Step By Step Guide on Calculating CO2 Emissions in Your Daily Life

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On the homepage, you are given many user-friendly options: how it works, how to calculate your emissions both for the home and car, and how to reduce emissions. I decided to check what kind of emissions my house produced. Alternative Energy Environment Green Guides

Step By Step Guide on Calculating CO2 Emissions in Your Daily Life

Eco Friendly Daily

On the homepage, you are given many user-friendly options: how it works, how to calculate your emissions both for the home and car, and how to reduce emissions. I decided to check what kind of emissions my house produced. Alternative Energy Environment Green Guides

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Britain Increasing Alternative Fuel Sector

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In the United States many are pushing for alternative fuels in order to decrease or eliminate dependence upon foreign oil. The condition of the environment, particularly global warming, is also playing a role in why governments are turning to alternative fuels. Alternative Energy

Oil Sands

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Another good reason to engage in conservation and alternatives. Tags: CO2 emissions alternative energy Climate Change oil prices media coverage pollution In the March issue of National Geographic they have an article about the Canadian oil sands. If you don't know anything about it then it is a must read. It will give you a different perspective on oil production to say the least. Check out the Organic Grocery List or Book Store.

Carbon Capture and the Oil Sands

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Carbon Dioxide News

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The first is about a company that is converting CO2 into liquid fuel. The second is about the recent desire for a cap-and-trade program on CO2 emissions and how there might be unintended consequences if the price drops and it becomes cheaper to pollute. Cap-and-trade, while a good idea, will only facilitate the continued pollution because we have no alternatives. I'm just nervous that it will not help us actually reduce our emissions and change our consumption culture.

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Cap and Trade on the Horizon

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Jeff Immelt, CEO of GE, stated that cap and trade for carbon emissions is needed so that there is some direction and stability for business. Tags: economics CO2 emissions alternative energy government regulation energy use I figure that it is imminent now. The current administration looks to be laying the foundation for not only an economic recovery but a structurally different economy going forward. At least that is what it looks like.

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Largest Geothermal System in the Middle East is Complete

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” “Considering the CO2 emission reductions , the higher efficiency, lower required maintenance, added to comfort to occupants, and most importantly affordability, geothermal is an excellent alternative to fossil fuels.”

7 Simple Ways to Green-up your Laundry Routine

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In fact, the traditional way of laundering can alter the formation of aquatic vegetation due to its toxic makeup while also releasing excess amounts of CO2′s into the atmosphere. Use Eco-friendly Detergents: For every conventional product, there is a Eco-friendly alternative!

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The Nissan Green Program 2010

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The Nissan Green Program 2010 will introduce various technologies to enhance fuel economy and reduce CO2 emissions. Alternative Energy Climate Change Environment Science & Technology

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Worldwatch Institute Warns Of CO2

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Worldwatch Institute recently released a report that above all urged for a worldwide CO2 reduction by 2050 in order to prevent disastrous environmental results. The authors indicate that there is still time to reduce CO2 emissions as long as there is worldwide cooperation. The report urges that CO2 emissions need to peak before 2020 and continue a drastic decline until 2050. Alternative Energy Climate Change

David Attenborough’s PBS climate special features Greta, not Gore

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Experts offer hope that changes can be made in the next decade to reduce CO2 emissions and limit further damage. These include increased advocacy, advances in alternative energy technologies and innovative solutions to capture existing carbon dioxide.

The skeptical environmentalist making sense (for the most part)

Environmental Economics

of all electricity, or 1% of our CO2 emissions. But this does not mean that we should just cut all emissions. The best estimate of this is about $7/ton of CO2 or $0.06/gallon of gasoline (€0.015/liter). While CFLs are more expensive to buy, they are much cheaper over their lifespan, because they use much less energy (even more so with the cost of CO2 factored into taxes on electricity).

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Green Geek Gift Ideas

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Based on that, they will recommend a terrapass option to offset the CO2 emissions you create in your day-to-day life. Alternative Energy Environment

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Doha Climate Conference: Beyond Fossil Fuels to Renewable Energy

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They mitigate carbon emissions, aid in climate adaptation, and generally improve the capacity of populations through greater opportunities for education, communication and productivity. Reducing Emissions: Since 2006, the U.S. CO2 emissions have fallen by 7.7 Compass.

UN New Urban Agenda: President Markkula calls for binding targets

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" In the framework of the European Habitat meeting, the CoR co-organised an event promoting the Covenant of Mayors on Climate and Energy, an EU initiative that brings together cities and regions that are committed to reducing their CO2 emissions by at least 40% by 2030.

Environmental Benefits of the Internet

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Lately, many postal services keep track on the level of CO2 emissions associated with mail transportation and from the requirements to run their facilities. Gaming Alternatives. The internet may be considered one of the wonders of our modern world.

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Is Desalination a Solution to Water Shortages?

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Desalination causes an increase in CO2 emissions, but you can use alternative energy sources like wind to minimize such gasses. Alternative solutions to improve desalination or other creative options need to continue if we are to continue our existence on this planet. Alternative Energy Environment Only 3% of Earth’s water is viable for human use, and this amount is rapidly diminishing.

Royal Mail Price Hike is Dangerous for Small Businesses says Shiply

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The rising cost of sending letters and packages could see small businesses turning to alternatives according to UK delivery marketplace London, UK, April 2012 : Planned price rises by Royal mail will see the cost of a first class stamp rise from 46p to 60p at the end of this month.

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Shale Gas and The Ugly Truth: It is NOT Green(er)

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Examining emissions in the US after the country began burning less coal due to shale gas production, researchers at the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, found that overall emissions had actually gone up. ” US CO2 emissions from domestic energy have declined by 8.6%

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Turkey Plans to Introduce Emissions-Based Tax on Motor Vehicles

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In the UK and Germany, vehicle taxes are based on amount of CO2 emitted per kilometer traveled. Transportation accounts for nearly one-third of all CO2 emissions in the European Union. There are currently 1.6

What's Next: Residential fuel cells for greener homes


Such smart systems also help reduce carbon emissions, one of the biggest byproducts of fossil fuel based energy. As CO2 is directly linked to global warming, there’s been a rush of efforts to find ways whereby people can receive power without putting a strain on the environment.

Rosalind Readhead Wants To Be Mayor of London And Ban Private Cars


They may pollute less in the direct environment but the electric grid is only 19% renewables and still polluting elsewhere whether coal and gas emissions or nuclear waste. Transport and in particular private cars are one of the fastest growing contributors to CO2 emissions.

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Israeli Cleantech Benefits from Australian Climate Legislation

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And lastly, in June it licensed a revolutionary technology developed by the commercial arm of Israel’s Weizmann Institute of Science, that converts CO2 emissions to fuel. OPEC Countries Seek “Developing Nation” Funds to Capture CO2.

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MENA must push – NOW! – for 100% renewable energy

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However, fossil fuels remain the dominant energy supply for MENA electricity, in large part because existing energy subsidies discourage real investment in clean energy alternatives.

MIT researchers test carbon sequestering ceramic membrane technology


Sonia Renthlei: In what is a new twist, researchers are claiming that one of the ways to reduce CO2 emissions may be to produce pure carbon dioxide. If pure CO2 is produced, then greenhouses gases – once isolated – could be captured and buried in the earth’s natural reservoirs.

How can nuclear power be seen as 'clean' energy?

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Aside from the very issue of Hinkley Point in the UK nuclear power, in general, is a polluting energy source and while there may be no CO2 emissions during the running of such a station, no one seems to calculate those in the building, and even worse, no one is considering the spent fuel issue the storage of which is a problem, especially in the long run. Why are we even considering this when there are far cleaner, safer and cheaper renewable alternatives available?

Growth in electric vehicles sales central to closing emissions gap

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While EVs currently represent less than 1% combined market share across the world’s largest markets for new passenger cars, they should be considered central to any policy and technology portfolio designed to lower transport emissions.

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Climate Week: people cut back on vehicle fuel but not air travel or gas

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Changes to road tax (cars with higher CO2 emissions incur a higher tax) and increasing fuel prices will have influenced consumers’ decisions on the use of fuel and greener, more efficient cars. One of the alternative energy sources to gas in the home is electricity. Households have cut back on vehicle fuel over the past decade, but not on gas and air travel, according to analysis published today by the Office for National Statistics.

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Rethinking personal transportation

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It will, therefore, be necessary that we reconsidered our ways and that we ALL woke up to this fact including and especially those greenies that keep advocating bio-fuels and electric vehicles instead of a real change; a change from the car, of whatever kind, to a real sustainable alternative.

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Reducing CO2 to cool the Planet

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Renewable, sometimes called alternative, energy, wind, wave and sun, are touted as a way to reduce CO2 emissions and cool down our, unfortunately, overheating Planet. Reduction of energy consumption is only one part, yet again, but we will start with reduction in energy consumption before we go to other means of cutting CO2 emissions without the need of new technologies. In CO2 emissions it is better still.

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Europe's 'Coal Renaissance' Masks Industry Downfall - Compass

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In addition to the short term effect of these rules, coal has received a boost as European CO2 emissions have plummeted. This has led to an oversupply of CO2 emission permits, which cratered prices. View an alternate. Compass.

Keeping the industrial economy and stopping climate change is an illusion

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Furthermore, as foresters already for ages and now forest and climate scientists have stated, an increase in CO2 will actually benefit trees and plants by increasing growth. Thus we have to reduce pollution and CO2 emissions are but part of our industrial pollution.

Termite Mounds Inspire Energy Neutral Buildings

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Earth architecture is certainly a more sustainable and interesting alternative solution – for those lucky enough to own some rural land, but can buildings made from earth be a viable solution for cities? Dubai, why not build your hotel like a termite would?

Nuclear Energy Pros and Cons


Nuclear energy has a number of great pros and cons, from a seemingly infinite supply of sustained energy release and low emissions, to extremely toxic and disastrous human and environmental dangers when accidents occur. The etymology of the word “nuclear” comes.

What is a carbon footprint?

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) A carbon footprint is “the total set of greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions caused by an organization, event or product”. But measurement must then include more than just emissions.

Dutch authorities plan to charge car drivers per kilometer they drive

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The idea is to cut CO2 emissions while halving traffic jams in what is one of Europe’s most congested road networks. This would reduce carbon and fine particle emissions by over 10%, it estimates. The amount of the tariff will depend on the CO2 emissions produced by a passenger car, or on weight for other vehicles. Certain vehicles like taxis, buses and motorcycles will be exempt from the charge, while an alternative system will be set up for foreign vehicles.

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Small Island Nation Leads Push for Biggest Climate Opportunity of 2010

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He made the point that the Montreal Protocol (the “volunteer brigade”) is ready and able to put out the “fire” that HFCs would cause with regard to climate change, and that the world cannot wait for the Kyoto Protocol (the “firefighters”) – where HFC emissions are included as one of the six gases in the basket – to take action. “We Goal is up to 209 billion tonnes of CO2-equivalent, Nearly 10% of total mitigation needed to stay below 2?C

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ALEC's Vision of Pre-Empting EPA Coal Ash Regs Passes the House

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This resolution is among a host of ALEC initiatives aimed at environmental deregulation, which also includes efforts to prevent the EPA from regulating CO2 emissions under the Clean Air Act. Skip to Main Content Area. Contact Us. News Feeds. Podcasts. Privacy Policy. RSS Feeds.

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Repair Café: A concept that hopefully catches on all over

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It cuts CO2 emissions, for example, because manufacturing new products and recycling old ones causes CO2 to be released. In Repair Café they learn that you don’t have to throw things away; there are alternatives. And the alternatives are to do it oneself which means that only spare parts cost money and you don't get charged labor costs.

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Debate: "Does high density development make travel more sustainable?"

The Green Changemakers

CO2 emissions from household cars by trip length and journey purpose (GB 2002-2006 average). Medium-distance journeys are responsible for the greatest proportion of CO2 emissions ( click to see a bigger image ). Alternative patterns for future urban growth.

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Global warming heats up a renaissance of nuclear energy

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However, they keep harping on, nowadays, about that nuclear-power does not give off CO2 and such emissions. Fine, so we have no CO2 emissions and other greenhouse gases but the radioactive waste is going to kill us and everything else. Public and political acceptance of nuclear power as a logical large-scale alternative to fossil fuel is higher than it has been in a generation.

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There will be a full studio set-up and an edit suite, which will demonstrate how organizations can achieve emissions reductions. Green ICT strategies to reduce business travel related carbon emissions’ by Richard West of Dreamtek and ‘Web conferencing as the leading tool for virtual meetings and eLearning as an alternative to business travel’ by Will Cawthorne of Adobe System.

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