13 Atmospheric Films for Fall.

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Anticipation can be lovely, and preparing for a favorite season as simple as pouring some hot apple cider and sitting down to a fall film. However we savor the delights of anticipation, the important thing is that we make every moment count. Arts Family anticipation autumn fall films Halloween mood-setting movies seasonal changes

A Dirty Solution to Cleaning the Atmosphere

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Soils have twice as much carbon as the atmosphere. But microbes also carry out withdrawals when they use carbon for energy, respiring some to the atmosphere and returning some to the vault when their cells die.

NASA Visualizes Unfortunate Truths About Our Atmosphere

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We know much about the long term history of carbon dioxide from ice core samples and a combination of atmospheric sampling and calculations based on known levels of industrial carbon consumption.

Rivers in the Atmosphere? How Water Moves in the Sky

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Atmospheric rivers —the Amazons of the air—are vast and unbroken streams of wind that carry water vapor from tropical oceans, moving thousands of miles through the sky. Atmospheric rivers are massive not only in their geographical extent, but in the amount of water vapor they transport.

EcoloBlue Atmospheric Water Generator Provides Clean Water, Water Security

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For daily drinking, cooking, and washing or for emergencies, the EcoloBlue Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) from Molecule New Water Technologies* may be an option worth exploring.

Atmospheric Ozone Recovering In Mid-latitudes, Report Shows

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Researchers attribute the improvement to both a reduction in ozone-depleting chemicals phased out by the global Montreal Protocol treaty and its amendments and to changes in atmospheric transport dynamics. Well finally some good news confirmed by NASA.

Co2 in Atmosphere Hits Historic High of 400ppm


The level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has broken above 400 parts per million for the first time in human history, US monitors announced Friday, indicating a record level for greenhouse gases.

LEED for Homes Point by Point – Energy & Atmosphere

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Energy and Atmosphere : 21.5 Tagged: atmosphere, Energy, eNERGY sTAR FOR HOME STANDARDS, Home energy rating standard, LEED-H, NET ZERO, solar reflective index. Tags: About the Home Control Energy Good for the Planet Green Green Building Green Electronics Green Products Household LEED Water atmosphere eNERGY sTAR FOR HOME STANDARDS Home energy rating standard LEED-H NET ZERO solar reflective index

Permafrost :Twice As Much Carbon As The Atmosphere


Permafrost soils contain almost twice as much carbon as the atmosphere. As the climate warms, some of this carbon will be transferred to the atmosphere.

Indie green hotels band together to offer sustainable options for frequent travelers

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Dearborn Detroit Michigan North America The Americas United States Adoba Hotel Dearborn/Detroit Atmosphere Hospitality Management Green Travel News Reuters Stash How can frequent travelers earn free stays and other perks at cool green hotels that aren''t part of big chains?

Study proves increase in atmospheric nitrous oxide due to fertilizers


Fertilizer use responsible for increase in nitrous oxide in atmosphere.

Should We Extend Property Rights to the Atmosphere?


While Australia aims to produce a fifth of its energy from renewable sources by 2020, non-renewable energy is still flourishing. But non-renewable energy sources such as coal and gas have a significant advantage over wind and solar energy: they can be owned.

Mercury Releases Into the Atmosphere From Ancient to Modern Times


David Streets and colleagues explain that humans put mercury into the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels and through mining and industrial processes.

Barbrix - a hip restaurant with a romantic atmosphere and vegan options

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The atmosphere is romantic and comfortable. Tonight I joined some old friends at Barbrix, a small restaurant/wine bar in Silver Lake. I wasn't thrilled about driving there from Venice on a Friday night, but once I sat down at the table I was glad I did.

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Rising Carbon Dioxide in Atmosphere Also Speeds Carbon Loss from Forest Soils


Elevated levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide accelerate carbon cycling and soil carbon loss in forests, new research led by an Indiana University biologis t has found.

Kids Sue US Government To Force Action on Global Warming

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global warming Green News atmospheric trust litigation lawsuit by kids Mary WoodKids Sue US Government To Force Action on Global Warming.

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Kids Sue US Government To Force Action on Global Warming

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global warming Green News atmospheric trust litigation lawsuit by kids Mary WoodKids Sue US Government To Force Action on Global Warming.

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13 Books you Should Read this Fall.

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Arts Inspiring (Wow) Literary Journal WAYLON: Today Only atmospheric autumn Autumn Equinox book books fall family Frankenstein Halloween happiness harry potter life list reading reading list Ruth Ware season seasonal reading self loveThis is autumn: season of hoodies, bonfires, crisp apples, crunching leaves, bright foliage, apple cider, hot chocolate, simmering soups and stews, festivals, fairs, and merry-making with costumes.

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10 Ways to Chair Meetings to Foster a Creative Atmosphere and Help Creative Thinking

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Create an atmosphere in which people consider all ideas. [link]. By Edward Glassman, PhD The creative climate in a meeting depends in large part on the actions of the leader. This person can make or break creative thinking. These suggestions to the chair can make a great deal of difference to the success of the meeting. Do not compete with other people to generate ideas. Support and build on the ideas of others. REASON: Leaders tend to favor their own ideas.

Deep Sea Mining: The Next Big Threat to our Oceans.

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Nautilus Minerals will be the first company making a high-stakes gamble with our oceans' fragile ecosystem, and the first to commercialize on the natural.

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Datong Museum’s passive design to keep it energy efficient and resistant to atmospheric corrosion


Pratima Kalra: China’s Museum of the 21st century, the Datong Museum is underway construction and most likely to open for public viewing in 2013. Designed by Foster + Partners, the main attraction of the 32,000 square feet venue will be the Grand Gallery.

Researchers develop new CU-NOAA monitoring system to answer the murky atmospheric questions


Pratima Kalra: To make an in depth analysis of emissions in the atmosphere, it is imperative that we separate and compare emissions from manmade fossil fuels and other trace gases. New CU-NOAA monitoring system clarifies murky atmospheric CO2 questions. Along with the predominant study on CO2 analysis, the team also studied 22 other atmospheric gases and how they impact climate change, recovery of ozone layer, etc.

The Message of the Astronauts to COP 21.

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Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Green Health & Wellness Non-New-Agey Spirituality (Religion, Philosophy) Sustainability (Business, Entrepreneurship, Livelihood) atmosphere Earth ecosystems environment global warming greenhouse life nature

The Green Buzz: Monday, January 27

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States as trustees of the atmosphere, an exploding cow sitcom, and climate change heats up at Davos in today’s green news. First case of its kind : Courts will determine whether or not, by repealing greenhouse gas regulations, the state of New Mexico has violated its public trust duty to protect the state’s atmosphere. ( Los Angeles Times ).

3 Ways Science is Making Climate-Friendly Behavior a No-Brainer

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With our money and our choices, we vote daily on the ways our global ecosystems are used and on the amount of carbon dioxide we’re emitting into the atmosphere.

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Quotes of the day

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America's Finest News Source: According to a new report from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, July was the hottest month since recordkeeping began in 1880, averaging 1.46 Everyone knows the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is always talking out of its ass.”.

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"New Research Initiative to Update and Improve the Social Cost of Carbon"

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From the inbox; Resources for the Future (RFF) is launching a multi-year, multidisciplinary research initiative to improve the methodology used to calculate the social cost of carbon—an economic tool used to quantify both the benefits to society of reducing carbon dioxide emissions from the atmosphere and the harm to society from emitting more carbon dioxide.

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Methane Bubbles Trapped in Arctic Ice Are Gorgeous and Explosive

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Apparently, the total methane that could be unleashed from these frozen lakes is ten times more than is already in the atmosphere. …and they contribute to the greenouse gases suffocating the planet.

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"Earth: Recessionary Cooling Continues"

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Not uncoincidentally, Earth's largest producer of atmospheric carbon dioxide, China, saw its national economy continue to sputter during the month.

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Here’s How Climate Change Will Make Food Less Nutritious

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A new study suggests that having more CO2 in the atmosphere will cause levels of zinc and iron in important staple crops to drop. A study published this week in Nature suggests that as CO2 levels in the atmosphere increase in the coming decades, yields may increase.

Helping the Environment by Reducing Energy Consumption

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It is also a good way to safeguard the environment, since inefficient systems release harmful pollutants into the atmosphere. Maintaining your HVAC system regularly and properly is an easy yet effective way to decrease your energy consumption without sacrificing your comfort.

Green Guide to Gifting

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The director of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration noted that its scientists believe […]. The July 2013 Global Climate Report revealed that the global average temperature for the month was the sixth highest since record keeping began in 1880.

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EPA: The greenhouse effect

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From the EPA's climage change webpage : Since the Industrial Revolution began around 1750, human activities have contributed substantially to climate change by adding CO 2  and other heat-trapping gases to the atmosphere. These greenhouse gas emissions have increased the greenhouse effect and caused Earth’s surface temperature to rise. The primary human activity affecting the amount and rate of climate change is greenhouse gas emissions from the burning of fossil fuels

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Rustic-Modern Living Room Decor and Design Ideas

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Who doesn’t love the feeling of freedom and simple pleasure a rustic atmosphere gives? Combining these two atmospheres is what is known as, well, just as you would think it sounds, a rustic-modern theme.

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Environmental Appreciation – Interesting Facts about Rainbows

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Interesting Facts about Rainbows: Rainbows are formed by the reflection and refraction of light and water in the atmosphere. The sight of a colorful rainbow is powerful enough to lighten the hearts of the grouchiest of souls.

Environmental Impacts of Air Pollution


All particles released into the atmosphere react with other atmospheric compounds and form aerosols (a suspension of small particles or liquid droplets in air). Yes, rainwater is naturally acidic due to the presence of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere [2].

Just Cry it Out.

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Embarrassed to be at the table responsible for disrupting the atmosphere, members of my family. Family, Youth, Enlightened Education WAYLON: Editor's Picks Z ADMIN Family Featured Today crying empathy NVC parenting temper tantrum

Earth now twice as dusty

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The Earth's atmosphere is now twice as dusty than it was just a hundred. You're not imagining dust bunnies in your home seem to be breeding like, well, rabbits; or that the top of your fridge appears to have become a magnet for. filth. years ago

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Environmental Appreciation- 10 Interesting Facts about Clouds

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Gliding lazily through the atmosphere making funny shapes, clouds have the ability to lift our spirits and warm our hearts with their tranquil presence. Every planet with an atmosphere has clouds, though not all are made up of the chemicals and water that earth clouds are made up of.

I knew nothing about "the obscure effort to amend the Montreal Protocol"

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HFCs are just a small percentage of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, but they function as a sort of supercharged greenhouse gas, with 1,000 times the heat-trapping potency of carbon dioxide. And given the heat-trapping power of HFCs, scientists say the Kigali accord will stave off an increase of atmospheric temperatures of nearly one degree Fahrenheit. That would be a major step toward averting an atmospheric temperature increase of 3.6