Temminck’s Stint in Australia

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Since we returned from Melbourne in May we have spent a lot of time in remote parts of northern Australia enjoying the bird-life. In recent weeks we have pondered over the fact that it is almost twenty years since we had a “first for Australia” and that was a Blue and White Flycatcher on 5th December 1995. Our latest trip this weekend found us two metres from a small shorebird that immediately struck us as a shorebird that we do not see in Australia.

A Terek Sandpiper flagged in Japan visits Australia

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There it stood on top of a rock as if it was waiting for us to come along and admire it and tell the world that it had come to Australia during its non-breeding cycle of the year! Birding Australia Broome shorebird banding Terek SandpiperI had only just written about the observation of a Little Tern flagged in Taiwan last week when another flagged bird from overseas placed itself in our path!

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A Little Tern flagged in Taiwan visits Australia

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Of course there has been a good reason for this, especially when we discovered the first Temminck’s Stint to ever be observed in Australia! It is a lot less common to observe shorebirds from other areas in the flyway, but as the shorebirds return from the north we do observe shorebirds marked in Victoria and South Australia when they drop by to rest before crossing Australia to their original banding site. Birding Australia Broome Little Tern

Sarus Cranes in Australia

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On our recent trip across the north of Australia we were lucky enough to encounter several Sarus Cranes- Grus antigone , which are incredibly tall and elegant birds. Birding Australia Sarus Cranes

Northern Australia birding

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By the time we had reached Wyndham in the north of Western Australia we had encountered Gouldian Finches , but it was not until we were at a small billabong between Wyndham and Kununurra that I was able to photograph them. Birding Australia Australian birds

Proposal for the National Bird of Australia

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The irredeemably awful and generally terrible government of Tony Abbott is flailing around and one by-election away from open war on itself, and perhaps could use a distraction to take Australia’s minds off its stances on Syrian refugees, gay marriage and war on clean energy. It turns out that Australia has no official national bird (but we do have an official gemstone), and this is exactly the type of issue that can unite the fractured nation.

Birding across the north of Australia in July

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In Australia it is winter in July, but the weather is as perfect as you could hope for in the north of the country with daytime temperatures around 30c/86f and the night-time temperatures being around 20c/68f and rarely a cloud in the sky. Birding Australia

Can Helicopter-deployed Toad Sausages Save Australia’s Northern Quoll?

Nature Conservancy - Science

About the size of a large kitten, these spotted, carnivorous marsupials are one of four quoll species found throughout Australia. Where Camels & Kangaroos Roam: A Dispatch from Australia’s Martu Country.

Unsubsidised renewables now cheaper than subsidised fossil fuels- Australia.


A study by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) in Australia has discovered that renewable energy is cheaper to produce than the old conventional fossil fuel sources, and that is without the subsidies. The study shows that electricity can be supplied from a new wind farm at a cost of AUD 80/MWh (USD 83), compared to AUD 143/MWh from a new coal plant or AUD 116/MWh from a new baseload gas plant, including the cost of emissions under the Gillard government’s carbon pricing scheme.

Understanding Global Environmental Indicators: What’s Behind Australia’s Rankings Rise?

Nature Conservancy - Science

Switzerland again topped the list, followed by Luxembourg and then much to my surprise, my own nation of Australia was in third spot. Why has Australia gone from 48 th place to 3 rd place in two years? Photo: © Evan Parker/TNC.

Google says Australia is the most vegan curious


SBS reports that Google Trends ranks Australia number one for searching the word “vegan.” Well Australia, we look forward to watching you shift from searching ‘vegan’ most, to being the most vegan. There’s another great reason to go down under.

Crikey! Australia elects climate change skeptic Tony Abbott

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Australia is the world’s biggest coal exporter and despite commitments from Australia to limit global warming to below two degrees, the country’s coal export are planned to expand by more than double current levels in the coming years.

WATCH: Two Men Save a Stranded Dolphin in Australia


Paul Burt, a reporter for 9News in Australia, and a friend found what they believed to be a dead dolphin on a tidal river flat of Tweed River. Read More The post WATCH: Two Men Save a Stranded Dolphin in Australia appeared first on Ecorazzi.

Sea Snakes of Northern Australia

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home about advertise archives birds conservation contact galleries links reviews subscribe Browse: Home / Reptiles / Sea Snakes of Northern Australia Sea Snakes of Northern Australia By Clare M • March 13, 2011 • 8 comments Tweet Share A little bird told me this week that you are all rather interested in the sea snakes that we come across on the beaches here whilst observing shorebirds. I loved your post, I have to visit Australia someday.

Australia’s Oldest Man Knits Sweaters For Penguins In Need


Alfie Date’s inability to say “no” to favours and his ability to knit sweaters has helped saved the lives of penguins in Australia. Date, at 109-years-old, is Australia’s oldest man, Read More The post Australia’s Oldest Man Knits Sweaters For Penguins In Need appeared first on Ecorazzi.

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Where Camels & Kangaroos Roam: A Dispatch from Australia’s Martu Country

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By 2008, Australia had more than 1 million wild camels, introduced originally as far back as 1840 for use as draft and riding animals by people pioneering the dry interior. Martu country comprises some of the most remote and intact arid ecosystems on the planet. Photo: Tony Jupp/TNC.

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Australia’s First Utility-Scale Solar Plant

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With production up to 10 megawatts, the new Greenough River Solar Farm will be the biggest operating solar plant in Australia. A seawater desalination plant in Western Australia that is currently being expanded. Government / Industry australia desalination plant solar power australiaWhat will all that energy be used for?

Measuring the Impact of Feral Camels in Australia’s Martu Desert

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Waterholes are scattered through Australia’s Western Desert like islands in a sea of sand. These dromedaries are just three of more than 300,000 feral camels in arid Australia — the largest population of feral camels in the world.

Grey-headed Lapwing in Australia

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Our plan was to head north for a few days and observe the concentrated bird-life around the remaining ephemeral lakes and observe some of the birds that had arrived in the north of Australia over the past few weeks. Birding Australia Grey-headed Lapwing Halls Creek Rarity

RSPCA Australia On How To Kill “Humanely”


We live in a society where the dominant paradigm is animal welfarism. Therefore, it should be no surprise that the groups that supposedly exist for the animals are actually the groups that exist to help exploit animals. After all, when the conventional wisdom dictates that it’s okay to kill animals so long as they are treated “humanely,” it would make no sense for these businesses to contradict that if they wish to remain financially stable.

Australia's Climate Inferno "Encroaching on Entirely New Territory.

Mother Jones

Australia's Climate Inferno "Encroaching on Entirely New Territory" —By James West | Fri Jan. Smoke near Cooma, Australia, Tuesday, Jan. There are now new first- and third-place winners for highest temperatures on Australia's books, too.

Morrissey: Australia’s Plan to Kill Two Million Cats is ‘Taking Idiocy Too Far’


Not surprisingly Morrissey has some choice words for Australia’s plan to cull up to two million feral cats to help save endangered species. In a statement released to a number Read More The post Morrissey: Australia’s Plan to Kill Two Million Cats is ‘Taking Idiocy Too Far’ appeared first on Ecorazzi.

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Critically Endangered Shark Rescued Off Coast of Australia


A critically endangered Grey Nurse shark has been rescued in the waters just off of Maroubra Beach, located in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, Australia. According to the Manly Sea Read More The post Critically Endangered Shark Rescued Off Coast of Australia appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Causes News People Top News

Desypher crushes stereotypes with exquisite Islamic Museum of Australia

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But it’s not hyperbole to say that Desypher’s architectural expression vis-à-vis the Islamic Museum of Australia is unparalleled in any contemporary Islamic architecture I’ve come across. Design Australia Desypher Islamic Architecture Islamic Museum Melbourne

Sea Shepherd End Operation Zero Tolerance, En Route to Australia


“Adverse weather has put Read More The post Sea Shepherd End Operation Zero Tolerance, En Route to Australia appeared first on Ecorazzi.

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Australia Joins New Zealand to Help Stop Japan’s Whaling Hunt


Australia has reiterated its opposition to Japan''s whaling expedition in the Southern Ocean at the International Whaling Commission this week. Read More The post Australia Joins New Zealand to Help Stop Japan’s Whaling Hunt appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Causes News Top News

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WATCH: Fire Tornado Captured on Film in Australia


Read More The post WATCH: Fire Tornado Captured on Film in Australia appeared first on Ecorazzi. Filmmaker Chris Tangey caught on film a once in a lifetime spectacle while scouting locations near Curtin Springs station in the Australian outback. Featured News Science Video

Chris Brown Bowls With Disabled Kids In Australia


tour while in Australia, Chris Brown went bowling with ten kids from the organization Best Buddies Australia. Taking time off from his F.A.M.E.

Animal Welfare Disaster in Egypt Forces Australia to Suspend Live Exports

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Live animal exports to Egypt from Australia have been suspended after Animals Australia – a leading animal rights organization who has exposed cruelty in the controversial export trade – revealed new evidence of widespread animal cruelty in the North African country.

AGL Solar: Helping Australia go Solar

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AGL Solar is a trusted energy company based in Australia that has helped thousands of homeowners and business choose solar power as an option. They’ve been in business for an astounding 175 years and has grown to become one of Australia’s leading renewable energy companies.

Better Place EV Car Company to Close North American and Australia Operations?

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Evan Thornley was the CEO of Better Place in Australia and was hired to be the global CEO of Better Place soon after the company’s visionary founder Shai Agassi was sacked last October. Operations have been in Australia, Canada, China, Hawaii and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Wind Powered EV Crosses Australia

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This amazing electric car which was built by two German inventors, was fitted wit a small wind turbine mounted atop a bamboo pole and was also fitted with a kite (from a kite board) for extra propulsion. The EV achieved a top speed of 55mph on its journey and set a number of world records including; The first wind-powered vehicle to cross a continent. The longest distance covered by a wind powered ground-based vehicle; and the furthest distance covered by a wind powered vehicle in 36 hours.

Australia Plans To Kill 2 Million Stray Cats By 2020


Claiming that feral cats are the “single biggest Read More The post Australia Plans To Kill 2 Million Stray Cats By 2020 appeared first on Ecorazzi. Well, this is awful. The Australian Government announced on July 16 that they plan on killing off their feral cats by 2020.

Change is Scary. Most People Fear Confronting their Inner World.

Elephant Journal

Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Health & Wellness Yoga Yoga News & Culture australia awareness change fear healing health India mindfulness self discovery spirituality travel travel writing women yoga practiceWhat would you do if you could do anything?

Iraq-born Zaha Hadid’s new towers on former radiation zone in Australia

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The latest is a $420 million trio of skyscrapers for Brisbane, Australia, in her words, with “ design [that] tapers each structure to minimise their footprint and open the riverfront to the public; creating a vibrant civic space for Toowong within a new riverside park.”

Dalai Lama Makes Surprise Appearance on MasterChef Australia


Contestants on MasterChef Australia were very surprised when they got a special surprise visitor. Even on MasterChef Australia he kept true to his philosophies and anyone who has seen him can understand why he is such a beautiful spiritual leader.

Birding Sydney, Australia

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Contrary to what many people believe, Sydney is not the capital of Australia, and even calling it the premier city in the country might elicit angry complaints from the inhabitants of Melbourne. It is also a fantastic place to watch birds, and to get an introduction to birding in Australia.

Midsummer in northern Australia

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Throw in the completely different climate we are experiencing in northern Australia and we seem to be absolutely worlds apart… but are we?! Asides Australia BroomeEach week as I schedule my post it brings my attention to the huge time difference between Broome and New York.

Australia Issues Euthanasia Warning to Johnny Depp’s Dogs


Johnny Depp flew into Australia earlier this month to film the fifth edition of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ and brought his dogs with him but now the country has issued Read More The post Australia Issues Euthanasia Warning to Johnny Depp’s Dogs appeared first on Ecorazzi.

Palm Springs, Western Australia

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This year we did the same, but this time it was Palm Springs, Western Australia! This track will lead you to the Halls Creek Poo Ponds and these are by far the best Poo Ponds in the north of Western Australia! Trips Australia We visited Palm Springs, California towards the end of 1989 and we camped and looked for birds. On our trip to Kununurra and Keep River National Park in August we took a detour when we reached Halls Creek.