Sculptural roof tops eco-minded Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts expansion


The redesign and expansion of the Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts in Little Rock has moved one giant step closer to the finish line with the completion of its signature roof, a flowing concrete structure with pleated folds designed to funnel stormwater runoff into surrounding rain gardens

Sculptural roof tops eco-minded Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts expansion


The redesign and expansion of the Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts in Little Rock has moved one giant step closer to the finish line with the completion of its signature roof, a flowing concrete structure with pleated folds designed to funnel stormwater runoff into surrounding rain gardens.

Exploring and Protecting the Arkansas Bayou

Nature Conservancy - Science

A visit to the rumored home of the ivory-billed woodpecker. From the Field Birds Forests Protected Areas TNC Science

Outdoor adventures in Hot Springs, Arkansas


If you look at an aerial view of Hot Springs, Arkansas , you see a few rows of buildings squeezed in between wild, green mountains. Some of the plans revolve around that magic number 100, such as rallying people to donate 100 hours of volunteer work to the park in 2021 or walk/bike/paddle 100 miles in Arkansas. The tofu was so good, I suspected it was from an obscure Arkansas soy artisan, but it turned out to be the magic of the Superior’s chef.

Arkansas schools save millions by adopting solar power


One little-known Arkansas school district leads the way in adopting green energy. Arkansas schools save millions by adopting solar power. Schools in the U.S. are using solar energy to cut down on expensive electricity bills.

Story book of timber designed for University of Arkansas


Dublin-based Grafton Architects and Fayetteville-based Modus Studio have won an international design competition for the Anthony Timberlands Center for Design and Materials Innovation at the University of Arkansas’ Fay Jones School of Architecture and Design. The Anthony Timberlands Center will be the firm’s first building in the United States and will be located in Fayetteville, Arkansas on the northeast corner of the University of Arkansas’ Windgate Art and Design District.

Fireworks or Lightning Killed 5,000 Birds in Arkansas?

Green Earth Journey

With the large amount of dead fish in Arkansas in another instance I'd speculate it's either weapons testing or something really f'ed up is going on with the environment. Some guessers are saying that all of these birds, in a one mile radius could have been hit by a firework or lightning. I call their bullshit. Really? A firework? Lightning? 5,000 red wing black birds? I don't think so. It has been reported that this has never happened before.

This modern art museum was once a cheese factory in Arkansas


In Bentonville, Arkansas, a giant factory that once processed cheese for Kraft Foods has been given new life as The Momentary, a modern art museum satellite to the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. This modern art museum was once a cheese factory in Arkansas. Chicago-based Wheeler Kearns Architects led the adaptive reuse project, which has carefully preserved as much of the existing structure as possible while introducing contemporary additions.

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This 100-year-old building is a thriving park, store and more


Eco Green adaptive-reuse arkansas arthur-park china fashion green renovation green-wall scapeA brand-new PARK store in China’s Guandong province exemplifies how modern life, cutting-edge design and nature can come together and exist in harmony.

The Green Buzz: Thursday, April 11

Cool Green Science

The Exxon pipeline rupture in Arkansas “substantially bigger” than previously thought. Animals Biodiversity Conservation Issues Environmental News Environmental Science Fresh Water Green Living Oceans & Coasts Science The Green Buzz The Nature Conservancy Arkansas bill Bloomberg Discovery News exxon pipeline rupture garbage patch great lakes green space Huffington Post Kansas MNN outlaw sustainability Treehugger walk in the park Whales white sharks

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Niraamaya Retreat honors traditional design with local materials


Business Green a-health-club a-portico-and a-private-moot a-retreat-for arkansas bathhouses city destinations hotel india mountain park spaLocated in Vayitharamattom, Kumarakom in the lakefront region of Southern India, the Niraamaya Retreat is a haven for wellness and rejuvenation with sustainable design elements throughout. A product of Edifice Consultants Pvt.

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Old bathhouses get new life via NPS adaptive reuse program


After Rose Schweikhart, an avid homebrewer, settled in Hot Springs, Arkansas , she began to wonder if the mineral-rich hot spring water that made “Spa City” famous could be used to brew beer. Its 2007 makeover earned a LEED Silver certification and won the Historic Preservation Alliance of Arkansas’ 2009 Excellence in Preservation through Restoration Award. Green arkansas bathhouses city destinations mountain national-park park spa springs superior time women

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Adrenaline Rush: Three Unexpected Encounters with Nature

Cool Green Science

Jeff writes: “On a chilly March morning after a few days of rain I made my way to the Upper Buffalo Wilderness of Arkansas. Animals Featured Post 1 Photography United States adventure animal encounter appalachian trail Arkansas bears black bear close encounter with nature close encounters elk elk calf Hawaii hiking hiking trail humpback whales kayak mammal marine species nature photography New York oahu upper buffalo wilderness Whales Are you ready for your daily dose of adrenaline?

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More oil and chemical spills in both Michigan and Louisiana

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These two incidents followed even worse disasters in Mayflower, Arkansas and West Columbia, Texas. ” Brad Wurfel, spokesman for the Michigan Department for Environmental Quality, remarked that though the spill is “manageable in terms of the substance … and in terms of the environment’s ability to absorb it,” the smaller size of the incident (in comparison with those in Arkansas and Texas) by no means lessens the negative impact.

Exxon Conceals Results of 2013 Pegasus Pipeline Inspection

Sierra Club Compass

Dear Mr. Tillerson:   It's now been more than a month since the ExxonMobil Pegasus pipeline ruptured and spewed more than 200,000 gallons of tar sands crude into the neighborhoods and waterways of Mayflower, Arkansas. Today, a group of federal, state, and local officials gathered in Little Rock to discuss the risks of the Pegasus pipeline to Arkansas's capital city. Sierra Club of Arkansas. The following is an open letter to Rex Tillerson, Exxon Mobil CEO.

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Is it ironic?

Environmental Economics

It found that the demand for natural gas would, in turn, drive job creation, corporate revenue and government royalties in states that produce it, which, in addition to Oklahoma and Texas, include Arkansas and Louisiana. But even taking those costs into account, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas together would experience an annual net economic benefit of up to about $16 billion, according to the study. I think so: Gov. Rick Perry of Texas and Senator James M.

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My spring football recap (with no mention of The Ohio State)

Environmental Economics

Arkansas 42,000. John Clay: The SEC has released spring game attendance figures for each of its 12 schools. Kentucky’s crowd of 4,000 was dead last. And, to be truthful, I’m not sure there were 4,000 there. Here’s the list: Alabama 92,310. Auburn 53,209. Florida 51,000. Georgia 43,177. Mississippi State 36,357. Tennessee 35,891. South Carolina 29,451. Ole Miss 28,000. LSU 25,032. Vanderbilt 7,500. Kentucky 4,000.

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Purple paint means 'no trespassing' in Texas

Green (Living) Review

" It started out in Arkansas in 1989 as a way for property owners to notify the public of private land and in 1997, the state of Texas adopted the law. TYLER, Texas (KETK) - While visiting the countryside of Texas, have you ever seen trees and fence posts with unique markings the color purple? It's not backwoods graffiti, it means no trespassing. "It holds the same weight and the same law violations apply," said Prairie View A&M Extension Agent Ashley Pellerin.

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U of M startup to manufacture biodegradable shopping bags

Green Living Guy

Four students from the University of Arkansas have launched a startup company around technology developed by U of M biochemist Simo Sarkanen, Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering, that would manufacture biodegradable plastic shopping bags.

Why would you name your pipeline after a winged horse?

Environmental Economics

Crews were still at work this week cleaning some areas and the Arkansas Department of Health said Wednesday that none of the residents of 22 evacuated homes have yet returned. What sort of divine stallion would spill its guts all over your lawn? Exxon Mobil Corp. XOM) has offered to buy the homes of residents of a Mayflower, Ark., neighborhood where a pipeline ruptured last month spilling thousands of barrels of oil.

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Jeb Bush on Scott Pruitt's EPA

Environmental Economics

Because just think about it, you have a power plant in Arkansas that's burning coal irresponsibly or inconsistent with the statue, and it comes over to Oklahoma and Texas. From an editorial by Jeb Bush on : Our country has been held back over the past eight years because the appropriate balance between federal and state powers has become totally skewed. Individual liberty and our constitutional order have been threatened.

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Fracking’s Newest Hazard: Earthquakes

Environmental News Network

But the latest reports of earthquakes near shale formations in Texas and Arkansas might make everyone pause with concern. Between 2010 and 2011 the town of Greenbrier, Arkansas, experienced more than 1,000 earthquakes—an unusual occurrence for the small town. As a result, the Arkansas Oil and. On August 28, five of these Arkansas homeowners settled their lawsuits for an undisclosed amount with Chesapeake Operating and BHP Billiton. By Guest Author: Paul Batistelli.

It has been quite awhile since we had a good Christo post

Environmental Economics

"Over the River" vs "ROAR": The $50 million project by the artist Christo , who hopes to drape nearly six miles of the Arkansas River here in southern Colorado with suspended bank-to-bank fabric, received approval from federal land managers late last year.

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The ever-darkening shadow of Monsanto-fueled superweeds

Green (Living) Review

Long before a dispute over illegal herbicide drift left an Arkansas farmer dead of a gunshot wound in November, a growing sense of unease had spread across the Great Plains about the cornstalk-sized superweeds infesting more than 100 million acres.

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Lesson learned: don't conduct a sting of fake conferences and fake journals

Environmental Economics

Administrators at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, where he is an associate professor of higher education, have told him he violated policy by undertaking a study of human subjects without the approval of the campus’s institutional review board. No matter how tempting it might be: Jim Vander Putten suspected that some education conferences accepted any study pitched by someone willing to pay a registration fee.

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Daily demand and supply

Environmental Economics

With diesel prices near their highest levels since 2008, the impact has started to appear in the first-quarter results of companies like Union Pacific railroad and the Arkansas Best Corporation, which has a trucking subsidiary. Higher feul prices increase costs which decreases supply. Expect higher prices for transport-intensive goods: These should be good times for railroads and trucking companies.

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Search for ivory-billed wodpecker continues.with robots

Eco Friendly Daily

The machine is stationed in Arkansas, continually scanning the sky with video cameras and sophisticated imaging software for evidence of birds. The last confirmed sighting of an ivory-billed woodpecker was in 1944, and for most of the twentieth century the bird was believed to be extinct. Possible sightings in 2004 and 2005 revived hope and controversy over whether small groups of the birds may have survived, undetected, for decades, but confirming evidence has been hard to come by.

The Green Buzz: Thursday, April 4

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Our oil pipeline structure is aging (no surprise there) and the Arkansas oil spill proves it. ( What is Cicadapocalypse? What do pigs and donuts have in common? We’ve got these answers and more in today’s Green Buzz. Cicadapocalypse is coming — are you prepared? ( MNN ). Greensburg, Kansas , was blown off the map by a tornado in 2007, but now it’s back and greener than ever. Grist ). Commons pesticides are affecting the ability of bees to learn and remember. (

The Green Buzz: Wednesday, April 3

Cool Green Science

The Exxon crude oil spill in Arkansas is a big mess — and is reinvigorating the Keystone Pipeline debate. What goes great with that morning caffeine buzz? The Green Buzz. “Unprecedented” dolphin deaths in the Gulf linked to BP oil spill? Huffington Post ). Giant ocean garbage patches , meet your match. And a teen invented it, to boot!) ( Treehugger ). National Geographic ). Leopards and humans are peaceful neighbors in this area of western India. ( MNN ).

Can Cannabis Make You More Creative?

Green Prophet

However, there is some evidence that stopping by your favorite Arkansas marijuana supplier for some cannabis can increase your ability to be creative, and loosen up those creative muscles to help you better meet the challenges you face every day.

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Nobody Extracting Tar Sands Has Any Idea How to Clean Them Up

Sierra Club Compass

Earlier this year, another pipeline burst in Mayflower, Arkansas, pumping tar sands into suburban streets and yards. Last week, it was confirmed that there have been four recent tar sands oil spill sites identified in Alberta, Canada with some containing leaks that have been spewing toxic oil as long as six weeks -- all while the oil company in charge has proven totally unable to stop or clean-up the spills.

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Autumn Leaves : Perfect Timing

Environmental News Network

Generalized Advice On Peak Viewings (or check out this info graphic on - Maine: Late September/Early October. - California/West Coast : Late October/ Early November. - Aspen, Colorado: Late September. - The Ozarks (Misourri/ Arkansas) : Late October. - Vermont: Early October. - New York City : Late October. - The Midwest: Mid October. An Autumn Haiku – Anonymous. Yellow, Orange, Red.

2014 54

Small or Large, Communities Nationwide Face Fallout of Dirty Fuel Production

Sierra Club Compass

These two incidents are just the latest in a string of similar fossil fuel disasters across the country this year, including the tar sands pipeline rupture that dumped thousands of gallons of toxic crude in the homes and water near the suburban community of Mayflower, Arkansas. This past weekend, the oil and gas industry proved again that it cannot be trusted when it comes to protecting the people who live near their dirty fuel production facilities and pipelines.

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Recognizing Important Insects in Nature

Green Earth Journey

According to the University of Arkansas , there are four species of moth in the U.S. Meet Hemaris diffinis, or Snowberry Clearwing, or Hummingbird Moth. This accidental post arose because my husband had his eye behind the lens again. He was out taking photos of the flowers and all the many types of bee we now have circling and hovering. Except, upon closer inspection, this was clearly not a type of bee I had ever seen.

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Upcoming American Eco-Fests for 2012

Green Home Blog

Conway Eco-Fest – Laurel Park, Arkansas – Saturday September 8th. Upcoming American Eco-Fests for 2012. Whether you are a socially conscious green friendly consumer or environmentally concerned small business, upcoming American eco-fests for 2012 could be just the thing to visit or join and become an eco-vendor.

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The Oil Spill That Could Happen Here, Part 2

Sightline Daily

ExxonMobil diluted bitumen spill in Mayflower, Arkansas by U.S. Mayflower, Arkansas (March 29, 2013) Exxon Mobil’s Pegasus Pipeline runs 858 miles from Illinois to Texas, carrying diluted bitumen from the tar sands in Alberta to refineries on the Gulf Coast. Along the way, the northern segment of the pipeline runs through Mayflower, Arkansas, a quiet commuter town with a population of just over two thousand about 25 miles north of Little Rock.

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Award-winning Jewish primary school gets a sustainable expansion in Chicago


The Blue Ribbon School-recognized Bernard Zell Anshe Emet Day School (BZAEDS) in Chicago, Illinois has elevated its unique identity with a sustainable expansion that celebrates the private K-8 day school’s Jewish values and cultural heritage.

Three New Ecofashion Brands That Bring Basics, Beautifully

Eco Chic

The Arkansas-based Margu Design is a project created and sustained mainly through the efforts of designer and founder Emily DeLong. All apparel is cut, sewn and oftentimes low-impact dyed in DeLong’s Arkansas studio. They’re called “basics” for a reason. For work or play, sleek sweaters, plain white button downs, t-shirts and well-cut jeans often form the basis of most women’s outfits. And why not? Plenty of women, like men, would prefer a uniform that works for them.

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“Aflockalypse Now” Bird Deaths and HAARP Death Rays

Green Prophet

During our half hour conversation, we covered a number of these strange animal death occurrences, including the more than 5,000 red-winged blackbirds that literally fell from the sky in the town of Beebe Arkansas as well as a large number of fresh water drum fish (a fish that communicates with it’s kind by making a series of croaking sounds) found dead on the banks of the Arkansas River. Is a bird death “aflockalypse&# being caused by ionospheric experimentation?

2011 76

SUNY New Paltz Engineering Innovation Hub achieves LEED Gold


Related: “Story book of timber” designed for University of Arkansas Water-saving strategies have also been implemented inside the building, where water-efficient plumbing fixtures have resulted in a 31% reduction in the consumption of potable water.

Autumn Leaves : Perfect Timing

Environmental News Network

– The Ozarks (Misourri/ Arkansas) : Late October. An Autumn Haiku – Anonymous. Yellow, Orange, Red. Brilliant they turn as they fall. Across my window. Summer is finally over and fall is upon us. One of my favorite activities during the fall is to drive up north to really appreciate the leaves turning.

Shipping container rental overlooks amazing Collegiate Peaks


Lorden, who had fallen in love with Salida during fishing trips to the Arkansas River, ordered containers from overseas in the winter of 2017, however, they weren’t delivered until February 2019.

Target opens recycling centers in all of its 1,740 Stores

Green (Living) Review

But Target is not just copying the sustainability programs their friends down in Bentonville, Arkansas are rolling out (though they should probably copy some of them), they’re forging their own path with some unique programs of their own, recently announcing they would no longer sell farmed salmon.

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