How Do You Recycle?

The Green Samaritan

I’m fortunate – my city offer curbside recycling and furnishes a big brown can to deposit all our recyclable items in to include paper, aluminum cans, glass, newspaper, steel. With Earth Day approaching, I’m curious… How do you recycle or how does your city handle recycling?

How Does Recycling Save Energy?


Aluminum recycling. Glass recycling. Easy recycling tips everyone can follow. Manufacturing product items from scratch can be both pricey and labor intensive to gather, move and process the virgin resources. Only then can the aluminum be used to make products.

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FLASQ Wine Offers Portable, Super Eco-Friendly Option for Hikers, Bikers, Winos and More

Wend Magazine

Say you’re planning a hike to the top of Angel’s Rest –and you want to enjoy a glass of wine at the bluff overlooking the Columbia River. Packaged in 375 mL aluminum bottles, they’re light and won’t break en route.

Friday Beer Post: Bottle or Can

Environmental Economics

New Belgium has provided a balanced voice in the debate, posting on its blog in April that even with all the volume of research on the life cycle and greenhouse gas emissions of beer packaging materials, there is no clear answer as to whether glass bottles or aluminum cans are environmentally superior.

A How-to For Recycling

Green Home Blog

Recycling is an important part of any green home or business, but the sheer number of products and materials that pass through our hands every day can make it seem like a daunting task. What can I recycle? Aluminum: Like glass, aluminum can easily be recycled again and again.

What is Downcycling?

Green Home Blog

That plastic soda bottle from lunch can be reinvented as carpet fibers while the morning’s newspapers get turned into cardboard boxes. Paper and plastic, on the other hand, are much less durable and can only be recycled a finite number of times. What Is Downcycling?

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The best eco-friendly home improvement or home construction products you should use

Green Prophet

Home improvement is very important as it can make your home look attractive as well as increase the value of your home. Non-toxic carpets can also be beneficial to maintain the air temperature; cooler in the summer season and warmer in the winter season.

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Reuse and Reduce

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So much of what we throw away doesn’t need to end up in the trash: food waste can be composted, materials like plastics and metals can be recycled, and many products like clothes and appliances can be reused. Cooking oil can be recycled to make biofuel. Reuse and Reduce!

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5 Ways to Make Recycling Easy

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If your family is anything like mine, it can be a real chore to get them to use even the most easily accessible recycling bin. Everyone from young kids to grandparents gets used to throwing soda bottles, jars, and wrappers into the nearest garbage can without thinking twice.

Hermit Thrush Brewery: Party Guy

10,000 Birds

Additionally, each can of Hermit Thrush beer is emblazoned with a motto of “Get beer off oil!”, In the glass, the beer assumes a more modest appearance: Party Guy is a hazy, deep copper ale that glimmers orange in the light.

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Here’s to Earth Day: 9 eco-friendly Caribbean resorts

Green Traveler Guides

Certified by Green Globe in 2007 for reducing waste by shunning most plastic bottles and aluminum cans as well as utilizing a state-of-the-art reverse osmosis water plant, which transforms salt water from the sea into fresh water. | Green Travel News |.

Reducing Waste

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We create an amazing amount of garbage, and from landfills to ocean debris to highway litter, we can literally see it piling up all around us. Glass and aluminum can be recycled indefinitely, but paper and plastic are eventually ruined by the recycling process. Reducing Waste. Finding a way to deal with our trash is one of the most important problems facing the world today.

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So You Think You Want Wind Power?

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Now you’re at the outer edge of middle management and can reasonably expect that the recent economic doldrums and the inevitable downsizing might be just the trick to float your boat at the very least. So You Think You Want Wind Power?

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: What Do the Three Rs Mean?


While eliminating waste production entirely may be impossible, you can take gigantic steps toward that admirable target by embracing each of the three Rs with relish and gusto. Decorative glass bottles. You can think of this as your home version of recycling.

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To recycle or not to recycle – is that really a question?

Green (Living) Review

They will toss a tin can that they have just cleaned and from which they have even removed the label (we told to do that in many areas) into the recycling bin and then go out to buy a recycled steel pencil bin. The same goes for glass jars. They toss glass jars from produce and then go and buy recycled glass storage jars. Should we throw the can into the recycling bin? It can be recycled again and again and again and again and never weaken.

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The Hardest to Recycle Items and What to Do with Them


Sometimes this is a quick matter of throwing aluminum cans into the recycling bin, but what about those items that are hard to recycle and you have no idea what to do with them? Here is a list of hard to recycle items and how you can recycle them: 1.

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The Hardest to Recycle Items and What to Do with Them


Sometimes this is a quick matter of throwing aluminum cans into the recycling bin, but what about those items that are hard to recycle and you have no idea what to do with them? Here is a list of hard to recycle items and how you can recycle them: 1.

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Dubai Dumps its Dumps

Green Prophet

Their Waste Management & Recycling Project Group has set up recycling centers and conduct regular recycling collection drives for aluminum, paper, plastic, glass, batteries and toner cartridges. These machines can sort, recycle and process a total of 25 tons of waste each year.

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Google Resorts to Going Green With Trash Talk

Green Prophet

Newspapers can be reused as wrapping paper for gifts. They range from the sensible to the nice-to-know-but-come-on-you’ll-never-really-do-it: Here are some green tips: Empty tissue boxes can provide easy and handy storage for plastic grocery bags. Gmail offers recycling tips.

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Organic beer is the smarter choice

Green Life Smart Life

When I think of Beer, I think of a nice glass of Newport Storm or maybe a blueberry beer from Coddingtons. When drinking a beer or wine labeled organic you can rest assure that the U.S. You can expect the hops and barley to be organically grown, no toxic pesticides and no artificial fertilizers. First off when out at a restaurant or pub opt for a beer on tap, this saves hundreds of beer bottles and cans from being produced. Also opt for re-using your glass.

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Ontario's Beer Store sets recycling record

Green (Living) Review

92 per cent of all beverage alcohol containers sold in Ontario recycled Mississauga, Ont, Canada, November 2010: The Beer Store (TBS) has released "Responsible Stewardship", its annual packaging stewardship report detailing the packaging diversion performance of The Beer Store's deposit return system for beer containers and the Ontario Deposit Return Program (ODRP) for wine and spirit containers.

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Some ways in which frugal living is also green living

Green (Living) Review

How can one become frugal? 2) Reuse Reusing will also save you money and there are many simple things that you can do to reuse things and thereby extend their life and value. The same goes for tins and also for glass jars. As are lampshades made from catering tin cans.

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Understanding Waste Decomposition

Eco Friendly Daily

This is short term thinking because those items need to be recycled and if they are not, then the Earth recycles them and it can take a very long time. Glass Bottle: 1,000,000 years. Aluminum Can: 200 years. Tin Can, Leather and a Styrofoam Cup: 50 years.

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Go Green: Help Reduce Your Dependency on Oil

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Many Americans are wondering what they can do to help the United States. ways that every American can make painless choices that reduce our. Here are four simple choices we can make everyday to reduce our dependency on foreign oil and build a stronger America: Pick Paper, not Plastic.

Do we recycle enough?

Green (Living) Review

You and I sort it all nicely for them (for free) so they can sell clean and sorted recyclables without the need to employ personnel to do it. That is also why there are no recycling centers here where people would get paid to bring steel cans, aluminum cans, glass bottles, etc. The same could be done with glass jars and none of those, bottles or jar, unless broken, would ever have to go into recycling to be remade into bottles, jars and other glass products.

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Kids Can Help the Planet Too!

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Even if you are in elementary school, you can help. Some things that you can do are: use both sides of paper to write or draw, recycle plastic and glass bottles, recycle paper and newspapers, recycle aluminum cans, donate old toys to charity and pack your lunch in reusable containers.

Schools told how to recycle more cartons

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Carton Council presentation A special presentation on how schools can increase their efforts to recycle milk and juice cartons was heard by several area school district personnel Monday. A package that can be recycled by at least 30 percent access of U.S.

Is our throwaway economy headed for the junk heap of history?

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For example, 60 cars, weighing a total of 110 tons, can be replaced by one 12-ton bus, reducing material use 89 percent. automobile sector actually has a steel surplus that can be used elsewhere in the economy. For steel cans it is 65 percent. For aluminum, the figure is just 4 percent. A refillable glass bottle used over and over requires only 10 percent as much energy per use as recycling an aluminum can.

Recycle Scrap Metal and Go Green

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When we talk of recycling, we usually think of plastics, glass, paper, clothing, or furniture, because these are things we recycle most often. But did you know that you can recycle metal too? You also conserve another incredibly valuable resource – water, because mining for ores to procure metals can involve excessive wastage of water. It can also mean a decrease in the number of illegal dumping sites. Metal Scrap Can Be Recycled. Recycle.

5 Things You Didn't Know: Garbage

The Green Changemakers

3- Some garbage can live a million years or more Another thing you didn't know about garbage is just how determined some of it is to stay garbage. Furthermore, landfills produce methane -- rather, microbes produce it as they devour anything they can and emit methane as a waste product.

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The World without Landfills

The Green Changemakers

Though their experiences are different, they share a common cause: organizing to reduce the amount of trash—everything from cans and bottles to cell phones and apple cores—that ends up buried in landfills or burned in incinerators. Here''s how you can reduce yours.