A pair of Beach Stone-curlews

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I thought the fact that it is Valentine’s Day today it was a good enough excuse to share with you some recent photos of a pair of Beach Stone-curlews. We are very lucky that we regularly observe this pair of birds on the Northern end of Cable Beach.

Crowded beaches

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This week I will introduce you to the shorebirds that choose not to distance themselves from each other on our local beaches. We are very fortunate here in Broome to have so many of the shorebird species represented on the beaches of Roebuck Bay. Other smaller species are trickier to observe when the beach is crowded, but you should look out for Curlew Sandpipers , Broad-billed Sandpipers and Red-necked Stint. The only crowding on our beaches at the moment is the shorebirds!

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Eighty Mile Beach Pied Oystercatchers

10,000 Birds

Eighty Mile Beach is located between Broome and Port Hedland and is a remote coastline. It is the longest uninterrupted beach in Western Australia and is 220 kilometres long. Access to the beach is along a ten kilometre gravel road from the main highway 365 kilometres south of Broome.

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Peeps and Plovers on Cuitzeo Beaches

10,000 Birds

The post Peeps and Plovers on Cuitzeo Beaches appeared first on 10,000 Birds.

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Hooded Plovers on Squeaky Beach

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Our most recent encounter was at the end of January at Squeaky Beach in the Wilson’s Promontory National Park. It didn’t take long and the clouds raced in and we were facing some mist as we walked down onto Squeaky Beach. Looking back as we entered Squeaky Beach. Squeaky Beach is one of the most popular beaches in the National Park and several people were there when we walked through the dunes to the beach. Heading back to the beach entrance.

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Greek oil spill creates black plague on Israeli beaches

Green Prophet

A tanker from Greece dumped its bilge and catastrophic amounts of tar and oil are clogging Israel’s beaches. The recent crisis is a large oil spill which is currently washing mounds of goopy tar onto every inch of beach along Israel’s 170-mile coastline of the Mediterranean Sea. .

A Western Kingbird at Jones Beach

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This past Saturday morning I was out at Jones Beach birding all morning with my good friends Seth and Mary, who had dragged me, kicking and screaming, from my local patches in Queens. The most famed birding spot in Nassau County is Jones Beach State Park , out on the barrier island, and though the winds weren’t what we would have wished for we still had a wonderful morning of birding. … The post A Western Kingbird at Jones Beach appeared first on 10,000 Birds.

Social distancing on the beach

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We were very keen to get back on our bikes and to go and walk along a beach. We were in much more of a rush to get to the beach than the supermarket! One of our Pied Oystercatcher pairs were at their usual location north of the rocks on Cable Beach. It is so good to have a little bit of normality in our world even if it is something as simple as being able to have a walk on the beach. The post Social distancing on the beach appeared first on 10,000 Birds.

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Little Curlew on Cable Beach

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Having checked the various ovals I was back down on Cable Beach having one of our regular walks. I had the beach to myself as is often the case and raised my binoculars to observe a lone Little Curlew at the back of the flock of shorebirds. In 2012 we had a lone Little Curlew at our local park and this year it was a lone Little Curlew on Cable Beach. The birds are always more relaxed once the tide has turned and they are no longer being pushed up the beach.

The Parrots of Howard Beach

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North of Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge in Queens is a middle class neighborhood, predominantly Italian-American, known as Howard Beach. Perhaps most known throughout New York City for mafia ties and a couple of hate crimes against African-Americans, Howard Beach was devastated by Hurricane Sandy. But it wasn’t the history of Howard Beach that led Donna and I to Howard Beach a week ago: no, it was the parrots. Monk Parakeets at their very large nest in Howard Beach.

Third Cable Beach Pied Oystercatcher nest to hatch

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Since last week another Pied Oystercatcher nest on Cable Beach has produced two chicks. The Pied Oystercatcher pairs are approximately five kilometres apart on this section of Cable Beach. The post Third Cable Beach Pied Oystercatcher nest to hatch appeared first on 10,000 Birds.

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Broad-billed Sandpiper on Cable Beach

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The shorebirds gather on Cable Beach from around two hours before until two hours after high tide. Last week I shared the first encounter with a Little Curlew on Cable Beach returning from migration. On 19th September I encountered the first returning Broad-billed Sandpiper on Cable Beach. Broad-billed Sandpipers could easily be overlooked among the large flocks of Red-necked Stint on Cable Beach due to their similar size.

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More scenes from Mexican beaches

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It turns out that the hazy light had produced a mirror-like surface on the beach’s wet sand, and in many of my photos, the birds seemed to be floating in a void. Only their reflections give any sense of the beach beneath them. I have seen a few Marbled Godwits there as well, but not in the numbers present on these beaches. Last week, I had only just returned from a day on the Michoacán coast when my posting schedule required I write my report of the trip.

Beach economics

Environmental Economics

Why do my kids look at me like I''m stupid when I tell this joke? The central bank must have increased the money supply. These sand dollars are worthless. I can''t even get a cup of coffee with these stupid things

Hawaii’s Plastic Beach

Green Home Blog

Hawaii’s Plastic Beach. Kamilo Beach. As the saying goes, what’s out of sight is out of mind, but there’s one place where all this pollution is being made painfully obvious: Hawaii’s Kamilo Beach, where every year tons of garbage are deposited by the waves and piled high on what was once beautiful white sand. What’s special about Kamilo Beach? The majority of the trash that washes up on Kamilo Beach – as high as 90% – is plastic.

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Birds at Rockaway Beach

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I spent the early morning hours the last two days on the beach in the eastern Rockaways, taking advantage of slanted light and cooperative birds. This Piping Plover was the only one left on the beach and I saw it both mornings. Semipalmated Plovers , like this young bird, were all over the beach. And I saw two on Sunday on Rockaway Beach. By the time this post goes live on Monday morning I will be back out on the beach seeing what else there is to see.

Beach Battling Snowy Owls

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I was out on the beach yesterday (Sunday, 11 March) morning, hoping to see some interesting ducks or alcids or, really, anything interesting. The recent storms have really eroded the beach so when you are walking down by the water it’s not possible to see what is on the higher side of the beach in front of the dunes. The owl on the beach held its ground and the attacking owl continued down the beach where it landed and initiated a staring contest.

Reddell Beach shorebirds

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Reddell Beach or Riddell Beach, depending on your source of information is a very picturesque beach in Broome between the port of Broome and Gantheaume Point. It varies from Cable Beach , because rather than white sand and white sand dunes it offers pindan red cliffs and the dirt does stain! Access to Reddell Beach is from several car parks and involves clambering over some pindan dirt to access the beach. Shorebirds on Reddell Beach.

So I went to the beach

10,000 Birds

But on Monday, oh, sweet Monday, I went to the beach… in Lázaro Cárdenas, Michoacán. Once I got down to the beach at the estuary’s mouth, it became even clearer that I was no longer in the highlands. So I went to the beach. The post So I went to the beach appeared first on 10,000 Birds. My wife hates heat. And, alas, heat is one thing Mexico’s Pacific coast has in excess.

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Gulls at Daytona Beach

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Back when I was trying to figure out what I should do during my time at the Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival I was advised by Doug Gochfeld to check out “the Gull spectacle on the beach at Daytona Beach Shores.” ” Intrigued, I looked into it, and learned that enormous amounts of gulls feed at a dump during the day and in the evening they fly over to Daytona Beach, in the vicinity of Frank Rendon Park, and make themselves at home on the beach.

Northern Wheatear at Plum Beach, Brooklyn

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And what I read got me moving off of the pond fast: I just got off the phone with Shane Blodgett, he is looking at a Northern Wheatear here at Plum Beach in Brooklyn. Off at Knapp Street where I turned around and headed east on the Belt Parkway until I reached the Plum Beach parking area, grabbed my gear, and headed out onto the beach. He had no time to talk but let me know the bird was still there, down the beach, and that Shane was still with it.

Back to the beach!

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It is good to go down the beach and have it all to yourself apart from a lot of shorebirds this time of year! There are other visitors to the beach this time of year and every visit brings surprises! The photo above is the normally crowded nudist section of Cable Beach to the north of the rocks, but it is November and the nudists have gone back south and there are now no four-wheel drives on the beach on big tides. Cable Beach going north-just my footprints!

Penguins on the Beach

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There are actually more species like this than popular culture would suggest, but even knowing this doesn’t detract from the shock of seeing them on a beach that wouldn’t look out of place in the Seychelles. Boulders Beach, a popular spot in Cape Town, is the place to see the species, and if the mood takes, swim with them. Boulders Beach. The beach isn’t just a roost, it’s a breeding site. Well, I’m finally back from Africa.

Wilson’s Plovers in Folly Beach, Charleston

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hardly early by birding standards but early enough to beat the crowds of beach goers to my destination: Folly Beach County Park. Located at the end of a long public beach, the park features the beach but also a protected marsh – some areas of which are used by Least Terns and Wilson’s Plovers as nesting sites. A view of the beach. Eventually I tore myself away, and walked until the beach eventually gave way to marsh.

Beaches ‘Round the World

Wend Magazine

So sit back with a cold, fruity blended drink (complete with tiny umbrella), maybe put on some shades (unless you can’t see the computer screen with them on) and prepare to take a visual journey through Beaches, ‘Round the World. According to the Oregonian , yesterday was the first clear day in the Portland area since February 25, and unfortunately the sun isn’t supposed to last. We will again be showered in rain tomorrow.

Birdlife on Amazonian River Beaches

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A walk along an ocean beach is likely to result in sighting of terns, gulls and sandpipers with various bill lengths, and plovers. Some terns use the ocean at different depths, sandpipers use the surfline, and plovers other sections of the beach further inland. Aerial view of an Amazonian River showing exposed sandy beaches. Beaches formed along Amazonian rivers are not much different. Most birds use these ephemeral beaches as breeding grounds.

Cleaverville Beach

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Cleaverville Beach is 20 minutes north-west of Karratha and a popular place for caravans in the tourist season. The information on the facilities at Cleaverville Beach includes the fact that there is no potable water at all and you need to be self-sufficient. There were plenty of shorebirds along the coast at Cleaverville Beach and terns feeding out at sea and thankfully a substantial sea breeze when we arrived!

The Beach Falcon

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An afternoon is already growing old while I am driving downhill to the Livadi marsh at the island of Kefallonia, Greece. Behind the marsh is a quarry, in front of it the Gulf of Argostoli, a small pine wood to the right and some eucalyptus trees to the left. I am watching from the main coastal road and do not see much – several Little Egrets and Grey Herons , one Common Kingfisher … is he going to be my best bird here?

Birding Barra’s Beach-bars

10,000 Birds

This week’s trip was blighted by my inability to say “do it yourself” and more rigorous adventures had to be postponed while I recouperated in a beach-side bar. How lucky then, that aforementioned bar was on the beach in Rio de Janiero. Most normal people, by which I mean non-birders, might have uploaded selfies to Facebook from the bars and the beach, perhaps a few pictures of cold drinks and exotic food for Instagram.

Birding by bicycle along the beach

10,000 Birds

We are very fortunate here in Broome to have such great beaches for cycling. Ideally I will not go along the beach on a 10 metre tide day unless I know I can get back before the tide reaches it’s peak-or I will be sitting watching the tide go out and then return! One of several vehicles that I have helped My trusty bike on the beach The local shire allows vehicles on a section of beach near Broome and tries to restrict them to below the high tide mark.

Kalya Picks: PerSauna in Redondo Beach, CA

Kalya Life

Picks cedar detox infrared sauna persauna redondo beach relax sauna sweatBikram yoga-lovers and cardio junkies rejoice, PerSauna is the perfect place to sweat on your day off. PerSauna is the first infrared sauna spa to come to the South Bay and sets a high bar for anyone hoping to follow suit. Infrared saunas have been a longtime favorite of alternative medicine but only recently got the thumbs up from Dr. Oz and Oprah.

Kalya Picks: Everyday Zen Relaxation Studio in Long Beach, CA

Kalya Life

This place is a hidden gem in Long Beach’s Bixby Knolls area. Picks Everyday Zen facial long beach massage reflexology reiki relax rishi tea spiritual therapeutic waxingEveryday Zen Relaxation Studio is everything I love in this world. My experience from start to finish was amazing enough for me to give it the Kalya Stamp of Approval.

Migration and Cable Beach

10,000 Birds

Over the last few weeks the number of people using Cable Beach in Broome has fallen and the number of shorebirds using Cable Beach has increased. It is particularly apparent at high tide each day and they also use the beach in larger numbers at night. We were looking for individually marked shorebirds recently on Cable Beach and discovered we had not just individually marked birds, but an individual shorebird! Little Curlew on Cable Beach.

Dead Fish Beach.

Elephant Journal

Animal Rights (Vegan, Pets, Wildlife) Conscious Consumerism (Sustainable Business) Green California climate change dead fish beach eco environment farming fresh salton sea water water shortageI walked to edge of the lake and tasted the lukewarm water. It was meant to be fresh. I imagine if someone were to taste.

Crowd Rescues Beached Manatee


There’s nothing more inspiring than people going out of their way to save the life of an innocent animal, and Florida beachgoers did just that when they rescued a beached Read More The post Crowd Rescues Beached Manatee appeared first on Ecorazzi.

Kalya Picks: Purple Yoga Studio in Long Beach, CA

Kalya Life

Then i found Purple Yoga Studio in Long Beach, CA. Purple Yoga Studio in Long Beach, CA has definitely earned the Kalya Stamp of Approval. Picks bikram long beach purple yoga studio vinyasaYoga studio…ughhhhh there are maybe a bazillion. I don’t know about you but I feel like pilates and yoga studios are popping up everywhere and its hard to decide which to even go to.

Wipeout Wednesday: Beach Bums

Wend Magazine

Have you been to the beach yet this summer? Hopefully your adventures didn’t turn out like the guys and gals featured in the videos below. From Mark: (That looks like it really hurts.). Click here to view the embedded video. From Lindsey: (Start at :20 and ignore the music.). Click here to view the embedded video. From Jess: (Since when does this seem like a good idea?). Click here to view the embedded video. Related posts: Wipeout Wednesday: Bad Ideas.

Half Moon Bay, Calif.: a green Beach House and beyond

Green Traveler Guides

| Bay Area Eco-Getaway | We’re overlooking a perfect crescent of sandy beach, watching the clam diggers harvest a chowder. a green Beach House and beyond is a post from: Green Traveler Guides. All California Half Moon Bay Hotels North America San Mateo The Americas United States Beach House Reuters San Francisco Bay Area Silicon Valley

Birds at the Bacolet Beach Club Hotel

10,000 Birds

While we were in Tobago for the first couple of days of the trip we stayed at the Bacolet Beach Club Hotel , a gorgeous boutique hotel right on Bacolet Bay. Whether it was the dirt common Spectacled Thrush (which are a pretty cool bird even if they are everywhere in Trinidad and Tobago) or the spectacular Trinidad Motmot , there was always at least one bird in view or in earshot at the Bacolet Beach Club Hotel. Trips Bacolet Beach Club Trinidad and Tobago

Asian Dowitcher on Cable Beach

10,000 Birds

They are roosting around Roebuck Bay and Cable Beach at high tide during both the day and night. During the day Cable Beach is used by the smaller species, but at night the larger species also join them. In Roebuck Bay the Great Knot and Red Knot roost at high tide for a considerable amount of time and wait for the mud flats to be exposed, but on Cable Beach there is no mud and they feed almost immediately after the tide drops on small bivalves.

Great News! Feral Cats to be Removed from Plumb Beach, Brooklyn!

10,000 Birds

The National Park Service is finally going to remove the feral cat colony from Plumb Beach, part of the Gateway National Recreation Area. Seeing as Plumb Beach is a known stopover area for large numbers of shorebirds, a known breeding area for a variety of saltmarsh species, including Clapper Rails , and habitat for a wide variety of mammals, reptiles, insects, and other bird species, this is a long overdue move. … Conservation Brooklyn cats Plum Beach

Northern Cable Beach birding

10,000 Birds

One of the most secluded beaches around Broome is the northern end of Cable Beach. Cable Beach runs for 23 kilometres from Gantheaume Point to Willie Creek and the length of the beach can be traversed by foot or bicycle, but you do need to take note of the tides. Our tides in Broome are very large and the beach can almost disappear at high tide and huge areas of sand are exposed once the tide retreats. The more secluded the beach the better of course!

Birding Port Melbourne Beach

10,000 Birds

I am afraid I can’t give you any tips on public transport from the city centre to Port Melbourne Beach, but it is readily available. This trail is narrow and green and follows a tram route and brought me out right on the coast of Port Phillip Bay at Port Melbourne Beach. I was soon onto the beach and there were several Pacific Gulls in varying plumage and they really are a magnificent gull.