A Healthy Cycle for Austin’s Compost Scene

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Wilson is one of the East Side Compost Pedallers , a bike-powered compost recycling program in Austin, Texas. The for-profit organization is on a mission to reduce landfill waste in Austin one bin at a time, by pedaling “scrapple” (their term for compostable food scraps) from homes and businesses to urban farms, schools, and community gardens, where it is composted into rich soil. Austin compost green living

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LEED Gold office in Austin offers wearables to promote employee wellness


The Texas Mutual Insurance Company’s new headquarters in Austin, Texas’s Mueller Development has earned both LEED Gold and Austin Energy Green Building 4-Star certifications in recognition of the building’s energy-efficient design and focus on occupant wellness.


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Midcentury-inspired Austin home oozes nostalgic vibes


The site-specific new build also features energy-efficient elements and targets a 5-star rating with the City of Austin Green Building Program. Go here to see the original: Midcentury-inspired Austin home oozes nostalgic vibes.

The City of Austin will pay you to keep a chicken coop in your backyard

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The City of Austin is offering free chicken keeping classes and is willing to pay you for it. he city announced Thursday that as a part of Austin Resource Recovery's Home Composting Rebate Program, Austinites can attend one of five "chicken keeping classes," buy a chicken coop, submit a rebate application online and receive a $75 check from the city. Do you dream of having your own chickens? Dream no more.

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North Americas first mass timber hotel opens in Austin


Located on Music Lane in Austin’s popular South Congress neighborhood, Hotel Magdalena takes cues from its surroundings with its landscaping that evokes Barton Springs as well as with programming that celebrates the area’s history and live music. North Americas first mass timber hotel opens in Austin. Green a-takes-cues a-wood-desk acclaimed-texan austin custom landscape mass timber mass timber architecture natural materials palette north trees

Allen Austin Enters the Cleantech Realm

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The post Allen Austin Enters the Cleantech Realm appeared first on Green Living Ideas. The transition away from our current fossil fuel-based energy system and toward a cleaner, more sustainable energy future calls for a new generation of leadership. These C-level and executive positions could be filled by those with experience in the traditional energy sector, or by people with strong skills in the emerging renewable energy or technology [&hellip.

Austin’s calling you to work as a manager of the Sun

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If you take on this position, you can be based out of Austin, Texas or Broomfield, Colorado. Austin, Texas? Dreaming about a leadership role in solar energy and want to stay in or relocate to the United States? RES, a global renewable energy company which has been active in the renewable energy industry for over 30 years, currently has a Solar Field Operations Manager position open. Basically two of the best spots to relocate to right now in the United States. Broomfield, Colorado.

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Net-zero energy DPR office becomes Austins first WELL-certified workplace


Construction management firm DPR Construction has recently moved into an impressive new workplace of its own making — a LEED Gold -certified facility located on the east side of Austin, Texas. DPR’s Austin office is the fifth net-zero energy office completed by the company across the country and is seen as one of the firm’s “living labs” for sustainable design. Read more here: Net-zero energy DPR office becomes Austins first WELL-certified workplace.

Gensler upcycles an old warehouse into creative offices in Austin


At the heart of East Austin, an old and uninviting warehouse has been transformed into a creative office building fittingly dubbed UPCycle after its site-sensitive design approach that includes the reuse of the entire building. The industrial character of the original building has been retained and celebrated as part of an overarching goal to preserve a piece of East Austin history. More here: Gensler upcycles an old warehouse into creative offices in Austin.

Austin company aims to become first package-free, zero-waste grocery store in nation

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Austin company plans to open package-free, zero-waste grocery store before year’s end. By Michael Smith (Veshengro) Austin, TX, June 2011: The Brothers Lane team announced its intention to open the first package-free, zero-waste grocery store in the U.S. in.gredients is being started by Brothers Lane, LLC – a small Austin-based company owned by the Lane brothers (Christian, Patrick, and Joseph) and brother-in-spirit Christopher Pepe.

Solar-powered Austin home embraces sustainability in more ways than one


In South Austin, Miró Rivera Architects has completed the Westridge Residence, a contemporary home with an emphasis on sustainable design. Related: Solar-powered Austin home can save owners nearly $100K in energy costs The main house includes an open-plan living area, dining room and kitchen as well as the master suite on the ground floor. Solar-powered Austin home embraces sustainability in more ways than one.

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The Garden House is built like a renewable power station


Austin Maynard Architects also dubbed the project its “most sustainable house so far.” ” + Austin Maynard Architects Via Dezeen Images via Austin Maynard Architects. Eco Green Recycle a-dining-table austin maynard architects austin-maynard clients energy fly ash home modern project solar solar panels tesla

California teenager invents AI-powered tool for early wildfire detection


Eco Green austin maynard architects austin-maynard google home honary internet project solar tesla wildfireThe world is indeed lucky when our most brilliant minds choose to work for the common good, rather than chasing money or becoming master criminals.

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Gulf Coast Ready to Develop Carbon Storage Hub

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The stage is set for a new carbon storage economy to emerge along the Gulf Coast, according to a study led by The University of Texas at Austin, with the region offering ample opportunities to capture and store carbon, and recent state and federal incentives giving an added push to get started.

Solutions for Cities – From Nature

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In Austin, that date marked the 15th consecutive day of 90+-degree days, leaving many to wonder if we are in for another record-breaking year. As mayor of Austin, one of the fastest growing cities in the United States, and as Texas state director of The Nature Conservancy, the nation’s leading environmental organization, we recognize those numbers are a canary in the coal mine. Locally, we’ve long recognized the importance of Austin’s tree canopy.

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A Police Officer Speaks on ALEC and "Stand Your Ground" | PR Watch

PR Watch

Share this. -- by Brian Austin , originally posted on Badger Blue, Times Two. Brian Austin is a former state prosecutor and a police detective in Madison, Wisconsin. Mr Brian Austin, I commend you on your expireince in law enforcement,Im greatful that you are bold and have the courage to speak up on what the elite are doing to are couintry, our nation, & accross this world. Thank you Mr. Austin for laying it out the way it really is. Skip to Main Content Area.

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The Traveling Naturalist: To the Bat Cave!

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There are numerous other caves and sinkholes where you can see huge numbers of free-tailed bats, as well as the famous emergence at Austin’s Congress Avenue Bridge. The world’s largest mammal concentrations are found at Texas Hill Country bat caves, where up to 15 million bats emerge each evening. Photo: Matt Miller/TNC. By Matt Miller, senior science writer. The Traveling Naturalist, our series featuring natural wonders and biological curiosities for the science-inclined wanderer.

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Dream of an escape to the off-grid cabins in Kogelberg Nature Reserve


Eco Green a-primary-goal- austin-energy biophilic design Business green architecture landscape leed gold sparkle-on-your teamWhen the team at KLG Architects, a South Africa-based company that specializes in contemporary design, was asked to design a retreat deep inside a nature reserve, the result is architecture that respects nature while providing a safe, comfortable and off-grid space for humans in it. Located in the Kogelberg Nature Reserve, 1.5

The Green Buzz: Wednesday, October 9

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This Austin, TX, college professor really wants his students to understand sustainability. Africa Animals Conservation Issues Environmental News International Science The Green Buzz The Nature Conservancy Antarctica Austin college professor cyborg cockroaches dumpster living elephant poaching environmental disaster infographic government shutdown Grist ivory MNN npr poaching shoot poachers sustainable living Tanzania Texas Treehugger Wired

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Understanding the “Smart Grid”

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Tags: Alternative Energy Home Energy Usage Videos Arnold Schwarzenegger Austin Energy CenterPoint Energy distributed energy resources DOE electricity electricity grid energy independence energy-efficiency techniques grid technology Load Management Technologies Oncor PG&E renewable energy smart grid technology U.S.

Perhaps a good sign on rising administrative costs

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From  Inside Higher Ed : When officials of the University of Texas System hired Gregory Fenves as the new president of the flagship campus at Austin, they said his base salary would be $750,000.  New UT Austin president was offered $1m salary, requested $750k salary instead due to bad optics [link].

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Talking Trash With The Cyclists Behind This Compost Startup

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An eco-preneur hits pay dirt with a bike-powered pick-up service in the heart of Austin, Texas. And in Austin, Texas, there’s a similar pilot program, but expansion to the entire urban area could take up to 10 years. Until then, small business and private networks are popping up to fill in the gaps, including Austin’s Compost Pedallers, a startup that offers bike-powered, carbon-neutral food waste pickup.

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A micro-house offers a formerly homeless resident both privacy and connection


Austin-based Mckinney York Architects has completed its second micro-house for the Community First! Village , a program by Mobile Loaves & Fishes to uplift people experiencing chronic homelessness in Austin with affordable, sustainable tiny homes.

I got sixteen days

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Vote for Beggs: Other than that, my summer has been pretty uneventful, but I am gearing up to hopefully give a talk at South by Southwest in Austin next spring. I know it’s early, but the process for considering talk proposals is already underway, part of which involves a public voting system. Groan.) On that front, it would be awesome if you could vote for my proposal, located here.

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The River Geronimo Knew

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Valer Austin overlooking the Rio San Bernardino. And the soil was like cement,” recalls Valer Austin, describing the mostly dry river running through the ranch that she and husband Joe purchased in Sonora in 1989. The Austins had previously purchased other properties on the U.S. The Austins opted to rest the ranch from livestock grazing in order to give the streamside and river bottom a chance to recover. It wasn’t long before the Austins noticed changes.

Energy efficient and sustainable prefab studios ready in just four days


Twin SIP Panel Sett Studios in Austin. Twin SIP Panel Sett Studios in Austin. These two studios are now being used as extra space for the company’s expanding East Austin offices. Pratima Kalra: Texas based Sett Studio is famous for making inventive prefab studios that can serve as home offices, yoga spaces, playrooms, etc. The studios are idiosyncratic with energy efficiency and this is obvious in all constructions done by Sett Studio.

More on raising gas taxes

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Mike Giberson: From Breitbart , “ Drumbeat to raise gas tax extends to conservative event “: Texans should pay higher gasoline taxes, a Texas Tech University professor advocated at a policy conference organized by the conservative Texas Public Policy Foundation in Austin on April 16.

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From the file of unintended consequences

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After a talk at SXSW Interactive in Austin, Bhat told KUT's Kate McGee that driverless cars will be great for people — without the need to drive, you can work or relax or even sleep during your morning commute. There are plenty of legitimate concerns about the advent of the self-driving automobile — road safety chief among them.

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'Food Is Free' Project Losing Their Teaching Farm

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The Food is Free Project was started with just a handful of seeds in one front yard in Austin, Texas. John sparked a food revolution in Austin, Texas, teaching people of all walks of life how to grow and share food. It began after founder John VanDeusen Edwards read a line in a gardening book that said something to the effect that sharing the knowledge was a vital step in gardening.

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"Pricing Freight Transport to Account for External Costs"

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From CBO Working Paper 2015-03 (by David Austin): Although freight transport contributes significantly to the productivity of the U.S. economy, it also involves sizable costs to society. Those costs include wear and tear on roads and bridges; delays caused by traffic congestion; injuries, fatalities, and property damage from accidents; and harmful effects from exhaust emissions. No one pays those external costs directly—neither freight haulers, nor shippers, nor consumers.

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Environmental Economics

In fact, his company just recently erected a new Supercharger station right on Texas grounds, conveniently halfway between Austin and San Antonio and behind the San Marcos Outlet Mall. The Lone Star state may be warning Elon Musk “Don’t mess with Texas” thanks to its newest  Tesla  ( NASDAQ:TSLA ) sales ban, but Musk doesn’t exactly seem to be running scared.

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Community First! provides affordable, permanent micro-housing


Village in Austin, a 51-acre sustainable development, provides affordable housing to Central Texas’ chronically homeless. The program, developed by Austin-based non-profit Mobile Loaves & Fishes , consists of 120 total units. The organization is a social outreach ministry that has worked with the local Austin homeless community since 1998 through prepared feeding programs, community gardening and more. Community First!

Biophilic campus provides a safe haven for children with autism


Austin-based architecture and interior design firm Runa Workshop has recently completed One of the Kids, a nature-inspired campus for children who have autism.

Air Excellence Award Goes to car2go

Eco Friendly Daily

This prestigious award is quite an achievement for this Austin, Texas based company, and it does have a unique and innovative take on public transportation, which makes the award well deserved. Public transportation might not seem like the most luxurious way to travel, but car2go has made the experience more personal and super convenient for those who are on the go in the city of Austin. By May 21, all residents in Austin will have access to this alternative form of transportation.

Surprise: The Wall Street Journal doesn't understand that bikes are transportation

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She speaks to one Austin rider who says: “I ride my bike purely to get from one place to another—not, ‘I’m going to take this out for exercise for like 20 miles,’ ” says Cassie Rae DuBay, a 28-year-old law librarian in Dallas. Rachel Berman of the Wall Street Journal appears to be surprised that people actually ride bikes for other than mad racing in spandex.

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TreeHouse is like Home Depot with a green conscience

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In 2011, to address this home-nonimprovement issue, environmental consultant Jason Ballard opened a new store called TreeHouse, in Austin, Texas, focused on digs-enhancing projects that make homes more energy-efficient and eco-friendly.This one-stop greening shop provides straightforward guidance and building products that are otherwise only available to professional architects, designers, and construction companies.

Daily Demand and Supply: Requisite Natural Disaster Price Gouging Post

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But when a KXAN TV crew from Austin showed up on Saturday to get a room at that same hotel—a Robstown, Texas Best Western Plus, 20 miles from Corpus Christi—the clerk at the front desk  quoted a price nearly triple what the crew had seen online : a staggering $321.89 When the Super Bowl comes to town hotels increase prices for rooms.  Bars increase prices for drinks.  Restaurants increase prices for food.

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Weekly Roundup: A Crazy Sexy Diet, Cure for Erectile Dysfunction, Healthy Soda, & Magical Enzymes

Eco-Vegan Girl

Product of the Week : Zevia soda Video of the Week: "Vegan is the New Viagra" Eco Shout-Out of the Week : In.gredients in Austin, TX Article of the Week : Read a Disgruntled Whole Foods Employee's Epic Resignation Letter Online Discoveries of the Week: vegan dish by jeanette zeis ceramics & Beautiful Blue Oversize Shirt - Limited Edition by Linh La. Welcome to another health and sustainability weekly roundup!

FreeWater is the startup connecting people to free, clean water


A new philanthropic marketing startup based out of Austin, Texas is providing companies with a way to advertise while doing good. FreeWater provides beverages in eco-friendly, BPA-free packaging paid for by the ads printed directly onto the bottles.

Human Propelled Energy: Right Under Our Nose

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University of Texas at Austin is using internal powered energy to someday power implanted sensors, such as a pacemaker. Human Propelled Energy: Right Under Our Nose. Although humans still struggle to create, embrace and utilize clean energy it remains an uphill battle when special interest groups worry more about the bottom line than the health of our planet. This is why some innovators have taken matters into their own hands, literally.

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Asheville Votes to Move Beyond Coal

Sierra Club Compass

Austin. Chicago. Los Angeles. Asheville. Wait, what? That's right, Asheville, North Carolina, can now join the ranks of cities that have chosen to move beyond coal. On Tuesday night the city council voted UNANIMOUSLY to move the city from coal-fired electricity toward a clean energy future.

WELL-designed home eliminates toxins from interior textiles


This recent build in Austin, Texas stands as an example of a WELL-designed home. While you’re probably aware that asbestos and lead-based paint could be lurking in older homes, you may not know about the risk of chemical exposure in even the most modern buildings.

US Plastics Pact 101


Speakers Erin Simon, Head, Plastic Waste and Business, World Wildlife Fund Ashley C Hall, Director of Sustainable Packaging, Walmart Natalie Betts, Circular Economy Program Manager, City of Austin Holly Secon Mon, 09/14/2020 – 10:58 Featured Off. US Plastics Pact 101 What is the U.S. Plastics Pact and how are its signatories advancing a circular economy for plastics? The U.S.