.

Natural Holy Land Healing Research Center in Jerusalem

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Less is known about plants from the marine environment, yet seaweed and its potential applications in biofuel, pharmaceuticals and nutritional supplements is already a target market for Israeli companies. Seaweed is prolific in Israel’s Mediterranean Sea.

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Celebrities root for reptiles as The Great Turtle Race 2009 begins.

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The data that the racing turtles provide is helping conservationists to understand how turtles use different marine environments across their basin-wide range. The magic of the Great Turtle Race is that it puts actual data from migrating sea turtles into a captivating, fun-filled format that draws attention to important biological research and inspires people to act on behalf of ocean conservation,” said CI Vice President Roderic Mast.

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New Entity Announces Initial Actions MCLEAN, VA, March 16, 2009 : Eminent marine scientists, major figures in the non-profit environmental community and leaders of the seafood industry have joined forces to establish the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF), a non-profit organization developed to respond to the growing threats to global tuna populations. National Marine Fisheries Service and the Commission of the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research.

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Sylvia Earle and IUCN Invite World Leaders to Celebrate and Extend Ocean Protection

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Sylvia’s one wish is to establish more ‘hope spots’ – Marine Protected Areas – to support ocean life, on which our day-to-day lives depend. Marine Protected Areas Marine protected areas can provide higher and more sustained income through tourism and controlled fisheries than continued exploitation. Speakers, all focused on the oceans, will range from marine scientists and ocean explorers to musicians and artists to environmental activists.

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Environmental Education

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Use the natural environment and local community as the framework, and integrate environmental education into your everyday teaching. They may show unusual interest in subjects like biology, zoology, botany, geology, meteorology, paleontology, or astronomy. People possessing "nature smarts" are keenly aware of their surroundings and changes in their environment, even if these changes are at minute or subtle levels. We are related to everything in our environment.

Sustaining the web of life

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5) Make nature visible-De-natured environments ignore our need and our potential for learning. Making natural cycles and processes visible rings the designed environment back to life. The most widely used description of the precautionary principle is found in Article 15 of the Rio declaration of 1992: “In order to protect the environment, the precautionary approach shall be widely applied by States according to their capabilities.

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