Restoring your biological clock

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We all have got one, all animals, in fact all life. The technical term for our biological clock, also often called “body clock”, is called a circadian rhythm. Ultimately, it is sleep quality rather than quantity that’s key to positively influencing our biological clock. There is compelling evidence that a healthy sleep routine can contribute greatly to one’s physical and mental well-being as well as their overall quality of life.

Recovery: The Return of Native Fish, Victims of Bucket Biology

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As the last glacier retreated sea-run char stranded in North American lakes, adapting to a freshwater life cycle. The now-mature char are thriving, but reproduction has yet to be documented – probably because the species has a much longer life cycle than brook trout.

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International day for biological diversity

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On the UN International Day for Biological Diversity, The Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM) calls for a greater awareness of the threats to marine biodiversity as without life in the ocean there would be no life on Earth. The greatest diversity of life on Earth is actually in the sea. The Convention on Biological Diversity has established a target of 10 percent of all coastal and marine waters being protected in reserves by 2020.

Eight Ways to Ensure Biodiversity on Earth: Insights from the U.N. Convention on Biological Diversity.

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Earth’s biological diversity faces an onslaught of threats and some species will go extinct, but there’s plenty that we can do to ensure the survival of life on Earth.

Why Cultural Diversity Is as Essential to Human Survival as Biological Diversity

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Just as we recognize the importance of biodiversity for the survival of the planet, so we must preserve the diverse ways of knowing that exist among humanity.

I choose to embrace all of biological science (except the part about evolution)*

Environmental Economics

Can you tell I've been reading some life satisfaction (i.e., Matt Kahn : The Editorial writers at the WSJ have some tough things to say about California's AB32 carbon mitigation effort.  The regulators at the Air Resources Board are called "elitists" who do not understand the unintended consequences of their well meaning regulations.  The WSJ predicts that this regulation will further damage the California economy.

The Ascent of Birds by John Reilly

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Said explanations include a wide variety of topics, from the edgier aspects of biology (among the ducks, of course) to climate change to quantum physics. Reviews Bird evolution book review evolutionary biology

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Genetic Engineers and Conservation Biologists: Scenes From a First Date

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Fast forward a week later and I was in Cambridge, England, along with Conservancy Chief Scientist Peter Kareiva, at an international conference organized by the Wildlife Conservation Society on the topic of synthetic biology and how it may influence the future of nature and conservation.

To the Fathers who Don’t Have to Love Us like Their Own—but Do Anyway.

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Z ADMIN Love Featured Today adopted biological child compassion dad daughter family father Fathers Day For Children happiness hero life love mindfulness non biological surrogate fatherThank you for being that love. The kind that chose to step up and offer it all, The kind that has taught us more about loving others than you might know. Enlightened Society Family Inspiring (Wow) Love WAYLON: Today Only Z ADMIN Enlightened Society Today Only.

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Hotspur’s Revenge: A Review of Three Books

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Ecologists (and all earthlings) can legitimately celebrate what will follow extinction: “the sixth mass genesis of new biological diversity.”. Reviews book review ecology evolutionary biology invasive species

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The Human Heart: The Origin of Light & Life. ~ Fahad Basheer

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Health & Wellness WAYLON: Editor''s Picks Z ADMIN Wellness Featured Today biology dna heart photons quantum physics At this point you might be wondering what that miracle would be that happens between the DNA and a particle that travels at the speed of light. Yes, you are about to know that secret.

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A Day In the Life of A Marine Scientist: Interview with Rima Jabado

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I purchase two species of commercially important sharks from markets on a monthly basis to gain a better understanding of their biology, reproduction and feeding habits while collecting samples for parasitology, toxicology and growth studies.

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Can we talk about Cecil the Lion?

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If that is hard to visualise, consider how many deaths evolution relies on to craft all life, including our own. Conservation conservation biology hunting lionsHi there. I can’t help noticing that you’ve just posted an angry story about Cecil the Lion on your timeline.

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Connect: Helping Animals Move in a Changing Climate

Nature Conservancy - Science

A mule deer or a lynx won’t waste calories or risk its life by taking a precarious route. Conservation Biology. Canada lynx are one of many species that may shift its range due to climate change. Flickr/Keith Williams. by Matt Miller, senior science writer.

Big Fish: Rodent-Eating Trout

Nature Conservancy - Science

The water dimpled as trout sipped the profuse insect life from the surface. Vole, it’s what’s for dinner. These three rodents were pulled from the stomach of a brown trout. Ralph Stewart photo. By Matt Miller, senior science writer. As an avid fly fisher, I had heard the stories.

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Bird Butts and Other Matters

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Also of interest, on how evolution works: Lizards evolve a little when their main predators are birds (in some areas) and a lot more (as in they get more different and flashy) when there are also snakes: Snake and Bird Predation Drive the Repeated Convergent Evolution of Correlated Life History Traits and Phenotype in the Izu Island Scincid Lizard (Plestiodon latiscutatus). Birds Bird evolution character displacement conservation biology mumeration

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7 Spices That Could Extend Your Life

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Spice Up Your Life Avoid an overflowing medicine cabinet by tapping into the healing powers hiding inside your kitchen cabinet. Super healing powers are hiding out in your spice cabinet.

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Why is the Robin’s Breast Red?

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Our study is a first step in understanding the role of the red breast and the grey frame in the life of robins,” concluded Dr Jovani. Birds Bird Evolutionary Biology European Robin evolution SignallingWhy is the Robin’s breast red? Why are any of the parts of any birds colorful?

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Extending Life… Live forever

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It used to be thought there was some inbuilt limit on lifespan, but a group of scientists meeting at Oxford University for a conference on life extension and enhancement dismissed that idea. “Life saving is just death postponing with a positive spin,” he said.

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The Number One Sexual Problem (& How to Solve it). {Adult}

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Our biological self wants sex; it wishes to assert power and to dominate, while the personal self wants to find just the right person to connect with and would rather go to the museum than hop into bed. The diversity of these two desires pits our selves against each other in a civil war.

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“Heavily-armed” octopus escapes from aquarium!

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An octopus at New Zealand’s National Aquarium decided he’s had enough of life in captivity and deftly devised his own escape to the sea. Classified as mollusks, they are cousins of other slimy, muscular sea life such as squid, slugs, snails, and shellfish.

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How much bird is there, anyway?

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Here one is able to query a large, fairly complete, and reasonably accurate database of animal life. Birds Bird Evolutionary Biology body sizeI was looking out a car window the other day and noticed that of all the wildlife most of it was bird.

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Oceans Spiralling Downward, Threatening Life on Earth

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The situation should be of the gravest concern to everyone since everyone will be affected by changes in the ability of the ocean to support life on Earth,” says Professor Alex Rogers of Somerville College, Oxford, and Scientific Director of the IPSO.

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Mad Men Go Falcon Trapping

Nature Conservancy - Science

I recently came across a 1952 LIFE magazine article profiling a group of falcon banders working on Assateague Island, Maryland. Both of the trappers featured in this LIFE article went on to make important contributions to raptor conservation (Halter Cunningham and Brian McDonald ).

Rising to the Challenge of Biodiversity Conservation in a Human-dominated World

Nature Conservancy - Science

In a recent peer-reviewed article in the scientific journal Conservation Biology , I propose a framework that conservation organizations can use in today’s complex world to set objectives and plan strategies to achieve them.

Citizen Science Tuesday: NestWatch

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You can be a part of reporting data on the reproductive biology of birds, helping scientists understand how successful birds are. By combining data from all of these projects, researchers can understand the big picture of bird life. Chickadee at nest hole with a caterpillar.

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Whale Sharks: Swimming with the World’s Largest Fish

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Recently I had one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life – swimming with whale sharks. Unbelievable: it was easily one of the best experiences of my life. Fish Marine Traveling Naturalist Alison Green coastal diving marine marine biology natural history sharks

Cool Green Review: Spine of the Continent, Imperial Dreams

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This month: Get connected to conservation biology in Mary Ellen Hannibal’s The Spine of the Continent and join Tim Gallagher as he risks abduction and worse on the track of a possibly extinct woodpecker in Imperial Dreams.

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Extending Life… Live forever

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It used to be thought there was some inbuilt limit on lifespan, but a group of scientists meeting at Oxford University for a conference on life extension and enhancement dismissed that idea. “Life saving is just death postponing with a positive spin,” he said.

Rights of De-extinct Animals, Dark Money, Magic Mushrooms & More

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Not so…finds a study in Biology Letters analyzing famine frequency and severity in a large, cross-cultural database. Biology Letters). Marine life is dying, but those who link die-offs to Fukushima radiation are dead wrong. Siberian wooly mammoth from The Ivory King.

Life - BBC documentary

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[link] Life is a nature documentary series made for BBC television, first broadcast on BBC One and BBC HD from October to December 2009. The UK broadcast of Life consists of ten 50-minute episodes. A ten-minute making-of feature Life on Location airs at the end of each episode, taking the total running time to 60 minutes. Life is produced by the BBC Natural History Unit in association with the Discovery Channel, Skai TV and the Open University. Challenges of life 2.

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The Speed of Life: Slow Down and Taste Life

The Alien Next Door

The Alien Next Door Musings of Nina Munteanu, SF writer and Ecologist Tuesday, October 20, 2009 The Speed of Life: Slow Down and Taste Life Europeans really know how to eat.

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Emerald Edge: Old Growth Forest Injects New Life into Conservation

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It breathes life along a quarter of the North American coastline: from the Olympic Peninsula in Washington, up the coast of British Columbia into the southeast panhandle of Alaska. Life is abundant, supported by the warm ocean currents, healthy ecosystems, and of course plenty of rainfall.

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Merman Hair and the Incredible Creatures of the Deep It’s Inspired By

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Creative Arts colorful fish instagram trends marine biology marine life mermaids merman hair mermen sea creatures tropical fishImage from Flickr user Suzy. First it was the man bun. Then the flower beard.

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Top 40 Reasons Why You Should Ride A Bike (And Change Your Life)


For many people, bicycling never stops and continues right into their 80’s and 90’s and has been an intricate part of their entire life. Our biology works more efficiently the more active you are. If you use your car for short journeys you could be shortening the engine’s life.

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The Cooler: Conservation’s Identity Crisis

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Against a backdrop of growing global resource demand and climate change — as well as emerging technologies, such as synthetic biology — that are wreaking philosophical havoc, finding the answers is urgent.”. Jon Hoekstra species decline synthetic biology Identity crisis?

Keep It Cool: What Desert Plants Can Teach Us About Climate Change

Nature Conservancy - Science

The earth’s organisms have faced the “cope, adapt, or die” paradigm presented by changing climatic conditions since the inception of life on earth more than 3 billion years ago. Cactus (Opuntia sp.) in bloom in the Mojave Desert. Sophie Parker/TNC. Climate change isn’t new.

The Worst Thing in Life. | elephant journal

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The Worst Thing in Life. “I used to think the worst thing in life. the worst thing in life is to end up with people. His aim: to bring the good news re: "the mindful life" beyond the choir & to all those who didnt know they gave a care. Life changing $3.00.

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NPR: How To Put A Value On Oil Damaged Life In The Gulf

Environmental Economics

NPR : A law passed after the Exxon Valdez oil spill requires the government to assess the biological damage from big spills so fines can be fixed and damage paid for. The National Academy of Sciences has a report describing the methods and metrics of determining the "ecosystem services" that have been lost due to the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. In some ways, ecosystem services valuation is a rose under a different name (here is the ecosystem valuation website ).

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Poorly Known Species at Most Risk from Extinction

Nature Conservancy - Science

A major obstacle for conservation is our incomplete knowledge of the biological world. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species is the most comprehensive tool for assessing species’ extinction risk, and is key to monitoring progress towards the targets of the Convention on Biological Diversity.

The cruel life inside a factory farm

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Rather, the intensification of our agriculture sector has made their life worse. Because cattle are biologically suited to eat a grass-based, high fiber diet, their concentrated feedlot rations contribute to metabolic disorders.

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Flushing Out the Truth About Sewage and Coral Reefs

Nature Conservancy - Science

reducing exposure to fecal pathogens that cause life-threatening diseases). Unfortunately, there is plenty of untreated sewage making its way into tropical seas. Photo: Flickr user Abizern. by Stephanie Wear, marine scientist, The Nature Conservancy’s Global Marine Team.

Close Encounter: Swimming with the Sharks

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It was a sobering introduction to the wild waters for which Palmyra is famed — and to the surprisingly fast pace of life on the atoll. [Editor''s Note: Have you had a close encounter with nature?