Urban Farming holds out the promise of renewal for Detroit

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) A Michigan-based financial group has announced ambitious plans to turn large swathes of crime-ridden Detroit into urban farmland. When one mentions Detroit most people will immediately think about the auto industry or music. Ultimately, the Hantz Group is looking at turning up to 10,000 acres of inner city Detroit - almost a 10th of the city's 143-square-mile area - into urban farmland.

It Isn’t Just a Playground Anymore

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It’s called compromise, and in ravaged Detroit, which once got fat and rich on American automobile manufacture, a rising movement sees people taking over abandoned lots and planting vegetables for home consumption and sale. But Detroit isn’t the only city hard-hit by the recession.

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Storing Solar Energy in Rust, From Israel

Green Prophet

Unfortunately this also made automobiles rustier. I never patented this corrosion-powered “battery car” as a form of planned-obsolescence Detroit would have loved but I’m beginning to wish I’d saved some of that rust.

Saudi Arabia Dumps Oil in Time for US Election Season

Green Prophet

Even the most lethargic Detroit car companies responded to oil price spikes in the mid1970s and late 1980s. automobile gas mileage peaked in 1987.

BMW ActiveE


This show was conducted in January 2010 in Detroit. This mega city automobile will be launched in the market in 2013 under the new BMW i sub brand. Surbhi Sharma: Overview: Introduce the vehicle in detail (120-150 words). BMW’s new 1-series-coupe-based ActiveE is an electric car.

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Laser technology to power heads-up display systems for cars


Simultaneously, Microvision is working with the Detroit auto majors to build-in these displays into the 2016 model cars. Laser gun manufacturers like Nichia, Osram and Soraa are scaling up production but cost breakthroughs will need the kind of volumes that only an automobile OEM application can generate.

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The Return of the Civic Square

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Poorly maintained, underused, and overrun by automobiles, our squares have been stripped of their rightful purpose: to sustain the economic and social vitality of cities.

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