France’s new ban on plastic throwaways should be extended globally

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The law comes into effect in 2020.French President Francois Hollande says the law aims to make France ‘an exemplary nation in terms of reducing greenhouse gas emissions , diversifying its energy model and increasing the deployment of renewable energy sources’ Viva la France!

Astonishing Facts About Wetlands


As unappealing as the term “wetlands” sounds, wetlands should be celebrated for their multiple services they deliver which help keep our planet and society going as well as for their extraordinarily beautiful landscapes.

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Analysis by country of fossil fuel burning-based Carbon Debt and Carbon Credit

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Fossil fuel burning yielding the greenhouse gas (GHG) carbon dioxide (CO2) is a major component of man-made global warming. Most of this greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution has occurred in the last half century. of CO2-e; see “ List of countries by greenhouse gas emissions per capita ”) to calculate years left to zero emissions for every country in the world (see “ Shocking analysis by country of years left to zero emissions ”).

How To Live A Car-Free Existence

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All this and I haven’t even got to the dangers of driving to our planet and ourselves. carbon dioxide would no longer be a greenhouse gas that produced uncontrollable global warming….How REAL planet lovers are happy the crisis was averted.

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Island Nations can fight Climate Genocide with Carbon Debt & Carbon Credit Analysis

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The World is increasingly threatened by man-made global warming due to pollution of the atmosphere with greenhouse gases (GHGs), principally carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4), with this GHG pollution deriving mostly from fossil fuel burning and from land use (agriculture and deforestation). One hopes that the Climate Creditor countries will insist on full reparations for a polluted planet.

Mad Science: The Nuclear Power Experiment

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Mangano describes how the attempt to resurrect nuclear power from the late 1990s used the argument that nuclear power was green power, since the nuclear reaction does not emit any greenhouse gases. Some environmentalists champion nuclear power as an answer to global warming.

Seeing cities as the environmental solution, not the problem

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But we make that mistake at our – and the planet’s – peril. trillion economy equivalent to that of Switzerland and the Netherlands combined; Los Angeles (18th) has an economy that is bigger than Turkey’s; Chicago’s (21st) is larger than Switzerland’s, Poland’s or Belgium’s.