Dialogues on the Environment: Q&A with Bill McKibben

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First in the series is my conversation with writer and environmentalist Bill McKibben. Bill is founder of the grassroots climate campaign 350.org , which has coordinated 15,000 rallies in nearly 200 countries in the past four years. Bill McKibben: I think the most important thing to learn was that it wasn’t really our success — we just helped connect all kinds of people. Bill McKibben: Because the president could actually say: we’re not going to do this.

Bill McKibben: ‘Pace is the most important variable right now in fighting climate change’


Bill McKibben: ‘Pace is the most important variable right now in fighting climate change’ Climate change is a complex, interconnected and existential crisis. Read more here: Bill McKibben: ‘Pace is the most important variable right now in fighting climate change’.


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Book Review: Oil and Honey by Bill McKibben

Green Living Ideas

Oil and Honey: The Education of an Unlikely Activist by Bill McKibben is a revelation– and a joy– to read. Though I’ve read McKibben’s groundbreaking work in the past, this book reads differently, and strikes a different cord. McKibben says at no other time in history is it more apparent that this global warming is indeed global, and his work with 350.org is grounded in the international.

Episode 243: VERGE voices with Apple’s Lisa Jackson, 350.org’s Bill McKibben


Episode 243: VERGE voices with Apple’s Lisa Jackson, 350.org’s Bill McKibben Heather Clancy Fri, 10/30/2020 – 00:10 Week in Review Stories discussed this week (4:30). View original post here: Episode 243: VERGE voices with Apple’s Lisa Jackson, 350.org’s Bill McKibben.

Bill McKibben: The IPCC still underestimates the situation

Green Blog

Bill McKibben, Co-founder of 350.org and – dare I say it – one of the most famous climate activist, has given his opinion about the latest IPCC assessment report on climate change. In the text, which was published in The Guardian , McKibben says that scientists have given us the clearest warning of the dangers of global warming yet. “At

Bill McKibben Talks Climate Change and 350.org with Colbert

Eco Chic

Bill McKibben. I LOVE Colbert, and I am a long-time Bill McKibben fan; his new organization, 350.org is fighting climate change by encouraging initiatives that bring carbon down to 350ppm or lower (we are at 390 right now), which is the safe level for continued healthy and prosperous life on Earth. Tags: Culture X News X Politics X climate change Colbert comedy mckibben tv The Colbert Report. Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c. www.colbertnation.com.

Meet Bill McKibben – the man who crushed the Keystone XL pipeline

Green Blog

Bill McKibben is a man whom many people consider to be a “superstar" of the global environmental movement – or at least one of the top environmental leaders in the US today. McKibben is the man behind the successful + 350.org movement and global events such as the “Moving Planet Day of Action” last year. And more recently McKibben has played a key role in the Keystone XL pipeline protests.

New Divestment Campaign Targets the Gates Foundation

Sightline Daily

Bill Gates - OnInnovation.com Interview by OnInnovation used under CC BY-ND 2.0 Bill Gates told Rolling Stone that “climate change is a terrible problem, and it absolutely needs to be solved. Yet the foundation that bears his name—the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation—has invested $1.4 Started by 350.org and Bill McKibben in 2012, the fossil fuel divestment campaign is the fastest-growing divestment campaign ever , with hundreds of chapters around the world.

2015 69

Grim Greenhouse Gas Milestone Dims Hope for Less Climate Change

Green Prophet

One of the most well-known climate scientists and environmental activists, Bill McKibben named his organization 350.org after the percentage of greenhouse gas concentrations that is considered safe for life on earth to continue. Interview: Bracing for a Warmer Planet With Bill McKibben. Climate Bill McKibben Climate Change global warming greenhouse gas emissions

McKibben To Environment Movement: ‘Be More Confrontational’

Green Prophet

I speak to the recently arrested environmental author Bill McKibben, who insists that campaigners need to be more confrontational about their demands (and start wearing ties). I think it’s fairly safe to say that Bill McKibben has had an eventful couple of weeks. Well, according to Bill McKibben the problem is pretty obvious- it’s the the fossil fuel industry. Interview: Bracing For A Warmer Future With Bill Mckibben.

The Green Buzz: Monday, April 1

Cool Green Science

Climate crusader Bill McKibben has some thoughts on how businesses can help combat global warming. Business Climate Science & Research Environmental News Global Warming Health Insects The Green Buzz antarctic ice growth Antarctica bike commuting and health Bill McKibben bke commuting businesses and climate change Christian Science Monitor Climate Change global warming GreenBiz Grist hemp monarch butterfly Mongabay YaleE360

Middle East Joins Worldwide Campaign For Greener Transport (Photos)

Green Prophet

Bill Mckibben who leads the green organisation 350.org said in a recent interview that he was happily surprised at the level of support the Middle East has shown on environmental issues in the past. Travel & Nature 350.org bicycle Bill McKibben cars green transportation public transportation urban transportation

2011 84

Why the Middle East Should Definitely Support America’s Keystone XL Pipeline Protests

Green Prophet

Bill McKibben isn’t the kind of guy who takes getting arrested lightly. The man who convinced the American public while campaigning for President that he would fight to clean up the country’s appalling environmental record but has since signed off an array of ruinous coal and oil exploration projects, Obama has to approve the bill that would allow TransCanada to build a pipeline that scientists say would set off a massive carbon bomb.

2011 78

Green Christians Fights Climate Injustice

Green Prophet

In fact, some environmental leaders such as Bill McKibben (who is a Christian) have already called on environmental and faith organisations to get together to halt runaway global warming. Religion Bill McKibben Christian Christianity climate action faith protests social changeWhilst Christians make up a tiny minority of the Middle East’s population, their faith does have a lot to say on climate change.

2011 74

Bill McKibben reflects on brand advocacy, the final frontier of climate leadership


Bill McKibben reflects on brand advocacy, the final frontier of climate leadership Mike Hower Tue, 11/03/2020 – 01:30 Four years ago today, many corporate sustainability professionals — regardless of political leanings — stood shocked as they watched Donald Trump clinch the presidency in one of the biggest upsets in American presidential history. Read the original here: Bill McKibben reflects on brand advocacy, the final frontier of climate leadership.

Margaret Wente on Karevia and the ‘Enviro-Optimists’

Nature Conservancy - Science

Human Well-Being People and Conservation Bill McKibben environment environmentalism environmentalist pessimism Keith Kloor Margaret Wente nature catastrophe Nature Conservancy science Nature Conservancy scientist nature optimist nature pessimist Peter Karevia Salt evaporation ponds formed by salt water impounded within levees in former tidelands on the shores of San Francisco Bay. More on how the colors are formed below.)

Ice, snow, so where’s the global warming?

Green Blog

In a thoughtful article at HuffingtonPost, environmentalist Bill McKibben explains why climate change is a different kind of problem. Global Warming Bill McKibben Bolivia climate change climate change deniers climate debt climate deniers cold Cop15 denialism deniers glaciers global warming denialism global warming deniers Greenland ice North Pole snow UN USAPhoto credit: laszlo-photo.

2009 68

2C + 565 + 2,795 is only part of the story

Green Blog

I’ve been asked by several folks to comment on the recent Bill McKibben feature column in Rolling Stone magazine that has caused quite a stir. Bill, as we know, single-handedly willed 350.org into becoming one of the most influential climate-change movement and organization in the world today, essentially taking the awareness Al Gore created and turning it into significant and creative action.

Nicholas Stern endorses 350 ppm as “a very sensible long-term target”

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Bill McKibben, environmental writer and founder of 350.org , writes : “I think it’s a very sensible long-term target.&# McKibben says “Stern is right&# and that his endorsement will “help stiffen the push for real measures&# at the climate talks in Copenhagen this December. Global Warming 350 350 ppm 435 ppm Bill McKibben climate change climate economist CO2 endorsement Nicholas Stern parts per million runaway climate change

2009 45

Quote of the day

Environmental Economics

  As a global institution, Stanford “knows the havoc that climate change creates around our planet,” Bill McKibben, the president and co-founder of the environmental group 350.org, said in a statement. With campuses around the world : Stanford University announced Tuesday that it would divest its $18.7

2014 146

World Council of Churches to Divest from World's Dirty Fuels

Green (Living) Review

Bill McKibben, co-founder of 350.org, which has spearheaded the fossil-free divestment movement, celebrated the news. The World Council of Churches reminds us that morality demands thinking as much about the future as about ourselves–and that there’s no threat to the future greater than the unchecked burning of fossil fuels,” said Bill McKibben, the founder of 350.org, a global climate campaign that is supporting the divestment effort.

Would You Get Arrested to Save the Planet? Take the poll.

Green Prophet

Green Prophet’s eco-hero Bill McKibben tells activists to become more confrontational. Our eco-hero Bill McKibben, who has lots of thoughts on ways the Middle East can fight climate change ( which he talks about in our exclusive interview on climate change here ), has recently taken a new stance. McKibben tells Green Prophet’s Arwa that it’s time to be more confrontational, and gets arrested practicing what he’s preached.

New Yorkers go hard against fossil fuels, divest $215.5 billion pension funds from fossil fuels

Green Prophet

So New Yorkers have a lot to celebrate now that their elected mayor Mayor Bill de Blasio declared that he will stop all new fossil fuel projects within and serving the city. We interviewed 350.org founder Bill McKibbens here. New York, home of solar dreamers?

Must Environmentalists and Labor Activists Find Themselves at Odds With Each Other?

Green (Living) Review

Tensions rose in 2011 after the Sierra Club escalated their campaign to close coal plants and 350.org, the climate protection group led by activist Bill McKibben, called for a halt to the Keystone XL Pipeline project. Can We Earn a Living on a Living Planet? The need for jobs, and the ecological limits to growth It has been a tough couple of years in the effort to unite labor, community, and environmental groups, an alliance that has always been strained.

How Siberia’s methane craters affect the whole planet

Green Prophet

While more research needs to be done before we can jump to hasty conclusions, the details surrounding the craters that suddenly emerged in Siberia point to a climatic disaster of epic proportions, the kind Bill McKibben from 350.org has been warning us about for decades. In 2011, scientists warned that giant plumes of methane gas could fast-track planetary warming. And now – a version of this prediction has come to pass in Siberia.

2014 84

New Book Inspires Kids Worried about Climate Change to Positive Action


High-profile support for the venture from some heavy-hitting celebrity environmentalists, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Ruffalo, Naomi Klein, Morgan Fairchild, and Bill McKibben, to name just a few, has put the spotlight on the book. Super-storms, species decline, food shortages, melting ice-caps, rising seas… concepts that used to be the domain of disaster movies, are now daily news staples.

2017 42

Man Bikes 500 Miles for Ethiopia’s Forests

Green Prophet

Spearheaded by 350.org, the umbrella environmental movement co-founded by Bill McKibben , Global Power Shift comprises a growing posse of highly creative, energetic and talented youth who are intent to bring down the world’s most egregious polluters and obstructionist propagandists.

Dubai’s Greener Future Begins Now At the Dubai Global Energy Forum

Green Prophet

On the other side of our warming planet, a significant gathering of 5,000 activists led by Bill McKibben will gather across from the United States White House to protest soft energy policies by the world’s largest emitter of carbon dioxide emissions. This city is as polluted as Beijing, but instead of coal pollution, it’s money pollution,” said Bill McKibben of Washington D.C.

2011 70

350 Tomorrow

Green Earth Journey

Please join us–we need you to send the most important alarm humanity has ever heard: www.climatedots.org Onwards, Bill McKibben for the whole team at ClimateDots.orgTomorrow is 350 day. 350 means safety from the climate crisis. To preserve our planet, scientists tell us we must reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere from its current level of 392 parts per million ("ppm")to below 350 ppm. But 350 is more than a number—it's a symbol of where we need to head as a planet.

2012 109

How Brilliant is 350.org’s Go Fossil Free Campaign?

Sightline Daily

The perverse irony isn’t lost on Bill McKibben. So, McKibben is calling for divestiture—and he’s doing it in a smart way. ” — Bill McKibben. Bill McKibben put it bluntly: “We’re going after the fossil fuel companies.”. But as McKibben reminds us, it’s not that we don’t each contribute to climate change, of course we do. 350.org, Flickr.com.

Turkish locals displaced coal, new report by 350.org

Green Prophet

Interview: Bracing For A Warmer Future With Bill McKibben. la (Turkey): The impacts coal is having on the environment around Mu?la, la, Turkey. Photo by Servet Dilber, 2019.

2020 60

Countries on front line of climate change join experts and activists in Bolivia for World Peoples' Conference

Green (Living) Review

In an op-ed, Bill McKibben of 350.org wrote: "Thank heaven. Beginning Monday, April 19th, some 15,000 people from around the world along with representatives of 70 governments, mainly from Least Developed Countries, will meet in Cochabamba, Bolivia, for the World People's Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth.

50 governments expected at Bolivia Climate Conference in April

Green (Living) Review

Amongst the confirmed speakers are NASA scientist Jim Hansen, Bill McKibben, environmental journalist and leader of 350.org, Indian environmentalist Vandana Shiva, Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano, Miguel D'Escoto, former President of UN General Assembly, American actor, director and activist Danny Glover along with leaders from leading environmental organizations and communities at the front line of climate change.

A further blow to tar sands development as developer cancels Keystone XL

A Greener Life

The Alberta tar sands. Photo credit: TastyCakes, Jamitzky subsequently equalized the colour. – Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons., Public Domain, – via Wikimedia. By Anders Lorenzen.

NASA study confirms society is on the brink of total collapse

Green Prophet

” Unfortunately, the voices of people like Bill McKibben and former NASA scientist Jim Hansen, who have been warning us for years that we must implement cleaner, renewable energy sources and put limits on fossil fuel extraction, are likely to be overrun by the status quo. Environmental activists, scientists, and conscious citizens have long known that our current model of unchecked resource extraction, carbon emissions and population growth would end badly.

Barack Obama wins the US presidency for a second term

Green Blog

Shortly after Obama’s victory was announced Bill McKibben, from 350.org , tweeted: “Obama has been re-elected president in the warmest year in American history. The results are in and Barack Obama wins the US presidency for a second term, beating the Republicans candidate Mitt Romney.

Obama 45

A 1,700 Gigaton Carbon Bomb is Thawing in the Permafrost

Green Prophet

These events are always financially crippling, politically disastrous, and environmentally criminal, which is powerful ammunition for the likes of Bill McKibben and the 350.org (global) crowd , as well as other activists, moviemakers and indigenous people who are determined to fell the Keystone XL Pipeline project.


Abu Dhabi Prince Shames White House by Crowning Court Roof with Solar Panels

Green Prophet

In order to redeem Reagan’s faux pas, environmental activists led by Bill McKibben (who was since arrested for his green activism) returned the original panels to the White House in September last year. When an oil-rich Sheikdom crowns an official building with grid-connected solar panels, it’s time for the U.S. to wake up!

2011 87

Masdar Preps for 6th Energy Summit Amid Climate Turmoil

Green Prophet

But as Bill McKibben and other leading scientists frequently point out, the stakes are higher than ever. Amid some of the worst flooding seen in the Middle East in decades and increasingly dire reports about climate change, Masdar will host the sixth annual World Future Energy Summit (WFES) in Abu Dhabi next week. We’ll be joining 30,000 other delegates at Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week, which includes the International Water Summit (IWS) from January 13-17th.

5 Green Books to Buy for Christmas (Or Hannukah)

Green Prophet

Edited by Bill McKibben, it starts with the ecological musings of Henry David Thoreau — read his essays on Walden Pond and you’ll think you’re talking with the Moneyless Man — and it goes on to transect major eras in the environment movement in America, including recent essays by characters like Julia Butterfly Hill on what it was like living in that tree. There are more Christians in Egypt than Jews in Israel.

2011 85

The "put your money where your mouth is" fallacy

Environmental Economics

Donald Boudreaux can't avoid it: Writing recently in the Washington Post, environmental guru Bill McKibben asserted that the number and severity of recent weather events, such as the tornado in Joplin, Mo., And pointing to the tragedy in Joplin, Mr. McKibben summarily dismissed the idea that, if climate change really is occurring, human beings can successfully adapt to it.

2011 133

Weekend Reading 1/3/14

Sightline Daily

Bill McKibben has taken to the pages of Rolling Stone again. This time, he’s assessing President Obama, and the conclusions are disturbing: If you want to understand how people will remember the Obama climate legacy, a few facts tell the tale: By the time Obama leaves office, the U.S. will pass Saudi Arabia as the planet’s biggest oil producer and Russia as the world’s biggest producer of oil and gas combined.

The U.S. Congress could pass pro Keystone XL bill today

Green Blog

And on Friday the Republicans fresh from the midterm elections victory voted on a bill directing the Obama Administration to direct the controversial Keystone XL pipeline project. Today the bill will be voted on in the Senate and if approved it will land on Obama’s table where he would be expected to veto it. If all Democrats vote against the bill, it will be defeated easily but it is expected to be a lot closer meaning some Democrats will support the bill.