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A morning beach walk past poor a fishing village isn’t the stuff of tourist brochures. This was where Christopher Columbus was dreaming of dropping anchor when he happened upon the Americas instead. A very walkable area of art galleries and cafes, and even the spice market, a synagogue dating to the 1300s and the former palace of the rajah of Mattancherry (now known as the Dutch Palace ) are but a short auto-rickshaw ride away.

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Insuring Nature, Ensuring Resilience

Conservancy Talk

Bioswale on Columbus street in Manhattan. What if we could put a parametric insurance policy on the reef and the beach, and pay out to quickly repair the reef and the beach after an extreme weather event? A family plays along the beach at The Nature Conservancy’s Blowing Rocks Preserve on Jupiter Island, Florida. From standard safety practices to prevent urban fires, to seatbelt mandates that limit auto deaths, and even healthy behavior changes like smoking cessation.

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Collaborative list – May 2019

10,000 Birds

Rockaway Beach–Edgemere (Beach 32nd-56th St.). Chomes–beach and mudflats. Chomes–beach and mudflats. Rockaway Beach–Edgemere (Beach 32nd-56th St.). Christopher Columbus Park. So that was May. Despite looking way older than his years, we cannot attribute Regannet’s haggard appearance to hard birding, scoring only 19 during eBird’s Big Day was not the greatest effort expended on May 4th.

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Collaborative list – April 2019

10,000 Birds

It’s official. It’s spring. By all measures, meteorological, astronomical and anatomical, spring is sprung. The meteorological date is from March 1st, the Vernal Equinox was passed on March 20th which accounts for the astronomical marker when the sun crosses the equator on its northwards ramble. April is now behind us and Old Tom’s arthritis is clearing up nicely, thank you very much for asking. The migrants are coming (Hurray!). Some are already here, or passing through.

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Collaborative List – March 2019

10,000 Birds

Sacramento NWR–Auto Tour Route. Foxton Beach–Palmer Rd ponds. Foxton Beach–Palmer Rd ponds. Beach Thick-knee – Esacus magnirostris. Tybee Island–South Beach (Chatham Co.). Rockaway Beach–Edgemere (Beach 32nd-56th St.). Flagler Beach. Flagler Beach. Sacramento NWR–Auto Tour Route. Flagler Beach. Flagler Beach. Flagler Beach. Flagler Beach.

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