Cheese Waste Anyone?

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In these days of rising gas and oil prices, companies are turning to fuel alternatives. Often, this involves biomass power generated from agricultural waste and forestry by-products. In turn, it creates a lot of organic waste and wastewater. While the protein fraction can be removed and used to supplement other foods and animal feed, some waste remains. Alternative Energy Environment

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How Fast Fashion is Being Converted Into Jet Fuel

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It’s long process to turn a blazer into a blast-off , but that’s exactly what’s happening, as Bloomberg Business Week reports that Japanese recycling firm Japan Environmental Planning (Jeplan) has begun testing ways to use discarded clothes as jet fuel. As clothing consumption has risen in the past 20 years, the volume of textile waste has nearly doubled with it. So turning old clothes into fuel is one way to deal with this crisis of stuff.

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Natural Gas is No Climate Solution - Compass

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There is no more time to waste. There is no more denying that burning dirty fossil fuels like natural gas is to blame for our superstorms, droughts, and wildfires. Yet energy companies are still denying it and continuing to manipulate our government leaders into thinking we have time to reverse the damage that is already done, just by switching to another fossil fuel such as natural gas. Natural gas is not a bridge fuel—it is a gangplank. View an alternate.

Fixing the Climate: A Radical Solution Explained In a New Book

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In ‘Fixing Climate: What Past Climate Changes Reveal About the Current Threat—and How to Counter It ’, the two thinkers explain that it is not only imperative to reduce carbon waste from our atmosphere but it is equally essential to remove all that has accumulated over the years. The ‘Why’ has given way to the ‘How’ Wallace Broecker maintains that humankind will never be able to give up on fossil fuels.

Some Oil Companies are More Eco Friendly: Who’s Fuelling Your Summer Drives?

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While I’m 100% behind the idea of getting rid of personal cars altogether, like those happy biking Germans , or of running ALL cars on non-fossil fuel alternatives by 2030 (as Sweden built into their recent energy and climate bill), the thing is, these initiatives will take time. (In

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