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Michigan lawmaker wants to call burning tires “renewable energy”

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A Michigan house representative is trying to re-define renewable energy, with a bill that would make burning tires and other industrial solid waste count towards the state’s mandate of generating 10 percent of its energy from renewables. Aric Nesbitt introduced the bill to Michigan’s house of representatives on March 15 of this year.

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An Exciting New Alternative Energy Seeks to Tap Energy From the Ocean Floors

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Applying the thought, a University of Michigan professor has patented a unique form of alternative energy. Michael Bernitsa s, the University of Michigan engineer who germinated the technology turned the view on its head. Alternative Energy Environment Green News Anything that moves possesses kinetic energy and can potentially be converted to other forms. This new form of energy uses the vibrations emanating from the depths of the ocean floor.

History Of Energy Gardens

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Alternative Energy Energy Efficiency Home Energy Usage Colorado distributed energy DOE GTM Research Harvard History Of Energy Gardens Massahusetts Michigan Minnesota NREL Solar Design Associates SolarizeBefore I begin writing about energy gardens, it is incredibly helpful to understand what they are, what they aren’t, and their level of independence from whatever energy utility serves the vicinity.

Closed Ford Auto Plant to be Retooled for Renewable Energy

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One such Ford plant in Wixom, Michigan is about to be reborn as a renewable energy manufacturing plant. Tags: Alt Fuels and Transportation Alternative Energy batteries Ford Green Collar Jobs green economy green jobs Michigan renewable energy solar As the American automobile industry dies a slow death from making cars that are unreliable and inefficient, plants in the Midwest have been closed.

America’s first sustainable urban agrihood is growing in Detroit

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This week, the Michigan Urban Farming Initiative (MUFI) revealed its plans for the first Sustainable Urban Agrihood in the North End. It’s an alternative neighborhood growth model, positioning agriculture as the centerpiece of a mixed-use development. Wait, an agrihood? There are some agrihoods around the country, but in rural areas. This is the first within a city. MUFI’s agrihood spans three acres on Brush Street, a few blocks up from East Grand Boulevard.

A critique of CBA from the 90s

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Disclosure: Anderson was my professor for an ethics course back in the late 90s when I was an undergraduate philosophy major at Michigan.)    Her proposed alternative to using CBA to assess policies in these domains is to use "democratic institutions of voice," in which individuals are given autonomy through the democratic process rather than only insofar as they are willing to pay for improvements in safety or the environment.

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The Good, Bad and Ugly of Manure

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A study by the University of Michigan estimated that food production accounted for 10.5 Using it in this fashion prevents the release of methane into the atmosphere, while producing an alternative source of energy. Alternative Energy Environment manure methaneWhile you may not consider it, there is a positive side to manure. There’s a bad side too and an uglier one that may surprise you.

How Living Roofs Improve Solar Panel Performance

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A study conducted at the University of Michigan ( Green roof valuation: a probabilistic economic analysis of environmental benefits ) found that a 21,000-square-foot (1,950 m2) green roof brought in about $200,000 in savings over the course of it`s lifetime (compared to a conventional roof). Alternative Energy green roofs living roofs solar panelBoth green roofs and solar panels have their own set of unique benefits making them well worth consideration on their own.

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EarthTronics Wind Turbine Could Be an Urban Wind Energy Solution

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A Michigan company named EarthTronics is among a slew of companies that are energetically looking to tap into the growing urban interest in self generation of power. market is poised for alternative energy growth. That’s difficult to say even with the growth graphs because consumer acceptance hinges not only the technology but also the mindset of change that must come about to accept alternative energy. Alternative Energy Green News Wind Power

SMART Dares Drivers to Take Commuter Challenge 2012 in May With Eight Reasons to Leave the Car at Home

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The short-term goal is to increase awareness of transportation options available in the region and to give an alternative ride a try, which may ultimately generate long-term environmental and financial benefits for residents. The short-term goal is to increase awareness of transportation options available in the region and to give an alternative ride a try, which may ultimately generate long-term environmental and financial benefits for residents.

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How Living Roofs Improve Solar Panel Performance

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A study conducted at the University of Michigan ( Green roof valuation: a probabilistic economic analysis of environmental benefits ) found that a 21,000-square-foot (1,950 m2) green roof brought in about $200,000 in savings over the course of it`s lifetime (compared to a conventional roof). Alternative Energy green roofs living roofs solar panelBoth green roofs and solar panels have their own set of unique benefits making them well worth consideration on their own.

?Fuel Economy: How Are We Doing?

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According to the Transportation Research Institute (TRI) at the University of Michigan, the average fuel economy of cars sold in the United States in 2012 was approximately 23.8 Battery technology, fuel formula changes and even mass transit are some of the many current alternative or improved fuel economy choices in flux. Fuel Economy: How Are We Doing? More and more people are opting for electric or hybrid vehicles even if they have to pay a little more.

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College Athletic Department Subsidies | The Sports Economist

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Central Michigan MAC $16,457,883 $24,703,101 66.6% Eastern Michigan MAC $15,334,255 $26,270,721 58.4% Western Michigan MAC $13,815,834 $23,761,393 58.1% Posted by: PatrickW | March 16, 2011 at 08:27 AM Central Michigan is number one. View an alternate.

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Kirtland’s Warbler in Central Park

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Fourth, not seeing a Kirtland’s Warbler in Central Park would mean that eventually I would have to make a trip to Michigan, the only place where they breed in any numbers, just to see a Kirtland’s Warbler some day. I really, really, really wanted to ditch work and drive at top speed to Manhattan but that was not a realistic alternative. Late in the afternoon on Friday, 11 May, I was at work in Suffolk County. I wouldn’t get done until 10 PM.

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Green Living with Solar Panels: Economics of Solar Panels | Living.

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If you live in southern California, your power output will be greater; if you live in Michigan or Maine, this estimate is pretty close to reality. Home About Us Contact Us Products Green Tips EBooks Going Green: Questions and Answers Subscribe Living Green and Saving Energy Green Living with Solar Panels: The Economics of Turning Sunlight into Electricity by greenwise on February 2, 2011 Turning sunlight into electricity is a wonderful idea.

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Daylight saving time linked to heart attacks

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Alternatively, heart attack risk fell 21% on the Tuesday after clocks reverted to standard time, when people presumable enjoyed an extra hour of sleep. The not-so-subtle impact of moving the clock forward and backward was seen in a comparison of hospital admissions from a database of non-federal Michigan hospitals. Sandhu examined about 42,000 hospital admissions in Michigan, and found that an average of 32 patients had heart attacks on any given Monday.

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Green Living 2.0, Sustainable Communities

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If that seems too quaint, there are more modern ecovillages, urban housing cooperatives, alternative communities and – for Boomer children – student co-ops! Another, in Michigan, called Lake Village was founded 36 years ago by Roger Ulrich, who says that residents are: “…longing to get back to the earth.

Diseases Caused by Water Pollution


In the United States recently, the federal government called a state of emergency in Flint, Michigan due to widespread lead poisoning of the community from the improper treatment of water from the Flint River causing lead to leach into the water supply [23]. We need to drink water.

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Eurail: best sustainable travel

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With more than 225 thousand miles of track in today’s railway network covered by Eurail’s participants, European rail travel offers a safe, fast and environmentally responsible alternative to airplanes and cars.

All Recent Findings Lead to a Clear 'NO' to Keystone XL and All Tar Sands Extraction

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The report concluded that without the Keystone XL pipeline, many tar sands developments would be put on hold due to the high costs of alternate tar sands transportation. This recent rejection shows that other pipelines face significant opposition and may not be constructed for alternative transport possibilities. Upon further study of the U.S.

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The Last Resort: true eco-adventure in Nepal

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Similarly, TLR began development of an alternative fuel source, turning biomass (fallen leaves, plants and branches) into charcoal briquettes.

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UPDATE: Cavallo Point Lodge now offers integrative medicine

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Known as Dr. Brad, his diagnostic and therapeutic plans are tailored to individual needs and meld the best of modern medicine and alternative practices for optimal health.

Yangshuo, China: green lodgings lead the way

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I was even more impressed by Barclay’s constant pursuit of innovation–from developing organic-based alternative fuel sources (to replace coal) and creating schools and medical organizations, to providing services to the region’s virtually forgotten disabled children.

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How Do Birds Stay Warm on a Cold Winter’s Night?

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A study in Michigan found that bird feeding may even be supporting their northward expansion. One individual winter wren was observed alternating between roosting alone and with other birds as the temperature oscillated from mild to frigid. Winter is a challenging time for backyard birds such as cardinals, woodpeckers, nuthatches, chickadees, titmice and wrens.

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Hungry for Change: Deer Management and Food Security

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The recent World Health Organization study linking processed meats to cancer gives us all the more reason to explore alternative sources of protein. A number of places are doing just that: Ann Arbor, Michigan is one of the nation’s newest examples of community-based deer management. For example, the nonprofit Food Gatherers accepts venison donations as long as the meat is processed at a facility approved by the Michigan Sportsmen Against Hunger.

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Kathmandu: hunt for the green heart

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Other initiatives include replacing plastics with sustainable bamboo alternatives, using CFL light bulbs throughout the resort, composting kitchen waste, and encouraging customers to conserve water by reducing the frequency of towel and linen washing.

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Recovery: Saving Loons from Lead Fishing Tackle

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Restoring the Reef on Lake Michigan Benefits Native Fish. Virtually all fishing organizations and publications that object to non-toxics receive and recycle such ASA fiction as “alternatives materials to lead can cost anglers up to 20 times what current tackle costs.” (The With all the restoration effort and the cheap, superior tackle alternatives it’s nonsensical for states or federal agencies to allow lead.

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Top 10 Eco-Friendly (Green) Jobs

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School of Natural Resources & Environment : University of Michigan. Taubman College of Architecture + Urban Planning : University of Michigan. Sustainability Systems Developer – This is the backbone of alternative energy systems.

Adventures with Bowfin, North America’s Underdog(fish)

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I recall well my first encounter: pulling that bizarre fish with the long dorsal fin into a boat, as part of fish surveys I was conducting on Michigan’s Muskegon River. The very first Bowfin (Amia calva) I encountered in the wild; collected during field sampling on Michigan’s Muskegon River, Fall 2000. It’s a fish that lived alongside dinosaurs, and held its own: A slimy and voracious creature with a mouth full of sharp teeth.

It's Time: Move Forward on Climate - Compass

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John Bolenbaugh, a Navy veteran from Battle Creek, Michigan, will be participating in the rally. John worked for a Michigan-based company that was contracted by Enbridge, a Canadian tar sands oil company and the owner of the pipeline, to clean up the spill.  It was a good job, and the economy is bad in Michigan. View an alternate. Compass. « Obamas Legacy, the Climate Rally, and What It Means for Coal | Main. |

10 Ways The Green Industry Can Benefit From Commercial Cleaning Trends

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Solar power sources are the undisputed king of green alternative energy in equatorial regions. Alternative Fuel Sources . The greatest potential of these technologies is the alternative fuel cell. Even with their infamous production efficiency, creating mass produced alternative cells would mean creating new production lines and factories with a sizable capacity, at that. Detroit, Michigan is a classic example, often studied in economics classes the world over.

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Green travel advice from UK-based Holiday Extras

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To supplement these travel tips, take a look at [link] Those recommendations to make your holiday vacation green has a few alternative choices, and a definitive comical bent.

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Keystone XL: The Iconic Climate Battle

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Given the expense of producing them, and the discounted price of the market, they can’t afford alternative transport. There are more in the cue including the Lakehead expansion in Michigan, the Alberta Clipper expansion in Minnesota and Wisconsin, and the Line 9 Trailbreaker reversal through Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. In February 50,000 people marched on the freezing Washington Mall to tell President Obama that he must reject Keystone XL and move forward on climate.

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Gift a stranger a coat, and change the world

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Many Green Prophet readers already turn to alternatives when gifting , choosing to give for a loved one to causes with resonant meaning, or buying items that have impact far beyond the artefact itself. It’s constructed of durable, water-resistant Cordura fabric from Carhartt, upcycled automotive insulation from General Motors, and other materials provided by generous donors in the greater Detroit, Michigan area, where brutal winter weather makes homelessness especially treacherous.

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Integrated Responsive Building Envelopes: Energy saving structures of tomorrow


B.Sameer Kumar: While most of us concentrate on making a building effectively a zero-energy structure by incorporating alternative sources of energy such as solar rooftops and small wind turbines a team of architects from University of Michigan are looking elsewhere.

Hollywood Turns the Yellow Brick Road Green

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[Editor's note: The following is a guest post written by Melissa Molenda , a marketing manager for The Nature Conservancy in Michigan and a lifelong Disney fanatic. That’s what The Nature Conservancy explored on the set of Oz: The Great and Powerful in Pontiac, Michigan to find out how Hollywood has been incorporating environmentally friendly practices during production.

Faith Community, National Preach-In Challenge Leaders on Climate.

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cities -- from Denver to Los Angeles to Michigan. View an alternate. Compass. « Looking Back at Yesterdays Climate Civil Disobedience | Main. Piscataway Nation Welcomes Canadian Chiefs, Forward on Climate Rally to WDC » Faith Community, National Preach-In Challenge Leaders on Climate.

Clean Energy Continues to Break Records, Lead the Way - Compass

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There more than 60,000 megawatts of wind power online now, which is enough to "power the equivalent of almost 15 million homes, or the number in Colorado, Iowa, Maryland, Michigan, Nevada, and Ohio combined." View an alternate. Compass. « Angry in Indy: Activists Take On Big Coals Plan to Raise Rates | Main. NCLR Releases Study about Bright Future for Latinos in the Green Jobs Sector » Clean Energy Continues to Break Records, Lead the Way.

One-Sided Keystone XL Poll Tells the Story Big Oil Wants You To Hear

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This poll, which surveyed 1,000 voters in the swing states of Colorado, Michigan, Iowa and Ohio, showed that voters were especially worried about the risks to water quality and supplies from tar sands pipeline spills. View an alternate. Compass. « Enormous Grassroots Response to Coal Export Plan in Washington | Main. Trans-Pacific Partnership: Wrong Trade Deal for the U.S. » One-Sided Keystone XL Poll Tells the Story Big Oil Wants You To Hear.

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Estrogen Exposure Raises Blood Pressure Via the Brain

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Now the link is becoming clearer, thanks to research at Michigan State University (MSU). In a previous column , we discussed why eco-savvy author and researcher, Stefanie Iris Weiss suggests alternatives to hormones for birth control (something she covers more thoroughly in her 2010 book, Eco-Sex). New animal research is significant: Chronic estrogen exposure leads to a build up of a compound in the brain that causes blood pressure to rise.

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Aguanomics: Water Chat -- Haab and Whitehead

Environmental Economics

Some nice economist from the University of Michigan.

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How to Make ‘Local’ Food Good Conservation, Too

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It can also mean food sold in an alternative food market. 2013) compared the energy used in production of organic, hoop-house lettuce produced and taken to retail in Michigan with conventionally grown lettuce transported in refrigerated trucks from California. times higher for California than for Michigan. Evan Leeson /Flickr through a Creative Commons license.