Well-known stores closing in America

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Lucie, Stuart, West Palm Beach; Kmart in Callaway, Fernandina Beach, New Smyrna Beach, Orange City, Pompano Beach and St. Georgia (6): Sears in Macon; Kmart in Atlanta, Buford, Columbus, Douglasville and Jonesboro. Mississippi (3): Sears in Columbus, Jackson and McComb. Ohio (6): Kmart in Chagrin Falls, Columbus, Medina, Springfield and Toledo (2).

And then there's always Chlorine as an option.

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Those are among the recommendations in a report that Columbus-based research giant Battelle released Monday. Algae and warning signs reappeared at Grand Lake beaches in June. The state’s continuing effort to rid Grand Lake St. Marys of toxic blue-green algae could include testing a new chemical and devices that circulate lake water. Battelle researchers looked at 73 proposals and technologies aimed at cleaning up the 13,000-acre western Ohio lake. “It

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Just when I had decided never to go to the Outer Banks again they go all maritime history on me

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The Bodie Island Lighthouse will be the fourth Outer Banks lighthouse, after Cape Lookout, Cape Hatteras and Currituck Beach, to let the public climb to the top. The Bodie Island and Cape Hatteras lighthouses will open for the season Friday and remain open through Columbus Day, Oct. Still more benefits of replacing the Bonner Bridge !

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Whodathunk it? If you remove subsidies, prices go up.

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The Scioto (pronounced Sigh-OH-ta) River is best described as a murky stream of brownish muck--sometimes a torrent after a lot of rain, or snow melt, that meanders through central Ohio, eventually merging with the Olentangy (pronounced OH-lin-tan-jee) River in downtown Columbus.  John likes to point out the inefficiency of subsidizing flood insurance for coastal residents.    But the inefficiencies aren't limited to coast states. 

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Burial Beer Co.: Surf Wax India Pale Ale

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Wherever you drink it, Surf Wax is a great IPA in the West Coast vein, made with four popular varieties of hops: Mosaic, Centennial, Citra, and Columbus. In any case, Surf Wax makes a great beer to stow in the cooler for your next trip to the beach, out to sea, or for just sitting at home as consolation for a cancelled pelagic trip.

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Chacachacare Island

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Some famous (and famously questionable) personalities have also visited in the past, names like Christopher Columbus and Donald Trump come to mind. In contemplating a title for this blog post, I vacillated between historical and geological references.

The Oil Spill That Could Happen Here, Part 1

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The resulting spill from the vessels Oregon Standard and Arizona Standard fouled miles of beaches fouled in the Bay and along the California coast. Heavy concentrations of oil coated Galveston beaches , where more than 400 people worked to remove oiled sand. Huntington Beach, California (February 7, 1990). While in Chesapeake Bay, the container ship Columbus America collided with the container ship Neptune Jade near Norfolk, Virginia during a thunderstorm.

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Weekend Reading 10/10/14

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But even there I think the mainstream sentiment among my classmates was that Columbus Day was a bizarre anachronism for a US holiday. We used to joke that the best way to celebrate the holiday would be row up to one of the local beaches and corral people into holding pens while stealing their money and infecting them with diseases. Anyway, this week brought a spot of good news: the Seattle City Council voted unanimously to re-designate Columbus Day as Indigenous People’s Day.

U.S. Bike-Sharing Fleet More than Doubles in 2013

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Paul (1,550 bikes), Hubway in the Boston area (1,100 bikes), and DecoBike Miami Beach (1,000 bikes). Aspen, Columbus, Fort Worth, and Salt Lake City are among the more than a dozen programs that opened in 2013, joining a list of cities that have enjoyed bike sharing for longer, including Denver, San Antonio, Chattanooga, Madison, and Fort Lauderdale.

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South India's Fort Cochin: stay in green luxury

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A morning beach walk past poor a fishing village isn’t the stuff of tourist brochures. This was where Christopher Columbus was dreaming of dropping anchor when he happened upon the Americas instead. Home About What and who we are Staff Awards Press Tips Why travel green Green traveler’s to do’s Carbon Offsets Travel secrets of frequent fliers Buy Deals Photos Wine Green wine: what is it?

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Jinx Warbler Vanquished

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I’ve been on the wrong side of the bush from one or more during fall migration at Higbee’s Beach in Cape May, New Jersey. I’ve rushed to spring reports of these birds in Columbus, Ohio’s Greenlawn Cemetery. Note: This is an account, originally published in June 2006, of my quest to remove a jinx bird from my bird-watching soul.

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Insuring Nature, Ensuring Resilience

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Bioswale on Columbus street in Manhattan. What if we could put a parametric insurance policy on the reef and the beach, and pay out to quickly repair the reef and the beach after an extreme weather event? A family plays along the beach at The Nature Conservancy’s Blowing Rocks Preserve on Jupiter Island, Florida.

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Collaborative list – May 2019

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Rockaway Beach–Edgemere (Beach 32nd-56th St.). Chomes–beach and mudflats. Chomes–beach and mudflats. Rockaway Beach–Edgemere (Beach 32nd-56th St.). Christopher Columbus Park. So that was May. Despite looking way older than his years, we cannot attribute Regannet’s haggard appearance to hard birding, scoring only 19 during eBird’s Big Day was not the greatest effort expended on May 4th.

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Collaborative list – April 2019

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It’s official. It’s spring. By all measures, meteorological, astronomical and anatomical, spring is sprung. The meteorological date is from March 1st, the Vernal Equinox was passed on March 20th which accounts for the astronomical marker when the sun crosses the equator on its northwards ramble. April is now behind us and Old Tom’s arthritis is clearing up nicely, thank you very much for asking. The migrants are coming (Hurray!). Some are already here, or passing through.

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Collaborative List – March 2019

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Foxton Beach–Palmer Rd ponds. Foxton Beach–Palmer Rd ponds. Beach Thick-knee – Esacus magnirostris. Tybee Island–South Beach (Chatham Co.). Rockaway Beach–Edgemere (Beach 32nd-56th St.). Flagler Beach. Flagler Beach. Flagler Beach. Flagler Beach. Flagler Beach. Flagler Beach. Are we all getting excited yet? March is done. The equinox has passed.

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Under the Hood of “Most Green” and “Most Livable” Cities Lists

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The most beautiful beaches in the world. A list of the most beautiful beaches , like the guitar players, is much more subjective, but nevertheless is grounded in a set of attributes, such as the beauty of the physical setting, the soft whiteness of the sand, and so on. View from Central Park toward Columbus Circle, New York City. [link] by David Maddox Who doesn’t love a list? The 100 richest people in the world. The best guitar players of all time.

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