$14.2 million to be invested in developing lightweight material for advanced vehicles


Pratima Kalra: To accelerate the development of stronger and lighter materials for making advanced vehicles the Obama administration has sanctioned $14.2 The main work entails developing high strength and lightweight carbon fiber composites and also steel and other alloys that mainly reduce the vehicles weight. Million in New Funding to Develop Lightweight Materials for Advanced Vehicles. This followed by the last thing is predictive modeling of advanced steel.

If you build them. ?

Environmental Economics

will announce new energy plan": President Obama arrived in Charlotte late Wednesday morning, on a trip in which he will make a major announcement on a new program to spur growth in the "clean vehicle" industry. The White House released advanced word of the President's remarks in Mount Holly, saying Obama will announce a new $1 billion National Community Deployment Challenge. Alternative fuel vehicles are being produced at the Freightliner plant.

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Federal Fleet Vehicles: Driving Efficiency, But Not Fast Enough

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A new report by the General Services Administration shows that federal fleets are falling well short of goals set by President Obama to reduce oil consumption and shift to advanced vehicles. While the Postal Service did reduce the numbers of miles driven by its vehicles by 4.5

Green Fleets = Green Jobs

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According to Brad Markell, Executive Director of the AFL-CIO's Industrial Union Council , increased investment in advanced vehicle technology is leading to more domestic jobs. "Why "Why do hybrids and electric vehicles produce more jobs?"

GM reveals its ambitions for Chevrolet EN-V 2.0 concept car


Since then the company is working toward insinuating a revolution in the EN-V (Electric networked vehicle) segment. Mobility Concept Vehicle. Mobility Concept Vehicle. Mobility Concept Vehicle. The advanced vehicle will also be more consumer friendly.

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Paying to Power Our Cars - Compass

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According to a new report " Where Your Money Goes " by Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS), the average American spends $22,000 to pay for gasoline over the lifetime of the vehicle. Plug-in electric vehicles, however, are powered partly or fully by domestic electricity sources.

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Tens of thousands celebrate National Drive Electric Week in 152 cities

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Getting people into plug-in electric vehicles (EVs) to experience the fun, quiet, and clean air benefits of EVs first-hand was part of the point. A Life Cycle Assessment of Advanced Vehicle Technologies.

Drive No More: 6 Alternatives to Your Car

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Combining all of the wildest dreams of electric vehicle buffs into one concept car, SAIC claims to achieve a net vehicle emissions balance of less than zero. The world's first negative emissions vehicle.

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Policy Pathways: A Tale of Renewed Cities

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The IEA expects urban transport energy consumption to double by 2050, despite ongoing vehicle technology and fuel-economy improvements. In 2000, there were roughly 625 million passenger light-duty vehicles (PLDVs) around the world. Policies that discourage vehicle ownership (e.g.

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