Community Solutions for Peak Oil and Post Carbon

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Click on any question for the answer: Q: What is Peak Oil? Q: Why should I be concerned about Peak Oil? Q: Does the arrival of Peak Oil mean we are running out of oil? Q: If half of the oil that ever existed is still in the ground, and demand for oil is rising now, why can't we keep increasing oil extraction? Q: When will Peak Oil occur? Q: What will the history of oil extraction look like?

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The 2011 Edition of the Journal of Sustainability Education

The Green Changemakers

CONTINUE READING OPINION Buildings, Climate Change, Education and Action: The role of the building sector systems in climate change mitigation By Peter Papesch, Jeff Haberl, Robert Koester, Dan Proctor and Bob Berkebile In this clarion call for broad-based change in the way buildings are designed and built and occupied, Papesch and his colleagues bring attention to the broad swaths of society that are involved in this fundamental aspect of our daily lives.

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