Biofuel from Plastic for this Young Egyptian Scientist from Alexandria

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Azza Abdel Hamid Faiad was the winner of the 2011 European Union Contest for Young Scientists for finding a new way of turning plastic into biofuel. The idea of breaking down plastic polymers into fuel feedstocks , the bulk raw material used for producing biofuel , is not a new idea.

Desert plants fed with saltwater produce amazing new biofuel for Boeing and Etihad

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On January 18 the group announced that they have discovered that halophytes (plants that can grow in saline conditions) fed with nutrient rich wastewater produce an efficient biofuel.

Finnair to make longest commercial biofuel flight

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A Finnair flight between Amsterdam and Helsinki next week will be the longest commercial biofuel flight flown anywhere in the world to date. “We Biofuel refers to fuel made from renewable organic raw materials. | Green Travel News |.

UN launches biofuels report

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The biofuels industry is lobbying hard against new proposals before the European Parliament to limit the use of food crops for biofuels. " "Everything else being equal, the introduction of a rigid biofuel demand does affect food commodity prices.

Stop the biofuel madness

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We must have gone totally insane to put fuel before food, whether it is corn (maize) being grown for biofuel or miscanthus, or whatever. And the sooner this was being realized the better and the futility of biofuels (and fracking) be abandoned.

Univerve’s Algae to Biofuel Your Car

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GreenFuel, a US algae-to-biofuel business founded by Israeli Isaac Berzin more than 10 years ago, most likely failed because it was a bit ahead of the zeitgeist. He points out that biofuels are good alternatives to fossil fuels for the short and long term.

Biofuel White List Could Cut Risk of Invasive Weeds

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It is simultaneously eligible for biofuel subsidies and a target of biological control efforts. Starting with a list of 120 possible biofuel crops, they ended up with about 25 non-natives and 24 natives that they could recommend with confidence.

Biofuels: The ins and outs

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By Michael Smith (Veshengro) Broadly speaking, a biofuel is any plant or animal material that can be used as a source of energy. In fact, biofuel can be created from any carbon source that is easy to replenish, i.e. plants. Biofuels can come in solid, liquid, or gas form – while you may think of ethanol or biodiesel when you hear biofuel, it would be just as correct to think of wood, perhaps the most popular biofuel for the last millennia. Why use biofuel?

Seabiotic’s Algae for Food and Biofuel

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Seambiotic is also working with the National Aviation and Space Administration (NASA) in the United States to develop a commercially feasible biofuel variety from algae that has a higher freezing point that other plant-based biofuels from corn or sugarcane. Seambiotic biofuel.

Is the Middle East Buying into Disastrous Biofuels?

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The Jatropha plant may produce bio-diesel for cars but, like other biofuels, it also leads to a rise in food prices due to competition for land space. But are biofuels really the solution to the Mideast’s dependency on gas and oil?

Qatar Airways Praised for its Natural Gas/Biofuel Push to the Skies

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We really welcome this project as an example of the varying biofuel solutions that can be applied in different areas around the globe,” stressed Kobeh in Doha as he detailed the ICAO’s status updates for the aviation industry on energy. Cheaper flights for all?

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First transatlantic biofuel flight is powered by camelina

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A Gulfstream G450 is the first aircraft to fly from North America to Europe using biofuel. The biofuel is derived from camelina, a “dedicated energy crop&# that does not compete in the food chain. Airlines News aviation biofuel biofuel camelina Honeywell

Chaim Weizmann’s Fermentation Invention Used for Biofuel Production in USA

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His process of Acetone Butanol Ethanol (ABE) fermentation helped produce explosives for World War I and now a team of chemical engineers at UC Berkley are close to perfecting his process for the efficient production of biofuels.

UniVerve Chooses Microalgae For Award-Winning Biofuel Business

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Among the 12 competition finalists, was UniVerve, an Israeli biofuel company that specializes in using microalgae to create oil. But many in the cleantech business think algae-based biofuels are years from being mass-produced.

The skeptical environmentalist on biofuels

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Government support of rapid growth in biofuel production has contributed to disarray in food production. Indeed, as a result of official policy in the United States and Europe, including aggressive production targets, biofuel consumed more than 6.5

Biomax to Launch First-ever $40 Million Biofuel Plan in Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia and Indian company will erect a biofuel plant based on used cooking oil. Biofuel is coming to Saudi Arabia. The biofuel produced will recycle cooking oil, which will make it “one of the few plants in the world to use this non-food waste feedstock.”

Biofuels a carbon con - study

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) A study by environmental charities and groups says that African biofuels will result in up to six times more carbon emissions than fossil fuels. The demand for biofuel in Europe comes partly from the EU targets for 10% of transport to be renewable by 2020. Many European countries plan to meet this target through use of biofuels rather than a depending only on electric vehicle technology.

Light and hydrogen proclaimed as new biofuels


Christina Pinto: Progress in the field of biofuel production is engendering optimism for it could be the most viable solution to our energy woes. Research on biofuel cells aims to create renewable batteries capable of satiating our electricity needs.

United wins green award

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Green Travel News aviation biofuel eco-friendly airline Eco-Skies green aviation United Airlines

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New ‘Frankenstein’ Grass Could Be Huge For Biofuel Industry


Department of Agriculture and the University of California, Berkeley Read More The post New ‘Frankenstein’ Grass Could Be Huge For Biofuel Industry appeared first on Ecorazzi. By Deena Shanker, Now here is a GMO I can get behind: starchier grass. A research partnership between the U.S.

Biofuels 101: Biofuels from Generation to Generation

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What is the difference between a first generation biofuel and a third generation biofuel? Biofuels reduce fossil fuels renewable energy sustainability algae biofuel biofuel production first generation biofuel second generation biofuel third generation biofuelThe answer lies in teh maturity of the technology.

Lootah Biofuels to Grow Algae in Dubai to Reduce Oil Spillage

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The Arab gulf region is continuing to boost its international profile in renewable energy, the most recent initiative aims to use algae as biofuel. Lootah Biofuel s in Dubai has recently inked a deal with Singapore-based AlgaOil with the ultimate goal of using algae for oil extraction.

Algae Biofuel Closer as NATO and NASA Step Into the Slime

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One day, giant algae biofuel farms like this prototype may help solve world fuel and food needs. Interest in creating biofuels from algae is increasing. ” Algae biofuel farm. Read more on algae based biofuel projects: Seabotic’s Algae for Food and Bio Fuel.

McDonalds Fleet Traveled 800,000 Miles With Recycled Biofuel

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It has been just 17 months since McDonalds announced its intention to recycle all of its vegetable oil for use as biofuel in its own fleet.

Algae returns as fuel for our future

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Their results have been published in back-to-back studies in Plant Physiology and Biotechnology for Biofuels. Cities alternative fuel biofuel

Alaska Air to fly 75 commercial flights on fry oil

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A new era in American aviation begins this week, as Alaska Airlines flies the first of 75 commercial passenger flights in the United States powered by biofuel. Two maiden biofuel-powered flights will leave Seattle on November 9 for Washington, D.C. | Green Travel News |.

Biofuel: Now With More Birds

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When you hear the word “biofuel,” you probably think of corn, right? Basically, the scientists logged the types of vegetation growing at each site, computed how much biomass (the raw materials of biofuel) could be had from it, and tracked the numbers and species of nesting birds. Grasslands might be a good source of biofuel that’s also easy on the avians. News biofuel biomass Dickcissel grasslands But other types of plant matter can power our vehicles and our homes.

Seaweed Could Be the Biofuel of Tomorrow

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They could be the biofuels of the future. That way, you don’t sacrifice food crops too, something that has been the bugbear of land-based biofuel crops. ” Kelps are also carbohydrate rich and they can be similarly processed into biofuels though fermentation and breakdown.

Oh Nuts, the Downside of Biofuel

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It also carried an entire tank full of a biofuel blend. Branson worries about using oil from food source crops such as corn and sugar cane and believes that the future of biofuel lies in sewage and waste sources.

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Most biofuels better than oil for greenhouse gases, worse or similar eco-impact otherwise, study finds

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Summing up the findings it reads as follows: Biofuels from deforested areas usually emit more greenhouse gases than fossil fuels. This also applies to indirect land usage changes if existing agricultural land is used for the first time for biofuel production and, as a consequence, forested areas have to be cleared in order to maintain the existing foodstuff or animal feed production. Each (new) biofuel must therefore be examined separately and in detail.

United Airlines accelerates aviation biofuels

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The air carrier has joined the Sustainable Aviation Fuel Users Group (SAFUG), whose objective is to accelerate the development and commercialization of aviation biofuels. United Airlines accelerates aviation biofuels is a post from: Green Traveler Guides. Airlines aviation biofuel Green Travel News ReutersUnited Airlines’ commitment to the friendly skies is soaring to new heights.

Agave as a Biofuel?


A lot of the biofuel crops in the US also generate land-use change, so sometimes they are releasing more C02 than they are sequestering. 'In

Biofuel Breakthrough? Crude Oil From Algae in 1 Minute!

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Biofuel Breakthrough? alternative energy Biofuels reduce fossil fuels synthetic biology algae biofuels renewable fuelCrude Oil From Algae in 1 Minute!

Embracing Your Future: Flying Algal Ships

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The farm and the elongated seed-shaped airship docked at its centre both produce biofuel—essentially hydrogen—from the microorganism Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. Hydrogenase by Vincent Callebaut It’s July 2030.

Biofuels Leaders: Three Big Dawgs in Biofuels

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Home About Us Contact Us Products Green Tips EBooks Going Green: Questions and Answers Subscribe Living Green and Saving Energy Biofuels Leaders: Three Big Dawgs in Biofuels by greenwise on December 14, 2010 The biofuels industry has received a lot of attention for the up and coming small companies, many of whom are developing novel technologies to produce bio-based alternatives to gasoline. They also have the necessary ingredients to be credible commercializers of biofuels.

Haley Barbour’s Red State Pays $100 Million to Israeli Biofuel Co for CleanTech

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Climate change hits America’s Red States hard – but there’s plenty of wood waste there for clean biofuel energy production – that could head off even worse climate change. Cellulosic sugars are the first step in biofuels from non-food sources.

How Ethanol Differs From Gasoline

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Biofuels How Ethanol Differs From GasolineAs a green-living enthusiast, you’re likely familiar with the environmental effects of traditional gasoline. For years, we have been told that the gasoline used to power the engines in our cars is doing damage to our planet; and it is true.

Biofuels made from trash could power 16% of Europe’s road vehicles

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According to a study by a group backed by BA, Novozymes, WWF, and Virgin Airways, biofuels made from waste and trash could replace 16% of the current fuel for cars and trucks. Biofuels carbon footprint biofuels from waste biofuels production The reports provides an impressive projection. Europeans generate 900 million tonnes of waste paper, food, wood and plant material each year, about a quarter […].

Caffé Nero reports coffee-waste-to-biofuel success, plans expansion

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Italian-style coffee shop chain Caffé Nero is looking to extend an innovative coffee-to-biofuel recycling scheme beyond greater London after a successful partnership with recycling company First Mile and technology firm Bio-Bean.

787 Dreamliner makes maiden biofuel flight


Sonia Renthlei: Scientists and engineers are increasingly looking toward biofuel as a source of energy. Boeing, ANA Celebrate First 787 Biofuel Flight. Besides clearing up waste, it helps enhance fuel efficiency and reduces carbon emissions.