Dialogues on the Environment: Q&A with Bill McKibben

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First in the series is my conversation with writer and environmentalist Bill McKibben. Bill is founder of the grassroots climate campaign 350.org , which has coordinated 15,000 rallies in nearly 200 countries in the past four years. Mark Tercek: Thanks Bill.

If Bill McKibben's A Communist, Call Me Alexandra Kollontai

Green Prophet

Sadly, he’s no match for our witty friend Bill McKibben. The question is, why has Glenn targeted Bill – one of the world’s most respected people and the first to sound a very important and very loud alarm about the state of our planet?

Bill McKibben's Sermon at The Riverside Church - "God's Taunt"


Bill McKibben explains why nothing is happening on climate change at The Riverside Church

We Won. You Won - from Bill McKibben


This one, very fittingly , is a message from Bill McKibben. We are loving this feeling. So seldom in this business of climate change are there wins.To us this is so much better than a royal wedding !Happy Happy to run these stories all day if you want to keep sending them!

Book Review: Oil and Honey by Bill McKibben

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Oil and Honey: The Education of an Unlikely Activist by Bill McKibben is a revelation– and a joy– to read. Though I’ve read McKibben’s groundbreaking work in the past, this book reads differently, and strikes a different cord.

Bill McKibben Brings the Divestment Campaign to New Zealand


Bill McKibben is one of the most endearing speakers you could hope to hear. From his quiet humour to his logic to his message of despair and hope both at once it is so worth hearing. he is funny, bright, strangely humble and making things happen.

Bill McKibben: The IPCC still underestimates the situation

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Bill McKibben, Co-founder of 350.org and – dare I say it – one of the most famous climate activist, has given his opinion about the latest IPCC assessment report on climate change.

Bill McKibben Talks Climate Change and 350.org with Colbert

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Bill McKibben. I LOVE Colbert, and I am a long-time Bill McKibben fan; his new organization, 350.org is fighting climate change by encouraging initiatives that bring carbon down to 350ppm or lower (we are at 390 right now), which is the safe level for continued healthy and prosperous life on Earth. Tags: Culture X News X Politics X climate change Colbert comedy mckibben tv The Colbert Report. Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c. www.colbertnation.com.

Meet Bill McKibben – the man who crushed the Keystone XL pipeline

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Bill McKibben is a man whom many people consider to be a “superstar" of the global environmental movement – or at least one of the top environmental leaders in the US today. McKibben is the man behind the successful + 350.org movement and global events such as the “Moving Planet Day of Action” last year. And more recently McKibben has played a key role in the Keystone XL pipeline protests.

Bill McKibben -12 Minutes on Climate Change You Won't Want to Miss


Grim Greenhouse Gas Milestone Dims Hope for Less Climate Change

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One of the most well-known climate scientists and environmental activists, Bill McKibben named his organization 350.org after the percentage of greenhouse gas concentrations that is considered safe for life on earth to continue. Interview: Bracing for a Warmer Planet With Bill McKibben.

McKibben To Environment Movement: ‘Be More Confrontational’

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I speak to the recently arrested environmental author Bill McKibben, who insists that campaigners need to be more confrontational about their demands (and start wearing ties). I think it’s fairly safe to say that Bill McKibben has had an eventful couple of weeks.

New Divestment Campaign Targets the Gates Foundation

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Bill Gates - OnInnovation.com Interview by OnInnovation used under CC BY-ND 2.0 Bill Gates told Rolling Stone that “climate change is a terrible problem, and it absolutely needs to be solved. Climate & Energy Bill Gates Bill McKibben Divestment Gates Foundation

Middle East Joins Worldwide Campaign For Greener Transport (Photos)

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Bill Mckibben who leads the green organisation 350.org said in a recent interview that he was happily surprised at the level of support the Middle East has shown on environmental issues in the past.

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Why the Middle East Should Definitely Support America’s Keystone XL Pipeline Protests

Green Prophet

Bill McKibben isn’t the kind of guy who takes getting arrested lightly. Bill McKibben from 350.org, who we have interviewed on Green Prophet, is behind one of the largest civil disobedience efforts to take hold of America in far too long.

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Green Christians Fights Climate Injustice

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In fact, some environmental leaders such as Bill McKibben (who is a Christian) have already called on environmental and faith organisations to get together to halt runaway global warming. Religion Bill McKibben Christian Christianity climate action faith protests social change

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Walk The Talk Show’s Best Videos for Earth Day.

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Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis Waylon Lewis (by or about) WAYLON: Today Only #walkthetalkshow Bill McKibben earth-day elephant journal elephantjournal.com environment google green Josh Fox Lester Brown Michael Pollan walk the talk show Walk the Talk Show With Waylon Lewis WAYLON LEWIS: Fave videos There are a ton of challenges facing the earth today, and it''s easy to get discouraged.

Margaret Atwood and Other Top Writers Pen Climate Change Stories


In the introduction of this book, 350′s founder, environmentalist Bill McKibben , points out that &# Imagination is the key here – until we’ve really understood at some gut level what kind of a threat we’re facing, we’re unlikely to act with enough commitment.

The Green Buzz: Monday, April 1

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Climate crusader Bill McKibben has some thoughts on how businesses can help combat global warming. Business Climate Science & Research Environmental News Global Warming Health Insects The Green Buzz antarctic ice growth Antarctica bike commuting and health Bill McKibben bke commuting businesses and climate change Christian Science Monitor Climate Change global warming GreenBiz Grist hemp monarch butterfly Mongabay YaleE360

Margaret Wente on Karevia and the ‘Enviro-Optimists’

Nature Conservancy - Science

Human Well-Being People and Conservation Bill McKibben environment environmentalism environmentalist pessimism Keith Kloor Margaret Wente nature catastrophe Nature Conservancy science Nature Conservancy scientist nature optimist nature pessimist Peter Karevia

Ice, snow, so where’s the global warming?

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In a thoughtful article at HuffingtonPost, environmentalist Bill McKibben explains why climate change is a different kind of problem. Photo credit: laszlo-photo.

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2C + 565 + 2,795 is only part of the story

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I’ve been asked by several folks to comment on the recent Bill McKibben feature column in Rolling Stone magazine that has caused quite a stir. First, climate is only half the problem, the one both Gore and McKibben have chosen to focus on.

Nicholas Stern endorses 350 ppm as “a very sensible long-term target”

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Bill McKibben, environmental writer and founder of 350.org , writes : “I think it’s a very sensible long-term target.&# Global Warming 350 350 ppm 435 ppm Bill McKibben climate change climate economist CO2 endorsement Nicholas Stern parts per million runaway climate change

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Do the Math on Climate Change


The trailer of Bill Mckibben''s "Do the Math".If If you haven''t seen it, do.

We Are, Essentially, Doomed

10,000 Birds

There is no way you can read this article by Bill McKibben and not be afraid for the world’s – and humanity’s – future. That is, unless you are a climate-change denier in which case you are ignorant, stupid, or getting paid by the fossil fuel industry. Asides

The Important Thing To Do Is Stay Calm

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Or so says Bill McKibben in this very tongue-in-cheek opinion piece that appeared last week in The Washington Post. Seriously, when will the American public wake up to the fact that climate change is happening and humans are the driving force behind it? It is getting embarrassing… a. Asides

Carbon Omission

Wend Magazine

Magazine and Bill McKibben: Climate Denialists on the Ropes: Unfortunately, so is the planet.

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The Billionaire on a Mission to Save the Planet From Trump

Green (Living) Review

Steyer and environmental activist and author Bill McKibben spent a day trudging through the Adirondacks. TOM STEYER ISN’T your average California tree hugger. The former hedge fund manager—number 1,121 on Forbes’ wealthiest people list, with $1.61

Quote of the day

Environmental Economics

  As a global institution, Stanford “knows the havoc that climate change creates around our planet,” Bill McKibben, the president and co-founder of the environmental group 350.org, said in a statement. With campuses around the world : Stanford University announced Tuesday that it would divest its $18.7

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A Bad Day For The Environment With More To Come

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Please take the time to read the full story by Bill McKibben at the New Yorker. “On Wednesday morning, activists from Greenpeace unfurled a massive yellow and orange banner with the word ‘Resist’ on a tall crane behind the White House,” read the NPR story.

2017 132

World Council of Churches to Divest from World's Dirty Fuels

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Bill McKibben, co-founder of 350.org, which has spearheaded the fossil-free divestment movement, celebrated the news.

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Would You Get Arrested to Save the Planet? Take the poll.

Green Prophet

Green Prophet’s eco-hero Bill McKibben tells activists to become more confrontational. McKibben tells Green Prophet’s Arwa that it’s time to be more confrontational, and gets arrested practicing what he’s preached.

Must Environmentalists and Labor Activists Find Themselves at Odds With Each Other?

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Tensions rose in 2011 after the Sierra Club escalated their campaign to close coal plants and 350.org, the climate protection group led by activist Bill McKibben, called for a halt to the Keystone XL Pipeline project. Can We Earn a Living on a Living Planet?

Making the Change to Sustainability!


Recently I read a frightening article by Bill McKibben on the state of play in the climate change debate.

Why We Underestimate the Earth and Overestimate Ourselves


In his 2010 book, Eaarth: Making a Life on a Tough New Planet , environmental scholar and activist Bill McKibben writes of a planet so devastated by global warming that it’s no longer recognizable as the Earth we once inhabited. ” The Eaarth that McKibben describes

President Nasheed of the Maldives Overthrown by Military. 350.org's Petition is Here


Bill McKibben and 350.Org have mobilised already against the overthrow of Maldives'first democratically elected President , Mohamed Nasheed. Nasheed has been on the frontline of action against climate change because the Maldives' very existence depends on all of us taking action.He

Keystone XL -Uniting Lots of groups, and People in Opposition to Stop the Largest Carbon Bomb on the Continent.


David Suzuki, Naomi Klein, James Hansen and Bill McKibben have already called on people to take this issue to the streets and if necessary to civil disobedience. They said. "As As you know, the planet is steadily warming: 2010 was the warmest year on record, and we’ve seen the resulting chaos in almost every corner of the earth. And as you also know, our democracy is increasingly controlled by special interests interested only in their short-term profit.

Forward on Climate Rally Brings out 35,000


Today was one of the best days of my life, because I saw the movement come together finally, big and diverse and gorgeous," 350.org President Bill McKibben tweeted Thousands of people concerned about climate change descended on Washington, D.C.,

Forward on Climate Rally


And one of the things that’s built it is everybody’s desire to give the president the support he needs to block this Keystone pipeline,” Bill McKibben, president of 350.org, told reporters just before the rally began.

The Keystone Pipeline -a 1500 Mile Fuse to the Biggest Carbon Bomb on the Continent -Triggering the Final Overheating of Our Planet. Take Action To Stop it


This is the letter from James Hanson, Naomi Klein, Bill McKibben, David Suzuki and others who set out with real clarity the need to stop one of the environmentally devastating projects on earth. Trans Canada is one of the largest companies involved in tar sands exploration has proposed a 1661 mile extension of the Keystone Pipeline from Alberta in Canada to the US oil refineries. The carbon unleashed would be, in their view , the final nail in the Earth's coffin.

New Book Inspires Kids Worried about Climate Change to Positive Action


High-profile support for the venture from some heavy-hitting celebrity environmentalists, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Ruffalo, Naomi Klein, Morgan Fairchild, and Bill McKibben, to name just a few, has put the spotlight on the book.

2017 55

How Siberia’s methane craters affect the whole planet

Green Prophet

While more research needs to be done before we can jump to hasty conclusions, the details surrounding the craters that suddenly emerged in Siberia point to a climatic disaster of epic proportions, the kind Bill McKibben from 350.org has been warning us about for decades.

Planet 109

After Obama's Broken Promises, What Will Green Voters Do 2012?


” Referring to President Obama, environmental activist Bill McKibben was saying this a lot during the sit-ins he recently led outside the White House to urge Obama to block a climate-killing tar sands pipeline to run from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico.