Nuclear Energy Pros and Cons


The etymology of the word “nuclear” comes. This is of course because nuclear energy was discovered after experimenting with reactions of uranium atoms and neutrons. What is nuclear energy? Further reading: How Does Nuclear Energy Work? Nuclear Energy

Global warming heats up a renaissance of nuclear energy

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Global warming and the BP oil spill have helped rehabilitate nuclear energy in the eyes of the public – and even in the eyes of a fair number of environmentalists. Environmentalist on the nuclear bandwagon? They even do not seem to realize that we cannot afford nuclear. However, they keep harping on, nowadays, about that nuclear-power does not give off CO2 and such emissions. In the USA Dominion Energy Inc.

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Does Nuclear Energy Have a Future?


Nuclear energy has always been a controversial issue. With the meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi plant this spring, increased concerns about climate change, and a global debate over the future of energy, this year is no exception.

Is Nuclear Energy a Fuel With a Future?


Nuclear energy has always been a controversial issue. With the meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi plant this spring, increased concerns about climate change, and a global debate over the future of energy, this year is no exception.

Nuclear energy: Is it good or bad?

The Green Changemakers

A primer to atomic power’s hottest topics By Victoria Schlesinger Like a neutron colliding with an atom, two factors are igniting Americans, and particularly environmentalists, into reconciling a messy question: Do we or don’t we want to develop nuclear power? Accept for maybe nuclear power.

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French presidential candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon on ecology and nuclear energy

Green Blog

He also wants a return to full pensions for everyone from the age of 60, a 20% increase in the minimum wage, a cap on maximum salaries and the nationalisation of big energy companies. You announce a referendum on nuclear power; what is the strategy of the Left Front? Jean-Luc Melenchon: First, get out of carbon energies, which are the source of the greenhouse effect and of the climate bifurcation which will soon run its disastrous course.

Progress in Alternative Power, From National to Global Views

Green Home Blog

At least once a month, some self-styled electrical power expert (often from the Republican side of the aisle) will insist that: Wind and solar energy will never have more than a minimal market share of energy resources. clean energy technologies into the energy system.

Can Nuclear Power Ever Be Justified For Environmental Reasons?

Green Prophet

Jordan looks into the advantages of nuclear and we debunk the ‘green’ arguments for going nuclear. Whilst Turkey reassesses its own nuclear plans following a devastating earthquake, Jordan is still exploring the pros and cons of going radioactive. Desalination and Nuclear Energy.

Jordanians Step Up Nuclear Protests

Green Prophet

Anti-nuclear campaigners in Jordan have staged another protest against the nation’s plans to build a nuclear reactor. The nuclear plans are part of Jordan’s effort to become more self-sufficient at providing its own energy.

Jordan Pushes On With Its Nuclear Plans

Green Prophet

Jordan is now months away from announcing the company they have selected to construct the country’s first nuclear reactor. The Jordanian government wants to build a 1,000 megawatt nuclear reactor as part of its efforts to end its heavy dependence on energy imports.

Saudi Arabia Announces Plans For 100% Switch To Renewables

Green Prophet

Following plans to transform Mecca into a solar city, an influential member of the Saudi Royal family has announced even more ambitious renewable energy plans for the country. “No country can ban itself from any one form of energy,” he said.

Man-made climate change is one of the UK's biggest threats

Green (Living) Review

"That is why, unlike 13 wasted years of Labour, we are building the first nuclear power station for 30 years in our country. He also quoted the energy minister Michael Fallon answering a question about climate change: “You are not going to draw me on that.

Experts at US-Arab Policy Conference debate Mideast’s future as global energy supplier

Green Prophet

Does the rapid expansion of new technologies like fracking threaten the future of eco-friendly energy alternatives such as wind and solar energy? An energy panel held on the first day of the Oct. associate deputy secretary of energy.

Who Needs 11 Nuclear Plants?

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Egyptian environmentalists urge officials to reconsider their plans to acquire 11 nuclear power plants. Egypt’s military intends to acquire 11 nuclear power plants. At a recent seminar in Cairo, officials openly discussed the country’s nuclear energy program.

Nuclear Power: The Facts & The Fiction

Green Living Ideas

There are few issues in the environmental movement as polarizing as nuclear power. On one hand, nuclear provides a huge, baseload energy source that has no real carbon footprint. Is nuclear power safe? Is nuclear radiation harmless?

A critical analysis of future nuclear reactors designs

Green Blog

Once upon a time I used to be a fan of nuclear energy. As far as I saw it, nuclear energy was the silver bullet solution to all of our energy problems and more. Notably the fact that most of the economic figures in support of nuclear power (a couple of typical delusions you’ll find here and here ) come straight out of Hogwarts school of magic, wizardry….and and economics (more realistic appraisals of nuclear economics can be found here and here ).

As US Nuclear Reactors decay…

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It relates to the slow gradual decline of the US nuclear power sector. I’ve never been in a US nuclear plant, but people whom I know who have (pro-nuclear mind) paint a bleak picture. Suffice to say, many of America’s nuclear plants are as it were “ getting on a bit ”.

George Monbiot and the enviro-neocons

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While a small number of Malthusians (often referred to as “doomers” on the internet) do hold this view (they also tend to be skeptical of renewable energy I would note), they were always going to be disappointed. It’s not so much an energy crisis, but a liquid fuels crisis (or more to the point a cheap liquid fuels crisis, as discussed in the Hirsch Report ). of its entire energy needs from shale gas (my analysis being based on EIA and DoE data). Nuclear Conversions.

New Energy Economics book

Environmental Economics

Energy Economics  By Peter M. From the publisher: Energy Economics outlines the fundamental issues and possible solutions to the challenges of energy production and use, and presents a framework for energy decisions based upon sound economic analysis.

Japan’s Nuclear Program Faces Uncertain Future As All Reactors Go Offline

Eco Friendly Daily

The world has not seen nuclear energy quite the same ever since the earthquake and tsunami disaster struck Japan in March 2011. Since then the countries of Germany and Switzerland have declared end dates for their nuclear programs, with many other countries considering similar measures.

Tokyo goes Green for 2016 Olympics

Eco Friendly Daily

The Tokyo city government has just announced that if it wins the honor to host the 2016 Summer Olympic Games, it will power the entire games generated with green energy sources. Nuclear energy is not to be a part of this “green energy” line up.

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China Stops Construction On Nuclear Plants To Reevaluate Plans

Eco Friendly Daily

The earthquake in Japan has not only caused major damage in Japan, but it also has sent a wave of concern across the globe when it comes to nuclear power. Only approximately two percent of the electricity needs in China are currently being met through nuclear energy.

Japan Asks Citizens To Reduce Energy Use This Summer Due To Blackout Fears

Eco Friendly Daily

The world has not seen nuclear energy quite the same ever since the earthquake and tsunami disaster struck Japan in March 2011. Since then the countries of Germany and Switzerland have declared end dates for their nuclear programs, with many other countries considering similar measures.

Japan Nuclear Disaster Determined To Be Man Made

Eco Friendly Daily

The earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan decimated the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. Japan has 54 nuclear reactors and all 54 were gradually shut down for maintenance, leaving Japan with no nuclear energy. Alternative Energy Environment

Japan’s Pre-Fukushima Solar Aid for Egypt Proceeds

Green Prophet

Japan’s International Cooperation Agency (JICA) announced that it will proceed with plans to support a solar energy generating station south of Alexandria. Other poor Egyptians, who lack access to funding, are developing alternative solar heating solutions.

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Japan To Build Floating Wind Turbines Near Battered Nuclear Plant

Eco Friendly Daily

Thousands of lives were lost, thousands more have been threatened by the nuclear accident at the badly hit Fukushima nuclear plant. The disaster of the Fukushima nuclear plant has led the country to rethink nuclear energy as a whole in their nation.

The Good News: United States Using Less Energy Due to Recession and Tech Advances

Eco Friendly Daily

When it comes to energy consumption, the U.S The lower figure for energy consumption is not due to any drastic change in mindsets. The catalyst has been the recent economic downturn as well as the advent of appliances with better energy efficiencies.

China’s Trina Solar Wants to Spend $200 Million in Jordan

Green Prophet

The disruption to Jordan’s natural gas supply from Egypt has finally awoken a sleeping giant: renewable energy. Long focused on oil shale and nuclear energy instead of renewable sources, the Kingdom has recently entered negotiations with no fewer than 20 international wind and solar-energy suppliers. For example, it is unclear where the Chinese energy giant would install the PV plant, or how much energy it would generate.

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EU Debates Permanent Storage For Nuclear Waste

Eco Friendly Daily

Nuclear energy is a controversial alternative to traditional power generation through such sources as coal. Nuclear energy is expected to become a common consideration as the world tries to cope with global warming.

Germany Focusing On Renewables After Ending Nuclear Program

Eco Friendly Daily

The world has not seen nuclear energy quite the same ever since the earthquake and tsunami disaster struck Japan. Germany’s oldest nuclear reactors, of which there are eight, will cease energy generation immediately. Alternative Energy Environment

Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant Announces End of Operations

Sierra Club Compass

Yesterday, the Entergy Corporation announced its plans to close and decommission its Vermont Nuclear Power Station located in Vernon, Vermont. These nuclear power plants aren't only expensive, they are also very dangerous.

Potential Nuclear Damage Due To Earthquakes In U.S. Surprisingly High In Unexpected Places

Eco Friendly Daily

Since an earthquake and tsunami wreaked havoc in Japan, concerns are high regarding their nuclear power plant stability. The potential for the public to be exposed to radiation due to a damaged nuclear reactor in the U.S. The majority of nuclear power plants in the U.S.

Trade Rules Undermine Transition to Clean Energy - Compass

Sierra Club Compass

12 Sierra Club Bloggers to Watch in 2013: Part II » Trade Rules Undermine Transition to Clean Energy. Responsible trade can help countries develop sustainably, foster a healthy environment, and expand the use of clean energy. View an alternate. Energy Solutions.

How can nuclear power be seen as 'clean' energy?

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) How can nuclear energy ever be seen as 'clean' energy, even remotely, when we have no way of dealing with the spent fuel other than store it up for some future generation to worry about? At the same time while the renewable energy industry is being told that it has to stand on its own two feet – leading to substantial cuts in government funding – when the nuclear industry has been subsidized for the past fifty years, and is still being subsidized.

7 Reasons Why Nuclear Waste Is Dangerous


the powerful energy contained within the nucleus of an atom, we have been using it – for both positive and negative purposes. Nuclear energy is an affordable, efficient and reliable option of generating power for many countries. What is nuclear waste? 14 nuclear reactors.

Renewable Energy Vital For Jordan & Lebanon’s Future

Green Prophet

The European Commission has earmarked €71 million to support renewable energy projects in Jordan whilst a report highlights the importance of solar power for Lebanon’s future. For more on energy issues in Jordan and Lebanon see: Jordan Pushes On With Its Nuclear Plans.

China to Help Saudis With Novel Nuke Power

Green Prophet

In the wake of a 6-day trip by China’s Premier Win Jiabao to Saudi Arabia , China and Saudi Arabia have forged an alliance on developing nuclear power. We covered it in a previous story: The Middle East Nuclear Power Boom Without Toxic Waste Strategy.

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Iran’s Solar Car Competes in Australia

Green Prophet

Iran is interested in alternative and renewable energy projects that include its ongoing and highly controversial nuclear energy program, as well as biofuel projects such as one to create bio fuel from algae at the large Urmia salt lake in northwestern Iran.

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Iran’s Energy Minister Looks to Green Energy After Sanctions

Green Prophet

While the government’s failure to act could be disastrous for Iranian nationals, one potential upside is that the Energy Minister has recently admitted the importance of beefing up the country’s renewable energy sector. Rostam Qaserie, the Iranian Energy Minister, explained at a recent National Energy Conference that “Reliance on hydrocarbon resources in the long run is neither possible nor meets national interests,” according to Reuters.

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Nuclear Power – A Solution?

Eco Friendly Daily

Despite increased awareness about energy conservation and emissions reduction, there’s no decrease in society’s need for electricity. And this is at the heart of the UK’s recent resumption of their nuclear energy program. Every home could reduce its energy footprint.

10 Examples of Renewable and Non-Renewable Resources


Solar energy. Wind energy?. Geothermal energy. Solar energy. Solar energy is a perfect example of a renewable resource. Our planet receives in a single hour the same amount of energy from the sun that the entire world’s population uses in one year!

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Jason Mraz Rocks With “No Nukes” Musical Legends At Supergreen Concert


Last night, 11,000 fans in California came out to hear classic rock legends join Jason Mraz and Tom Morello — all in the name of clean energy. This show was set up to bring awareness to the hazards of nuclear energy, especially in light of the March Fukishima power plant accident.

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Solutions To Jordan’s Energy Crisis Must Be Sustainable

Green Prophet

Jordan may be dealing with an energy crisis exacerbated by attacks on the Sinai Peninsula gas pipeline – but now is not the time for rash decisions. Over the last of couple of months, voices highlighting the threat of an energy crisis in Jordan are getting louder.