Study: Water Ecosystems Impacted By Boat Turbulence

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Zooplankton are a key element of water ecosystems as they are near the bottom of the food chain. Zooplankton are known to be disturbed by turbulence, however, a new experiment found that turbulence from boats my have an unknown number of potential impacts on water ecosystems.

SeaOrbiter Renewably-Fueled Research Vessel Construction to Start

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This will allow them to “observe, to undertake research missions, like marine biology, oceanography and climate issues,” he said.

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Microbial Biomass in the Oceans Weighs As Much As 240 Billion African Elephants

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The title of this post is just one of the comparative results drawn up by a 10 year study – Census of Marine Life. Mitch Sogin of the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, and head of the marine microbe census said –.

Oceans Spiralling Downward, Threatening Life on Earth

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The findings, published in the peer review journal Marine Pollution Bulletin, are part of an ongoing assessment process overseen by IPSO, which brings together scientists from a range of marine disciplines.

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Douglas McCauley on Marine Mammoths, Rhino Steaks & Garage-Band Science Communications

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The pressures that humans have brought to bear on terrestrial ecosystems have only relatively recently been a factor for oceans. I love thinking of whales as marine mammoths. The marine fauna are fully aware of this complexity. Marine Megafauna as Television Stars.

Coral decline around the world can be attributed to herpes disease!


However, when the scope comes to the survival of these enticing marine animals, the picture indeed looks startlingly baleful. So, what adverse effect is causing such a rapid disintegration of this particular underwater ecosystem?


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New Entity Announces Initial Actions MCLEAN, VA, March 16, 2009 : Eminent marine scientists, major figures in the non-profit environmental community and leaders of the seafood industry have joined forces to establish the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF), a non-profit organization developed to respond to the growing threats to global tuna populations. National Marine Fisheries Service and the Commission of the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research.

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