Prespa Lakes National Park, Greece: the largest Dalmatian Pelican colony in the world

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The Prespa Lakes National Park in Greece is well hidden among the mountains at the triple border with Albania in the west and the FYRO Macedonia in the north. The mountains are more than 2300 metres high, while the lakes lie at the lowest point of the park, at 850 m a.s.l. I was crossing the mountain pass against the setting Sun and when I saw it for the first time, the waters of the smaller of two lakes, the Mikri Prespa, were painted in gold. The Megali Prespa Lake.

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10,000 Birds

A – the Prespa Lakes National Park (Google Maps). B – the Kerkini Lake National Park (Google Maps). On both routes, some 50-60 km / 30-40 mi from the border lies one magical lake where you should spend at least two nights and devote one full day to birding.

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The 20 best birds of Belgrade and where to find them

10,000 Birds

Squacco Heron – the same as previous, from the left Danube bank levees, also the Veliko Blato Lake (Mika Alas fish farm in the suburb of Krnjaca, #3). The second best is the Veliko Blato Lake #3. Several pairs have chosen the Albania Palace, a high-rise at Terazije St.

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Pristine beaches can be found a short distance from karst meadows, lakes and mountains blanketed in mixed forests of beech, black pine, oak, walnut and maple. What would become an irrigation ditch or canal in Austria or the United States was to remain a stream in Albania or Montenegro.

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10,000 Birds

It is threatened by habitat degradation as a result of the human exploitation of natural resources in the taiga and lower tundra regions of its breeding range, and by lake drainage for irrigation and hydroelectric power production (Armenia).” (The

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