Emirates Airline Bans Hunting Trophies from its Cargo


Another victory for the fight against trophy hunting. Emirates Airline recently announced that it will no longer allow passengers to bring along hunting trophies onboard.

Costa Rica to Ban Hunting for Sport


Costa Rica, known for its rainforest and eco-tourism, is on its way to soon becoming the first Latin American country to ban hunting for sport. Read More The post Costa Rica to Ban Hunting for Sport appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Causes News Top News

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Costa Rica Officially Bans Hunting as a Sport


Back in October, lawmakers in Costa Rica made history by passing a reform to its Wildlife Conservation law banning hunting as a sport; the first in Latin America to pursue Read More The post Costa Rica Officially Bans Hunting as a Sport appeared first on Ecorazzi.

Another Effort to Ban Hunting with Lead Bullets

10,000 Birds

You’d think it would be a no-brainer but sadly hunters are resistant to a lead-bullet ban. Over a hundred organizations have again petitioned the Environmental Protection Agency to ban lead in hunting – a move opposed by many hunting groups. In California, where there is already a ban to protect released California Condors , the Ventana Wildlife Society is giving away non-lead ammunition with the hope that it will encourage hunters to follow the law.

Cool Green Morning: Wednesday, December 12 | Conservancy Talk

Conservancy Talk

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Denali Wolf Pack Denied Protection Outside the Park


Environmental groups filed a petition in early September to ban hunting and trapping of wolves on state lands just outside Alaska’s Denali National Park , Wolves are protected inside the park but not on surrounding state land.

The Nonessential Whooping Crane

10,000 Birds

With the proposed hunting seasons on sandhill cranes being discussed in Tennessee, Kentucky and Wisconsin, we must not forget the whooping crane, which travels and winters in the big sandhill crane flocks. Hunting sandhill cranes in the Eastern flyway will put those 100 whooping cranes at even greater risk of being brought down by gunfire, hunter education courses and handy color brochures notwithstanding. More states will doubtless join the queue of those proposing hunts.

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