Aluminum and the environment

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Aluminum is an incredibly useful metal and while it's certainly not in short supply; an often toxic, emissions and energy -intensive process is needed to turn the raw materials into a form we can use; hence the need to recycle every bit of aluminum we can

Maven Moment: Aluminum Foil


Mom and Grandma always had aluminum foil in their kitchens. … The post Maven Moment: Aluminum Foil appeared first on Read the original here: Maven Moment: Aluminum Foil.


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The Lifecycle of an Aluminum Can

Green Home Blog

The Lifecycle of an Aluminum Can. Aluminum cans are one of those quiet revolutions that have transformed our lives. In fact, three quarters all of the aluminum that was ever produced is still being recycled and reused today. If that seems like an extraordinary amount of recycling, consider this: aluminum is not only amazingly suitable for packaging everything from drinks to gourmet foods, but incredibly recyclable.

8 Ways to Reuse Aluminum Cans


Did you know that the aluminum can your soda comes … The post 8 Ways to Reuse Aluminum Cans appeared first on Read the original: 8 Ways to Reuse Aluminum Cans. Eco a-comes- aluminum appeared-first comes earth911-com- first-on-earth911 reuse reuse-aluminum

How is Aluminum Recycled? Step by Step


The aluminum recycling industry has set an impressive. Long-term efforts to promote aluminum recycling and reuse have paid off handsomely, and no product material is more frequently returned to recycling plants (on a percentage basis) than aluminum. On a worldwide basis, approximately 67 percent of all aluminum cans purchased by consumers are recycled, which makes these cans the most recycled container in the world [1]. Quick Navigation for How Is Aluminum Recycled.

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We Earthlings: Recycle a Six-Pack of Aluminum Cans


When you recycle a six-pack of aluminum cans, you save … The post We Earthlings: Recycle a Six-Pack of Aluminum Cans appeared first on Earth 911. Originally posted here: We Earthlings: Recycle a Six-Pack of Aluminum Cans.

Phinergy tests range-extending aluminum-air battery for EVs in Montreal

Green Prophet

The world’s third largest producer of aluminum has teamed up with Israel’s Phinergy to produce a new battery that would make electric vehicles as cost effective as gas- or diesel-fueled vehicles, and significant extends vehicle range. A supplement to the regular lithium-ion batteries that most electric vehicles use, the battery uses air and water to unlock substantial amount of energy locked in aluminum plates.

Adding Aluminum Foil to Your Stove’s Reflector Drip Pans

Green Living Ideas

Adding aluminum foil to your stove’s reflector drip pans is a great way to make it more energy efficient. Tools you’ll need for the job: A package of Aluminum Foil. Instructions: adding aluminum foil to your stove’s drip pans. Clean and then cover the reflector drip pan with aluminum foil. Next take a sheet of aluminum foil and wrap it around the drip pan (shiny side up!).

Are aluminum (aluminium) water bottles safe?

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) “Are aluminum water bottles safe?” is a rather frequent search term that is linked to the GREEN (LIVING) REVIEW and therefore I thought it might be good it I would explain here a little as to aluminum and safety. If, and that question was also raised in some of the search engine inquiries, we are talking about the old military canteens made from aluminum my advise would be not to use them in any way.

9 Ways to Reuse Aluminum Pie Pans


All those aluminum pie pans don’t have to go straight into the recycling bin — reuse them first in these seven clever ways. The post 9 Ways to Reuse Aluminum Pie Pans appeared first on See the original post here: 9 Ways to Reuse Aluminum Pie Pans.

Will iconic red beer pong cups be replaced by aluminum?


Used for decades at family picnics, beach parties and beer pong games, the familiar red plastic SOLO cup might be headed for extinction thanks to a sleek, aluminum alternative that is endlessly reusable. is facing some fierce competition that is promising to be better for the environment — a reusable, aluminum cup created by Ball Corp., “The aluminum cup is a game-changer for the industry,” Sebastian Siethoff, Ball Corp.’s

Why Boxed Water is Really Better than Aluminum Cans and Plastic Bottles

Green Prophet

It’s not aluminum cans. The beverage industry is now marketing a new idea: aluminum canned water. An independent life-cycle study recently found that aluminum cans have a 200% larger carbon footprint than more sustainable solutions such as the Boxed Water brand.

Sculptural aluminum roof keeps Cal Poly building cool


Los Angeles-based firm CO Architects designed the 140,000-square-foot building, a two-wing structure topped with an eye-catching aluminum roof that spans two acres. The SSB draws the eye with its wavy standing-seam aluminum roof constructed with perforated metal overhangs that vary from five to 28 feet in depth. See more here: Sculptural aluminum roof keeps Cal Poly building cool.

Hilla Shamia casts wood and aluminum with unusual burnt edges

Green Prophet

Israeli designer HIlla Shamia has found a way to mix “oil and water” or aluminum and wood – two materials I’ve never seen fused together. The product designer has created a novel way to meld both poured aluminum with irregular wood chunks to create modern tables and benches with a warm industrial feel.

Testing the mettle of the aluminum cup


Which is better: reusable, unrecyclable plastic or single-use, recyclable aluminum? Read the rest here: Testing the mettle of the aluminum cup. Business Green circular economy collective-future covid-19 employee-engagement follows-the-other in the loop mining opportunity plastic-or-single

Aluminum in Antiperspirants

Eco Friendly Daily

The reason for this is in the antiperspirant which actually uses aluminum salts to seal up our pores and prevent us from sweating. Not all deodorants contain aluminum, but antiperspirants do. Aluminum is harmful to the environment because of the incredible amount of energy that is used in the aluminum mining process. Although aluminum is the most abundant metal found in the Earth’s crust the mining process is lengthy and difficult.

Are SIGG Aluminum water bottles safe?

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Do SIGG Aluminum bottles contain BPA? Aluminum without liner, even though that was common until not that long ago in the 1970s and 1980s even, is not a real option because of the problems associated with aluminum, and this despite the fact that military canteens and those for the Scouts were aluminum. SIGG Bottles Now BPA Free. But What Were They Before? Not any more.

Tip of the Week – Recycle Aluminum Foil

The Go Green Blog

Products such as aluminum foil are often overlooked, but can be thrown in the recycling bin along with the cans, newspapers & glass. According to the Aluminum Association , Americans toss out enough aluminum every 3 months to rebuild our entire commercial air fleet. So, the next time you use aluminum foil…don’t forget to toss it into the recycling bin! A lot of your favorite household products are recyclable.

We Earthlings: Let’s Recycle More Aluminum


Nature and our shared relationships through … The post We Earthlings: Let’s Recycle More Aluminum appeared first on View post: We Earthlings: Let’s Recycle More Aluminum. What connects us all? Eco Recycle 780-million and-our appeared-first earth911-com- first-on-earth911 health infographic living & well being shared shared-relationships through we earthlings

Israel’s Phinergy Boosts EV Travel Range with Aluminum Air Battery

Green Prophet

Phinergy’s air batteries made up of 50 aluminum plates can give EVs a range of up to 1,000 miles, according to Gizmag , with each plate providing enough energy for 20 miles. It’s a disposable solution, though Phinergy does not that aluminum is easily recyclable. Critics responded to Gizmag’s post rightly question whether the energy required to process the aluminum outweighs the benefits of having a renewably-charged electric vehicle in the first place.

Giveaway – Eco-Foil 100% Recycled Aluminum Pans

The Go Green Blog

Did you know… Aluminum is the only material that is endlessly recyclable, without ever breaking down or compromising the quality of the metal. Eco- Foil pans are made from 100% recycled aluminum, and are 100% recyclable after use, offering consumers a convenient and affordable way to reduce their carbon footprint. Enter to win an Eco-Foil 100% Recycled Aluminum Pan Prize Pack worth $30!

Recyclable aluminum facade wraps BBC Studios new reusable pavilion


has recently unveiled a new, reusable pavilion with a striking facade of fully recyclable, raw aluminum. The building is wrapped in a rippled facade made entirely of aluminum scales angled to let in light and to give the pavilion its dynamic appearance. Recyclable aluminum facade wraps BBC Studios new reusable pavilion. BBC Studios, the commercial arm of the BBC group and the biggest producer of TV content in the U.K.,

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This aluminum water bottle is a reusable alternative to single-use plastic


The result is a sleek, aluminum water bottle that keeps you hydrated, even when you are on the go. Related: Coca-Cola to offer Dasani water in aluminum cans and bottles to reduce plastic waste The team brainstormed around the idea of widely popular, refillable metal water bottles.

EcoUsable Offers The Safe Alternative To Aluminum Water Bottles

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) As most readers will by now know aluminum water bottle makers Sigg and Laken have now finally publicly acknowledged what many have suspected and that is that water bottles made and sold until recently were lined with an epoxy resin containing Bisphenol-A (BPA). This campaign encourages consumers with aluminum water bottles to “Make The Switch” to EcoUsable stainless steel, BPA-free water bottles produced with no lining at all.

This durable, recyclable cooler is made from bamboo, wool, steel and aluminum


The cooler uses stainless steel and aluminum for the main body, tray and hardware; both of these materials are completely recyclable. This durable, recyclable cooler is made from bamboo, wool, steel and aluminum.

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Aluminum cans vs plastic bottles: which is best for the environment?


We’ve all been guilty of buying an unsustainable beverage every once in a while, but when faced with the perplexing conundrum of whether to grab that plastic bottle or aluminum can, which do you believe to be more environmentally-friendly ? The use of aluminum cans was first introduced to the general public in 1959 by Coors. About five years later, Royal Crown Cola brought aluminum into the soft drinks game with their RC Cola and Diet Rite.

The aluminum can: America’s most successful recycling story that you’ve never heard


Read the original here: The aluminum can: America’s most successful recycling story that you’ve never heard. On America Recycles Day, it’s time to recognize one special piece of packaging. Business Eco Green Recycle america america-recycles books greenbiz reads recognize-one recycling rewards-informed with-the-cmo

Aluminum-free deodorant by Crystal

Eco-Vegan Girl

Several years ago I was introduced to Crystal deodorant , and I was really skeptical - how could a stick of salt really keep me smelling fresh? However, my old deodorant wasn't cutting it, and I heard that some of the ingredients could cause breast cancer, so I gave it a try. Lo and behold, Crystal worked wonders and I've been using it ever since! I've since become an all-natural girl and I love that this product is so simple - salt as the only ingredient.

This rechargeable camping headlamp is made out of sustainable wood and recycled aluminum


In fact, the search for green gear got so frustrating for nature lover Doug Rieck that he invented his own camping headlamp that is made out of sustainable wood and recyclable aluminum. Related: Get ready for an adventure with this ultimate checklist of backpacking essentials Handcrafted from sustainable wood and recycled aluminum, the Origin Headlamp is a durable, reliable light for adventures.

2019 28

Jeff Ivanhoe creates new art form out of recycled aluminum cans


Sonia Renthlei: The first thing that comes to mind when we think of an aluminum can is our favorite beer or soft drink. But aluminum cans are highly recyclable and can be worked on to produce more cans. Artist Jeff Ivanhoe has created an art form using aluminum cans, which he calls AluMosaic. It is also an art form, which transforms aluminum cans into hand cut tiles turning them into stunning pieces of art.

Celebrate World Refill Day With Reusable Bottled Water Alternatives


Eco aluminum bottle bottled water celebrate celebrate-world earth911 first-on-earth911 headed-out living & well being plastic-water refill reusable reusable-bottled water world world-refillLet’s eliminate single-use plastic water bottles to mark World Refill Day.

Eco-Vegan hair care in an aluminum container!

Eco-Vegan Girl

There were a lot of natural and vegan body products at the Expo, but Eco Nature Care was offering something really different: biodegradable hair and body wash in an aluminum container. The bottle is entirely made from aluminum, so you don't have separate or sort when recycling, not to mention no loss in performance or downcycling. You may have read my post last week about the importance of avoiding plastic bottles.

Emeco’s Za stools offer a lifetime of sustainable beauty


Designed by Naoto Fukasawa, these stools are made with square aluminum tubing and round seats to create a simple, sleek design. Aluminum is lightweight, strong and non-corrosive. This chair was built by hand using scrap aluminum. Emeco has been making furniture out of aluminum ever since. Eco Green Recycle a-and-chairs aidlin-darling aluminum black emeco francisco island japanese leed left real estate right san francisco stool

This dynamic parking garage doubles as a public sculpture


Dubbed the Parking House G2, the monolithic building features a dynamic and lightweight facade of extruded aluminum slats that “animates itself” in different ways depending on how and from where it’s viewed.

Calamus unveils worlds safest e-bike at CES 2020


Crafted to evoke continuity, the Ultrabike uses 6000 series aircraft-grade aluminum with automotive-grade paint for both the lightweight bike frame and handlebar, which is also part of a one-piece stem and handle design.

2020 36

A sculptural office crowns the solar-powered Stellar building in India


Constructed with rust-red colored aluminum sheets, the angular office is a focal point for not only the 110-meter-long building but also for the bustling intersection where the building is located. Surrounded by a spacious, north-facing outdoor terrace, the eye-catching office is wrapped in angular aluminum sheets strategically placed to protect the windows from the sun.

2020 28

Parisian—and Planet—Approved Canned Rose Wine (What? YES!)

Eco Chic

Escapes aluminum beach canned wine Central park farm to table festival great lawn natural NYC organic wine picnic Recycling Wine wine makingBout Time Wine’s canned rose is a no-fuss way to enjoy wine everywhere, be it poolside, rooftop, beach, or picnic. . Few things are better than savoring a chilled rosé outside with friends, family or your love. She has a knack for pairing perfectly with our favorite summer settings: A hazy day at the beach. A good farm-to-table barbeque.

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Northern Chinas largest bamboo pavilion covers nearly half an acre


Green aluminum architecture bamboo bamboo construction beijing china commercial-building green-building mauricio cardenas laverde natural light solar shadingAfter years of building bamboo houses across rural China, Italian architect Mauricio Cardenas Laverde completed his largest bamboo project yet — the Bamboo Eye pavilion, a 1,600-square-meter structure constructed entirely from 5,000 locally sourced moso bamboo poles.

2019 28

Fun, eco-friendly things to do in Portland


Business Eco Green Recycle aluminum animates-itself building nofollow-noopener parking portland veganPortland has boomed in the past 20 years, attracting musicians, writers, graphic designers and other creative people. Many entrepreneurial folks have started unusual businesses and events, which often surprise and delight visitors. If you’ve always wanted to visit a vegan strip club or watch an adult soapbox derby race, Portland is for you.

How To Make Hydropower Dams Safer And More Eco-Friendly?


In 1895, water flowing over Niagara Falls was diverted to spin 2 generators, producing electricity to manufacture carborundum and aluminum. Hydropower was responsible for humanity’s first large-scale electricity project.

Cheers to Cork

Eco Friendly Daily

Winemakers are now using plastic plugs and aluminum screw caps instead of cork since it’s less expensive. Environment Green Tips aluminum cheers cork forest grapes plastic USDA wine winemakers The next time you pick out a wine, choose wisely. This is putting cork forests in danger, because if the demand for cork decreases, economic incentives to protect these forests will fail to exist. According to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), there are currently 2.7

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DIY – Soda Can Purse

The Go Green Blog

When complete you will end up with sheets of the aluminum can. Tags: Eco-Products Green Crafts Recycling aluminum Crafts DIY purse Recycle Reuse soda cans up-cycle upcycle I love this purse made from recycled soda cans. It is so cute and of course eco-friendly. Supplies Needed: Soda Cans. Stapler & Staples. Purse Template. Knife & Scissors. Ruler. Copier. Naugahyde or Similar Fabric. Nail or Hole Punch. Step 1 -.

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Recycling processes

Green Living Tips

A brief look at how paper, aluminum and steel cans, glass and plastic bottles are recycled into more of the same We take bottles and cans in for recycling or if we're lucky, we have access to kerbside recycling - but what happens after the waste has left our hands?

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