Huge Success for MENA – CDM Saved in Durban

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Algeria, Morocco, and Egypt are among the most rapidly advancing nations in the world in adding renewables through the CDM. The CDM is an offsetting tool that is used to reduce global emissions with cap and trade: essentially polluters are fined and forced to invest those pollution fees in clean energy in emerging economies. Related: Qataris Get Seminar on Carbon Market Trading From UK Specialists ).

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Book Review: A No-Nonsense Guide to Climate Change

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The chapter goes through the properties of carbon, the Keeling Curve, evidence for the historical rise in C02 emissions as well as the rise in weather-related disasters. As such, the writer focuses on climate justice and the need for developed countries to do more to stop climate change and also assist developing nations transition into low carbon economies.

Subsides Jeopardize Renewable Energy Projects In The Middle East

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Indeed, Gulf nations have emerged from the wilderness and built entire economies and industries around their oil wells. Carboun’s report and visual guide to energy and carbon emissions in the Arab world highlights the fact that after sub-Saharan Africa, the Arab world’s economy has the lowest energy efficiency record of any region in the world. For more on energy use in the Middle East see: Carbon Emissions In MENA Double Over 30 Years.