The Power of Satellite Imagery In Agriculture & Farming

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Agriculture is transforming with the implementation of modern technologies. Technologies such as GPS and satellite image dissemination allow researchers and farmers to gain more information, monitor and manage agricultural resources. Powering precision agriculture practices.

Climate-friendly but costly agriculture

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Making agriculture climate-?neutral Emissions of methane and nitrogen oxides from agriculture are Europe’s second most important... The post Climate-friendly but costly agriculture appeared first on successful GREEN.


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Grazing Cattle can Reduce Agriculture’s Carbon Footprint

Environmental News Network

Grazing Cattle can Reduce Agriculture’s Carbon Footprint

Researchers Release First-of-its-Kind Quantitative Assessment for Sustainable Agriculture

Environmental News Network

Researchers Release First-of-its-Kind Quantitative Assessment for Sustainable AgricultureFramework will help nations gauge progress and pitfalls.

Regenerative agriculture the solution, says Woody Harrelson

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They have played a part in making a movie that explains regenerative agriculture and it’s called Kiss the Ground. The big catchphrase in the ecosphere – which to many is a spiritual place for understanding what we want to build on this planet – is regenerative agriculture.

Putting Honeybee Hives on Solar Parks Could Boost the Value of UK Agriculture

Environmental News Network

The value of UK agriculture could be boosted by millions of pounds a year if thousands of honeybee hives were deployed on solar parks across the country, a new study reveals. Putting Honeybee Hives on Solar Parks Could Boost the Value of UK Agriculture

Agricultural Runoff Contributes to Global Warming—New Study Helps Us Figure Out How and What We Can Do About It

Environmental News Network

Agricultural Runoff Contributes to Global Warming—New Study Helps Us Figure Out How and What We Can Do About ItNitrous oxide (N2O) is a potent greenhouse gas, with 300 times the warming ability of carbon dioxide.

More Support Needed for Pollination Services in Agriculture

Environmental News Network

More Support Needed for Pollination Services in AgricultureAgroecologist from the University of Göttingen emphasises their importance for food security of smallholder farmers.

Earth911 Podcast: Freight Farms’ Jake Felser on Hydroponic Agriculture & Container Farming

Earth 911

The post Earth911 Podcast: Freight Farms’ Jake Felser on Hydroponic Agriculture & Container Farming appeared first on Earth911. Business & Policy EcoTech Podcasts container farming Freight Farms hydroponics reinventing agriculture

Agriculture Can be a Solution for Deforestation in Chiapas, Mexico

Nature Conservancy - Science

Like many of the places where The Nature Conservancy works, Chiapas, Mexico, is a biodiversity hotspot under threat: as the fertility of existing agricultural lands decreases, the agricultural sector expands into bordering forests.

Forging a true Nature’s Path with regenerative agriculture: interview with Arjan Stephens of Nature’s Path

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What is the the difference between Regenerative Agriculture – which still allows the use of RoundUp and pesticides – and Regenerative Organic Ag? With question, let’s consider one of the biggest climate change contributors: agriculture.

Russian backyard agriculture

Green (Living) Review

backyard agriculture backyard gardens Dacha system Dachas feeding a nation green living kins domain Russia Russian Federationby Michael Smith (Veshengro) Around 35 million backyard gardens are in private family possession in Russia and the government supports this with a legal right to a free, tax-free piece of land from 1-3 ha (in some regions even up to 6 ha).

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Study Proposes New Ways to Estimate Climate Change Impacts on Agriculture

Environmental News Network

agricultural production. . Study Proposes New Ways to Estimate Climate Change Impacts on AgricultureMost scientists agree climate change has a profound impact on U.S.

MRIs On Crop Roots Open New Doors For Agriculture

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MRIs On Crop Roots Open New Doors For AgricultureTexas A&M scientists are applying the imaging technology to develop crops with deeper roots and stronger drought resilience.

The Al Baydha Project: How Regenerative Agriculture Revived Green Life In A Saudi Arabian Desert

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They initiated a development project with the aim of restoring sustainable agriculture to the area. Agricultural production can return, creating jobs and improving the economy of any region. . Nature Sustainable regenerative agriculture sustainable agriculture

2020 109

12 reasons why industrial-scale agriculture is driving environmental destruction

Low Impact

Without action to boost the alternatives to the industrial food system, ELMS payments will struggle to achieve the desired changes in agricultural production methods. The post 12 reasons why industrial-scale agriculture is driving environmental destruction appeared first on

Industrial agriculture and forestry

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) We are dealing with Nature as if she were a factory floor and we even call agriculture and forestry nowadays industries. Agri-Industry agriculture Earth forestry green living Mother Earth natureNature is not a factory floor, however, but a living intricate organism that cannot be (just) exploited, whether it is in the way that we farm today or the way that we deal with our woods and forests.

New Research Shows Healthy Agriculture Means Healthier Birds

Nature Conservancy - Science

What can stressed-out birds tell us about conservation and agriculture? Ideas

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Study: Buffer Zones, Better Regulation Needed to Prevent Agricultural Pollution in Rivers, Streams

Environmental News Network

Greater buffer zones around bodies of water and more consistent enforcement of water protection regulations are needed to reduce agriculture-based pollution in the Western U.S., Study: Buffer Zones, Better Regulation Needed to Prevent Agricultural Pollution in Rivers, Streams

Roberts vs Kahn on adaptation in agriculture

Environmental Economics

Mike Roberts : Matthew Kahn, author of the cheeky book  Climatopolis: How Our Cities will Thrive in the Hotter Future ,  likes to compliment our research ( Schlenker and Roberts, 2009 ) on potential climate impacts to agriculture by saying it will cause valuable innovation that will prevent its dismal predictions from ever occurring.    Matt Kahn : Michael Roberts is a top agricultural economist.

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We need to completely close down industrial animal agriculture

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Industrial agriculture is cruel to animals, cruel to people who work in it, it damages the environment and concentrates wealth in very few hands. The post We need to completely close down industrial animal agriculture appeared first on

Wild Pollinator Habitat Benefits Agriculture

Nature Conservancy - Science

Despite the evidence of wild pollinators being a viable alternative to managed honey bees, they are only just beginning to catch on as a strategy in the agricultural community, primarily due to a lack of understanding of the costs and benefits of investing in them. Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (USDA NRCS) data to calculate the costs of implementing one acre of wild pollinator habitat per 24 acres of crop production.

Agricultural Reality Stars

Green (Living) Review

Now, attention-grabbing information is reaching new audiences, and agricultural innovations are successfully reaching the world���s smallest and most remote farming communities. When agricultural themes and messages are woven into popular reality shows, song lyrics, radio broadcasts, and comic books, information becomes more accessible and relatable. In the United States, media is being used to familiarize the public with agriculture and food production.

Scaling Sustainable Agriculture

Nature Conservancy - Science

Ideas Agriculture Food Safety & Security Human Well-Being SustainabilityTo feed the world in 2050, we will need to grow roughly 40% more food. To be sustainable, we need our farms to survive and keep producing food, while also protecting the environment that we rely on to sustain us all.

Gene editing or gene modification in agriculture? What’s better – or worse?

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Despite their vast potential to help improve global food security while reducing pesticide use, many countries are extremely resistant to planting GM crops, with 85% of global GM agricultural land coming from just four countries: the US, Brazil, Argentina and Canada.

2020 79

Walmart digs into regenerative agriculture


Here is the original: Walmart digs into regenerative agriculture. The giant global retailer has a long supply chain that it needs to decarbonize. Business Green a-long-supply bring-the demands-on-nature giant-global last-week- long-supply measures not-exceed retailer-has the-ability the-dozens

Interested in urban agriculture?

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) If you are interested in urban agriculture, and in the promotion of it, then check out the report of the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance ''s Nick Rose who recently journeyed to study innovative models in the American Midwest, Toronto and five provinces of Argentina. ''The

Can Traditional Agriculture Restore the Reef?

Nature Conservancy - Science

ahu, a local community and their conservation partners are turning to what may seem an unlikely tactic: agriculture. No, the path to success here is restoring the land to agriculture. Once and Future Agriculture. Those services function best when the land is in traditional agriculture. Restore Agriculture, Restore the Reef. Volunteers assist with agricultural tasks at He’eia wetlands.

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Agricultural Practices That Are Both Practical and Eco-Sustainable

Green Living Guy

It’s used throughout the agriculture industry. Also , soil and agriculture. The post Agricultural Practices That Are Both Practical and Eco-Sustainable appeared first on Green Living Guy. Source: Pixabay So in recent years, “sustainability” has become a buzzword.

Conventional vs Sustainable Agriculture: Can Sustainable Agriculture Feed the World?


Agriculture has experienced a great transformation over the last three centuries. Agriculture has been flourishing. Yields have been increasing, populations growing, and more lands have been converted into agricultural fields. Continuous expansion of agriculture is not possible. One third of the planet’s soils are degraded due to inconsiderate methods used in modern agriculture. What is the difference between conventional and sustainable agriculture?

"Journals, Preferences, and Publishing in Agricultural and Environmental Economics"

Environmental Economics

Among the sample of journals studied, the American Journal of Agricultural Economics is ranked at the top for career progression for the aggregate sample, while Science was rated at the top for broader impact. Dan Rigby, Michael Burton and Jayson L. Lusk in AJAE: Research quality is an increasingly important metric for determining funding allocations, promotion and tenure, and professional prestige.

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Regenerative Agriculture To Restore Our Earth


Our planet is getting… The post Regenerative Agriculture To Restore Our Earth appeared first on Earth911. More: Regenerative Agriculture To Restore Our Earth. In 35 years, there will be 10 billion people on earth.

Sanya Farm Lab honors architecture, culture and agriculture


The new Sanya Farm Lab is a four-story exhibition space that provides 4,000 square meters of space for education, play and innovative ideas


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According to a white Paper that summarizes and discusses three research papers that investigate organic agriculture hotspots in the U.S. and systematically assesses the impact of organic agriculture on local economies titled U.S. Organic hotspots consist of counties having highest levels of organic agricultural production (farms and businesses) and have neighboring counties that follow the same organic production.

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Adventures in Community Supported Agriculture

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Adventures in Community Supported Agriculture. My interest in Community Supported Agriculture (CSA for short) started at the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington D.C. Community supported agriculture is a pretty simple idea: you pay a local farm up-front, and the farmers use that money to run their business. I don’t know if you’ve ever been there, but it’s definitely worth a stop if you’re ever in town.

Semi-Sustainable Berber Agriculture

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With my talented mountain guide leading the way, I trekked across a handful of loose scree peaks and verdant valleys, occassionally stopping to drink mint tea with the locals, and admire their terraced agriculture plots. Terraced agriculture is very labor intensive. Food & Health organic agriculture sustainable agricultureThe verdant valleys in the Toubkal National Park stand in stark contrast to the dry, red mountain sides.

Regenerative Agriculture is our only hope for saving the planet

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We need a solution now for earth and the answer is regenerative agriculture. Most of this is directly tied to agriculture and the way in which it contributes to a completely different, but connected, problem: soil or land degradation. Hairbrained schemes to grow food on Mars. No way.

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10 Benefits of Crop Rotation in Agriculture


The practice of crop rotation is, therefore, one of the most effective agricultural control strategies, as it comes with numerous advantages that are very important for reducing the use of chemicals on farms and supporting long-term soil fertility. Quick Navigation for Benefits of Crop Rotation in Agriculture. With the intensification of the agricultural system, we have learned how to artificially boost the nitrogen content in the soil with the use of fertilizers.

2018 65

Could Phones Revolutionize Palestinian Agriculture?

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The United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization recently reported that world food prices soared over 6 percent in July. A recent report by the World Bank found that mobile and digital technologies have immensely positive impacts on a developing community’s agricultural industry. Business & Politics Cleantech, Science & Technology Food & Health agriculture environmental education food security Gaza Palestine rising food prices Technology West Bank

Sustainable Agroforestry Systems and Practices in Agriculture


The practice of cultivating trees on farms alongside other agricultural production has a long history throughout the world. Quick Navigation for Agroforestry Practices and Systems in Sustainable Agriculture. The role of agroforestry in sustainable agricultural systems. In this system, which combines the best features of agriculture and tree planting , trees have numerous important functions. Taungya is a practice where forestry overlaps with agriculture.

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Interest in 'community supported agriculture' grows

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community supported agriculture CSA growing foodASSUMPTION — A Christian County farm best known for corn and soybeans — including marketing ties to Brazil — has added a backyard garden. August Creek Farm joins the growing list of "community supported agriculture" operations across Illinois targeted to consumer demand for locally grown produce. The concept — consumers buy memberships, and the CSAs plant, tend and harvest the crops — has been around for more than a quarter century.

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Egypt’s Urban Agriculture Movement is Growing!

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Can urban agriculture save Cairo? There has been an important spotlight on agriculture not only in Egypt, which is suspected by the EU of causing the E. coli outbreak in Germany earlier this year, but also other Middle Eastern and North African countries such as Morocco whose poor wastewater treatment systems result in dangerous contamination of agricultural systems. More on Cairo, Egypt, and Agriculture: What Rooftop Gardening Could do for the Middle East.

6 questions on the future of indoor agriculture


See the original post: 6 questions on the future of indoor agriculture. Q & A with Plenty’s co-founder and chief science officer Nate Storey about the companies take on indoor ag profitability, industry collaboration and promising markets in Asia.

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