Beating Today’s “S” Curve (or Why an Editor is Every Writer’s Best Friend)

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Check out Amazon: they have over seven million books on their virtual shelves. My new series of writing advice e-books on Kindle is currently available for $0.99 Normal. false. false. false. EN-US. X-NONE. There’s an interesting phenomenon going on out there right now.

Product of the Week – Amazon’s Kindle: A Wireless Reading Device

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Then say “Hello&# to the Amazon Kindle! The Amazon Kindle is the ultimate electronic reader. The Kindle is completely wireless and ready to use right out of the box. The Kindle is slim & lightweight, at 10.2 Buy Now via Amazon.

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5 Free and Cheap Apps to Save the Planet

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Amazon Kindle for iPhone. The iPhone screen is a bit small to do any prolonged reading, but when you’re on the go and it’s all you have, you’ll Appreciate this App that allows you to view any book you purchased for Amazon’s Kindle on your iPhone.

beActive launches brand New Sci-Fi Transmedia series Based on CERN's Collider Experiments

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The Comic Book will be distributed by iVerse Media in North America through their Comic Plus comic book store, and also available on Apple iBookstore and Amazon Kindle store. What if the Large Hadron Collider experiments at CERN are putting the world out of balance and mankind on the verge of extinction? A new sci-fi series, iphone game and a comic book from transmedia pioneers beActive ( [link] ) simulates what could happen to the world if the experiments went wrong.

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The Amazon Kindle is one of the most popular devices and can be looked at here: [link]. More than 3 billion books worldwide are sold each year, and many more than that are printed and stay on shelves or in the half-off bin.

Summer Reading

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For instance, invest in an Amazon Kindle, which is a wireless reading device that enables you to download books from the web. If you have a voracious appetite for books, it’s better to store electronic versions on your Kindle than buy more paperbacks to clutter your shelves.

E-Books vs. Real Books

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E-book readers, whether the Amazon Kindle, or whichever else, are NOT sustainable and that regardless of what industry and most green media even would want us to believe. At that high cost to the environment and the purchaser I see the Kindle and its rivals as but a passing fad. This was shown by Amazon's action a year or so ago when they wiped the content of most Kindle readers remotely because the considered that the people no longer were requiring the books.

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The good, the bad and the ugly: Flexible E-paper displays


Some of the more known electrophoretic displays include the likes of Barnes & Noble Nook, Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader, Sony Librie and iLiad. Sonia Renthlei: As we progress, our lifestyle changes with us. Concepts that weren’t thought of or were figments of a person’s imagination are now realities. Reading has taken on a whole new meaning with most of it done online or using e-papers.