Germany Shutting Off Nuclear Power But Increasing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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Germany Shutting Off Nuclear Power But Increasing Greenhouse Gas Emissions. alternative energy eco-innovation global warming reduce fossil fuels German nuclear power greenhouse gas emissions

Israeli Researchers Make Oil from Greenhouse Gas

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Ben-Gurion University of the Negev researchers in Israel have invented a process to make a green feed alternative for crude oil out of two of the most common substances on Earth – water and carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas. .

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The See-Saw Effect of Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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The International Energy Agency brought some sobering news to the table in terms of global warming, stating that global emissions rose 3.2 Emissions. emissions increased modestly, however, they still fall short of making significant change. Natural Gas Development.

Aircraft Emissions: Um, Stewardess, Got An Aspirin?

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Aircraft behemoth Boeing estimates at least 90,000 commercial planes fly daily: a massive fuel burn that translates into elephantine emissions of toxic air. Did you know that aviation has been exempt from all international controls on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions?

For Some Iranians Meatless Monday Isn’t a Choice

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Originally designed to curb illnesses associated with excess meat consumption, the movement has since been embraced by environmentalists as well in an effort to mitigate the greenhouse gas emissions, water pollution, and costs of global meat production.

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Moroccan Students Unveil Plans for a Solar-Powered Electric Vehicles

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Cars & Transportation Cleantech, Science & Technology alternative energy clean tech EV green transportation greenhouse gas emissions Rabat solar car

Woman Spins Camel Wool to Prevent Slaughter of 1.2 Million Wild Australian Camels

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They are also a source of greenhouse gas emissions since each releases one pound of methane into the atmosphere every year. Travel & Nature animal conservation camel milk camels eco design greenhouse gas emissions sustainable design

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Is the Time Right for Green Energy?

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Solar and wind power are viable sources of alternative energy. While both produce no emissions, more research is clearly needed to deal with this challenges. Alternative Energy greenhouse gas emissions Solar Power wind energy

Nature’s Climate Solutions

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While conservation is not an alternative to reducing fossil fuel emissions—we need to do both—reaching this mitigation potential would be as significant as shutting down every fossil fuel power station in the world.

Emissions Still Rising

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Despite the knowledge of the effects greenhouse gases are having on the environment, the numbers continue to rise. Emissions of CO2, methane and nitrogen oxides must be reduced to create sustainable life on this planet. Alternative Energy Climate Change Environment

The Effect of Climate Change on Renewable Energy

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As an energy source, hydropower is a clean alternative. Solid waste and emissions are negligible. This could spell an increase in greenhouse gas emissions that hydropower helps mitigate. Climate Change fossil fuels greenhouse gas emissions hydropower

The Imperfect Biofuel Solution

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In the end, biofuels may not reduce greenhouse gas emissions as much as proponents may expect. They may even produce more emissions. If gas prices rise, so too will the cost of biofuels increase with the rise in demand.

The Failed Promise of Biofuels

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The premise of biofuels offers hope for an alternative fuel that can ease the country’s dependence on petroleum. It contributes nearly 30 percent to total greenhouse gas emissions. The production of biofuels necessitates the release of carbon dioxide emissions.

The Environmental Risks of Reducing Fossil Fuel Combustion

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Fossil fuel combustion raises serious environmental concerns, particularly from greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimated that total GHG emissions have increased by nearly eight percent since 1990.

That’s A Lot of Poop

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Turkey Plans to Introduce Emissions-Based Tax on Motor Vehicles

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Transportation accounts for nearly one-third of all CO2 emissions in the European Union. But since 1990, overall greenhouse gas emissions in the EU have decreased — unlike Turkey, where they doubled between 1990 and 2009. There are currently 1.6

World’s First Wave-Powered Desalination Tech Offers Zero-Emission Energy and Water

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New wave-powered desalination technology from Australia may offer Middle East businesses and governments hope for a new alternative to conventional, energy-intensive water purification plants. CETO technology, on the other hand, produces zero emissions.

3 Little Known Facts about Alternative Energy

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The concept of developing alternative sources of fuel goes back further than you may realize. The concept of inventing the better mouse trap applies to alternative energy as well with innovative solutions to the country’s environmental issues. America is a nation of thinkers.

Emission Trading Nets Big Profits for Businesses

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Businesses covered under European emissions cap-and-trade schemes are netting billions from the regulations, according to a new economic analysis. Alternatively, cutting back on the number of credits issued would force industries to actually implement emission cuts.

Study: The Use of Natural Gas as an Alternative to Coal Might Not Slow Global Warming

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Natural gas is being thought of as a bridge fuel. It’s also the most likely alternative to coal as its reserves deplete. Using natural gas also has the harmful side effect of releasing methane which is a far more potent greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide; in fact, 20 times more so.

Biofriendly’s fuel additive makes dirty fuel burn cleaner

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Now when you are filling up at the pump, and know how every drop of fuel goes to greenhouse gas emissions, might feel a bit relieved knowing there are solutions being used by industry and at gas stations to increase fuel efficiency and reduce smog. .

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What Is Your Carbon Footprint?

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This drastic change in our earth’s climate is caused by greenhouse gases, mostly carbon dioxide (CO 2 ), methane (CH 4 ), and ozone (O 3 ), that trap sunlight in the atmosphere and heat the earth below. Human activity over the last few decades is responsible for creating huge amounts of these gases, which is why reducing greenhouse gas emissions are such an important part of going green. Transportation is another big source of greenhouse gases: 27% of all U.S.

Qatar’s Solar-Powered Convention Center Cuts COP18 Carbon

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Journalists bemoan the lack of progress, environmentalists criticize the amount of carbon emissions spewed into the atmosphere as a result and the public at large completely loses faith in the process. Business & Politics carbon emissions Climate Change COP18 Doha Qatar QNCC UNFCCC

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Is Oat Milk Ethical? A Breakdown of How Alt-Milks Impact the Earth

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A single cow can generate 200 pounds of methane (a potent greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change) in one day. Soy is one of the oldest plant-based alternatives but perhaps is the filk for an era that’s past. . Photo of alt milk by GEORGE DESIPRIS via Pexels.

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7 Simple Ways to Green-up your Laundry Routine

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Use Eco-friendly Detergents: For every conventional product, there is a Eco-friendly alternative! Use Cold Water: Washing in cold water will reduce greenhouse gas emissions while also saving you money.

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Beyond COVID-19, human rights can help save the planet

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We have also seen how the Convention can be used at national level to press governments to take faster and more drastic steps to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

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Pistachios could power an entire new “eco-city” in Turkey

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Finding alternative energy sources not only reduces this demand, but also slows down greenhouse gas emissions. Cities agriculture alternative energy Burgeap clean tech pistachios renewable energy

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B.C. to be Energy Self-Sufficient

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By the year 2025, the Province of British Columbia could create enough energy to be completely energy self-sufficient while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions to before year 2000 levels. Alternative Energy Environment Science & Technology Solar Power Wind Power

The Controversy Surrounding Fracking Part II

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In the United States, companies have struck natural gas gold in the Marcellus Shale formation in Pennsylvania, the Bakken in North Dakota and the Barnett Shale, Eagle Ford and Permian Basin in Texas. Lower natural gas rates. Methane gas.

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Watts from Cow Waste

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A journal paper published in the Institute of Physics’ Environmental Research Letters outlines the potential benefits livestock manure could have, not only as a renewable energy resource but also in mitigating the harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

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Moroccan Solar is Safe Despite Desertec Setbacks

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With domestic energy demand on the rise and fossil fuel due to reach its peak, and global greenhouse gas emissions dangerously high, we really can’t imagine a saner alternative. :: All Africa.

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How online casinos can further their green potential

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Much has been written about the environmental impact of land-based casinos and how their online counterparts are a cleaner alternative. In the face of the obvious impact made by climate change, online casinos present an intriguing alternative to resource guzzling land-based locations.

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Calculate your cities? solar power potential

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While there was a steep drop in greenhouse gas emissions over the first part of the year because of the coronavirus, the expectation is that the world will return to rising levels of emissions in the near future. Viganella is a village in Italy where the sun never shines.

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Daily Demand and Supply: What happens when the price of a substitute falls?

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The reduction in greenhouse gas emissions is the equivalent of taking about 600 cars off the road.   Walmart is also looking to harness the power of the wind, installing micro-wind turbines in parking lots as part of an alternative energy test program. Thisprobabhly shouldn't surprise me, but for some reason it did:  Walmart is the leading user/producer of solar energy among corporate users.

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DGrade’s Hipster Trash Clothing is Made Cheap in China

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They use 20% less water, 50% less energy, and produce 55% less carbon emissions than the cotton manufacturing process requires, and they have recently opened a branch in the Dubai mall. Cotton also contributes up to 1% of the global greenhouse gas emissions.

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Egypt’s Next Huge Wind Farm

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Under the ETS cap and trade policy, polluters can offset carbon emissions in Europe by funding clean energy projects in the rapidly growing emerging economies. Business & Politics Energy alternative energy Egypt wind power

Finnair to make longest commercial biofuel flight

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Engine emissions account for the biggest environmental impact of flying, so investing in research into alternative fuels is a natural way to try to reduce the load on the environment,” says Kati Ihamäki , VP sustainable development at Finnair. | Green Travel News |.

Michigan lawmaker wants to call burning tires “renewable energy”

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The idea of diverting waste like used tires and industrial by-products from landfills may seem like an ecological good, and the United States Environmental protection Agency does recognize “ Tire-Derived Fuel ” as an “alternate energy source.”

Dr. Subrata Chakravarty On the Impact of Anesthetic Gases on The Environment

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In traditional circles there’s often talk about how automobile exhaust and agricultural practices contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. There are essentially three criteria when it comes to judging the greenhouse effect potential of a gas.

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California Utilities Dedicate $3.1 Billion To Energy Efficiency

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The state of California is the most populated in the United States and is considered the largest alternative energy state as well. The program will also most likely reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 3 million tons across the state. Alternative Energy Climate Change

Wind Turbines and Birds: What’s the Real Story?

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Our society needs more low-carbon, renewable energy to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and slow climate change, but it must be developed in ways that account for and minimize impacts such as wildlife mortality. By David Mehlman.

How Does It Work: Hydropower

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Hydropower – power generated using water’s downhill flow – is one of the most common alternatives to fossil fuels. While hydroelectric dams are valued because they don’t rely on fossil fuels (and therefore produce no greenhouse gas emissions), they come with their own set of serious environmental problems. Tagged: alternative power , green energy , water conservation. How Does It Work: Hydropower.

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Abu Dhabi Turns to Natural Gas Green Transport

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Abu Dhabi cars to run on compressed natural gas. The Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) has converted 20 vehicles in its fleet of 500 to run on compressed natural gas (CNG).

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