All-Terrain Wine–Easy on the Palate and the Planet

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The Climber Pouch is affectionately known as the ‘all-terrain wine transport’ around here,” said ClifFamily Winery owner Gary Erickson. “A The portability and flexibility of the Climber Pouch letsoutdoor enthusiasts of all types wind down their adventures with the pleasure of great wine.”. One percent of all Climber pouch sales goes directly to the non-profit organization 1 % for the Planet. Click here to view the embedded video.

Electric ATV

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HTML clipboardThe All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) isn't just for recreation - it's a valuable tool for farmers. Gas powered ATV's can be rather noisy and tend to be heavy on emissions. More environmentally friendly electric ATV's are becoming. quite common - and the prices have dropped greatly recently

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Woodland for sale

10,000 Birds

During all the uncertainty of virus and threat of job loss, an exciting project has given me reason to look forward with some hope. All that is left is a small pocket of woodland which has suddenly come up for sale. Likely all done by volunteers.

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A Little-Known Natural Cure for Foot Aches & Pains.

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The basic structure of our feet is that of a tripod, and as such, it can stand on any kind of uneven surface without wobbling this makes our feet “an all-terrain vehicle.”. Health & Wellness Yoga barefoot foot aches foot arches foot injuries foot pain grounding healing health posture toes tripod yoga asana

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Best 24-Inch Bikes for Your Kids (in 2021)


Your kids deserve all the best they can get, including the best bike for their relaxation and personal adventure. Frog 62 – A perfectly suited all-purpose bike. Cleary Meerkat 24 – All-terrain tires with trigger shifters. All-terrain tires. All-terrain use.

Get Barefoot and Join Surfrider for a PDX Park Clean-Up Party

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Related posts: All-Terrain Wine–Easy on the Palate and the Planet. If you’re a Portlander, you’re bound to have enjoyed Sellwood Riverfront park before–so come help clean it up this Saturday, July 9th with the Surfrider Foundation and Barefoot Wine and Bubbly. The clean-up portion of the day lasts from 10 to 12 in the morning, where helpers will get wine, bubbly and snacks for their efforts.

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Get Bathing Suit Ready & Eco-Veganize Your Summer!

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Featuring: American Apparel Seed Kitchen Chocolate Sun ICU Eyewear Dragon Alliance Skin Deep Cosmetic Database All Terrain KindKreme. like my beauty pageant pose? ; ) Summer is just 6 days away (June 21st), so it's time sit back and unwind - eco-vegan style! Here's a video with tips on how to keep it green and healthy, and get yourself ready for bathing suit season (yikes!):

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FLASQ Wine Offers Portable, Super Eco-Friendly Option for Hikers, Bikers, Winos and More

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First of all, FLASQ wine grapes are sourced in Monterey and San Luis Obispo Counties and even the cardboard boxes used to ship FLASQ are sourced in the U.S., making FLASQ wine, in all of its facets, American-made (more on this below). Related posts: All-Terrain Wine–Easy on the Palate and the Planet. Say you’re planning a hike to the top of Angel’s Rest –and you want to enjoy a glass of wine at the bluff overlooking the Columbia River.

Stolpman Vineyards: Para Maria de los Tecolotes (2017)

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Considering all that, it’s no surprise that less hardy (or more sensible?) Robust tannins step in to frame the plummy and juicy palate, balancing flavors of cocoa, fennel, and a pleasantly minerally texture all the way to the end. .

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Surly Cross-Check Review 2021- Should You Try This Hybrid Bike?


If you are comfortable enough then there is no better option than the Surly Cross-Check, although if you have doubts then the best approach is to gather all the needed information first! You get amazing speed, stability, comfort all in one, what else could you want?

7 Reasons You Should Go For Mountain Bike Disc Brakes


In the present day, nearly all mountain bikes use disc brakes. The same principle as the V-brake is applied, except all the friction and heat energy is generated at the disc instead of the rim of the bike wheel. As you know, these offer advantages mainly in the terms of cost and simplicity, but are also not that great in extreme weather and terrain. All-Terrain effectiveness – The main selling point of mountain bikes is that they can be used in any kind of conditions.

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Noudar Nature Park, Portugal

10,000 Birds

We knew from discussions with João that a few pairs of White-rumped Swift breed in Southern Portugal, in fact we had even visited a breeding site and been shown one of the feather adorned nests a few metres into an old mine entrance, but we didn’t expect to catch up with one thinking they may all have departed for their wintering areas.

Nissan to start producing all electric e-NV200 van in 2013


An all-electric van by Nissan Motors is being launched globally early next year. The global production e-NV200, an all-electric van, will begin in the Spanish city of Barcelona. They are known to produce all-terrain lorries, vehicles, and vans. Surbhi Sharma: Going electric is the future. Many automobile manufacturers are inventing electric versions of cars to suit the urban needs.

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Top 20 Fastest Electric Bikes in the World Ever


Powered by simple electric motors, you’ve all probably experienced the ease with which one can climb slopes and start from a standstill. Through all of this, while the main focus has always been in the development of better regulation and speed control, humanity’s struggle to be fast has reigned supreme. They have been ranked as some of the best e-bikes in the world, and are definitely worth it (the list is not in order of awesomeness, because they are all amazing machines).

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Versatile Kubota M108S Agricultural Tractor Is Right For Every Job

Green (Living) Review

Part of the hugely popular Kubota M Series, the M108S has been designed to offer the agricultural sector power, performance, versatility and reliability – and all at an affordable price. And with a wide range of Kubota matched implements available, it is suitable for all manner of jobs. " Like all of Kubota’s agricultural tractors, the M108S comes with a three year manufacturer's warranty as standard.

Why Disc Brakes Are The Best Choice For Your Road Bike


For example, while riding through muddy terrain, the rim can collect a lot of slick, wet mud. This means that if all the kinetic energy the bike possesses is converted to heat, the bike will come to a complete standstill. All-terrain effectiveness – One of the biggest perks of using a disc brake is its effectiveness in any type of terrain. This is great for all you cyclists living in area with mud or rainy weather as well.

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Of ships and chips

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But a new biodiesel processor will be cleaning and reformulating the oil; once combined with diesel fuel, the recycled oil will power utility trucks and all-terrain vehicles. All cooking oil, from base canteens, restaurants and residential kitchens, will be recycled starting November 1, 2007. Oils, fats and greases are all viable sources. All fuel is brought in by barge, which slows supply and adds to its cost.

Cute Alert! Here Are The Top 15 Animals on Bikes Videos Ever


We have all had pets, or wanted to at some point in our lives. They do all sorts of things that can only be described as being the cutest things ever. We took a look all over the internet to find the funniest and cutest, and sometimes the most skilled animals riding bikes or being involved with bikes. We all know what bike races are like. He galloped his hardest towards his fence, jumped it with no trouble at all, and joined in the rally!

Moby1 offers campers a comfy off road adventure


Teardrops were common during the 30s all the way to the 50s but, popularity faded as vehicles became bigger and the RV came into the picture. Moby1 has created many different models, but the star of the show is the XTR, which is an expedition capable trailer for different terrains. With the capability to tackle any type of terrain and a wide range of options, the XTR is a fully functional self-contained unit.

Weekend Reading 9/12/14

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A former marine explains all the weapons of war used by police in Ferguson, Missouri. It’s pretty damning: The BEARCAT G3 is the SWAT team’s version of the military’s Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicle, or better yet its MRAP All Terrain Vehicle. Seeing that there aren’t any mines or IEDs in Ferguson, that the chances of an ambush are slim to none, and that the terrain is relatively boring, the decision of the St. Kristin My inbox is always too full.

BOT concept mobile home to ensure speedy rescue during epidemic


Coming to the design part of BOT, it is a concept dwelling vehicle suitable for all terrain types and is meant to be used by a single person. All these systems when put taken collectively, will be sufficient enough to keep the vehicle off the grid for all times. All rights reserved. Please login. Sign In. User Name / Email. Password. Forgot Password. Dont have an account? Join Now. Login. slideshows. Greenlists //. gallery //. Transportation. Architecture.

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Glide along any place with the 'Board of Imagination'


All you have to do is think, and you will find yourself sliding along without the need to move. The headset is synchronized with the board, and all the wearer is required to do is think about where he wants to go, and the board will attune itself with the thoughts and glide along. It has been integrated with a set of all terrain tires and hence gives you the pleasure of off roading as well. All rights reserved. Please login. Sign In. User Name / Email. Password.