UN launches biofuels report

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Responding to a report launched on Wednesday, June 26, 2013 by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization on the impacts of biofuels on food security, Friends of the Earth''s Biofuels Campaigner Kenneth Richter said: “This is a stark reminder that Europe''s biofuel targets are driving up food prices and increasing hunger among the world''s poorest people. " Biofuels, of whatever kind, are not the answer.

United Airlines accelerates aviation biofuels

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The air carrier has joined the Sustainable Aviation Fuel Users Group (SAFUG), whose objective is to accelerate the development and commercialization of aviation biofuels. United Airlines accelerates aviation biofuels is a post from: Green Traveler Guides. Airlines aviation biofuel Green Travel News ReutersUnited Airlines’ commitment to the friendly skies is soaring to new heights.


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Stop the biofuel madness

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We must have gone totally insane to put fuel before food, whether it is corn (maize) being grown for biofuel or miscanthus, or whatever. Furthermore, aside from using valuable farm land, or in the case of palm oil for bio-diesel destroying the rainforests of Asia, biofuels will do nothing whatsoever to reduce carbon emissions and pollution, it is just a change from fossil fuel to another one to be burned in combustion engines.

Finnair to make longest commercial biofuel flight

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A Finnair flight between Amsterdam and Helsinki next week will be the longest commercial biofuel flight flown anywhere in the world to date. “We Biofuel refers to fuel made from renewable organic raw materials. The plants used in the production of biofuel absorb carbon dioxide, which is released back into the atmosphere when the biofuel combusts. Finnair says it will accept for regular use only a biofuel that is socially, ecologically and economically sustainable.

The skeptical environmentalist on biofuels

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Blog powered by TypePad Member since 05/2005 « EnvEcon NCAA Bracket Challenge Update | Main | The only thing I ask is that you please not treat me like a celebrity » March 16, 2011 The skeptical environmentalist on biofuels Bjørn Lomborg: The United States spends about $6 billion a year on federal support for ethanol production through tax credits, tariffs, and other programs.

Shell Ends Algae Biofuel Research

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Algae biofuels have been one of several beacons of hope for those looking to reduce or end our dependence on oil. In fact last year the DOE gave $24 million to a partnership between Shell Oil and HR Biopetroleum for reseach in algae biofuels. With a major player like Shell deeming algae-based biofuels a dead-end, does that mean that the algae biofuel dream is dead? Bio Fuel algae biofuel alternative fuel bio fuel biofuel Department of Energy DOE Shell

Biofuel Farming=Disaster?

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Any biofuel that causes clearing of natural ecosystems is likely to increase global warming," Fargione says. But not all biofuels are alike. As long as there is land conversion, though, biofuels do not diminish carbon dioxide emissions. Biofuels made from sources that do not require land conversion, such as corn stover (the parts of corn plants left over after the ears are harvested), animal waste, damaged trees, algae, and food waste are promising alternatives.

Debunking the ‘Green’ Biofuel Myth

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Is biofuel from the Jatropha tree- which Jordan is experimenting with- really as green and sustainable as we think? In a recent article, I debated whether we should encourage the Middle East to embrace biofuels as a real and sustainable alternative to the region’s current dependence on gas and oil. In the end, it seemed illogical to use up resources (water, land space) to produce fuel for cars which could be used to grow food and I argued against biofuels.

First transatlantic biofuel flight is powered by camelina

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A Gulfstream G450 is the first aircraft to fly from North America to Europe using biofuel. The biofuel is derived from camelina, a “dedicated energy crop&# that does not compete in the food chain. First transatlantic biofuel flight is powered by camelina is a post from: Green Traveler Guides. Airlines News aviation biofuel biofuel camelina Honeywell| Green Travel News |. Camelina: a hardy annual that's 40% oil.

Piedmont Biofuels Earns Roundtable on Sustainable Biofuels (RSB) Certification

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Used cooking oil plant latest in biofuel entities to earn RSB sustainability certification McLean, VA, March 2013 : The RSB Services Foundation, the implementing entity of the Roundtable on Sustainable Biofuels (RSB) which has developed a global sustainability standard and certification system for biofuel production, is pleased to announce that Piedmont Biofuels has earned the RSB sustainability certification.

Nobel Prize Plant Scientist Outspoken Against Biofuel Effiency

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We like to report on about various ways to produce biofuels from plant and other organic substances. These substances have ranged from using “turd timber” to produce biofuel from human and animal excrement to growing algae on large hydroponic farms to create biofuels that will power anything from glitzy high priced gold sports cars. Biofuels have also been lauded for use in fuel for fleets of commercial airlines in the Unite Arab Emirates and beyond.

Biofuels: The ins and outs

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By Michael Smith (Veshengro) Broadly speaking, a biofuel is any plant or animal material that can be used as a source of energy. In fact, biofuel can be created from any carbon source that is easy to replenish, i.e. plants. Biofuels can come in solid, liquid, or gas form – while you may think of ethanol or biodiesel when you hear biofuel, it would be just as correct to think of wood, perhaps the most popular biofuel for the last millennia. Why use biofuel?

Seabiotic’s Algae for Food and Biofuel

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Seambiotic is also working with the National Aviation and Space Administration (NASA) in the United States to develop a commercially feasible biofuel variety from algae that has a higher freezing point that other plant-based biofuels from corn or sugarcane. Theoretically, an algae pond could produce 30 times more feedstock for biofuel than the land-based crop alternatives. Seambiotic biofuel. Biofuel from smokestack emissions: an Israeli innovation.

Biofuel from Plastic for this Young Egyptian Scientist from Alexandria

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Azza Abdel Hamid Faiad was the winner of the 2011 European Union Contest for Young Scientists for finding a new way of turning plastic into biofuel. A sixteen-year-old Egyptian student, Azza Abdel Hamid Faiad from the Zahran Language School in Alexandria has identified a new low-cost catalyst which can generate biofuel by breaking down plastic waste. Jatropha plants for biofuel.

Caffé Nero reports coffee-waste-to-biofuel success, plans expansion

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Italian-style coffee shop chain Caffé Nero is looking to extend an innovative coffee-to-biofuel recycling scheme beyond greater London after a successful partnership with recycling company First Mile and technology firm Bio-Bean. These sacks are collected by First Mile every evening and passed onto Bio-Bean for processing into advanced biofuels.

Ethihad Jet Uses Biofuels for Inaugural Home Run

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Etihad Airways operates first biofuel powered delivery flight with Boeing and Sky Energy. Etihad Airways from the United Arab Emirates scores a double play in the Green World Series: Becoming both the first airline to fly on biofuel directly from the factory and the first biofuel-flying Gulf carrier. The flight was powered by a mix of traditional fuel and plant-based biofuel created from recycled vegetable cooking oil.

UniVerve Chooses Microalgae For Award-Winning Biofuel Business

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Among the 12 competition finalists, was UniVerve, an Israeli biofuel company that specializes in using microalgae to create oil. UniVerve has gained international recognition for its microalgae technology , including at an apperance this March at the World Biofuels Markets , which can succesfully produce bio-oil from third generation biomass. But many in the cleantech business think algae-based biofuels are years from being mass-produced.

The Imperfect Biofuel Solution

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At first glance, you may think that biofuels provide an ideal answer to fossil fuel use. Types of Biofuels. The industry classifies biofuels into two main types: first-generation or second-generation. Of the two, second-generation biofuels offer a more eco-friendly solution. The problem is that the focus has been on first-generation biofuels by both the United States and the EU. Problems with Biofuels.

Crop Wars: Food versus Biofuels

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In essence, the RFS mandate requires a certain portion of the corn yield to be used in the production of biofuels. Biofuel Issues. Despite the crop wars, biofuels do not make up a significant portion of global transportation fuel. The use of corn as a biofuel encourages monocultures of grain as well as the use of genetically modified (GMO) seedstock. Biofuels also have environmental costs. Environment biofuels drought food crisis

Biofuels a carbon con - study

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) A study by environmental charities and groups says that African biofuels will result in up to six times more carbon emissions than fossil fuels. The demand for biofuel in Europe comes partly from the EU targets for 10% of transport to be renewable by 2020. Many European countries plan to meet this target through use of biofuels rather than a depending only on electric vehicle technology.

Algae Biofuel Closer as NATO and NASA Step Into the Slime

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One day, giant algae biofuel farms like this prototype may help solve world fuel and food needs. Interest in creating biofuels from algae is increasing. We’ve covered Isaac Berzin from GreenFuel who rejuvenated NASA’s original idea; then there is Iran creating biofuel from algae (they didn’t answer our emails though); and S eambotic an Israel company launching a commercial algae farm in the USA to grow algae for use in both biofuel and food products.

Origin Oils Algae Should Inspire More Mid East Biofuels

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An alge biofuel farm up close. Developing biofuel from algae is now being worked on in many parts of the world; even in Iran where researchers connected with Shiraz University were able to create bio fuel from algae being grown in a salt lake in the country. Read more on turning algae into biofuel: Algae Biofuels to Send Astronauts Into Space? With So Much Natural Gas, is Biofuel a Viable Mideast Fuel Option? Iran Creates Biofuel From Algae.

Palm oil biofuels push up global food prices

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Remember ten and 15 years ago when everyone was talking about investing in biofuels? Scientists like Helmut were against the efficiency claims … While we love the idea of renewable energy crops for palm oil and sugarcane used in ethanol and biofuels have pushed out food producers, causing an alarming shift to rising costs for food. While we might not feel it in the price of a falafel or hummus, biofuels threaten those people already food insecure.

2020 40

Chaim Weizmann’s Fermentation Invention Used for Biofuel Production in USA

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His process of Acetone Butanol Ethanol (ABE) fermentation helped produce explosives for World War I and now a team of chemical engineers at UC Berkley are close to perfecting his process for the efficient production of biofuels. Then a catalyst developed by Dean Toste converts this mixture into a high-energy biofuel. ” California is expected to be the first niche market to use this new biofuel, although it would likely take about ten years to go to market.

The Failed Promise of Biofuels

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The premise of biofuels offers hope for an alternative fuel that can ease the country’s dependence on petroleum. Anything that can lessen its impact would be welcome, hence, the focus on biofuels. Carbon Dioxide and Biofuels. The production of biofuels necessitates the release of carbon dioxide emissions. There is also the processing of biofuels, all of which contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. Nitrous Oxide and Biofuels.

Is the Middle East Buying into Disastrous Biofuels?

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The Jatropha plant may produce bio-diesel for cars but, like other biofuels, it also leads to a rise in food prices due to competition for land space. From solid gold biofuel Mercedes in Abu Dhabi to biofuel-producing algae lakes in Iran , it seems that biofuels are destined to play a part in the region’s future development. But are biofuels really the solution to the Mideast’s dependency on gas and oil?

Industrial Hemp for Biofuels.


But some biofuel crops have bad environmental effects : they use too much water, displace people and create more emissions than they save. This article is originally from The Conversation and can be found here. It has been written by Thomas Prade. Bioenergy is currently the fastest growing source of renewable energy. Cultivating energy crops on arable land can decrease dependency on depleting fossil resources and it can mitigate climate change.

Hemp 57

Biomax to Launch First-ever $40 Million Biofuel Plan in Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia and Indian company will erect a biofuel plant based on used cooking oil. Biofuel is coming to Saudi Arabia. The biofuel produced will recycle cooking oil, which will make it “one of the few plants in the world to use this non-food waste feedstock.” ” The Hyderabad company already has a biofuel plant in operation at Visakhapatnam that reportedly produces some 25,000 tons of bio-diesel per month, which is then exported to Europe.

Lootah Biofuels to Grow Algae in Dubai to Reduce Oil Spillage

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The Arab gulf region is continuing to boost its international profile in renewable energy, the most recent initiative aims to use algae as biofuel. Lootah Biofuel s in Dubai has recently inked a deal with Singapore-based AlgaOil with the ultimate goal of using algae for oil extraction. Cleantech, Science & Technology algae Dubai Lootah Biofuels SS LootahImage of the US-researched Aquatic Species Program from Jimmy Carter era.

Algae Biofuels


But to truly meet the world's fuel needs, researchers must come up with a way to produce as much biofuel as possible in the smallest amount Researchers at Virginia Bioinformatics Institute have assembled the draft genome of a marine algae sequence to aid scientists across the US in a project that aims to discover the best algae species for producing biodiesel fuel.

Biofuel White List Could Cut Risk of Invasive Weeds

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It is simultaneously eligible for biofuel subsidies and a target of biological control efforts. So, without some careful attention to smart policy, the explosion of interest in growing biofuels has the potential to introduce many species to the United States that could turn out to be expensive to control. Starting with a list of 120 possible biofuel crops, they ended up with about 25 non-natives and 24 natives that they could recommend with confidence.

Why Not Use Biofuel for Heating Syrian Refugees? Green Prophet Reports from Jordan Camp

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As I was leaving the camp, an idea struck me: why not use biofuel to give power to the tents , at least deliver some form of heat to combat the encroaching winter cold? Without adequate funding to supply the tens of thousands of refugees with blankets, biofuel is not high on anyone’s agenda. Cleantech, Science & Technology Lifestyle & Culture Amman biofuel biogas Cairo Heat Jordan refugees Syria Zaatari zabaleen


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On Wednesday 19 May, 2010, Store manager Tom Pearson will be dressed in an orangutan costume, strapped to a spinning “Biofuel Wheel of Misfortune”, while a knife thrower hurls foot-long razor sharp knives at him. Customers will be asked to sign a postcard calling on the government to scrap subsidies (called ROCs) for biofuels, and each person that signs a card will get to a spin of the wheel and a chance to win a limited edition “Get your ROCs off” soap.

2010 116

Algae Becoming Biofuel Priority

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The recent discussion on Japan’s flight with biofuel was done in part with algae oil. In Plymouth, England at the Plymouth Marine Laboratory, scientists are studying algae in order to combat global warming. The scientists are studying which types of algae absorb the most carbon and which would produce the most oil. The demand for oil produced from algae is high, as it is considered carbon-neutral.

Qatar Airways Praised for its Natural Gas/Biofuel Push to the Skies

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We really welcome this project as an example of the varying biofuel solutions that can be applied in different areas around the globe,” stressed Kobeh in Doha as he detailed the ICAO’s status updates for the aviation industry on energy. Airlines are using drop-in biofuels that do not require changes to aircraft design or fuel delivery systems. Cars & Transportation aviation biofuel carbon footprint COP18 Doha ethane natural gas Qatar AirwaysCheaper flights for all?

Qatar 71

Duckweed for Biofuel?


Floudas, Xin Xiao and colleagues explain that duckweed, an aquatic plant that floats on or near the surface of still or slow-moving freshwater, is ideal as a raw material for biofuel production. The search for a less-expensive, sustainable source of biomass, or plant material, for producing gasoline, diesel and jet fuel has led scientists to duckweed, that fast-growing floating plant that turns ponds and lakes green.

McDonalds Fleet Traveled 800,000 Miles With Recycled Biofuel

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It has been just 17 months since McDonalds announced its intention to recycle all of its vegetable oil for use as biofuel in its own fleet. The McDonald’s fleet has traveled a combined 808,411 miles on the biofuel processed by Nuetral Fuels, diverting roughly 80% of its carbon dioxide emissions from the atmosphere.

Camelina-Tomorrow's Biofuel Today


In the race for renewable biofuels, the three leading U.S. contenders are algae, jatropha and camelina. All have their passionate advocates, but amidst the partisan campaigning, camelina is emerging at the initial winner, with enormous potential implications for U.S. agronomy and companies involved in its cultivation. On 26 February camelina received approval from the U.S.

The ethics of biofuels - The hard questions remain unanswered

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School of Public Policy paper asks hard questions about biofuel production CALGARY, Canada - In the world-wide race to develop energy sources that are seen as "green" because they are renewable and less GHG intensive, sometimes the most basic questions remain unanswered. These questions are: What is the effect of biofuel production on food costs, especially for poor populations? Should more land be used for biofuel when the return of energy per acre is low?

First Navy Trainer Completes Biofuel Flight at Patuxent River

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24 when a T-45 training aircraft completed a successful biofuel flight at Naval Air Station (NAS) Patuxent River, Md. The “Salty Dogs” of Air Test and Evaluation Squadron (VX) 23 flew the high-performance jet trainer on a biofuel mixture of petroleum-based JP-5 jet fuel and plant-based camelina. My congratulations to the Navy fuels team here at NAVAIR for playing an instrumental role in proving the viability of biofuels to power naval aircraft.”

Biofuels potential harm to biodiversity. A European report and recommendation

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Biofuels and their invasive potential is a problem being address worldwide. The Recommendation, warns that some biofuel crops may invade areas outside cultivated fields, and in so doing may impact on native biodiversity. The Council of Europe, made advices to reduce potential invasiveness of alien plants being used as biofuel crops. Without these measures, escaped biofuel crops may cause loss of native biodiversity and farmland functionality.

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Biofuel production may increase world hunger, claims study

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By Michael Smith (Veshengro) UK, April 2011: A recent study found that biofuel production diverts crops and crop land from food production and increases food prices for impoverished people in developing countries even though biofuels may not solely to blame for rising food prices. Biofuels are touted as an energy source that can cut greenhouse gas emissions and reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

Exxon Mobile Invests In Biofuels

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Exxon Mobile, the largest publicly traded oil company, recently announced an investment in biofuels. is their first such investment in biofuels. Exxon Mobile has decided to invest in biofuels, particularly algae, due to the expected viability of the fuel. Exxon Mobile’s investment into Synthetic Genomics Inc. The company has announced a $600 million partnership in which algae will be studied for fuel.