Northern White-breasted Hedgehog Erinaceus roumanicus

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But before I get further into my close encounter with a hedgehog I think it makes sense to share a bit of general hedgehog information, especially for the Americans in our audience who, like me, might not know much about them. Mammals hedgehogs Hungary Swarovski

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German visitor giving Nazi-style salute to athletes at Olympic opening

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However, personally, I am not surprised at all at this man's actions as the Brown Menace of Fascism is very much rising its ugly head again, in Germany, and in other EU member countries, such as Hungary.

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Ukranian Coal Plant “Facelift” Actually Means More Pollution

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Less familiar to American audiences is Burshtyn’s operator, DETK  and its founder Rinat Akhmetov, which have long been plagued by allegations of corruption and ties to organized crime. Burstyn Thermal Power Plant, photo courtesy NECU. The U.S.