Pollution turned this lagoon in Argentina stinky and pink


An Argentinian lagoon turned hot pink last week from chemical pollution. And it stinks

Soybeans Causing Devastation in Argentina

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Learn more about how soy growing companies are ruining the ecology and economy of Argentina, in pursuit of cheaper meat. Soybeans: Factory Farming and the Destruction of Lands and Lives in Argentina (via [link] ). Jonty Whittleton in Argentina Jonty Whittleton, campaigner at Compassion in World Farming, recounts the time he spent with communities in Argentina, where the ‘Big Soy’ boom is ruining lands and lives – and it’s all in the pursuit of cheaper….


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Pollution turned this lagoon in Argentina stinky and pink


Argentina | The Corfo Lagoon in Patagonia, has turned pink after waste from fishing companies was dumped in its waters, sparking alarm among local residents and authorities. See the original post here: Pollution turned this lagoon in Argentina stinky and pink. If photos of Chicago dying its river bright green for Saint Patrick’s Day give you the heebie-jeebies, don’t even think about reading on. An Argentinian lagoon turned hot pink last week from chemical pollution. And it stinks.

Bitcoin uses more energy than all of Argentina


In 2021, Bitcoin has already surpassed Argentina’s energy use, according to a Cambridge University study. To put this growth into perspective, the population of Austria is about 9 million, while Argentina has approximately 45 million residents. terawatt-hours (TWh) a year, the tool showed that Bitcoin has surpassed the Netherlands and the United Arab Emirates, as well as Argentina, in energy use and may soon edge out Norway. Bitcoin is a huge energy hog.

From Idaho to Argentina: A Conservation Manager’s Perspective

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Today, as I sit in Bariloche, Argentina, trying to understand the landscape and the community of conservation, I feel very much the same as I did first starting at Silver Creek. However, this time around I do feel an even stronger sense of excitement and opportunity because the the Conservancy’s Argentina chapter is teetering on a development nearby similar to Silver Creek — and this time, I am here at the beginning.

Top 10 ethical destinations in the developing world

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Argentina Bahamas Central America Chile Costa Rica Dominica Europe Latvia Mauritius News Palau Serbia South Pacific Islands Uruguay Ethical Traveler Green Travel NewsEvery year, Ethical Traveler reviews the policies and practices of the world's developing nations, then selects the ten that are doing the best job of preserving their environment, promoting human rights and creating a sustainable, community-based tourism industry.

Finch Bay named South America’s leading green hotel

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Amazon Argentina Bahia Bolivia Brazil Buenos Aires Caracas Ecuador Galapagos Islands Georgetown Guyana Machu Picchu Madidi Mato Grosso Pernambuco Peru Puerto Moldonado South America Venezuela YasuniWorld Travel Awards winners for 2012 include Finch Bay Eco Hotel in the Galapagos Islands as "South America's leading green hotel." The hotel's commitment to the environment won out over nine other nominees in four other nations.

This prefab tiny house is designed to be indestructible


Designed by Argentina-based Grandio, a company run by a group of architecture and engineering teachers, HÜGA House is a safe, strong tiny home with the added benefits of affordability and flexibility.

How global food production impacts the Paris Agreement


Europe, Australia, China, Brazil and Argentina as areas with inflated meat consumption. Eco Green a-new-study a-new-tab argentina australia carbon farming global-warming- meet-the-paris oxford-martin study

Waste for Life: Alleviating Poverty with Waste

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The group has been working in Lesotho, South Africa, and Argentina to transform discarded materials, chiefly non-recycled plastic waste, into both domestic products and building materials. Tags: News and Events argentina cartoneros Lesotho paper waste plastic bags Recycling resources waste Waste for Life Waste Reduction Turning trash into resources and helping to alleviate poverty at the same time is an audacious goal, but an organization called Waste for Life has taken it on.

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Tesla: the real environmental impact


Over the years, there have been accusations of poor treatment of the Indigenous population surrounding a lithium mine in Argentina, a dirty source of graphite from China and cobalt mined under harsh conditions.

Preserve Parent: Raising Kids at Silver Creek

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Recently, we spent a month in Bariloche, Argentina as part of exchange program with the Conservancy. Kids Argentina family Idaho kids kids in nature nature preserves outdoor recreation Silver Creek Growing up on the preserve. Photo: Sara Sheehy/TNC. By Dayna Gross. Few people come to our birthday parties. We rarely go out to dinner. I am trying to put off organized sports for at least a couple more years. . The over-scheduled child?

Hostel highlights local Japanese cedar along an ancient road


Eco Green a-higher-risk architects argentina bbc boston exterior japanese architecture mainly-produced wallpaperKumano Kodo, the historic network of pilgrimage trails found throughout the Kansai region of Japan , just gained a unique new option for accommodations. Completed in April 2020, Sen. Retreat Takahara is an inclusive hostel converted from a former home in Wakayama by KURU and Coil Kazuteru Matumura Architects.

Japan 28

Subway commuters are exposed to dangerous amounts of air pollution


Eco Green a-higher-risk argentina austria bbc boston interior-design mainly-produced natural dyes online street understanding urban wallpaperMillions of commuters who use underground subway systems in the U.S. are exposed to dangerous rates of air pollution , according to a recent study. The study, which sampled air quality in 71 underground stations across the U.S., has revealed air pollution during the morning and evening rush is nothing short of disastrous.

Farm to Closet: The Art of Spinning

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Then I received an innocent little package from Ricardo Fenton, manager of the Estancia Monte Dinero, one of the Ovis XXI partner ranches in Argentina that The Nature Conservancy is working with to develop sustainable grazing practices. Editor’s Note : This is the second post in our ongoing “Farm to Closet” series where we’re following the journey of a sheep’s wool from a sustainably managed ranch in Patagonia as it’s spun, dyed, and knit into a finished beautiful piece.

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Seasons iPhone App Makes Sure You Don’t Buy Strawberries in December

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But now that we get blueberries from Argentina in January and peaches from Brazil in March, few people can tell the difference. Tags: Cell Phones Fruits and Vegetables argentina Brazil fruit iphone locavore seasons vegetable Once upon a time, everyone knew when certain fruits and vegetables were in season. That’s where the Seasons iPhone application comes in. The $1.99 application contains information about which fruits, vegetables, [.]

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How to see these six fascinating animals in the wild while aiding in their conservation


The Earthwatch Institute offers penguin trailing tours where participants join scientists and conservationists at the nesting colonies in Argentina’s Golfo San Jorge. Eco Green animals argentina climate change country eco-tourism environment greenland island local natural snow wildlifeIf you’re going to travel , travel responsibly. The best way to show animals that you love them is by respecting their habitats and aiding in the conservation of their species.

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Willingness to pay to win the World Cup

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Argentina is willing to sacrifice the highest sum of money if it meant their team would win. Adjusted for GDP to facilitate a like for like comparison, Argentina rises to the top.  Better late than never: On 12 June the FIFA World Cup kicks off. 32 of the best football teams in the world will start vying for the title of being the best at the biggest sport in the world.

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Tortoise and otter, thought to be extinct, have been spotted in the wild


And in Argentina, a giant river otter popped its head out of the Bermejo River long enough for a conservationist to snap its portrait. Di Martino was kayaking in Chaco province in northeast Argentina when he saw the otter. “It

Analysis: Tesla’s Bitcoin about-face is a warning for cryptocurrencies that ignore climate change

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The University of Cambridge recently estimated Bitcoin used more electricity each year than the entire economies of Argentina or Sweden. By John Hawkins.

Over 75 Nationalities Can Now Apply for an Egypt Visa Online

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Argentina. Electronic visa systems have been growing in popularity for a number of years now, as governments around the world seek to find a way to facilitate the process of streamlining application processes to encourage foreign travelers to visit their country. .

Egypt 101

We're number one! #ClimateChangeDenial

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In contrast, China, Argentina, Italy, Spain, Turkey, France and India each had more than 80 percent of their respondents say they agreed with the idea of human-caused climate change.

2015 130

Interested in urban agriculture?

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) If you are interested in urban agriculture, and in the promotion of it, then check out the report of the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance ''s Nick Rose who recently journeyed to study innovative models in the American Midwest, Toronto and five provinces of Argentina. ''The

Top 10 Best Eco-Holiday Destinations 2012

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Argentina. Argentina is derived from the Latin word argentums which means silver, coined by Spanish settlers amidst rumors of silver filled mountains of which there were none. Top 10 Best Eco-Holiday Destinations 2012. It is nice to be with family during the holidays but for some it can be a challenge.

2012 116

Corona reinvents sustainable packaging by launching beer pack made using barley - giving the essential beer ingredient a new life

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The new packaging will launch today with an initial 10,000 six-packs rolling out as a pilot in Colombia in March, followed by Argentina later in 2021 as Corona looks to scale the new solution globally.

Federico floats down Parana River on a blue kayak made out of old soda bottles


And, this time around we are here to narrate the story of an industrial engineer, Federico Blanc, who dreamt about floating down the Parana River in Argentina, on a recycled kayak. A Kayak Made from Recycled Bottles Floats Down Argentina’s Parana River. In one such incidence, Federico from Argentina decided to build himself a kayak from old soda bottles, which would take him and his friend across the waters of his homeland.

The Pope supports pulses

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The Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Argentina to FAO, Carlos Bernardo Cherniak, agreed, noting that pulse production initiatives contributed to the empowerment of rural and indigenous women. Eat hummus, save the world. Pulses can change the world for good.

The Green Buzz: Friday, June 14

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VIDEO: Glacier collapses in Argentina ( AP ). Near extinct Philippine Eagle found to be thriving elsewhere in the Philippines – queue the R. Kelly track, “I believe I can fly.” ” National bird of the Philippines found nesting in previously unknown region, leads to conservation effort ( ABS-CBN ). The joys of teaching conservation to kids while fishing. Gannet). Conservation leads to job opportunities in Zambia ( Times of Zambia).

Gene editing or gene modification in agriculture? What’s better – or worse?

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Despite their vast potential to help improve global food security while reducing pesticide use, many countries are extremely resistant to planting GM crops, with 85% of global GM agricultural land coming from just four countries: the US, Brazil, Argentina and Canada.

2020 79

Buy local or don't buy at all?

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From now until spring, farms from Mexico to Chile to Argentina that grow organic food for the United States market are enjoying their busiest season. Elisabeth Rosenthal at the NYTimes : But even as more Americans buy foods with the organic label, the products are increasingly removed from the traditional organic ideal: produce that is not only free of chemicals and pesticides but also grown locally on small farms in a way that protects the environment.

G77 and China: Saving Tomorrow Today

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"We need to show the world that parties are ready to solve the problems in a practical manner and are willing to forgo national interest for the interest of humanity, no matter how difficult this may be" The Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship of Argentina presented a statement on behalf of the Group of 77 and China, emphasizing the urgent need to address climate change, which for countries within the G77 and China is a matter of survival.

China 126

Biodiversity Hotspots and Their Importance


The mountain range extends from Venezuela, through Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia and the norther tropical portion within Argentina and Chile. Saving biodiversity hotpots, those places on Earth with an abundance of life, are at the forefront of conservation efforts today.

10 Oldest Trees in the World


These cypresses, fitzroya cupressoidus, native to Argentina and Chile have been heavily timbered for construction wood and are now endangered [2]. #3 The oldest known living trees in the world are close to 5,000 years old. They have presided quietly over the rise and fall of civilizations.

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Pope Francis: Destroying The Rainforest Is A Sin

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Francis, who hails from Argentina, is developing something of a reputation as a faith-based environmentalist. Pope Francis spoke out against the destruction of the rainforest this past weekend, calling deforestation a “sin” and asking his fellow Catholics to respect God’s Creation.

2014 133

What are “New World” Wines? Underground Cellar Explains

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New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, and Argentina. . Being able to select a great bottle of wine is an excellent trait to have but, considering all the terms that are bandied about, even the most ardent wine enthusiasts can get confused by what’s on the shelves.

Chile 52

Mutual credit in Colombia: Mercedes Bidart of Quipu Markets

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Mercedes, you’re from Argentina, the project was born at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where you did a Masters; and the project is being launched in Colombia. The situation is the same in Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador. Today I’m talking with Mercedes Bidart, of Quipu Markets.

Feijoa muffins with jelly recipes

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Sweet, musky feijoa fruit (Latin name: Acca sellowiana) is native to the southern highlands of Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay. Some spoon the flesh out to eat, some peel the fruit. It’s also known as the pineapple guava.

2020 75

Amazon deforestation threatens harpy eagles


They are native to the tropical forests of Central America to northern Argentina. A new study published in the journal Scientific Reports has found that young harpy eagles are dying in the Amazon due to deforestation. The harpy eagle, one of the world’s largest eagles, has almost “zero” chances of surviving if Amazon deforestation continues. The study has established that harpy eagles are dying of starvation in areas where significant deforestation has occurred.

Climate Records Shattered in 2013

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Australia experienced its warmest year on record, while Argentina had its second warmest and New Zealand its third warmest. If global warming could be compared to middle-age weight gain, then Earth is growing a boomer belly, according to a newly released report on the state of the global climate. Climate data show that global temperatures in 2013 continued their long-term rising trend.

2013 133

Another SuperVolcano Found

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The massive explosion of the almost unknown Vilama Caldera in Argentina appears to have matched Yellowstone’s last continent-blanketing blast. It may, in fact, be just one of several unappreciated supervolcanoes hidden in a veritable mega-volcano nursery called the Eduardo Avaroa Caldera Complex, located in the inhospitable Puna-Altiplano region near the tri-section of Argentina, Bolivia, and Chile. Soler of the National University of Jujuy in San Salvador de Jujuy, Argentina.

2017 40

Flora and Fauna: Definition, Importance and Examples


Iguacu Falls, near the Brazil-Argentina border, is a powerful cataract waterfall with massive volumes of water rushing in 275 individual waterfalls over a steep horseshoe-shaped cliff 2.7 Two hundred million years ago, Earth looked very different.

Asia 52

Nike crafts official shirts of five teams at Euro 2012 using recycled plastic bottles


And of course, being personally a fan of Argentina, I cannot really pick out any one of the five designs as my absolute favorite. B.Sameer Kumar: The Euro 2012 frenzy is starting to pick up as Poland and Ukraine are gearing up for the premier soccer tournament of the continent. While we will not talk about the favorites and the big starts of the tournament, we will surely talk about Nike and the outfits of the top five teams it has planned for the 2012 tournament.

2012 66

Wishing you a greener holiday!

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