D.C.-area hotel wins LEED Gold

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Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel has been awarded LEED Gold certification by the U.S. Arlington District of Columbia North America United States Virginia Green Travel News LEED Marriott Renaissance Arlington Capital View Reuters Washington DCGreen Building Council. The property, which opened in March 2011, is managed by Marriott International and was designed to be LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified.

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At least it wasn't the Antonin Scalia School of Holistic Medicine

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The new name for the institution in Arlington, Va., Too good to pass up : It must have seemed a straightforward way to honor a U.S. Supreme Court justice who was famous for, among other things, prizing straightforwardness. But then people began to titter about the unintended acronym of the Antonin Scalia School of Law — and now George Mason University has tweaked the name. will be the Antonin Scalia Law School, says law school dean Henry N.

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How to give a community a soul

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because they lived in the “soulless suburb” of Arlington, Va. Contra some of the angry Arlington defenders on my Twitter feed, this point is not about hating the D.C. Georgetown, right across the Potomac River from Arlington, is a good example. I was amused to hear that Sen.

Ashhole update

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Several dead or dying ash trees dot lawns along Canterbury Road, but only one has drawn the attention of Upper Arlington city arborists. I wonder if any NC State economists think this one is exaggerated ?

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They forgot 'The' but we'll forgive

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They are (alphabetically): •  Colby College. •  Colorado State University. •  Humboldt State University. •  Ohio State University. •  Purdue University. •  Rochester Institute of Technology. •  University of California, Davis. •  University of Texas at Arlington.

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My Slow Goodbye. {Photos}

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Back in the ’70s, my parents decided it was time to leave Euclid Avenue—a busy, tree-lined street in the Chicago suburbs that slowed to a crawl on Sundays during horse racing season with people on their way to the Arlington Race Track.

Urban Wild: Flying Squirrels of the Beltway

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capital, tucked away in a small nature reserve in Arlington, Virginia. Longbranch occupies 17 acres in Arlington, a city that consists of only two percent natural lands. A few winters ago, I was in Arlington to interview for my current job.

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Nature Photo of the Week: Fantastic Fall Foliage

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The leaves are starting to fall more quickly here at The Nature Conservancy’s headquarters in Arlington, Virginia — so today’s Nature Photo of the Week is a reminder to get outside one more time and soak in fall’s vibrant colors.

New Study Finds High Levels of Arsenic in Groundwater Near Fracking Sites


A recently published study by researchers at the University of Texas at Arlington found elevated levels of arsenic and other heavy metals in groundwater near natural gas fracking sites in Texas’ Barnett Shale.

I'm sure it's because one of the authors of Env-Econ is at The OSU

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From the inbox: Seems amazing to me OSU is on this list, but as they say “we’ll take it”.    Just curious: does anyone know who submitted the info that got OSU on the list? More info at: [link]. Note there is an opportunity for us to get into the “Final 8” and the “Final 4”  with an aggressive marketing effort in the next week or so.

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Kyocera begins shipping solar modules to Arizona solar energy project


Sonia Renthlei: Japanese multinational company, Kyocera, has begun shipping solar panels for the 127MW Arlington Valley Solar energy II power project. The Arlington II project is being established by LS Power which had earlier received funding to construct the $550 million plant.

Green Life After Death

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Arlington Cemetery via Shutterstock. “Everything dies baby that’s a fact, but maybe everything that dies someday comes back”. Bruce Springsteen (Atlantic City). Western burial traditions have been known to not be the most eco-friendly.

The Texas Rangers are getting AMAZING vegan options in their stadium


Globe Life Park in Arlington, Texas has announced some new concession stand menus, and it’s making me question my allegiance to the Washington Nationals. The only way make enjoy a baseball game is to physically get me to a stadium. It’s just not the same from home, is it?

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Earth Force and GM Recognize Teachers for Environmental Education

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Teddy Dillingham of Arlington, Texas – Dillingham is a naturalist and educator at the River Legacy Nature and Science Center. She is also the River Legacy's coordinator in the implementation of a new GREEN program for Arlington Independent School District's seventh graders.

Read to Dogs Program Helps Children Learn to Read


“The benefit of the dogs is they’re truly a nonjudgmental audience,&# Julie Karell, librarian organizer of the Paws to Read bi-monthly program at Arlington Central Library, told the Washington Examiner , “They’re loving and accepting.

IGES Art Competition for Grades 2-4


The World's a Place of Living Things" is the 17th annual art contest held by the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) in Arlington, VA. The world's a place of living things, From bees to frogs to birds with wings.

Help Us Make Cool Green Science Cooler

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Sponsor: The Sweepstakes is sponsored by The Nature Conservancy, 4245 North Fairfax Drive, Suite 100, Arlington, VA 22203-1606 (“Sponsor”). Working from Jackson Pierre’s boat and assisted by his son Baldwen, Jordan Mitchell pilots a quad copter drone over a Red Mangrove forest.

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Hop Into Action Guides Educators Through Environmental Instruction For Young Learners

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ARLINGTON, VA, December 14, 2010: In the midst of a global amphibian extinction crisis, it is more important than ever for classroom teachers, home school educators, naturalists, and camp leaders to incorporate effective environmental education into their K–4 agenda. The Arlington, Virginia–based National Science Teachers Association is the largest professional organization in the world promoting excellence and innovation in science teaching and learning for all.

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Living Shorelines: The Space Where Engineering Meets Science

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CH2M also recently helped the Conservancy protect the Gulf of Mexico coastline by designing and installing precast oyster castle reef units in Arlington Cove. Similar to Arlington Cove, a project can be designed with volunteers in mind.

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Barnyard supermodels may put you off meat!

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Horan continues with his animal photography at the New Moon Farm Goat Rescue in Arlington, Washington, using a portable studio and with specially trained assistants.

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Nature and People: How Can the US Federal Government Put Them Together?

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TNC staff work together with CH2M HILL partners to build five oyster reef structures at Arlington Cove in Mobile Bay, Alabama. Law Enforcement Ranger talking with visitors viewing wildlife in Hayden Valley. Photo © Jim Peaco/NPS on Flickr.

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Open Season on Bald Eagles

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Fairfax Drive MS 2042-PPM Arlington, VA 22203 As always, thank you for caring and thank you for acting. Bald Eagle image is by Francois Portmann and is used with permission You know, I’ve been thinking about this whole dustup over hunting cranes in Tennessee and now Kentucky.

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5 Questions with The Nature Conservancy’s Mark Tercek

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Tercek; President and Chief Executive Officer of The Nature Conservancy, photographed at the Conservancy’s Worldwide headquarters in Arlington, Virginia ©Dave Lauridsen It wasn’t until much later—as a parent and businessperson—that I started to focus hard on environmental issues.

Disrupting Bacterial “Communication”: A New Idea for Sustainable Agriculture

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While walking through the National Science Foundation lobby in Arlington, Virginia the other day, I happened to notice a poster that described an attempt to do exactly that as a sustainable agriculture strategy. Bacterial lesions on wheat.

Dominion, Dump ALEC! Sierra Club Virginia Leads Rally for Climate and Democracy

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On a sunny, hot September afternoon, 80 protesters turned out alongside a busy highway at the Arlington, Virginia headquarters of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). Oceana volunteer Priscilla Lin and Sierra Club Virginia Chapter director Glen Besa in front of ALEC headquarters.

Bringing Nature into the Engineer’s Toolbox

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TNC staff work together with CH2M HILL partners to build five oyster reef structures at Arlington Cove in Mobile Bay, Alabama. Restored tidal marsh in the Conservancy’s Port Susan Bay Preserve in Washington protects farmlands from floods. Photo: Jennifer Molnar/TNC.

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The Nature of the Meadowlands: A Book Review

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Traveling through northern New Jersey becomes the subject of jokes and the cornerstone of disparaging remarks about the state, reaching its zenith in The Sopranos , which names an early episode about a mock mob execution “Meadowlands” and features North Arlington’s Pizzaland in its opening sequence.

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Evidence-based Conservation: An Economic Perspective

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Arlington: The Nature Conservancy. The San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area. Photo by Bob Wick of the Bureau of Land Management in California through a Creative Commons License. Timm Kroeger is senior environmental economist for The Nature Conservancy.

Conservation Solutions Can Improve Water Quality For Millions of Britons

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Navy Installations Getting Greener

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Low-Impact Development Leads to Cleaner Environment, Improved Water Quality ARLINGTON, VA, January 2010 – Step onto any of the United States Navy's 40 installations in the Chesapeake Bay watershed, and you'll see green. The Department of the Navy has implemented a national policy mandating the use of low-impact development techniques, which has made installations more environmentally and economically efficient to construct, operate, and maintain.

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Solution Search: Local Projects Inspire Global Action

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It’s why I was delighted to attend last week’s Solution Search: Adapting to a Changing Climate awards here in Arlington, Virginia. Mark Tercek is the president and CEO of The Nature Conservancy and author of Nature’s Fortune: How Business and Society Thrive By Investing in Nature.

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PBS’s Excellent Response to Romney’s Attack During First Presidential Debate

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ARLINGTON, VA – October 4, 2012 – We are very disappointed that PBS became a political target in the Presidential debate last night.

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Living without AC, a future we might just have to face.

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Now she lives in Washington, where on some summer days the only thing higher than the temperature is the humidity, but she is sticking with family tradition: She never switches on the window unit in her fourth-floor Arlington, Va.,

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Living without AC, a future we might just have to face.

Eco Friendly Daily

Now she lives in Washington, where on some summer days the only thing higher than the temperature is the humidity, but she is sticking with family tradition: She never switches on the window unit in her fourth-floor Arlington, Va.,

President Obama's Speech to the Students of the Nation

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It was such a shame though to see that even in that audience at the school in Arlington, VA, there were so many students, primarily of certain ethnic backgrounds, that expressed total disinterest in the President's words by means of their very expressions. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) I must say that I am having serious problems here, though not with the speech but with the controversy that has been going on as regards this speech before it even ever was made.

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Sustainable Cleveland, Sustainable Future

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Stormwater runoff in Arlington, Virginia. The 2017 Sustainable Cleveland Summit brought together more than 500 community leaders to help design Cleveland’s sustainable future. Below is the keynote speech Mark gave at the Summit on September 27, 2017.

Dozens of U.S. Cities Board the Bike-Sharing Bandwagon

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Now with more than 1,800 bright red bicycles stationed at 200 locking docks within DC and the northern Virginia communities of Arlington and Alexandria, Capital Bikeshare soon will expand into neighboring Montgomery County, Maryland.

Green Government Initiative Publications

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Video: Arlington County, Va. FreshAIRE Campaign Approximately a 30-minute video on the launch of Arlington County’s successful initiative to reduce emissions. [link] Green Government Initiative Launched in 2007, the NACo Green Government Initiative provides comprehensive resources for local governments on all things green, including energy, air quality, transportation, water quality, land use, purchasing and recycling.

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Flex your courage muscle. ~ Lisa Moak | elephant journal

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Lisa Moak lives in Arlington Texas with her youngest son, husband, two dogs and a fat cat. Want to stay in touch with elephant? Get 10 free articles a week: subscribe free to our Best of the Week newsletter. or get our popular Daily Wake Up Call.

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Public Transportation: Benefits for the 21st Century

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In Arlington County, VA, development in two WMATA Metrorail corridors is concentrated on 6 percent of the land in the county but produces almost half the county's tax revenue. Public Transportation: Benefits for the 21st Century is a fact-filled report that provides an overview of the benefits that public transportation brings to individuals, communities and our nation as a whole.

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