Clunker cars are choking Africa

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Clunkers from America, Europe and Japan clog the air in Africa. The idea was to ship them in shipping containers to his homeland in Ghana, western Africa. Some 80 per cent went to low- and middle-income countries, with more than half going to Africa.

Tropical Forests in Africa’s Mountains Store More Carbon Than Previously Thought – But are Disappearing Fast

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Scientists studying tropical forests in Africa’s mountains were surprised to uncover how much carbon they store, and how fast some of these forests are being cleared. Tropical Forests in Africa’s Mountains Store More Carbon Than Previously Thought – But are Disappearing Fast


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Digitized Data Conserves Africa’s Great Lake Fisheries

Nature Conservancy - Science

In Africa’s Great Lakes, better data collection means better fisheries management. The post Digitized Data Conserves Africa’s Great Lake Fisheries appeared first on Cool Green Science. Ideas

The new Africa Institute in UAE will highlight open air design


Dedicated to the advanced study, research and documentation of Africa and the African diaspora in the Arab world, the Africa Institute in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates recently commissioned Adjaye Associates to design a new 343,175-square-foot campus

Monster locust swarm attacks Middle East and Africa

Green Prophet

There is a real life plague of biblical proportions happening now in East Africa. It’s hitting Ethiopian, Somalia, Kenya, Djibouti and Eritrea – Horn of Africa countries and it’s threatening the Middle East. The locust outbreak in Yemen.

Exploring Africa by Train

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Africa is one of the most visited continents world over. Attracted by diverse attractions, many people flock to Africa including other Africans travelling around the continent. They say that when it comes to travelling, it’s the journey that matters most rather than the destination and as such, an increasing number of visitors to Africa and from Africa now prefer travelling via train. Below we highlight some of the most popular train travels in Africa.

2018 43

Top wildlife destinations in North Africa

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North Africa may not enjoy the same popularity for its national parks as some of the other renowned spots spread across the continent, but that in no way should be a deterrent to visit. Toubkal National Park certainly makes for one of the best wildlife holidays in North Africa.

The Amazing Ancient Fishes of Africa

Nature Conservancy - Science

Fish that can breathe air, hibernate and even fly. Fish & Fisheries From the Field Wildlife Fish Weird Nature

2018 81

Oxford says Africa’s not going green this decade

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The study predicts that in 2030, fossil fuels will account for two-thirds of all generated electricity across Africa. The research also highlights regional differences in the pace of the transition to renewables, with southern Africa leading the way.

How ‘chamas’ and mutual credit are changing Africa: Shaila Agha of the Sarafu Network

Low Impact

Today I’m talking with Shaila Agha of the Sarafu Network about ‘chamas’ and mutual credit , and how they’re changing Africa. When I spoke with Will, he said forget Europe and North America – mutual credit is going to spread through Africa, Asia and Latin America first.

Maasai women are the new solar warriors of Africa

Green (Living) Review

But a new project spearheaded by Green Energy Africa has brought solar energy to 2,000 homes in Naiputa county alone, and put new power into the hands of women who sell affordable solar installations. Naiputa heads the Osopuko-Edonyinap group, one of the five women’s groups who purchase solar installations from Green Energy Africa at a discount and then transport them by donkey across villages and sell them for a 300 Kenyan Shillings or $3 profit.

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Mutual credit in Africa: interview with Will Ruddick of Grassroots Economics

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And some schemes in South Africa too? Do you think these ideas will spread more rapidly in Africa, Asia and Latin America? The post Mutual credit in Africa: interview with Will Ruddick of Grassroots Economics appeared first on

Highschool kids develop algae superfood to feed Africa’s hungry

Green Prophet

Spirulina has been found to contain as much as 70% protein and as such can be a tremendous help to feeding countries such as those in Africa whose large populations suffer from high levels of malnutrition. The Gymnasia Herzliya students have developed a way to grow the algae in plastic drink bottles, an item that is plentiful all over Africa and usually discarded in trash dumps. Israeli Teens Bottle Algae in “Algeed” Superfood Project for a Hungry Africa.

2019 61

China and Africa - Friends or Foes?

Blue Earth

In particular, China’s trade with Africa increased from a mere $2 billion in 2000 to $60 billion in 2010. . China loves Africa’s natural resources, low wages and easy exploitation of workers and the environment with little transparency. Since western democracies and the companies based there tend to shy away from juristictions were it takes bribes to make things happen, China has had little competition doing deals in Africa. So, Africa is in a tight spot.

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Great Green Wall of Trees for Africa

Green Living Ideas

The Global Environment Facility (GEF), in an effort to lessen desertification and drought in Africa, is helping to plant a living wall of trees across Africa. The [.] [ Great Green Wall of Trees for Africa from Green Living Ideas ]. The “wall&# will be huge — 9 miles (14 kilometers) thick and 4,400 miles (7,081 km) long. The “Great Green Wall&# will go through 11 countries in the Sahel-Saharan region.

Africa: The last frontier?

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The one large-scale market left to develop is Africa. They are principles being lived successfully by multiple resilient and transition communities as I write these words, many of them in Africa itself, so this is no longer just empty theory or rhetoric. That, I believe, is the question now facing Africa. Again, this is the path that must be in the thinking and at negotiating table in Africa today. Africa once led the world.

Israel Strengthens Environmental Ties to Africa: Part 1

Green Prophet

This is the dawning of a new era in relations between Israel and African states,” according to Lynn Schler, director of the Africa Centre at Ben-Gurion University. Israeli engagement with Africa has dramatically increased over the past year, especially in the sectors of agriculture, water technologies and natural resource management. Israeli companies are looking to follow the lead China has taken in Africa,” said Schler. Agriculture and Water Connect Israel to Africa.

Climate Investment Funds for Super Solar North Africa

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Hotter than heck and bone dry, the Middle East and North Africa have an abundance of sun, and leaders across the region are striving to make the most of it. Cleantech, Science & Technology clean tech Climate Investment Fund MENA region solar program North Africa Solar Five North African countries and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan will receive a total of $660 million from the $7.6

Israel Strengthens Environmental Ties to Africa: Part 2

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Technological Innovation for Poverty Alleviation (TIPA) is one of MASHAV’s primary programs in Africa. In Sub-Saharan Africa women make up an estimated 70 to 80 percent of small-holder farmers. Carmon stressed MASHAV’s emphasis on developing Africa’s human capacity. “We Many skeptics believe that Israel’s recent surge of diplomatic attention devoted to Africa has self-serving motivations. Israel’s economic future depends on stability in Africa.

On the Hunt with the Wild Dogs of Africa

Cool Green Science

Africa’s wild dogs live in packs like wolves and have been known to share food with sick or weaker members. Africa Kenneth K. Sitting three to a row in the land rover, we’ve just set out for an evening game drive. Chatter about the day’s meetings has us distracted and we almost miss what’s right in front of us: a single wild dog. The first I’ve ever seen. He rests for a breath in the middle of the road and then dashes to the other side as quietly as he came. Stealth mode.

Israelis Design Cardboard Wheelchairs for Africa

Green Prophet

At present, the non-government organization that distributes wheelchairs to people in Africa who can’t afford to buy their own spend $6 million each year purchasing 120,000 metal chairs from China. As long as it is easy enough to access old car tires, and we all know there’s no shortage of those in Africa, along with plastic and cardboard recycling plants, the venture could work.

Getting the Best Value for Conservation in Africa

Nature Conservancy - Science

When we started this process we had a really simple question,” says Matt Brown, the Conservancy’s director of conservation for Africa , “where will TNC investments offer us the best return? 2014) A return-on-investment framework to identify conservation priorities in Africa. Science Africa research spatial data The Bangweulu Wetlands ecosystem in northern Zambia covers a large area of great biodiversity.

Nature’s Role in Providing Clean Water in Africa

Cool Green Science

This past February, I was fortunate to join George Njugi, conservation coordinator for water funds in Kenya, for two days in the Upper Tana River watershed—the site of the Conservancy’s first water fund in Africa. Having seen other conservation efforts when I previously lived in East Africa, I was struck by the ambitious and collaborative nature of the Nairobi Water Fund effort. We’re already using this data to help prioritize our efforts in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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Tourists could spread COVID-19 to gorillas in East Africa


Most of the photos analyzed were from people visiting mountain gorillas in East Africa. ” Mountain gorillas are native to East Africa, with the largest population in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Uganda. Tourists could spread COVID-19 to gorillas in East Africa. Eco Green africa conservation covid gorillas managed forests people prefab rwanda thomas-fuhrmann uganda

80% of Middle East and Africa Concerned About Climate Change

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According to a recent survey, Africa and the Middle East is the second region in the world that is most concerned about climate change. However, a recent survey has found that whilst less than half (48%) of all Americans are concerned about global warming, around 80% of citizens in Africa and the Middle East worry about climate change. Latin America, Africa and Middle East Lead The Way.

Pollution From North Africa Shuts Down Israeli Airports

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Hazy conditions stemming from dust particles that traveled from North Africa to Israel shut down two Israeli airports last week. Israel’s Environmental Ministry explained that a low pressure weather system over Southern Greece moved into Israel and trapped particulates that traveled from a dust storm in North Africa. And for 1/5 of the year, harmful pollutants travel from Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and North Africa.

Agriculture and Water Connect Israel to Africa

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Granot believes that recent revolutions in the Middle East have made Africa more open to Israel. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s trip to Africa, cancelled three months ago, has now been rescheduled for the coming summer. :: Ynet. Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister, Danny Ayalon, landed on Monday in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He continued on to Uganda and Kenya, where he will inaugurate two Israeli-cooperation projects in agriculture and health.

Waterways helps water tech make “soft” landing in Africa

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Finding her mission in water, former Israeli diplomat Ornit Avidar (pictured above and below on the left) is taking Israel’s “soft” water technology solutions — decentralized, simple to use and maintain, consuming little energy — and applying them all around Africa. While she recognizes the importance of non-profits in Africa, she thinks it is time to update the model with sustainable businesses focused on the bottom line. Founded in 2010, it is bootstrapping its way into Africa.

Ebola virus, out of control in Africa, may be in Saudi Arabia

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The deadly Ebola virus is spreading rapidly in West Africa and the main concern is its spread from its point of origin and be carried possibly to other countries, including the Middle East. With the death toll rapidly nearing the 1,000 mark, West Africa’s latest Ebola virus epidemic is already the worst outbreak of its kind to occur according to the World Health Organization and other international public health bodies. Health Ebola public health West Africa

Germany invests in the DRC, but renewables could save all of Africa

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Mass migration of people suffering from conflict and climate change –– from Syria to Iraq to Yemen , to all over countries in Africa –– worries Europe. No one wants to see Africa suffer and it’s high time we help all the African nations out of the mess.

UK government supports solar for Africa, slashes subsidies at home

Green (Living) Review

The first, from Power for All—a campaign aiming for universal energy access through renewables —was jubilant: Power for All receives UK support for Africa's poor to achieve energy access through distributed renewables. With the UK's Department for International Development throwing its weight behind solar for rural communities in Africa, you'd think the government would also be pushing renewables as the wave of the future at home too.

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Pee Power is making energy from urine in Africa

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The “pee power” project was entered by the girls in an annual nationwide competition in Lagos, Maker Faire Africa , and it created enough electrical power to run the generator for six hours from one liter of pee. It can also be used to create electricity in poor rural agricultural areas that are common in Africa and Asia; including many parts of the Middle East. Photo of pee-power project generator by Maker Faire Africa .

2015 81

Solar PV Demand Rises Sixfold in the Middle East and Africa

Green Prophet

In the Middle East and Africa (MEA), fossil fuels are way ahead. Many countries, South Africa in particular, rely too much on coal, while others like Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi have played a crucial role in our oil addiction. Solarbuzz outlines how the PV industry is taking off in the Middle East and Africa in their annual Middle East and Africa PV Market Report.

Wild in Africa jewelry supports wildlife conservation charities


When National Geographic filmmaker Shannon Wild moved to Africa in 2013 to make wildlife documentaries, she found herself in the hospital after a near-death experience in Masai Mara. Using her past experience in graphic design and marketing, she was able to establish a business, Wild In Africa – Bracelets for Wildlife , to commemorate her healing journey and the love for animals and wildlife that brought her to Africa in the first place.

Help Solve a Problem on Africa’s Deepest Lake

Nature Conservancy - Science

Your idea could help create a lasting solution that can be replicated across many sites—one that benefits both people and nature. Help us #DemarcatetheLake! Citizen Science Fish & Fisheries Fish Fisheries Human Well-Being National Parks Nature + People Protected Areas Technology Try This Water

2017 63

Israeli Teens Bottle Algae in “Algeed” Superfood Project for a Hungry Africa

Green Prophet

Liquid algae may taste like sushi which is unknown in poor parts of Africa, but it is easy to grow with basic equipment like old plastic bottles, and it is packed full of protein – a veritable superfood. Now, kids from an Israeli highschool are perfecting an algae growing system started in Kibbutz Ein Shemer (and which we reported on here) so that algae farms can made in communities in Africa to wipe out malnutrition in areas where desertification claims land and livestock.

Can We End Hunger and Protect the Forest in Africa?

Nature Conservancy - Science

Expanding agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa often comes at the expense of forests. Can this challenge be resolved? Ideas Agriculture Development Forests SNAPP

2017 41

The new Africa Institute in UAE will highlight open air design


Dedicated to the advanced study, research and documentation of Africa and the African diaspora in the Arab world, the Africa Institute in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates recently commissioned Adjaye Associates to design a new 343,175-square-foot campus.

UAE 36

Bringing clean energy to poor communities in Africa

Sierra Club Compass

Africa is beginning to see a new light. Currently 598 million Africans live off the grid in rural Africa. Together, they are working to move Africa beyond the age of kerosene lamps and into the solar future. A solar-powered light that is. Many of them still use kerosene lamps to light their homes, a practice that can consume up to 20 percent of each family’s income and is harmful to both the environment and the health of the families.

Nissan introduces Leaf EV to South Africa with candid camera stunt

Blue Earth

Nissan introduces Leaf EV to South Africa with candid camera stunt : To introduce the all-electric Leaf to the new South African audience, Nissan decided to use a bit of humor by pranking gas station attendants. Combustion oriented cars now have some real competition around the world. The part I like best? No smell

Faith Leaders Prepare For Upcoming Climate Summit In South Africa

Green Prophet

With forty days left till the latest climate conference held in Durban, South Africa, faith leaders are preparing to fight for the environment. Faith leader will be supported by campaigners in South Africa who will join the ‘We have Faith – Act Now for Climate Justice’ campaign which organisers hope will be a multimillion signature petition which will push worlds leaders to take serious action on climate change.

IRENA to Pitch Morocco as Africa’s Renewable Energy Pilot at Rio+20

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Renewing Africa’s Energy Future is the theme of an International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) side-event scheduled to take place today at the Rio +20 conference underway in Brazil. As part of their negotiations with leaders throughout Africa, IRENA is pitching Morocco as the continent’s pilot country. “The scenario projects that the share of renewables in Africa could increase from 17% in 2009 to 50% in 2030, and nearly 75% by 2050.

North Africa Coast Will Rise 60 Percent More than Previous Projection: New Study

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That was cause for concern along North Africa’s coast, especially in Egypt where rising sea levels would ostensibly drown Alexandria and much of the northern part of the country. For North Africa, this is a major worry, where much of the countries’ agricultural land is harnessed. Architecture & Urban Climate Travel & Nature Alexandria Climate Change Egypt MENA North Africa research Sea Levels