Are aluminum (aluminium) water bottles safe?

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) “Are aluminum water bottles safe?” is a rather frequent search term that is linked to the GREEN (LIVING) REVIEW and therefore I thought it might be good it I would explain here a little as to aluminum and safety. So, as far as I am concerned only stainless steel or glass bottles for me, and maybe, though that is then plastic again, BPA-free polycarbonate bottles like “We Want Tap” bottle.

How is Aluminum Recycled? Step by Step


The aluminum recycling industry has set an impressive. Long-term efforts to promote aluminum recycling and reuse have paid off handsomely, and no product material is more frequently returned to recycling plants (on a percentage basis) than aluminum. How to recycle aluminum cans.

The Lifecycle of an Aluminum Can

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The Lifecycle of an Aluminum Can. Aluminum cans are one of those quiet revolutions that have transformed our lives. In fact, three quarters all of the aluminum that was ever produced is still being recycled and reused today.

Are SIGG Aluminum water bottles safe?

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SIGG Bottles Now BPA Free. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Do SIGG Aluminum bottles contain BPA? Did they last year, when everyone was getting rid off their polycarbonate bottles and replacing them with SIGGs? Now SIGG has gone public with an announcement that all of their bottles are completely BPA free, thanks to their new "EcoCare" powder-based, co-polyester coating. But What Were They Before?

Plastic Bottles: Bottled Water and the Environment


water bottles are purchased per minute and close to 400 billion plastic water bottles are produced per year. Plastic bottles are seen as a disposable means of buying drinks and are discarded without thought after use. How are plastic water bottles made?

EcoUsable Offers The Safe Alternative To Aluminum Water Bottles

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) As most readers will by now know aluminum water bottle makers Sigg and Laken have now finally publicly acknowledged what many have suspected and that is that water bottles made and sold until recently were lined with an epoxy resin containing Bisphenol-A (BPA). In response to this news, EcoUsable, pioneers of the world’s first stainless filtered water bottle, are excited to launch the “Make The Switch” campaign.

Environmental Implications of Bottled Water

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Buy, Grab, Drink, Trash: Environmental Implications of Bottled Water by Michael Smith (Veshengro) A plastic bottle is NOT the problem either. It is the water which is, more often than not, from “public” sources, which means it is but tap water in a bottle. Buy, grab, drink, trash; this is the life of one bottle of water after a consumer gets their hands on it. The United States consumes about 50 billion bottles of water each year.

Friday Beer Post: Bottle or Can

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New Belgium has provided a balanced voice in the debate, posting on its blog in April that even with all the volume of research on the life cycle and greenhouse gas emissions of beer packaging materials, there is no clear answer as to whether glass bottles or aluminum cans are environmentally superior. In fact the Can Manufacturers Institute points out that the value of recycled aluminum is high enough to subsidize the cost of collecting other materials in curbside pickup programs.

PURE Glass Bottle – Product Review

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Not another reusable bottle review or article.” While this may be indeed a glass bottle and glass bottles as reusable bottles for tap water and other beverages certainly are not new, this bottle and how it is made to be shatter resistant is, however.

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New Year’s Resolution #3 – Boycott Plastic Water Bottles

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From alarm clocks to toothbrushes to soda bottles to cell phones, we all use and throw away plastic products everyday. One of the most common types of plastic waste is disposable water bottles: we use them at home, carry them to the gym, or grab one when we’re on the go. In fact, every year Americans throw away 29 billion disposable plastic water bottles, only around 23% of which are recycled. They have been banned in toys and baby bottles manufactured in the U.S.

Eco-Vegan hair care in an aluminum container!

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You may have read my post last week about the importance of avoiding plastic bottles. There were a lot of natural and vegan body products at the Expo, but Eco Nature Care was offering something really different: biodegradable hair and body wash in an aluminum container.

Nalgen Bottle Scandal

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Ever since I bought my blue nalgene bottle home from the store, it has traveled with me wherever I went. I don’t feel silly admitting my love for my nalgene bottle since I know almost everybody who has one feels the same about theirs.

Energy Storage Super-capacitors Bottle Energy In New Breakthrough

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UCLA and Egyptian scientist accidentally find a new way to bottle stored energy. You can make one at home with a glass jar and a some aluminum foil. But capacitors store electrical charge by bottling excess electrons on one side of a thin barrier.

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Natural Shampoo in Refillable, Reusable Bottles: YES!

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We go to great lengths to tote and refill our re-usable water bottles everywhere, but why don’t most of us (ahem, me) re-think how we’re using and consuming shampoo, conditioner and body washes? It will arrive at your door in a refillable bottle.

Win It: Hello Green Tomorrow Reusable Water Bottle


We are all about the reusable water bottles here, but even more so now that it’s helping end deforestation! Keep one and share one with a friend – these 100% recyclable aluminum and BPA free bottles are perfect for the summer (or anytime really)!

Find Out What Happens to Our Trash

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HomeSoul Sponsored Post aluminum bottles cans garbage ocean ocean health paper Recycling sponsored trash trees wasteDiscarded plastic items await recycling (Photo: Shutterstock ). There is no magic place called “away” where our garbage goes. We learned this early on in grade school.

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FLASQ Wine Offers Portable, Super Eco-Friendly Option for Hikers, Bikers, Winos and More

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Packaged in 375 mL aluminum bottles, they’re light and won’t break en route. What’s more, FLASQ wine is portioned so that each bottle contains two glasses–just enough for you, or to share, depending on your style of wine consumption.

Parisian—and Planet—Approved Canned Rose Wine (What? YES!)

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But the hassle of lugging heavy wine bottles, remembering a corkscrew and enough cups, and then fumbling to figure out how and where to recycle the empty wine bottles, cups and wine corks , is nothing short of annoying.

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Recycling processes

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We take bottles and cans in for recycling or if we're lucky, we have access to kerbside recycling - but what happens after the waste has left our hands? A brief look at how paper, aluminum and steel cans, glass and plastic bottles are recycled into more of the same

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Fighting fire with fire or, in this case, plastic with plastic

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Forget bio-based bottles, one Dutch designer believes we should fight plastic with plastic. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Have you ever wondered what it takes to produce just one plastic bottle? This led to the creation of Dopper, which is Dutch for “dop” or bottle cap.

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How Does Recycling Save Energy?


Aluminum recycling. For example, for every single ton of aluminum, it requires four tons of bauxite ore, which must be mined, transported, processed, smelted (requiring high temperatures), mixed with caustic soda, and then heated and separated from impurities. aluminum can.

Is our throwaway economy headed for the junk heap of history?

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For aluminum, the figure is just 4 percent. A refillable glass bottle used over and over requires only 10 percent as much energy per use as recycling an aluminum can. Bottled water is even more wasteful. In a world trying to stabilize climate, it is difficult to justify bottling water (often tap water to begin with), hauling it long distances, and then selling it for 1,000 times the price of water from the kitchen faucet.

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The myth of glass recycling

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The great majority of people, I am sure, firmly believe that the glass bottles and glass jars, of which they so diligently remove the labels and then put out for the kerbside recycling pick-up are going to make new glass bottles and -jars.

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Tap water is tops

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Tap water is tops; no two ways about it by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Tap water is tops; no two ways about it, regardless of the claim by some that their tap water being so bad they have no other choice than to use bottled water, in a country such as Britain or the USA.

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Kevin Bacon Makes Set of “The Following” Eco-Friendly


When filming started for the new show, Bacon gave each member of the cast and crew an aluminum water bottle to ensure that the set would be eco-friendly. Read More The post Kevin Bacon Makes Set of “The Following” Eco-Friendly appeared first on Ecorazzi. Causes Environment Film/TV News Top News kevin bacon

What is Downcycling?

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That plastic soda bottle from lunch can be reinvented as carpet fibers while the morning’s newspapers get turned into cardboard boxes. Instead, soda bottles and plastic bags end up as lower quality items like fleece and siding. What Is Downcycling?

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Alternatives to Plastic

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Recycled Aluminum Water Bottle: Topo Trail Map. Sustainable Wood Bookshelf Glass, along with metals like aluminum and steel, can be recycled indefinitely, meaning they don’t have to end up in landfills, and wood is also easier to reuse and dispose of. Alternatives to Plastic.

The Plastic Pollution Coalition Celebrity Charity Auction

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Consider moving away from: Plastic bottles TO Reusable bottles for water/juice and aluminum cans for soda. If you have ever wanted to get a personal tour of Ed Begley, Jr.’s

Why Is Recycling Important?


Every day, 80 million plastic bottles and 288 million aluminum cans end up in waste in the United States alone [2]. For example, the price of aluminum reaches up to $1,600 per ton [5] , and the value of precious metals used in electronics can be as high as $20 billion a year [6].

The Mindfullest Chair on Planet Earth.

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The Rag and Bone Man

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As should, possibly, be plastic bottles and aluminum and steel cans, plus a variety of other things. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The rags collected by members of this occupation were used for what, you may ask.

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Gaiam joins Sigg in deception of the consumer over BPA

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First Sigg announced its aluminium water bottles contained BPA all along in their lining and now Gaiam has quietly updated their website to include information that their brand name aluminum bottles leach BPA into its contents too! This man-made chemical is prevalent in consumer goods including canned food, baby bottles, recycled toilet paper, infant formula, lining of aluminium soda and beer cans, etc.

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Be A Mindful Camper

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Not only can feeding wild animals bring danger to humans but animals stomachs are not designed for a bag of extra spicy cheetos or cool ranch Doritos. - Bring refillable water bottles.

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That’s impossible, if recycling really did save money, some company would have already done it by now

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It is now cheaper to recycle an aluminum can into a new can than it is to make one from virgin material, and the same is becoming true for plastic bottles. The principle is the same with used plastic bottles, which are made from petroleum — and are one of the country’s largest exports to China, where they are used to make fabric fibers.

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Here’s to Earth Day: 9 eco-friendly Caribbean resorts

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Certified by Green Globe in 2007 for reducing waste by shunning most plastic bottles and aluminum cans as well as utilizing a state-of-the-art reverse osmosis water plant, which transforms salt water from the sea into fresh water. | Green Travel News |.

BPA Losers: Gaiam Joins Sigg in Consumer Deceit

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First Sigg announced its aluminum water bottles contained BPA all along, now Gaiam has quietly updated their website to include information that their brand name aluminum bottles leach BPA into its contents too! Oh how the mighty have fallen! If consumers can’t trust such green powerhouses as Gaiam, who can they trust? [.] [ BPA Losers: Gaiam Joins Sigg in Consumer Deceit from Green Living Ideas ].

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10 Green & Good Cleaning Replacements for the Toxic Bad Guy

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Pour in small spray bottle. All Purpose Cleaner 1-2 parts water and 1 part vinegar mixed in spray bottle. cup vinegar, ¼ cup rubbing alcohol, 2 cups water mixed in spray bottle. Pour over silver placed in aluminum pan or line a pan/bowl with aluminum foil.

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The Hardest to Recycle Items and What to Do with Them


Sometimes this is a quick matter of throwing aluminum cans into the recycling bin, but what about those items that are hard to recycle and you have no idea what to do with them? Plastic bottle lids. If you’re like most people, you have mismatched plastic bottle lids just sitting around.

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Back to School Green Tips

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Water Bottles. According to National Geographic’s ‘Water Bottle Pollution Facts’, 29 billion bottles of water are purchased annually using 17 million barrels of crude oil to produce which could otherwise fuel 1 million cars, for one year. Back to School Green Tips.

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The Hardest to Recycle Items and What to Do with Them


Sometimes this is a quick matter of throwing aluminum cans into the recycling bin, but what about those items that are hard to recycle and you have no idea what to do with them? Plastic bottle lids. If you’re like most people, you have mismatched plastic bottle lids just sitting around.

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: What Do the Three Rs Mean?


Converting bowls, bottles and mugs into light fixtures or candle holders. Salvaging pieces of cardboard, plastic bottles, egg cartons and wooden pallets for home craft or construction projects, which can be fun for the whole family. Decorative glass bottles.

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How Much Faster Are Carbon Road Bike Wheels Really? (If You’re an Amateur?)


Carbon is better over alloy for these reasons; less flex, more aerodynamic and generally lighter even though aluminum is becoming more highly engineered still. The beauty of carbon is that it reduces flex compared to aluminum while still absorbing road vibration.

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Easy Ways to Recycle Common Recyclables


The list of materials most appropriate for recycling includes [4] : Aluminum. Plastic bottles. Recycling is fantastic for the planet, and an all-around virtuous thing to do.