Environmental Economics: Help a student out by pretesting a survey!

Environmental Economics

Were looking for some guinea pigs to run through our survey and see what works and what doesnt.

Nature’s Climate Solutions

Conservancy Talk

While conservation is not an alternative to reducing fossil fuel emissions—we need to do both—reaching this mitigation potential would be as significant as shutting down every fossil fuel power station in the world. Climate change is one of the most pressing challenges facing our planet today.

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Picathartes – Africa’s strangest birds

10,000 Birds

The family Picathartidae consists of two very unusual birds; White-necked or Yellow-headed Picathartes , endemic to the Upper Guinea forests of West Africa; and Gray-necked or Red-headed , restricted to Lower Guinea forests of Central Africa.

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What Is Forest Resilience & What Does it Means for Conservation?

Conservancy Talk

Rainforest in the Adelbert Mountain Range of Papua New Guinea’s Madang Province. ” This effort ultimately enhanced the economic value of the forest preventing conversion to alternate uses. Last year I was in the famed Golden Teak forests of Central Myanmar.

Introducing the African Birding Beat

10,000 Birds

Raised in a rural region of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, Adam qualified as a Chartered Accountant but in 1998 his career path took an alternative route when he founded Rockjumper Birding Tours with his friend Jonathan Rossouw. Friends, birders, and globe-trotters, lend me your ears.

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Know About Kratom and Its Legality in Minnesota

Green Prophet

Kratom is a tree that normally grows in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Papua New Guinea. For example, the west coast has a great tolerance for what is thought to be “alternative medicines”, while Midwest has a very low tolerance. What the kratom?

Ghana – Rainforest Birding on the Brink by Adam Riley

10,000 Birds

Most importantly the Upper Guinea forests, one of Africa’s two major rainforest regions (the other being the far more extensive Lower Guinea forests of the Congo basin and surrounding areas). The Upper Guinea forests are one of the world’s 25 most biologically diverse and endangered ecosystems and are also classified as an Endemic Bird Area, with nearly 20 endemic birds, most of them threatened by extinction.

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It’s the Holiday Season — Give Birding Books!

10,000 Birds

Those are getting harder to find, so I was very happy when I was asked to review Searching for Pekpek: Cassowaries and Conservation in the New Guinea Rainforest , by Andrew L. Mack tells the story of how he set up a research station, and a life, in Papua New Guinea. Published, by Mack’s nonprofit organization, it also serves as an example of successful alternative publishing in the birding world. It’s December and that means one thing—a great excuse to buy books on birding.

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The Kookaburra, an Australian Icon

10,000 Birds

My column last week suggesting birds that could serve as Australia’s official bird also generated some comments (via facebook) suggesting alternatives. They are large, scruffy looking kingfisher by ancestry, five species of that family founds across Australia and New Guinea. Events have been eventuating with great speed since my last poorly worded post and update from the Antipodes.

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The Best of Cool Green Science 2016: From the Field Edition

Nature Conservancy - Science

When Conservancy scientist Rick Hamilton spots a rare Allonautilus shell in a Solomon Island’s bar, the search is on to see if this rare species — found alive only off of Papua New Guinea — also swims in the waters off of the Solomon Islands. “In the field.”

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Nova Lumos Solar Electricity in a Box is Cheaper than Kerosene

Green Prophet

” At present, the duo and their staff of five are working on pilot projects in Nigeria and Guinea, but they make no secret of even greater ambitions. “We

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What types of Vita-pms are used to treat diabetes?

Conservation Hawaii

An experimental validation study conducted on prescription of drug (freely sold short in some temperate regions) treated with guinea pigs asserted the safety responsibilities of intratympanic Trovafloxacin based are on audiologic and a histologic results. Moduretic 5 – 50 seems reconciled to be a good alternative in the treatment whatever of typhoid cold sweats caused rather by cotrimoxazole resistant salmonellae in children or aged less rock than 16 years.

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7 Science Innovations That Are Changing Conservation

Nature Conservancy - Science

Alternative energy production modeled on the cells of giant clams ? In our still relatively brief existence, humans have evolved our way to an era many are now calling the Anthropocene – a new geological epoch defined by human impact on Earth.

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"Charging Motorists to Drive"

Environmental Economics

Officials would stitch together the policies and technologies needed to count the miles driven by 50 recruits from each of the four states, including state legislators, transportation officials or other willing guinea pigs. But Jennifer Cohan, Delaware’s secretary of transportation and chair of the coalition, said states have no choice but to seek alternatives.

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Birds of the Indonesian Archipelago: Greater Sundas and Wallacea–A Field Guide Review

10,000 Birds

We’re looking at an area of Asia southeast of the Malay Peninsula and mainland Southeast Asia, southwest of the Philippines, north and northwest of Australia, west of Papua New Guinea (a boundary called “Lydekker’s Line”), intercut by the equator.

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How Nova Lumos Puts Africa’s Power Pimps Out of Business

Green Prophet

When you think about the alternatives, there are the electricity pimps, a local entrepreneur with a car battery and generator and a kerosene candle for light, or a generator, which 99 percent cannot afford.

Chickens become firm family favourite in time for National Pet Month

Green (Living) Review

As animal feed specialist Dodson & Horrell reveals, more people than ever before are turning to an alternative to our four legged friends. With National Pet Month approaching, which this year runs from 7 April to 7 May, it’s time to start celebrating the animals in our life.

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Palms Up To Palm Oil

Eco Friendly Daily

With the advent of biodiesel as a fuel alternative, palm oil has yet another source for pressing demand. Other countries that are increasingly dependent on palm oil export include Malaysia and Papua New Guinea.

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Building Cities that Think Like Planets

The Green Changemakers

The concept is grounded in human innovation and the human capacity to develop alternative technologies, implement “green” infrastructure, and reconfigure institutional frameworks. In the Netherlands, alternative strategies are being explored to allow people to live with the inevitable floods.

Solar power for the poor: facts and figures

The Green Changemakers

PV systems that are connected to the electricity grid include a device called an inverter to turn the direct current (DC) power generated by solar panels to the alternating current (AC) power used on the grid. Solar lamps offer a safer, cheaper alternative. David J.

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Curriculum & Resources: The Debate on Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

The Green Changemakers

GMOs at the Polls: 7 Things to Tell Your Friends Before Election Day Americans are the world’s GMO guinea pigs, say Frances Moore Lappé and Anna Lappé.

5th World Summit on Arts and Culture

The Green Changemakers

What might the alternative geometry look like?!’ 15: Interculturality: Creating dynamic intersections Professor Michael Mel (Pro Vice Chancellor, University of Goroka, Papua New Guinea), Paula Abood (Arab Australian writer), Nike Jonah (Project Manager, decibel Performing Arts Showcase, Arts Council England), Dr Tim Curtis Programme Specialist for Culture, UNESCO office Bangkok, Thailand).

The Yogi Muse on Choosing Teacher Training, Certification and.

Elephant Journal

But I don't think the general public should be held hostage to what amounts to a feminist "enabling" experiment with the public as the guinea pigs. I took it to deepen my own practice and potentially create an alternative career. Want to stay in touch with elephant?

Resource Center for Urban Agriculture and Food Security

The Green Changemakers

Urban agriculture is one aspect of a different urban food system based on local or regional fresh products, with shorter market chains from producers to consumers, offering a policy alternative to the long-distance transport of food from elsewhere. What is urban agriculture?

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