Meet the Frogmouth, Australia’s Weirdest Bird

Nature Conservancy - Science

With an unsettling glare and tree-like camouflage, what’s not to love about frogmouths? Birds & Birding Asia Pacific Birds Outdoor Rec Traveling Naturalist Weird Nature

In Search of Australia’s Amazing Rainbow Finch

Nature Conservancy - Science

The conservation story behind Australia’s most colorful finch. Birds & Birding From the Field Wildlife Asia Pacific Birds Conservation Science Fire Indigenous Peoples TNC Science Traveling Naturalist

2019 95

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Feral Cats In Australia

Green Living Tips

and with an estimated 15 million feral cats in Australia, billions of native. How many small creatures can a single feral cat eat in a day? A lot it turns out. - creatures are probably being devoured each year

What we can learn about renewable energy from Australia

Green Prophet

With a bounty of sun, the giant island nation and continent of Australia is landlocked. They have set the model for the western world on how it can be done –– until Australia came speeding by. Consider Australia’s Cyxtera. In 2018, Australia’s wind farms produced 33.5

"Australia’s PM Takes on Carbon Tax"

Environmental Economics

A nameless RFF staff member: Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbot revealed a draft bill last week that would repeal the country’s controversial carbon tax. The current per-ton tax, introduced by previous PM Julia Gillard , began as a fixed-price emissions scheme that would switch to market trading in 2015. Abbot’s alternative plan , which pays companies that keep pollution below a set standard, is viewed by many as “ a less efficient way of cutting emissions.”. via

Ghost Bat: Meet Australia’s False Vampire

Nature Conservancy - Science

The pale bat with a soft but deadly embrace. Wildlife Asia Pacific Bats

2018 79

Australia Animal Dance Party!

Cool Green Science

From a groundbreaking conservation partnership in Fish River Station , to protecting Australia’s biggest land reserve in Southern Tanami , The Nature Conservancy has been hard at work protecting Australia’s beautiful lands. Head over to our Australia site and see more adorable images of dancing animals! ».

River Pollution Threatens Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

Nature Conservancy - Science

Coral bleaching dominates headlines about Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, but perhaps the most dangerous threat lurks on land, far away from the reef itself. From the Field Asia Pacific Conservation Science Coral Reefs Forests TNC Science

2018 68

TripAdvisor’s Green Leaders now in Australia, New Zealand, Latin America, Caribbean

Green Traveler Guides

| Green Travel News | Two years after the initial launch of TripAdvisor’s GreenLeaders program, it’s now gone under into Australia and New Zealand, reports Green Lodging News. Argentina Auckland Australia Belize Brazil Canada Caribbean Central America Chile Costa Rica Ecuador Green Travel News Guatemala Mexico New Zealand North America Peru South America The Americas Uruguay Venezuela TripAdvisor GreenLeaders world's largest green hotel program

Desypher crushes stereotypes with exquisite Islamic Museum of Australia

Green Prophet

But it’s not hyperbole to say that Desypher’s architectural expression vis-à-vis the Islamic Museum of Australia is unparalleled in any contemporary Islamic architecture I’ve come across. “When designing the Islamic Museum of Australia, we were adamant to resist the temptation to assemble a shallow interpretation of iconic Islamic symbols and plonk it on the banks of the Merri Creek,” writes Desypher on their website.

Big, Bold & Blue: Lessons from Australia’s Marine Protected Areas

Nature Conservancy - Science

Australia has one the largest systems of marine protected areas in the world, from the coral-covered Great Barrier Reef to the sub-Antarctic Macquarie Island. The book — Big, Bold & Blue: Lessons from Australia’s Marine Protected Areas — gathers lessons learned from academia, government, NGOs, indigenous communities, and the fishing sector. Director of Conservation, TNC Australia. Q: So tell about the history of marine protected areas, or MPAs, in Australia?

2016 80

Fires in Australia create dangerous weather conditions


Authorities warn that the unprecedented ferocity of Australia’s wildfires can produce extreme weather systems — dangerous and unpredictable conditions known as cumulonimbus flammagenitus, or pyrocumulonimbus (pyroCb) clouds. Fires in Australia create dangerous weather conditions.

Measuring the Impact of Feral Camels in Australia’s Martu Desert

Nature Conservancy - Science

Waterholes are scattered through Australia’s Western Desert like islands in a sea of sand. These dromedaries are just three of more than 300,000 feral camels in arid Australia — the largest population of feral camels in the world. Imported in the late 1800s to help immigrants access Australia’s arid interior, camels are now a major presence on the landscape and a threat to the desert ecosystem.

2016 83

Iran’s Solar Car Competes in Australia

Green Prophet

Iran’s solar-powered Gazelle 2, hopes to place well in trans Australia trials. The Iranian Gazelle 2 solar-powered car is competing in an international competition of solar powered cars in Australia, the 2011 World Solar Challenge Competition , that began on October 16 – solar powered cars are trying to cross the entire width of the continent from Darwin to Adelaide. Cars & Transportation Australia electric car electric cars EVs Iran Solar Energy solar power

Iran 77

13 more endemic species in Australia are confirmed extinct


The news now makes Australia the leading country globally in terms of mammal extinctions. Currently, more than 10% of the 320 land mammals that lived in Australia by 1788 are now extinct. The list is led by the recent extinctions of two species from Christmas Island, including the Christmas Island forest skink, the first reptile to go extinct since the European colonization of Australia. Related: The smooth handfish is declared extinct Currently, Australia is ranked No.

Mouse 28

Epic Birding Fails: Lyrebirds in Australia

Nature Conservancy - Science

I was birding Australia’s mountain rainforest with Timothy Boucher, and we’d just spent three painstaking hours creeping around a half-mile trail like a pair of goons, peering into the undergrowth looking for the elusive Albert’s Lyrebird. It was my first time to Australia and my first time to this quadrant of the globe. But we weren’t leaving until the following day, and Boucher and I were determined to squeeze as many birds as possible out of our time in Australia.

A Day in the Life of a Field Scientist: Western Australia Edition

Nature Conservancy - Science

In July, I joined Nature Conservancy scientist Eddie Game , University of Queensland student Chris O’Bryan, and several Martu elders for a science-packed adventure in the depths of the Western Australia’s deserts. Measuring the Impact of Feral Camels in Australia’s Martu Desert. I have my hopes set on seeing a kangaroo, because Australia. And we’re ready for another day of field science in Australia’s deserts.

2017 68

Can Helicopter-deployed Toad Sausages Save Australia’s Northern Quoll?

Nature Conservancy - Science

In an effort to save Australia’s endangered northern quoll from the invasive cane toad, scientists and wildlife managers are teaching quolls to steer clear of the poisonous toads by making sausages from toad legs, lacing them with nausea-including chemicals, and chucking them out of helicopters into one of the quoll’s last strongholds in the Kimberley. About the size of a large kitten, these spotted, carnivorous marsupials are one of four quoll species found throughout Australia.

2015 86

Australia lays of leading climate change scientists

Green Prophet

What kind of signal does this send to the world when Australia basically lays off 275 climate change researchers, one of whom was John Church, considered to be a top 10 scientist in the field. Australia’s national science agency, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, or Csiro, said it will reduce its country’s role in understanding climate change. It is sad and embarrassing for the Australia Government.”

2016 48

Mutual credit and economic crashes: interview with Laurence Anderson of Tradeswap, Australia

Low Impact

Today I’m interviewing Laurence Anderson of Tradeswap – a mutual credit network in Australia. First – where are you in Australia? Which makes us the oldest trade exchange in Australia, and possibly the world. There were 20 different trade exchanges in Australia in 1999.

2020 78

Australia Kills Nearly 400 Camels From the Sky

Green Prophet

Camels are a nomad’s best friend but a serious nuisance in Australia, where the environmental ministry recently culled nearly 400 of them en masse. The South Australian Environment Department killed the camels after a truck collided with seven animals on the Eyre highway linking southern and western Australia. Travel & Nature Australia camel milk camels culling feral camels genetically-modified camels

Sustainable Flowers From Australia, New York, California, & London

Eco Chic

Australia-based Flowers for Everyone designed this arrangement using seasonal native flowers and foliage. Flowers for Everyone own ‘bricks and mortar’ florist shops sprinkled throughout Australia (they have several locations in Sydney, including the CBD). The post Sustainable Flowers From Australia, New York, California, & London appeared first on Eco-Chick.

From My Inbox- GreenPeace Australia Pacific

Green Earth Journey

Canned tuna is Australia’s biggest selling seafood item. Thank you so much, Genevieve Quirk Oceans Campaigner Greenpeace Australia Pacific PS. End of the Line will be in cinemas around Australia from May 10. Dear Reader, When you tuck into your tuna salad, you may not realise that the canned tuna sold to you is destroying our oceans. Yet none of our canned tuna brands use tuna that’s caught sustainably. Increasing demand for tuna has decimated global tuna stocks.

Oh! How Beautiful Australia’s Brumbies Are!

Eco Chic

The first reported runaway horse was in 1804—now there are approximately 400,000 feral horses roaming Australia. Others, like Peter Cochran , believe that the brumby is now a part of the ecology and cultural history of Australia and the High Country and think that brumbies should be allowed to stay—and that inhumane killing (like aerial shooting campaigns) of the brumby shouldn’t be allowed. How Beautiful Australia’s Brumbies Are!

Where Camels & Kangaroos Roam: A Dispatch from Australia’s Martu Country

Nature Conservancy - Science

By 2008, Australia had more than 1 million wild camels, introduced originally as far back as 1840 for use as draft and riding animals by people pioneering the dry interior. Australia Indigenous People Invasive Species People and Conservation deserts indigenous people Invasive species Water conservationMartu country comprises some of the most remote and intact arid ecosystems on the planet. Photo: Tony Jupp/TNC. By Eddie Game.

2015 70

Animal Welfare Disaster in Egypt Forces Australia to Suspend Live Exports

Green Prophet

Live animal exports to Egypt from Australia have been suspended after Animals Australia – a leading animal rights organization who has exposed cruelty in the controversial export trade – revealed new evidence of widespread animal cruelty in the North African country. In 2006, after other gross violations of animal rights and cruelty emerged, the trade was stopped, but was resumed later despite protests from Animals Australia and activists in Australia.

Australia Scientists Print Cheap Solar Panels Onto Flexible Plastic

Green (Living) Review

Australian solar power scientists have developed a cheap and fast way to print solar cells onto plastic — plastic that can be used to cover an iPad or tint the windows covering a skyscraper. Using organic solar ink and a new printer, a consortium of scientists from Australian universities can now print solar collectors onto flexible pages of PET plastic 16 inches long by 12 inches wide. “It’s It’s very cheap.

Israeli Eco Artists Dance in Australia

Green Prophet

Israel’s Vertigo Dance Company made its Australian debut at the Brisbane Festival in September. They performed a piece titled Mana, which means “vessel of light” and comes from the Zohar, the Jewish mystical text. Mana featured eight dancers exploring the contrasts between dark and light, male and female. Both the moon and sun were powerful symbols in the piece, which drew inspiration from the ancient text it is named after.

Australia Wind Energy Sector Growing

Eco Friendly Daily

Australia is the greatest per-capita polluter in the developed world, despite only producing 1.5 Australia relies heavily on major emitters of carbon dioxide, such as coal. Australia is in fact the world’s top coal exporter. However, Australia is seeking to reduce carbon dioxide emissions greatly by 2020. Part of Australia’s renewable energy target includes wind energy, an energy that suit’s the country well.

Solar-powered bungalow in Australia promotes indoor-outdoor living


The two-level project in Melbourne, Australia was led by Gardiner Architects and completed in 2018. See the original post here: Solar-powered bungalow in Australia promotes indoor-outdoor living.

Understanding Global Environmental Indicators: What’s Behind Australia’s Rankings Rise?

Nature Conservancy - Science

Switzerland again topped the list, followed by Luxembourg and then much to my surprise, my own nation of Australia was in third spot. Australia’s performance came as a big surprise since in 2012 (the previous EPI), we placed 48 th overall, and we’ve hardly been a bastion of progressive environmental policy over the past couple of years. Why has Australia gone from 48 th place to 3 rd place in two years? Photo: © Evan Parker/TNC.

AGL Solar: Helping Australia go Solar

Green Living Ideas

AGL Solar is a trusted energy company based in Australia that has helped thousands of homeowners and business choose solar power as an option. They’ve been in business for an astounding 175 years and has grown to become one of Australia’s leading renewable energy companies. Solar energy, like many other clean tech innovations, continues to gain popularity as citizens around the world learn about limited resources.

Research center sits lightly near turtle nesting grounds in Australia


As one of Australia’s most important turtle nesting grounds, the Mon Repos beach and environs have been used as a key turtle research center for over 40 years. Research center sits lightly near turtle nesting grounds in Australia.

Australia’s Kimberley: Natural Wonderland, Cultural Landscape and Conservation Beacon

Cool Green Science

James Fitzsimons is Director of Conservation for the Australia Program of the world’s largest global conservation organization, The Nature Conservancy. He oversees the organization’s conservation planning, science and policy functions for all of Australia. He was thrilled to develop his sea legs and travel with his wife Janelle and new friends and fellow adventurers as part of Zegrahm’s Australia’s Kimberley expedition team.

2017 40

Peaceful floating villa in Australia runs on solar energy


View post: Peaceful floating villa in Australia runs on solar energy. Australian architect Chuck Anderson has created a beautiful, solar-powered floating villa that has us dreaming of brighter days.

Hebrew University and PhytoTech from Australia partner on medical cannabis patch

Green Prophet

Just in: Yissum, the technology transfer company of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, just announced that it will work with PhytoTech Medical of Australia on cannabidiol (CBD) and THC, the active ingredients in cannabis, for the treatment of a variety of medical indications. Everything is coming up green in Israel. At least that’s how it seems in the medical cannabis space.

2015 86

Australia Announces National Carbon Tax

Eco Friendly Daily

Currently, Australia is considered one of the worst per-capita polluters in the world, with significant pollution per resident of the country. Approximately eighty percent of Australia’s energy needs are met through coal. Australia is well known for their coal and is a global coal exporter as well. Now in order to force companies to reduce carbon emissions Australia will be imposing a $23 per ton of emissions tax on 500 of their greatest polluters.

A heritage industrial site becomes a dreamy wilderness retreat in Australia


In the middle of Australia’s deepest lake, a historic industrial site has been reborn as Pumphouse Point, a charming getaway perfect for nature lovers and adventure seekers. A heritage industrial site becomes a dreamy wilderness retreat in Australia. Eco Green art deco australia coronavirus cumulus studio heritage building poverty pumphouse point tasmania world-heritage

Lakes 28

Award-winning Owl Woods Passive House playfully mimics birdhouses in Australia


Australian design studio Talina Edwards Architecture recently completed the Owl Woods Passive House — the first certified Passivhaus project designed by a woman architect in Australia. In this aspect, it really is a pioneer project for Passivhaus homes in Australia.” + Talina Edwards Architecture Photography by Tatjana Plitt via Talina Edwards Architecture. Award-winning Owl Woods Passive House playfully mimics birdhouses in Australia.

2019 28

Iraq-born Zaha Hadid’s new towers on former radiation zone in Australia

Green Prophet

The latest is a $420 million trio of skyscrapers for Brisbane, Australia, in her words, with “ design [that] tapers each structure to minimise their footprint and open the riverfront to the public; creating a vibrant civic space for Toowong within a new riverside park.” The area was occupied by Australia’s ABC Radio and after 17 women who worked there contracted breast cancer, the building was sold and vacated due to radiation levels.

Iraq 76

Better Place EV Car Company to Close North American and Australia Operations?

Green Prophet

Evan Thornley was the CEO of Better Place in Australia and was hired to be the global CEO of Better Place soon after the company’s visionary founder Shai Agassi was sacked last October. Operations have been in Australia, Canada, China, Hawaii and the San Francisco Bay Area. Cars & Transportation Australia Better Place electric cars Israel shai agassi

Gold Coast leads way in beachfront rainforest restoration

A Greener Life

The City of Gold Coast is undertaking one of Australia’s largest ever beachfront rainforest restoration projects. Australia environment restoration beaches beachfront restoration biodiversity coastal erosion ecosystem restoration Gold Coast tree plantingBy News Leads.

Crikey! Australia elects climate change skeptic Tony Abbott

Green Blog

Australia is the world’s biggest coal exporter and despite commitments from Australia to limit global warming to below two degrees, the country’s coal export are planned to expand by more than double current levels in the coming years. But with Tony Abbott as the new Prime Minister, the climate outlook in Australia looks even bleaker than before. Business & Politics Australia carbon tax climate change election Global Warming Julia Gillard Kevin Rudd politics Tony Abbott