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Click on any question for the answer: Q: What is Peak Oil? Q: Why should I be concerned about Peak Oil? Q: Does the arrival of Peak Oil mean we are running out of oil? Q: If half of the oil that ever existed is still in the ground, and demand for oil is rising now, why can't we keep increasing oil extraction? Q: When will Peak Oil occur? Q: What will the history of oil extraction look like?

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Daily demand and supply: perfect complements and shortages

Environmental Economics

Like, peanut butter and jelly and autos and petrol, Christmas trees and Christmas tree stands are perfect complements. don't buy a car unless you have resolved your fears about  Peak Oil ). Living in a somewhat dysfunctional three-level house, we decided to put up a second tree to better spread holiday cheer. I  I live in  an area that grows a lot of Christmas trees  so they are not hard to find.

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Heinberg on Life Beyond Growth

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Employment levels plummeted; so did purchases of autos and other consumer goods. Indeed, China consumes more than twice as much coal as it did a decade ago—the same with iron ore and oil. For example, if oil gets expensive enough, energy companies might start making liquid fuels from coal. I quickly realized that Peak Oil would likely be the first non-negotiable global limit to growth. The world’s largest auto companies were on life support.

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Economic History in 10 Minutes

The Green Changemakers

It’s Time to Deal with Peak Oil (Published in the National Post of Canada, March 19) The "Peak Oil" concept — that the world’s petroleum-production rate will soon reach its maximum and commence an inevitable decline, with negative economic consequences — has been around in scientifically articulated form at least since 1998, long enough to see it confirmed in significant ways. Skeptics point out that total world oil reserves continue to grow.

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The 2011 Edition of the Journal of Sustainability Education

The Green Changemakers

Las estrategias que nos permita crear este ambiente de superarse, según Edwards son “SPIRALS”: Escalable, Del Lugar, Intergeneracional, Resiliente, Accesible, Afirmando la Vida, y Auto-Cuidando. While accepting that the crisis is here, and the oil reliance has reached its peak, Astyk sees a special place for the role of women in providing food security while re-inventing a truly productive home environment.

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