Using an Atlanta Charter Bus Company as a Shuttle Service

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This is where an Atlanta charter bus company can be the answer to your problem. How to Use an Atlanta Charter Bus Company. The post Using an Atlanta Charter Bus Company as a Shuttle Service appeared first on About My Planet.

Sustainability Unconference is coming to Atlanta!

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We wrote a few months ago about the Honolulu Sustainability Unconference, and we’re so happy to let you know that there is another Unconference happening this month in Atlanta, and there are still tickets available! Just like the Honolulu event, the Atlanta Sustainability Unconference offers a unique take on the traditional conference setup: instead of. The post Sustainability Unconference is coming to Atlanta!

NRPA and Coca-Cola partner to install trash traps to clean Atlanta waterways


The National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA), which is the leading nonprofit dedicated to the advancement of public parks, recently partnered up with beverage giant Coca-Cola to install trash trap systems in southwest Atlanta. Additionally, Coca-Cola plans to recycle and reuse the bottles collected by the trash traps to transform them into graduation gowns for Atlanta Public Schools’ high school seniors.

36 golden retrievers rescued from Istanbul streets

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Thanks to her networking with a US-based rescue center, three dozen of the dogs have now been saved and are now living in an animal shelter in an Atlanta, Georgia suburb. With support from animal rescue group Adopt a Golden Atlanta, thirty-six of the abandoned dogs were rounded up and flown to the US where they’re now housed at the Pet Lodge Pet Resort in Alpharetta, an Atlanta suburb. Images from Adopt a Golden Atlanta /Facebook.

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What good are city clean-energy targets?


Cities from Atlanta to Los Angeles and beyond are seeing sweeping changes. Business Green amazon and beyond atlanta getting-better greenland new-ventures ocean-plastic plastic state of the profession sustainabilitySee the rest here: What good are city clean-energy targets?

Reducing your chemical footprint: how to take charge


Business Green advanced materials atlanta consumer-concerns getting-better new-ventures plastic sustainability the-topOne of the top consumer concerns about products? Ingredient safety. Go here to read the rest: Reducing your chemical footprint: how to take charge.

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Sustainable Recovery: ESG Values and our Resilient Future


saracefalu2 Tue, 08/18/2020 – 22:50 Joel Makower Chairman & Executive Editor GreenBiz Group @makower Geoffrey Stiles VP of Facilities and Operations Atlanta Hawks and State Farm Arena Collin O’Mara President & CEO National Wildlife Federation David Rachelson Chief Sustainability Officer Rubicon gbz_webcast_date Tue, 09/15/2020 – 10:00 – Tue, 09/15/2020 – 11:00.

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The Heartbreaking Story of Luke O’Donovan

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On January 1st, 2013, in Atlanta, Georgia, nineteen-year-old Luke O’Donovan was attacked by a group of five men. Uncategorized activism atlanta georgia hate crime injustice lgbt luke o''donovan self defense Source. I didn’t see anything about Luke O’Donovan on the news. I never heard his name on the radio. The first I heard of him was on a vegan podcast, Big Fat Vegan Radio. As I heard his story, I was completely at a loss as to why no one was talking about it.

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Georgia Activists Greet Obama, Keep the Pressure On - Compass

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But that didn't discourage Georgia activists from greeting President Obama during a recent last-minute stop in Atlanta. Compass. « Put Your Money Where Your Future Is: College Students Lead the Way on Fossil Fuel Divestment | Main. | Our Distributed Future: M2M, Energy, and Water Access » Georgia Activists Greet Obama, Keep the Pressure On. It's hard to catch a president whose travel schedule is always up in the air.

First Day of EPA Carbon Pollution Standard Hearings a Success!

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Denver, and Atlanta Tuesday for the first day of public hearings on the Environmental Protection Agency''s Clean Power Plan. In Atlanta, hundreds marched through the city streets after a powerful rally (the first photo in this blog post is of the Atlanta rally). Even a former NFL player got in on the action, writing a supportive op-ed in the Atlanta Journal Constitution. Enjoy more photos from DC, Atlanta, and Denver below.

Aguanomics provides a Lake Lanier update

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Zetland: Atlanta and Georgia won the right to water from Lake Lanier. Now that the court has established the rights, it's time for the politicians to negotiate who should get water and who should get money. A tri-lateral monopolistic negotiation among governors would be a nightmare. Better to allow users to bid for water in an all-in-auction , with revenues going to those with the property rights. via

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Rallies Next Week! Your Voice is Needed to Support Climate Action

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If you live near DC, Pittsburgh, Denver, or Atlanta, we hope to see you next week! July 29 and 30) Denver, Colorado (July 29 and 30) Atlanta, Georgia (July 29 and 30) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (July 31 and August 1)   As I've said before, this carbon pollution standard gives all kids a fighting chance at a safe and promising future.   I’ll be in Atlanta for the events there, and I can't wait to see the huge crowds gathered to support the Clean Power Plan.

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AERE Happy Hour at the SEA meetings

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  See you in Atlanta! I just sent this message: AERE / SEA session participants, Let's have our informal AERE Happy Hour after the Distinguished Guest Lecture ("Life as a Lab: Using Field Experiments in Economics" John List [see note below]) on Saturday. This is a great chance to meet old friends and new and organize your dinner party!   What: AERE Happy Hour.   Why: Meet old friends and new and organize your dinner party.   Where: Hotel lobby bar (i.e., 

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Hot Dog! A nice clean example of the relationship between elasticity of demand and revenues

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That's what could happen if others follow the lead of  Atlanta Falcons  and United owner Arthur Blank, whose group revealed Thursday that, despite lowering their food and beverage prices to the lowest in all of major professional American sports, fans actually spent more. There's a well known result in Econ 101 (I need to write this chapter for Env-Econ 1010 sometime) that if the demand for a good is elastic*, lowering the price will increase revenues, and vice-versa. 

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Quote of the day

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And, of course, they are from Atlanta Disgusting: Feeling refreshed after three days of camping in Georgia’s Oconee National Forest, members of the Prendergast family confirmed Monday they had spent a relaxing weekend destroying the great outdoors. “It’s

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Who else is looking forward to watching the Las Vegas Raiders?

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It happened to Cobb County’s Tim Lee last night after he helped the Atlanta Braves secretly secure $400 million in taxpayer money. History tells us that the public will pay for the stadium: Las Vegas ABC station KTNV polled Clark County residents about whether or not they would want to pay $500 million in order to help build the Raiders an NFL stadium.

Homeless People Plant a Rooftop Garden and Feed the Shelter Organically

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This is why the Metro Atlanta Taskforce for the Homeless, is catching some big media attention. The rooftop garden,operated by the Metro Atlanta Taskforce for the Homeless, provides marginalized individuals routes through which their root problems can be addressed, rather than simply providing temporary solutions to cover symptoms.

Why do I do this?

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On May 23, Hargett was recognized in front of the Georgia Council Board of Trustees and Executive Committee at the Annual Georgia Council Luncheon held at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, where he received a plaque and a $1,000 prize. “Mr. Sometimes the answers come from unexpected places: The Georgia Council on Economic Education has named Morrow High’s Cary Hargett its 2016 Georgia Economic Teacher of the Year.

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Cognitive dissonance

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cents per gallon on top of the federal gas tax, according to the America Petroleum Institute (API), 60 percent of voters said they are opposed to paying more at the pump to pay for new transportation projects in a poll conducted by Landmark Communications, according to a report from Atlanta’s WSB.  Because transportation infrastructure is a gift from god?

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Captain Planet Stressed Me Out

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The Conservancy has partnered with the Captain Planet Foundation , an Atlanta-based organization supporting environmental stewardship, to install gardens in 10 schools across the Atlanta area. Captain Planet helping kids build gardens in Atlanta. Interning at the Atlanta office gave me a unique insight into the organization, which ultimately helped me land a GLOBE internship. As a child I was discouraged from watching a television program called “Captain Planet.”

Call for Papers: AERE Sessions at the SEA Meetings

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The SEA 2014 Annual Meeting will be held November 22-24, 2014 (Saturday through Monday) at the Marriott Marquis Atlanta, Georgia. Authors wishing to have a paper considered for the AERE sessions should send a.pdf file by e-mail to: John Whitehead Appalachian State University Email: Subject Line: AERE SEA Deadline to submit is March 1, 2014. Files should be sent by the proposed presenter who will be the contact for correspondence.

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No Throwaway Resources, No Throwaway Kids


No Throwaway Resources, No Throwaway Kids Ovie Mughelli is a former NFL football fullback with the Atlanta Falcons and the founder of the Ovie Mughelli Foundation, an environmental justice advocacy group. He spoke at Circularity 20 about how to make a more sustainable world that prioritizes disadvantaged youth. Holly Secon Tue, 09/08/2020 – 22:15 Featured Off. Here is the original: No Throwaway Resources, No Throwaway Kids.

New Orleans Pelicans

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Atlanta Congestion | colors: red, black (most popular car colors?). This is awesome: New Orleans changing its NBA nickname from Hornets to Pelicans was not a secret. But the logo and color scheme was, until today. New Orleans on Thursday officially unveiled its new nickname, logo and color scheme, capturing the essence of New Orleans and the Gulf and spotlighting the ecological concerns of the region.

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"Walt Bellamy, Hall of Famer Traded by the Knicks, Dies at 74"

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He was one of my favorites growing up in Atlanta (until 5th grade). R.I.P. "Bells": "Bells": Walt Bellamy, the Hall of Fame center who was among the leading N.B.A. scorers and rebounders of his time but who was remembered as well for being traded away by the Knicks for Dave DeBusschere in a final step toward their first championship season, died on Saturday. He was 74. Bellamy went on to score 20,941 points, averaging 20.1 points a game, and had 14,241 rebounds, for 13.7

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Cultivate your own “pocket park” with a 3D planted garden

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Wearable Planter is an art and design studio based in Atlanta, Georgia where owner Colleen Jordan creates tiny vases that blur the line between housewares and accessories. Customers who happen to be in Atlanta can stop by the studio and pick up a plant to pop in their planters. The geometric 3D-printed vessels (a/k/a “jewelry for green thumbs”) are water-resistant.

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Hip Hop Caucus Empowers Youth For Climate Action

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North Carolina A&T University in Greensboro, NC, and conclude at Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta. Yearwood speaking at the Forward on Climate Rally in Feb. What do a Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter, a comedian, a hip hop artist, a minister, a global sustainability expert, and a civil rights leader have in common? They all want you to act on climate disruption. Raheem DeVaughn , Amanda Seales , Dee-1 , Rev. Lennox Yearwood Jr. , Dr. Micheal Dorsey , and Rev. Dr. Gerald L.

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Washington Post: Martin Luther King had a profound impact on Christian conservatives

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When the Sekulow family moved to Atlanta some years ago, we saw first-hand the impact of his life and spent many hours at the Martin Luther King, Jr. With the unveiling of the new Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial in Washington this week, it’s important to take a moment to understand the profound impact Dr. King has on the Christian conservative movement, writes Jordan Sekulow in the Washington Post‘s On Faith section. “No

Save the planet: Pick Louisville

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And the one that takes Louisville to the championship game in Atlanta on April 8 produces the lowest carbon dioxide emissions for March Madness. Let's see, how can we make this less fun ! The greenest path through the NCAA men’s basketball tournament may be one that’s painted red — as in University of Louisville Cardinal red. Or neon orange, if you work for Adidas.

The benefits of the Flames' proposed new arena are likely less than the costs

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What are they gonna do, move to Atlanta? I remember going to the Flames games growing up in Tucker, GA in the early 1970s (and playing street hockey!): The Calgary Flames’ plan for a new $890 million arena/stadium complex would require the public to pay $690 million of it, and that doesn’t include the potential $300 million cleanup of a creosote contamination. Don’t do it, Calgary! via I wonder where the team name came from, Sherman's March ?

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Give Your Christmas Tree A Second Life!

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Many US cities ( like NYC , Chicago , Atlanta , and Los Angeles ) have programs where you can drop off your unwanted trees and the city will reuse them to mulch public parks. Just because Christmas is over doesn’t mean your tree has outlived its usefulness. Give your tree a second life by recycling it. Many towns and cities have Christmas tree pick up recycling programs.

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Marriott breaks new ground with green hotel prototype

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Home About What and who we are Staff Awards Press Tips Why travel green Green traveler’s to do’s Carbon Offsets Travel secrets of frequent fliers Buy Deals Photos Wine Green wine: what is it?

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A Waterless Future

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As Mayor Reames said to a reporter from the Charlotte Observer: “I fear for the folks in Atlanta. ” Atlanta, also hit by the drought, is only 150 miles away. Out of the American Southeast comes a glimpse of the future: the town of Orme, Tennessee has run out of water.

Tips for Beginning Gardeners

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Expecting a beginning gardener to know what we have learned over a lifetime, is like expecting me to go to Atlanta International Airport and know my way around! Beginning a garden is to embark into a world full of joy, excitement, and reward. For those of you who are just beginning to garden I say, "Welcome! Enjoy your mistakes, learn from them." " As my grandfather told me, "The basics are the same for everyone, but we all have our own way of gardening."

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Nearly Half of Americans Live with Unhealthy Air

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Thirteen of the 25 cities with the worst year-round particle pollution reached their lowest levels yet, including Los Angeles, Atlanta, Pittsburgh and Bakersfield. The American Lung Association released its annual "State of the Air" report today, and its disturbing overall finding was : "Nearly half of all Americans - more than 147 million - live in counties in the U.S. where ozone or particle pollution levels make the air unhealthy to breathe."

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Earth Day 2013 Recap: Picnic Superlatives

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Most Food Trucks at a Picnic: Atlanta, Georgia. The Nature Conservancy in Georgia took over Street Food Thursday in Atlanta, GA where lunch-goers tried eclectic cuisine from the city’s best food trucks. A huge Earth Day thank you to everyone who participated and made Picnic for Earth a worldwide celebration. From Washington, D.C. to Kabul, Afghanistan, over 12,000 nature-lovers threw down picnic blankets and celebrated Earth Day outdoors with good food and great company.

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Go Green Expo, LA: video summary

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you can check it out in NYC, Philly, and Atlanta later this year.) I had a great time at the Go Green Expo in L.A. today and I hope you check it out tomorrow if you can. (If If you're not in L.A. Here's my video summary, featuring: gDiapers People Towels Sea Snax by Froobi Vapur - water bottle Fresh Snack Pack Indie Printing Silo Ink Further Products - soap, lotion Green Torch - signs. YouTube event los angeles eco

What Stores Sell Natural, Healthy Food (North America)

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image from A very common question I receive is, "where can I find natural food?", especially when it comes to unique recipe ingredients. My answer is typically to go to your local natural market or buy online. Availability really depends on where you live, so I did a poll on the EVG Facebook page & Twitter to find out where my community shops, and here are their answers (it's quite the list!):

Soot Particle Health Risk Greater Than Thought

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116 cities in the United States were covered, including: Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Birmingham, Alabama and many others. Fine soot particles caused by such devices as diesel engines, coal-fired plants, oil refineries and automobiles, have long been considered linked to cardiopulmonary disease. However, the Health Effects Institute, founded by the Environmental Protection Agency, believes the risk involved with soot particles is even greater than previously thought.

Wishing you a greener holiday!

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Best US cities for vegans and vegetarians for World Vegetarian Day


Atlanta, Georgia 7. The top five there included a couple of surprises: Anaheim, California and Durham, North Carolina, in addition to the more expected San Francisco, Los Angeles and Atlanta. Vegetarians and vegans frequently discuss the best cities to live in or visit, because it’s easier to enjoy a place when there are restaurants and activities that match your preferences.

Smart Cities

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Take the city of Atlanta, for example. The greater metropolitan area of Atlanta supports a population of about 2.5 Now, compare Atlanta to a city with a similar level of population, Barcelona. The contrast between the densities of Atlanta and Barcelona can be observed in the diagram left from Alain Bertaud, 2002. The respective densities of Atlanta and Barcelona greatly affect the cities’ ability to serve their citizens.

What 8 indoor farming companies plan for 2021


The Orlando-based vertical farm company is pushing into Atlanta , Denver and Houston this year. The Houston facilities will be the largest vertical farm in Texas while the Atlanta location will be the highest production volume vertical farm in the Southeast.

KFC partners with Beyond Meat for vegan chicken nuggets


KFC and plant based meat creator Beyond Meat recently shook things up in the quick service restaurant industry by whipping up a limited one-off test sampling of its Beyond Fried Chicken for select fans in Atlanta, Georgia on Aug. Lucky KFC restaurant-goers at a Smyrna, Georgia location got to sample the crispy vegan nuggets near Atlanta’s SunTrust Park.