Birding Arizona–style

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One particular issue had a feature on the birds of Madera Canyon, Arizona. Up to 256 bird species, deer, black bears, foxes, big cats, Gila Monsters, and 16 species of bats call this area of southeastern Arizona home. ( The post Birding Arizona–style appeared first on 10,000 Birds.

The Little Bird Year: Week 41 – Madera Canyon, Tucson Arizona

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Tucson Arizona is turning out to be a very birdy area. I got to see my first ever Arizona Woodpecker here as well. The post The Little Bird Year: Week 41 – Madera Canyon, Tucson Arizona appeared first on 10,000 Birds.

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Arizona in Summer: It Ain’t All Hummers

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It’s a well-known fact that southeast Arizona in summer is awesome. My first birding trip ever was to Arizona. It was time to drive south and up, to the Sky Islands of southeast Arizona. It was the best way to end my second trip to Arizona, the one where I used good binoculars.

Hot Birds and Bloggers in Arizona

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This is Arizona This is Arizona This is Arizona! Trips Arizona bloggers SwarovskiI just returned from a phenomenal long weekend in Tucson, AZ where I participated in a really enjoyable event.

Arizona Republicans planning to make protest illegal

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) In Arizona you could get jailed and have your assets seized if you attend a protest or demonstration after Arizona Senate votes to seize assets of those who plan, participate in protests that turn violent.

Arizona Wildfire Biggest in State History?

Wend Magazine

The wildfire blazing in eastern Arizona’s Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest is burning more acres of land than any other fire in the state’s history, though some of that area is in New Mexico, where it skipped along treetops, threatening the small working-class community of Luna.

Arizona Airport Building Solar Array

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Both the airport and TEP are set to benefit from the facility’s construction: the Airport Authority will rent out its lands to the utility company at an annual rate of nearly $47,000, while TEP will move closer to meeting Arizona’s clean energy use guidelines. Government / Industry arizona airport solarThe Tucson International Airport Board of Directors has decided to license 50 acres of its land to Tucson Electric Power Co. for the next 20 years.

Arizona Congress Woman Gabrielle Giffords Shot

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Democratic Arizona congresswoman, Gabrielle Giffords, who was among those on Sarah Palin’s infamous “target list,” was one of 18 people shot during a rampage at a Safeway grocery store. Tragically, there were six fatalities including Arizona’s chief federal judge John Roll, a 9-year-old girl and one of Gifford’s aides. Gabrielle Giffords and the other victims of today’s tragic shooting in Arizona.

Deer Robot to Help Catch Arizona Wildlife Poachers


In Arizona, hunting season for deer starts October 23, but many hunters just can’t wait that long to take an innocent life for fun so the state has resorted to Read More The post Deer Robot to Help Catch Arizona Wildlife Poachers appeared first on Ecorazzi.

Arizona Ski Resort Plans to Pump “Snow” Made of Treated Sewage Water on its Slopes

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The Snowbowl Ski resort in Flagstaff, Arizona sits somewhere along the range of inactive volcanoes called San Francisco Peaks, which, according to Mother Jones , are “volcanoes that contain the only alpine tundra in Arizona, at heights of more than 12,000 feet.&#

The Little Big Year – Week 42: Tucson’s Sweetwater Wetlands.

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I don’t feel that we have exhausted the possibilities here in Arizona, but they are one here, one there, and spread all over that state. We are squeezing out one more road trip, leaving Arizona and heading towards Texas.

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This Thanksgiving, Skip the Turkey and Head to Arizona for a YogaSlackers Retreat

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This Thanksgiving, you can join the YogaSlackers for their ‘Redefining Balance Retreat’, a long weekend of camping, climbing, yoga, slacklining and acrobatic yoga at the Cochise Stronghold, east of Tuscon, Arizona.

New Arizona Bill Puts Farm Animals at Greater Risk for Abuse


In a state which already offers relatively little protection for farm animals, a bill which passed in the Senate March 24th could have dire consequences for horses, cows, poultry and Read More The post New Arizona Bill Puts Farm Animals at Greater Risk for Abuse appeared first on Ecorazzi.

Arizona Solar Panel Incentives Too Effective

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APS (Arizona Public Service), the biggest utility company in Arizona, has reduced the amount they are paying customers for installing solar panels claiming that it has been too effective and is costing them too much. Kris Mayes, chairwoman of the Arizona Corporation Commission stated that, “This is a great problem to have because it means a strong solar industry has emerged in this state and that Arizonans are showing their demand for solar.”.

ALEC Holds Tight Grip on Arizona Legislature | PR Watch

PR Watch

ALEC Holds Tight Grip on Arizona Legislature. PHOENIX -- Legislators in Arizona continue to advance extremist legislation inspired by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and its out-of-state corporate backers, according to a new analysis by People For the American Way Foundation, Common Cause, the Center for Media and Democracy and Progress Now. This is distorting the law in ways that harm Arizona families and should be stopped.". Skip to Main Content Area.

A Mom’s Perspective: the Best Kid’s Activities to Beat the Arizona Summer Heat. ~ Matthew Dearing

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Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Family, Youth, Enlightened Education arizona heat kids summer Finding summer activities for kids of all ages can be easy! Here are a few tips to help you as you plan your kid’s summer!

A Letter to the Guy Holding up the “You Deserve Rape” Sign at a Student Rally in Arizona.

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” ~ “Brother” Dean Saxton, University of Arizona student (and the author of the “You Deserve Rape” sign) To the student holding up [.]. Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Civil Rights, Social Good) Inspiring (Wow) Z ADMIN Enlightened Society Featured Today assault dean saxton domestic violence rape university of arizona

Wind Turbines Could Power 120,000 Arizona Homes in 2011

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Government / Industry arizona wind farmForesight Wind Energy is proposing to install 130 to 330 large turbines on the Flying M Ranch east of Mormon Lake and tie into federally owned power lines. The project would cover 55 square miles, and provide the equivalent of 500 megawatts of electricity. About 100 megawatts would power half of Flagstaff and a 500-megawatt project would power 125,000 homes.

GreenStock™ Expo & Concert to Kick Off Arizona Earth Week Expo

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stated, “We are very excited to kickoff earth week for Arizona”. Black went on to state, “We are partnering with these wonderful sustainable companies and organizations such as Salt River Project’s (SRP) EarthWise ( ) who will be planting one tree for every GreenStock™ event ticket purchased to help restore Arizona’s fire-damaged areas”. Purchasing a ticket helps Arizona’s fire damaged areas and gives you access to all activities during the event and concert.

Little Big Year-Week 37: Settling down in Tucson AZ

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Now that we have “settled” in Tucson, Arizona, or at least this is where the 5th Wheel is for the time being, it has been nice to be able to spread out a bit. Now that we have been in sunny, dry Arizona, it has rained 5 of the last seven days. Trips Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.

Tucson 141

Local Boy Makes Good: Cogenra Solar Brings Heat&Power to Arizona’s La Posada

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Arizona green retirement community La Posada is next to get Cogenra’s combined heat and power. Arizona depends on nuclear power, but nuclear cannot take the heat that represents the climate future of Arizona.

Arizona: Fight for Clean Air and Clean Energy Inspires a Family of Activists

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Kathy and Anna are superstar volunteers for Arizona Beyond Coal who are working to transition Arizona away from the Navajo Generating Station coal plant (NGS) and replace it with clean energy. This is why the solution for Arizona (and beyond!)

Clean Air Measures Will Protect Families, Help Move Arizona.

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South Florida Citizens Demand Rubio Support Climate Action » Clean Air Measures Will Protect Families, Help Move Arizona Beyond Coal. Arizona now faces a fork in the road, and state leaders are convening this week to weigh its options. Compass. « Filthy and Over-Budget?

Methane Lamp Project In Arizona Park Dog Powered

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Such is the case in Arizona, where a park is planning a project to recycle dog feces while also generating electricity. Cosmo Park in Gilbert, Arizona has been a top ranked dog park since it opened in 2006.

Kyocera begins shipping solar modules to Arizona solar energy project


Arizona Power Project. With its new venture to supply the Arizona solar power project, the company looks determined to meet that goal. Sonia Renthlei: Japanese multinational company, Kyocera, has begun shipping solar panels for the 127MW Arlington Valley Solar energy II power project.

Cholla Birds

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Birding Arizona Cactus Wren Sonoran Desert The internet appears to have nearly as many people getting caught up with Cholla Cacti as it has cute kittens doing funny stuff. It almost qualifies as a genre in itself. Now this is only a personal suspicion, but I reckon that the birds of the Sonoran Desert have set up candid cameras and are getting their Youtube footage by enticing birders close enough to the cholla bushes for the spiked fruit to make the leap onto their innocent carriers.

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Saguaro National Park: Cacti as Oases in the Desert

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I had the pleasure of paying this national park a visit on a trip to Arizona in late May, and I was immediately struck by how important this species of plant is to this ecosystem. Perhaps because of the heat and the lack of insulation which the cactus can provide, Purple Martins do not nest in man-made houses in Arizona. Trips Arizona desert Saguaro National Park

The Vortex Phenomenon: New Age meets the Ancient World.

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Family, Youth, Enlightened Education Green Writer's Contest June 1-14 Anasazi ancient wisdom arizona awareness connectedness connection Earth energy centers enlightenment environment Gaia hypothesis Gaia theory green life meditation mindfulness New Age Sedona spirituality vortex vortexes

Hot Birds at Agua Caliente Park

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The attraction of Southeastern Arizona in summer stems from the presence of certain highly range-restricted species. These beautiful sparrows with finely-streaked crowns and rufescent epulets only reside in a small swathe of Arizona and Mexico. Trips Arizona bloggers Swarovski tucson

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17 Weird & Wonderful Hints from a “Desert Rat” on How to Beat the Heat.

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Family, Youth, Enlightened Education Health & Wellness Los Angeles arizona California desert rat heat heat exhaustion summer“You can only go to so many air conditioned malls and see so many air-conditioned movies,” she teased.

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Arizona Ski Resort Ready to Make Snow from Treated Sewer Water


But at one ski resort in Arizona, eating the snow may not be a good idea. This coming ski season, the Arizona Snowbowl resort will have the dubious honor of becoming the first ski resort in the world to make artificial snow from 100 percent sewage effluent. Some of us remember scooping up a cold mouthful of new-fallen snow.

When two halves do not make a whole

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And while I was in Arizona, touring the Huachucas with Swarovski (along with 10KB notables Mike Bergin and Birdchick Sharon Stiteler among others), I had in the back of my mind that I might be able to pick up that last hummingbird. Birds Arizona hybrids

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Steadily Depressin’, Low Down Mind Messin’ Workin’ for Minimum Wage Blues.

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Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Family, Youth, Enlightened Education arizona car wash dreams Minimum Wage school tips Washing a car is hard work. That’s why I don’t do it myself. It makes my back ache and my shoulders sore and when I’m done there’s all that stuff to put away.

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Nature Photo of the Week: Horseshoe Bend

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This photo of Horseshoe Bend, Arizona eluded Flickr photographer Robert Park for many years until finally, magic happened. Isn’t Mother Nature spectacular? He writes, “Beautiful threads of light and clouds streamed across the sky, while the foreground basked in the radiant glow.”

2013 96

Weird Nature: A Bat that Eats Scorpions

Nature Conservancy - Science

The bats appear to be immune to scorpion stings from even the most venomous scorpion in North America, the Arizona bark scorpion. An Arizona bark scorpion under an ultraviolet light. A pallid bat catches a scorpion. Photo: Merlin Tuttle/Bat Conservation International.

2013 114

A Commitment to Nature: Legacy Club Celebrates 20 Years

Conservancy Talk

We were enjoying a hike in the Arizona mountains, soaking up the rugged beauty of Arizona’s Hart Prairie Preserve , when she turned to me and said: “This is why I’m a Legacy Club member. Image: Legacy Club members at Arizona''s Hart Prairie Preserve.

F*ck It List: Sedona? ~ Kathleen Emmets

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Adventure Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Health & Wellness arizona cancer Fuck It List reclaiming one''s life Sedona travel I walked outside and sat on the rocks that overlook the canyon. I watched the sun set over these majestic mountains and I knew in my heart that I was part of something greater. I knew that whatever was in store for me, I had to trust the process.

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Write for Sustainability and Win $10,000 in Creative Writing Contest

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Creative Nonfiction magazine with the Walton Sustainability Solutions Initiatives at Arizona State University are looking for the best creative nonfiction essay on sustainability. For more about Walton Sustainability Solutions Initiatives at Arizona U click here.

Thrashing XXX

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home about advertise archives birds conservation contact galleries links reviews subscribe Browse: Home / Birds , Terminology / Thrashing XXX Thrashing XXX By Rick • March 8, 2011 • 2 comments Tweet Share High on the list of every first-time birding visitor to Arizona is Crissal Thrasher , a darkly beautiful thicket-dweller with the voice of an angel.

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U.S. Supreme Court Considers ALEC Immigration Bill | PR Watch

PR Watch

Supreme Court is hearing arguments challenging Arizonas SB 1070 immigration law. In 2009, this bill was pre-approved by legislators along with corporate lobbyists and special interest representatives at an American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) task force before passing the Arizona legislature and being signed into law by Governor Jan Brewer, an ALEC alum. After receiving the impramatur of the corporate-funded ALEC, the expanded bill moved in Arizona and other states.

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A Garden in an Abandoned Desert Swimming Pool: An Oasis of Food

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It’s hard enough to believe in itself, but somehow Dennis and Danielle McClung have made it happen – in Mesa, Arizona! Ecology agriculture arizona backyard garden community garden food system garden pool gardens permaculture sustainability

2016 66

3000 Foot Downdraft Energy Tower Planned by Israeli Professors on Mexico-US Border

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Annapolis Maryland – based Clean Wind Energy Tower, Inc has plans to build two such towers near the US – Mexican border in San Luis, Arizona. So if this bold Mideastern idea comes to fruition, San Luis, Arizona USA will have bragging rights.

Mexico 110

Farm-to-Table Restaurants in the Southwest

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Food and Cuisine Green Business Green Lifestyle Organic Arizona California farm-to-table food farm-to-table restaurants Nevada new mexico organic farming southwestStop at some of these farm-to-table restaurants in the Southwest on your next drive through, and savor the terroir while you help to support a more resilient and sustainable food system. The post Farm-to-Table Restaurants in the Southwest appeared first on Green Living Ideas.