Wakkerstroom, South Africa: It’s a Lark

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I’ve not made spectacular progress writing up my trip to Africa earlier this year, so perhaps I should get on that. So instead let’s talk about South Africa’s best kept birding secret (at least outside of the country) Wakkerstroom. I have 10,000 Birds contributor Adam Riley to thank for telling me I had to add it to my list, and a quick bit of research showed that he was right on. Birding South Africa

Yellow-billed Kites in South Africa

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It is now treated as its own species, confined to Africa and the tip of Arabia (Black Kites also migrate here from Europe and Asia). I was told by some researchers that in Botswana trackers watch for this species when looking for Painted Wolves (or African Wild Dogs) as they follow packs to snatch up prey and scraps. Birds kites South Africa Last weekend I finally caved and bought a new laptop to replace the one that swan-dived off my bed last November.

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Getting the Best Value for Conservation in Africa

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When we started this process we had a really simple question,” says Matt Brown, the Conservancy’s director of conservation for Africa , “where will TNC investments offer us the best return? 2014) A return-on-investment framework to identify conservation priorities in Africa.

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Sunny Solar Outlook For Middle East and North Africa

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The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) are expected to bring 3.5GW of solar capacity online by 2015: Saudi Arabia and Turkey lead the way. The report was authored GTM Research analyst Scott Burger in collaboration with the Emirates Solar Industry Association.

Picathartes – Africa’s strangest birds

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The family Picathartidae consists of two very unusual birds; White-necked or Yellow-headed Picathartes , endemic to the Upper Guinea forests of West Africa; and Gray-necked or Red-headed , restricted to Lower Guinea forests of Central Africa.

Yale Researcher: “Desalination Should Be A Last Resort”

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One of humankind’s worst tragedies is currently unfolding in the Horn of Africa , and it is caused by the absence of water. When is energy-intensive desalination a last resort?

North Africa Coast Will Rise 60 Percent More than Previous Projection: New Study

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That was cause for concern along North Africa’s coast, especially in Egypt where rising sea levels would ostensibly drown Alexandria and much of the northern part of the country. For North Africa, this is a major worry, where much of the countries’ agricultural land is harnessed.

Camel domestication research challenges Bible’s origins

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In addition to challenging the Bible’s historicity, this anachronism is proof that the text was compiled after the events it describes, according to researchers. . By the seventh century BCE, trade routes like the Incense Road stretched all the way from Africa through Israel to India.

Africa's worst drought tied to industrial pollution by the West

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The biggest drought to hit the planet in the 20th century, the Sahel drought, sucked Central Africa dry from the 1970s to the 1990s. But in the past decade, researchers have realized that aerosol pollution plays an important role in Earth''s climate, he said.

Pollution From North Africa Shuts Down Israeli Airports

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Hazy conditions stemming from dust particles that traveled from North Africa to Israel shut down two Israeli airports last week. This is not the first time that Israeli researchers have discovered pollution stemming from outside the borders – sometimes laced with heavy metals.

Poisoning Vultures Will Come Back to Bite Us

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says Evan Buechley a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Utah. Buechley is leading a project with HawkWatch International and the University of Utah to research vulture ecology in the Horn of Africa , potentially one of the last strongholds for African vulture species.

Israeli Teens Bottle Algae in “Algeed” Superfood Project for a Hungry Africa

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Liquid algae may taste like sushi which is unknown in poor parts of Africa, but it is easy to grow with basic equipment like old plastic bottles, and it is packed full of protein – a veritable superfood. Food & Health Africa algae Algeed hunger Israel

15 expat-friendly countries for a birder to move to

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I live in the southeast of Europe, for a while lived in the south of Africa and also have extensively birded western and central India. And I remembered that, back when I was a boy, I wanted to live in eastern Africa. Which leaves only East Africa. Secondly, I lived under a bright sunny sky in Africa for several years, then moved back to murky sky of Europe in December and didn’t see the Sun for the next three months. South Africa (755 / 842).

Flight Over the Bas-Ogooué: Using Drones to Map Gabon’s Wetlands

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Gabon also has one of the lowest population densities in Africa, with a majority of it’s citizens living in urban areas. “In This is one of the last intact great rivers of Africa and a tremendous conservation opportunity,” says Schill.

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Fungi Could Clean Pollution, Give Fuel and Food: Egypt Research

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Ahmed Abdel Azim and his team at Suez Canal University advance research in mycology (fungi). In an interview with Green Prophet, Abdel Azim reveals some of the many research projects which could help tackle waste and soil pollution, fuel scarcity and food security in the Arab world.

Waterways helps water tech make “soft” landing in Africa

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Finding her mission in water, former Israeli diplomat Ornit Avidar (pictured above and below on the left) is taking Israel’s “soft” water technology solutions — decentralized, simple to use and maintain, consuming little energy — and applying them all around Africa.

Pink in Africa

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Of course Africa could not to be left out of the pink weekend so I have researched all African species whose official or alternative names include the word “pink”. Definitely my personal favorite of Africa’s pink birds is the delicate Pink-throated Twinspot. Pink-backed Pelicans build untidy stick nests in tall trees usually near waterbodies but in tropical parts of Africa they even nest in villages and along roadways, as long as they are not persecuted.

They’re Electric: Two New Fish Species Discovered in Gabon

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When Sullivan and other researchers compared the new find with the two existing specimens, they determined they warranted a new genus of fish, which they called Cryptomyrus (“hidden fish”). Even most fish researchers use collecting methods that might miss mormyrids.

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This Fur Seal is 4,000 Miles From Home. Here’s Why.

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For answers, I turned to Greg Hofmeyr , seal researcher with the Port Elizabeth Museum in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. These islands are 1,200 miles south of South Africa. And each year, 4-8 fur seals turn up off the Eastern Cape of South Africa, where he works and lives.

How fast can Africa’s Ebola outbreak move to the Middle East?

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The virus, which originated in West Africa and has a 64% death rate, could be spreading from the three African countries of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leon where it has until now been “confined” to.

Bioacoustics Reveal How Biodiversity Changes Across Borneo’s Logged Forests

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But like their counterparts in equatorial Africa and the Amazon Basin, these forests are also a valuable and necessary economic resource. Hornbill,” whispers Purnomo, a conservation field officer in the Conservancy’s Indonesia program and research lead.

3 Tips for Well-Intentioned Readers about Cecil the Lion & Wildlife in Africa.

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A Wildlife Researcher Yogi’s Take on Cecil the Lion. Animal Rights (Vegan, Pets, Wildlife) Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) african safari animal safety cecil the lion hunting regulations Lion wildlife

Suntech Launches New Research Centre In Arava – INTERVIEW

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Following the inauguration of Suntech’s new research centre in Arava, we speak to their Chief Technology Officer (pictured centre) about the future of renewables in the Middle East. GreenProphet: China has become world famous for its solar technologies and research.

MENA Will Need 120 Gigawatts of Energy by 2017, Masdar Expert Warns

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The Middle East and North Africa region is going to need 120 gigawatts of energy by 2017, according to a leading figure at the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology (MIST) and board member of the Emirates Solar Industry Association (ESIA).

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Researchers Say H20-Intensive Technology is Impossible for Desert Solar!

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The ambitious plan to develop solar and wind energy in North Africa’s deserts could replace harmful fossil fuel alternatives, but researchers are quick to dismiss the notion that renewable energy projects are completely innocent.

Green safari company launches carbon research project

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The company, which is known for its commitment to sustainable responsible travel and community empowerment, owns and operates 46 luxury lodges and camps in South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Tanzania, Kenya and India. The spekboom (or pork bush) is a remarkable “super plant.”

Rwanda Looks to National Parks as Part of a Peaceful, Hopeful Future

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SNAPP research has shown that both national and foreign visitors would be willing to tack on a modest entry fee on a sliding scale per income. Ideas Africa Economics Ecosystem Services Ecotourism Mammals National Parks Nature + People SNAPP Social Science

Can there be more Masdar eco-cities in the Middle East?

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Masdar City is an experimental clean tech and research hub located 17 kilometers outside of Abu Dhabi. Cities Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week clean tech eco cities Estidama green building Masdar City Middle East North Africa Sustainable Development World Future Energy Summit

Why You Should Keep Young Children Out of the Middle East Sun (New Research)

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In their study, the researchers found – not surprisingly – a quadrupled higher risk of skin cancer among native-born Israelis of European origin (including the Americas, Australia and South Africa) and those immigrating from those countries over those of North African or Asian origin.

Quick Study: Do Elephants Get Stressed Out When Living Alongside People?

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Savannah elephant from dung research project in Kenya. The Big Question: In East Africa, savannah elephants are increasingly expanding outside of protected parks and into surrounding areas where people and agriculture dominate. Photo by Marissa Ahlering.

Camera Traps, Reef Restoration & Satellite Imagery: Meet the 2015 Science Impact Project Class

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The 2015 class of SIP participants includes scientists from Africa, Oceania, and North and South America tackling conservation problems as diverse as artisanal fisheries management, sustainable agriculture, and tropical deforestation. Anne Trainor (Spatial Scientist, Africa).

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The Forgotten Climate Solution

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Dozens of cases have disproven our beliefs around changing land use: The Nature Conservancy has been closely involved in such successes from Indonesia to China, Africa, the U.S., Let’s face it: technological innovation is attractive.

Swallows. Swallowed

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You probably have to go to a resturant in Botswana or South Africa to find Tigerfish on the menu. They are the piranha of Africa, except probably less speciose and, generally, bigger. The story I saw on my Twitter feed referred to scientists from North-West University in Potchefstroom, South Africa, working in the Mapungubwe National Park in South Africa. The researchers noticed the fish taking swallows at a rate of up to 20 a day.

San Francisco's “green aquarium” boosts shark research

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The nonprofit marine nature center, a certified green business and founding member of the San Francisco Seafood Watch Alliance , conducts extensive research on sharks in the San Francisco Bay.

Dialogues on the Environment: Q&A with Jason Clay

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We do this by convening multi-stakeholder groups that include the major players that produce and trade those commodities as well as retailers, brands, researchers and NGOs.

Flying Snakes, White Green Roofs, Why Agoutis Should Sleep in & More

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The early bird becomes cat food : New research finds Central American agoutis that get up earlier are far more likely to be eaten by ocelots. New Research. The Cooler Africa conservation agouti Climate Change Copenhagen cuthroat trout Ecosystem Services jellyfish migration

The plovers of Estero Lagoon, Florida

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Growing up within an hour of one of the world’s premier shorebird destinations -- West Coast National Park in South Africa -- helped for sure. But research has shown that some plovers even use the super-sensitive soles of their feet to detect movement beneath the substrate. From 2004-2007 James worked as the Managing Director of Africa Foundation, a non-profit organization that directs its efforts towards the uplifting of communities surrounding wildlife areas in Africa.

Citizen Science Tuesday: Snapshot Serengeti

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Have you always wanted to get away to Africa for a photo safari? Now you can get away to Africa any time you want and make a difference for African wildlife with Snapshot Serengeti. Not only does it help wildlife in Africa, the page can be viewed in English, Polish, and Finnish (beta).

Tunisian Desert Dunes Threaten Darth Vader’s Tatooine Home

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Because Tatooine is so popular among Star Wars fans, the researchers had a great stock of online images to use to monitor the site when they were unable to visit in person. Travel desert North Africa Star Wars Tatooine The Phantom Menace

'School in a Box': Africa to educate children using solar power


School in a Box: Africa to educate children using solar power. Africa, one of the continents that is still holding the posterior end of development is all ready to set a benchmark in using solar power for educating its children. The first School in a Box was officially launched in Dublin this month and as much as fifteen such boxes will soon find their way to three rural schools of South Africa. Intersat’s solar-powered RIK to bring connectivity and power to rural Africa.