Talking to Ed Begley Jr. about being eco-vegan

Eco-Vegan Girl

My friend Heather Lounsbury has a great radio show on health, and today Ed Begley Jr. Overall, he came across as very modest, especially when he talked about his Begley's Best products as if no-one knew about them! Search for Begley's Best At the end, Heather gave me a great shout-out (she's the best)! was her guest.

Mother (Earth)'s Day: how to be eco-friendly on May 9th

Eco-Vegan Girl

Check out this cool gadget - Easybloom helps determine which plants will grow best in your area. Set up a spa in her home with non-toxic products like No Miss and Elliott's Ethos Make her a card out of recycled materials that you have around your home, or send an eCard to support Breast Cancer Research Clean her home with all natural cleaning products like Seventh Generation , Begley's Best , or simply baking soda & vinegar.

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