National Audubon Society Birds of North America: A Guide Review

10,000 Birds

And now we have the third iteration in Audubon’s guide book history: National Audubon Society Birds of North America. The National Audubon Society Birds of North America covers all species seen in mainland United States, Canada and Baja California. Rare Birds of North America.

Where America dreams of/goes birding?

10,000 Birds

A lot more needs to be done to protect and sustainably utilise that biodiversity, although with the Brazil’s current president, it seems highly unlikely. Not surprisingly, ten of these 19 countries are in the Americas, but what does surprise me, there are just 4 in Africa and just 1 in Asia (2 if you count Indonesia). The post Where America dreams of/goes birding? I had no intention of making a questionnaire or analysing the results.

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Peterson Field Guide to Birds of North America, Second Edition: A Field Guide Review

10,000 Birds

The April arrival of the Peterson Field Guide to Birds of North America, Second Edition was a supremely happy moment in a very difficult, sad month. The story is that an HM editor was also president of Massachusetts Audubon.

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Green America Applauds President Obama’s Rejection of Keystone XL Pipeline

Green (Living) Review

Washington, DC (November 2015) – After years of deliberation, President Obama demonstrated his support for an economy that supports human and environmental health, and that helps position the U.S. This decision comes after President Obama vetoed a congressional bill earlier this year that aimed to bypass executive branch decision-making on the pipeline’s future and fast-track approval to construct the pipeline.

Obama 132

President Obama's blackmail threat over EU Referendum

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Obama said that Brexit would put UK at ‘back of the queue’ for trade deal in huge EU Referendum intervention However, someone on social media mentioned that the Americans do not, per se, use the term queue and thus it would appear that the text was written by the UK government and given to the US President to use. Though I am well aware that in some instances the word queue is also used in America and thus it could also have come from the POTUS himself.

Ian Somerhalder Talks Environment with President Obama


Somerhalder met with the president to discuss green energy, a better America and being a young American. Causes Environment News Top News ian somerhalder president obamaRead More.

All I Want For Christmas…is a Competent President.

Elephant Journal

Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Equal Rights Non-New-Agey Spirituality (Religion, Philosophy) Sustainability (Business, Entrepreneurship, Livelihood) america characteristic competent leader President presidential electionDear Santa, here is a list of Presidential characteristics that I want. I'm seriously starting to wonder if anyone else will be able to deliver them.

What choice for America?

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) With the presidential election looming and only two candidates of questionable merit, the incumbent who actually has no right to be president, and the other one who also has questionable ethics Americans stand before a dilemma. When the USA was founded all that was created was an elected monarch rather than a hereditary one and thus America just went from the frying pan into the fire without noticing it. Nevertheless the PTB 2 made him to be president.

The Ten Creepiest Spiders of North America

Nature Conservancy - Science

Except no matter how many times we tell each other the tale, it’s still not true, says Richard Bradley, an associate professor emeritus at Ohio State University and president-elect of the American Arachnological Society. Bradley, author of Common Spiders of North America , is one of many professional and novice arachnologists in the country studying the planet’s eight-legged critters and working to dispel popular myths.

The Evolution Of Shopping Malls In America

Eco Friendly Daily

Eisenhower was President Of The United States. The post The Evolution Of Shopping Malls In America appeared first on About My Planet. Many things happened in 1956. Dwight D.

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America: Land of Opportunity (to get cancer)

Wend Magazine

“Moving to America will increase your cancer risk by 400%.&#. recently shared her insight as to why moving to America will increase your cancer risk by 400%. This information has been ignored for too long and is definitely the reason President Obama tasked his Cancer Panel with studying the long-term effects of exposure to known carcinogens and environmental toxins. America’s First Zero Waste Grocery Store to Open in Texas This Year.

What we’ve Learned from our First Black President about Equality. {Bonus: 5 Quotes}

Elephant Journal

I believed commerce and big business would help make America great because. Enlightened Society Equal Rights Inspiring (Wow) 2017 election Barack Obama Enlightened Society (Politics equal rights equality health care obama quotes PresidentThe first time he ran, I was a Republican.

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Video: President Iowa Promotes Wind Energy for Economic Growth

Wind Power Ninja

President Obama was gave a speech today on the importance of green energy opportunities as a crucial component for economic growth in rural America and described the current unemployment situation as a “silent crisis.”. One study suggests that if we pursue our full potential for wind energy, and everything else goes right, wind could generate as much as 20% of America’s electricity 20 years from now — that’s right 20%,” Obama stated. Videos President Obama wind turbines

Iowa 100

President Obama Signs Indefinite Detention Bill Into Law

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) WASHINGTON, DC, USA, January 1, 2012 – President Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) into law on New Year's Eve 2011, that is to say, yesterday. While President Obama issued a signing statement saying he had “serious reservations” about the provisions, the statement only applies to how his administration would use the authorities granted by the NDAA, and would not affect how the law is interpreted by subsequent administrations.

A Made in America Story: Petroleum-Powered Surfboards, Scandals.

Wend Magazine

Magazine Blog iWend Greenery Digital Edition Wend Your Way Subscribe Wend Blog Share this: Tweet Share A Made in America Story: Petroleum-Powered Surfboards, Scandals, Hatchets and God Kyle Cassidy March 15th, 2011 Follow me on Twitter @Kyle_Cassidy The last thing my buddy expected to find while checking out surfboards on Portland’s Craigslist yesterday was an 11-foot aluminum-skinned foam beast with a two-stroke gas motor. Get the FREE Wend Digital Edition!

America. A Democracy?

Green (Living) Review

The United States of America is a Constitutional Republic – much in the same way that Britain is a Constitutional Monarchy – but it is NOT a democracy and was never intended to be thus. The US system is NOT a democracy for, otherwise, maybe, the people would directly elect the President, which they do not, in reality. Theoretically the United States of America is a Constitutional Republic with all that means.

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Clinton is Killing to Be President.

Elephant Journal

Clinton's militant speech to AIPAC signaled where her loyalties lie, loyalties likely to drag America into another Middle East war. Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) WAYLON: Editor's Picks—Hidden Gems Z ADMIN Enlightened Society Featured Today AIPAC clinton foreign policy israel

Is Obama’s Blackness Increasing America’s Redness?

Wend Magazine

More on the President’s blackness. From We Are the Respectable Negroes: Fear of a Black President? Explaining the Tea Party GOP and the “Southern Religion” From MotherJones: 109 things President Obama currently is or recently has been engaged in a war against (according to conservative pundits, lazy headline writers, and Google trawling. Love of the Confederacy?

Obama 111

Vancouver to be N. America's greenest destination?

Green Traveler Guides

America’s greenest destination? It’s already well on its way to being North America’s greenest destination. Now it will soon require all new building rezonings to be LEED Gold certified, the highest green building standard for rezonings in North America. This bold move by the City of Vancouver supports our goal of achieving 100 thousand LEED buildings in Canada,&# says Thomas Mueller , the President-CEO of the Canada Green Building Council.

2010 131

Bill Maher on the Improbability of a Vegetarian President


In a recent interview, atheist and vegetarian comedian Bill Maher stated America would be more likely to elect a gay President than a vegetarian one. Read More. Eats Featured News Vegetarian bill-maher

Has the POTUS declared Martial Law in America?

Green (Living) Review

Has the US President declared martial law in America on June 25, 2012? The implications of this could be manifold and especially the response from President Putin and the Russian Federation could be a dangerous one. White ” A Congress Woman from the State of Texas summed it up like this in a letter to the people on the Internet: “President Obama issued an Executive Order that you should know about.

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What President Obama’s done in one month.

Elephant Journal

Making America competitive on the world stage again–for a new generation. College education costs out of control? Make basic education free for those who work for it. Obama to propose free community college ( Holy s**t. This man’s on a roll. Lame duck is looking good on him. Gas prices, strong economy, high payroll and low […].

I Recycle. Do You? November 15 is America Recycles Day!

Green (Living) Review

Annual Day of Celebration Raises Awareness and Encourages Action to Increase Recycling Nationwide STAMFORD, CT, USA, Nov 2010: “I Recycle” is the theme of the 2010 America Recycles Day (ARD), which takes place on November 15. National nonprofit Keep America Beautiful is proud to lead the celebration, providing resources and supporting the activities of over 1,500 grassroots event organizers across the country. McKenna, president & CEO of Keep America Beautiful, Inc.

2010 145

Leader of Conservation Group to Become Coal Export President

Sightline Daily

The board president of an environmental group, who is on the board of a second, will soon leave his partnership with a major law firm to go to work full time in support of coal exports, according to knowledgeable sources in the legal community. Bill Chapman, a longtime partner at the law firm K&L Gates , will become president of Millennium Bulk Terminals , the firm that aims to ship 44 million tons of coal annually from a site on the Columbia River to markets in Asia.

The Woman Behind the Man: 14 Inspiring Quotes from America’s First Ladies.

Elephant Journal

Growing up, I was never the little girl who dreamed of being President of the United States. Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Equal Rights Inspiring (Wow) first lady guts and glory hillary clinton inspiring quotes Michelle Obama nancy reagan Power President strength woman behind the manFrankly, the position seemed like too much guts and not enough glory.

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A Made in America Story: Petroleum-Powered Surfboards, Scandals.

Wend Magazine

Magazine Blog iWend Greenery Digital Edition Wend Your Way Subscribe Wend Blog Share this: Tweet Share A Made in America Story: Petroleum-Powered Surfboards, Scandals, Hatchets and God Kyle Cassidy March 15th, 2011 Follow me on Twitter @Kyle_Cassidy The last thing my buddy expected to find while checking out surfboards on Portland’s Craigslist yesterday was an 11-foot aluminum-skinned foam beast with a two-stroke gas motor. Get the FREE Wend Digital Edition!

GE Building Biggest Solar Factory In America

Solar Power Ninja

Over the last decade, through technology investment, GE has become one of the world’s major wind turbine manufacturers, and our investment in high-tech solar products will help us continue to grow our position in the renewable energy industry,” Victor Abate, vice president of GE’s renewable energy business, said in a press release. General Electric made a big announcement today that reflects a new outlook on renewables.

Sierra Club to President Obama on Keystone XL and Canada: Let's Not Make a Deal

Sierra Club Compass

Here's the text of the letter: September 24, 2013 President Barack Obama The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20500 Dear Mr. President, I applaud your commitment to fighting climate change. Your administration's new carbon pollution limits for power plants are a giant step in the right direction and demonstrate that America is ready to move forward on climate.

Hope for Youth: President Obama Tackles Climate Head-On

Sierra Club Compass

Today, President Barack Obama announced his administration's next steps for building a legacy of action to fight the climate crisis. Student and youth climate leaders have been waiting for the president to take decisive action like this. It's no surprise that youth have both the most to lose and the most to gain in addressing climate disruption, and as President Obama confirms, his administration has a moral obligation to act on climate on behalf of future generations.

Britain will stand with America if it attacks Iran

Green (Living) Review

They are there, in readiness, no doubt, for the moment President Obama gives the green light to attack. The more we are seeing of this first Black American President the more is there to dislike and especially in the way he goes about breaking one election promise after the other. Tony Blair made Britain into a poodle to George W Bush, the previous US President and his warmongering operations and endeavors and the new government in the UK appears to be no different.

Iran 122

Indigenous Peoples of North America at Clime Conference in Cochabamba

Green (Living) Review

Over 15,000 delegates from 126 countries heard President Morales speak at the soccer stadium in the village of Tiquipaya today, and are meeting in working group sessions this week to develop strategies and make policy proposals on issues such as forests, water, climate debt, and finance, which President Morales pledges to bring to the international negotiations of the COP 16 in Cancun, Mexico later this year.

A Reminder why we might actually want to Vote for Hillary.

Elephant Journal

In the mass of weird and harsh text messages, one stuck out to me: Blog Enlightened Society Equal Rights WAYLON: Today Only america American Politics election season feminism get out to vote president of the united states voting

2016 81

President Obama’s 2015 State of the Union: Complete Enhanced Video. #SOTU

Elephant Journal

Complete President Obama State of the Union Address video: “Every 3 weeks America brings online as much solar power as we did in all of 2008.” Highlights and Summary and Funny Moments and Graphs: The State of the Union Address. ” Complete Enhanced Video: Holy Hahaha: Obama: “I have no more campaigns to run” Republicans clap […].

2015 77

Report Card Time for Obama’s America’s Great Outdoors Initiative

Wend Magazine

In April of 2010 President Obama launched the America’s Great Outdoors Initiative (AGO) to cultivate a modern approach to environmental conservation that is outlined and accomplished in collaboration with the citizens of the United States. The aim of the plan is to “develop a 21st-century conservation agenda that will protect America’s natural and cultural resources, and connect people to the outdoors through jobs, education, recreation, and service.”

2011 115

President Obama Grants $2 Billion in Green Energy Job Push

Eco Friendly Daily

President Obama was the first to admit on his weekly radio and Web address that the recovery from recession will be a slow and tortuous affair. He was also happy when he said that “After years of watching companies build things and create jobs overseas, it’s good news that we’ve attracted a company to our shores to build a plant and create jobs right here in America.”

It is Time to Boycott America.

Elephant Journal

We have simply never been here before, because while America has elected Republicans, we have never elected a fascist head-of-state. American Politics boycott fascism President Donald Trump presidential elections 2016Enlightened Society Equal Rights Non New-Agey Spirituality WAYLON: Today Only Z ADMIN Enlightened Society Today Only.

Qatar’s Al Jazeera America Puts US Climate Coverage to Shame

Green Prophet

Recently launched by Qatar’s Al Jazeera Media Network , Al Jazeera America has already made a splash for its no-nonsense climate change coverage – something local media stations have been too timid to tackle. But Al Jazeera America, launched 20 August, 2013, has no such qualms.

Qatar 86

With friends like these America needs no enemies

Green (Living) Review

Jewish lobby contemplates “hit” on POTUS by Michael Smith (Veshengro) It has emerged that representatives of the Jewish community in the USA and, it would appear, also of the Jewish entity in occupied Palestine, apparently are considering a “hit” on the POTUS, currently Obama, but also were contemplating this for GW Bush, and keeping their options open, in case that any US President should ever become in anyway anti-Israel. So, who really runs America?

2012 100

Report: Enough wind offshore to electrify America

Eco Friendly Daily

” Jim Gordon, the President of Cape Wind, was pleased to see the Framework’s recognition of the role that offshore wind can play in addressing key national priorities, saying, “The Framework recognizes that offshore wind can meet a significant share of the energy requirements of the Northeast while helping to diversify our energy sources, protect public health and the environment, create jobs, help stabilize energy prices and make us more energy independent.”

Experience the (new, artificial, and made-in-America) Middle East! Coming to Dubai in 2018

Green Prophet

Discussing the Middle East location, Greg Lombardo, a senior vice president at 20th Century Fox Consumer Products, said, “It is where consumer spending is beginning to meet the appetite for entertainment.” Fox World will be a world-class destination that will help fuel Dubai’s emergence as a global tourism destination,” said Jeffrey Godsick, President of Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products.

2018 75

5 Ways to Leave America if Trump is Elected President.

Elephant Journal

These five ways to leave the country if Trump is elected president are all legitimate options to travel and live abroad but don't look at them as an excuse to run away from America if Trump grabs hold of the steering wheel. Adventure Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) WAYLON: Editor's Picks—Hidden Gems WAYLON: Today Only American elections au pair make america great again teach english Trump president voting working holiday visa

President Obama's Speech to the Students of the Nation

Green (Living) Review

Too many people on the right of the American political spectrum just are not prepared to even listen to President Obama. The first problem seems for people that he is – and I beg the President's pardon here – half-caste and in addition to that the Black side does not come from the slavery part of African-Americans.

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The ReUse People of America Launches National 2012 ReUse Contest

Green (Living) Review

California-based non-profit expands its “deconstruct and reuse” in first national contest, showcasing innovative projects built predominantly from used materials normally sent to landfills OAKLAND, CA, May 2012 : The ReUse People of America, Inc. Our ReUse Contest is a lot of fun and allows consumers a chance to showcase their creativity in using used materials to build something,” said Ted Reiff, president of TRP. “It’s

2012 100