Free Ecopsychology Webinar this eve


From Ownership to Belonging: Ecopsychological Models of Relationship with the More-than-Human World of Nature It’s becoming increasingly obvious how our collective behaviors are bringing the living world as we know it to the brink of destruction.

2020 203

Trees in Early Irish Law and Lore: Respect for Other-Than-Human Life in Europe’s History


My article, “Trees in Early Irish Law and Lore: Respect for Other-Than-Human Life in Europe’s History,” has just been published in the peer-reviewed journal, Ecopsychology. “Ecopsychology invites you to read this special issue dedicated to bringing forward insights from wisdom traditions, such as those from Indigenous peoples, and those from contemporary science, to more […].

2020 159

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Just wash your hands


Afraid of contracting or passing Coronavirus 19? JUST WASH YOUR HANDS. Often. For inspiration, check out the results of this science experiment, done at an elementary school in 2019: “We took fresh bread and touched it. We did one slice untouched. One with unwashed hands. One with hand sanitizer.

2020 166

COVID19 as Shabbat


* A wise friend of mine, Lynn Ungar, wrote this magnificent poem about the current COVID-19 situation. * I love her perspective and thought you might enjoy it too. To me, these words are like medicine, and with no need to do insurance paperwork to get it.

2020 165



Shinrin-yoku research trip begins! Spiritual Ecopsychology Adventures animism dreams earth-based spirituality Japan nature travel trees

Japan 198

I interrupt this virus for a cuteness interlude


We now have 12 baby chicks in the living room. It’s amazing to witness how much they change and grow every day – sometimes, it seems, every hour! Only one day after I took this photo, some of them had suddenly sprouted teeny but real wing feathers.

2020 135

Yellow Stripey Stingy Things


Here's a useful guide to all wasp-like beings. All My Relations Spiritual Ecopsychology bees field guide nature wasps

2019 176

Protected: Ecopsych Training ? Mindfulness in Nature course readings


There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. Course Readings Spiritual Ecopsychology course ecopsychology mindfulness readings

2020 100

Aoi Matsuri parade


We arrived in Kyoto just in time for the Aoi Matsuri (Hollyhock) festival, which happens May 15 every year in Kyoto.

2019 151

Mom’s Magic Cobbler Recipe


My mom, Tilla Fields, was an amazing cook. In her early years, she served as camp cook on cattle branding outings in the northerly Great Basin Desert. Yep, with a horse-driven chuck wagon and dutch ovens dug into the ground and everything. With her skills, she could have become a professional chef, but was too […]. Arts Recipes cobbler free food fruit recipe summer Tilla Fields wildcrafting

2018 156

Happy Interdependence Day


“The great fallacy of the United States is that it was built on individuality. That’s the greatest lie ever was told, because it was not. It was built on community politics. People got out in the communities and helped each other; farmers lent each other horses and tractors, and built barns. America was a much […]. Cranky Rants The Wheel of the Year Betty Williams collective empire fourth of july Germany individual interdependence Nobel Paris climate agreement revolution Rome

2018 153

Lessons from Omelas


I was sad to hear that writer Ursula K. LeGuin died last night. I got to meet her, once, at a conference of the Mythopoeic Society, and found her to be as stunningly present and wise in person as on the page. But that was just a mild fangirl moment: her influence on me […]. Adventures Tales & Blarney gratitude high school Joanne Burnett justice Omelas social change teachers Ursula LeGuin

2018 153



KUMU POHAKU (PIEDRAS COMO MAESTRAS): DESPERTAR A LA DIMENSIÓN ESPIRITUAL DE LOS ECOSISTEMAS. La situación mundial exige con urgencia un cambio en la postura relacional hacia la tierra, desde el paradigma actual dominante de la propiedad hacia una postura más indígena de pertenencia, el reconocimiento de que los humanos están realmente en el cuerpo de la tierra viva y son solo una de sus partes amadas.

2018 124

student loan saga


It’s done. I just lovingly placed every paper related to my student loans in the recycling bin. They are paid off. It only took me 14 years. (:-0) My hair is white, just like the jokes say, but by George, they are paid off. The balance due, once over $45,000 USD, is now zero. […]. Adventures Cranky Rants Tales & Blarney education freedom money strategy student loan

Square Dance in the Rural West: An Oral History


Check out my new article in the Country Dance and Song Society (CDSS) online journal. It’s based on interviews with my elders, who can really tell a story, and contains small photos of those faboo 1950s dance outfits. Best of all is getting to witness how community dance like square dance or contra dance forges […].

2016 145

Leading a Contra Dance Role-Swapping Workshop


Contra dancers, if you’ve ever been curious about dancing the other gender role, I have published a new article with co-author Erik Erhardt about how to optimally pull it off. We of course offer tips for smooth swapping points and the like, yet our main point is the “prime directive” of keeping neighbors, shadows, […]. Arts Dance cdss contra dance Erik Erhardt gender respect role swapping

2017 117

Love as a Practice


The following is an essay written by my contradancing pal Lynn Ungar. She reframes love from an exclusive romantic destination to a daily practice for everyone. Spiritual Ecopsychology The Wheel of the Year love Lynn Ungar spiritual practice UU valentines day

2017 124

Happy Pi Day!


Happy Pi day! As you likely know, pi (?) is a mathematical constant found in all circles. Perhaps you remember the old joke from geometry class: “?R2? No, pie are round.” ” (Hardy-har.) Since pi’s decimal expansion starts off 3.14… and today’s date is 3/14, it’s the perfect day to celebrate Pi and to feel wonder at the […]. Spiritual Ecopsychology fun geometry Pi Day

2015 158

SAC in 2016


The following is reblogged from the Society for the Anthropology of Consciousness’ Open Access blog. It was a great honor to serve as their Keynote speaker.

2016 130

Womens River Retreat in May – come along!


Women and women-identified folks: Want to renew your spirit on a beautiful gentle river, including an overnight solo between just you and the spirits of the land? Join the 8-day Womens’ River Retreat I’ll be co-guiding for The River’s Path, down Labyrinth Canyon on the Green River of Utah with Lauren Bond Kovsky & Kathy […]. Announcements Spiritual Ecopsychology Green River guiding rites of passage river solo The River's Path trip women

Rivers 101

Dances with Klingons


At a recent contradance, my day was made when someone jokingly asked how to say, “thank you for the dance” in Klingon – and someone else actually knew. Daniel Morse, who translates Chinese texts for a living, turns out to also be fluent in Klingon. Without batting an eyelash or pulling out a device, he […].

2015 145

Dreams at 98


My dad has been having dreams about my long-dead mom. At first he didn’t want to tell me their content. They’re sexy dreams; sweet dreams. He’s in bed with her. He gets up to go to the bathroom, and they are conversing. So simple; so sweet. He often feels now that she, or his also-deceased […]. Adventures With Elderly Parents dreams elderly Hank Fields parent visitations

2015 143

Partial Eclipse


96% totality experienced. Even at that much shadowed occultation, the sun offered a surprising amount of light. The profound takeaway I got is this: If we consider the parallels between the larger natural world and our own psyches, it’s a sweet reminder that even if we’ve sabotaged our lives a lot through our own BS […]. Spiritual Ecopsychology eclipse ecopsychology hope innate goodness nature original nature perspective

2017 100

Machine Moment


We who enjoy material prosperity in the modern day Industrial Growth Society are expected to chuck out imperfect possessions that we don’t use anymore and go buy new ones. However, I like to repair and repurpose things, so I’ve been doing some mending. Some of the clothes on the pile are nearly worn out. But […]. Animism Humor Spiritual Ecopsychology animism frustration Hank Fields machines relationship sewing machine simplicity Tilla Fields

2015 131

Thugamar Féin am Samhradh Linn


Today is May 1, and the flowers are blooming, sometimes even through the snow so you know they are serious and not about to back down anymore. Happy Beltaine! Here’s a festive Maypole (earth-fertility symbol) and an old song in Irish to celebrate. According to An Chuallacht Ghaol Naofa, this traditional Irish song Thugamar […].

2015 132

Honoring Veterans


My dad Hank just told me some hairy stories a couple of days ago about flying bomb runs over fascist Italy and Germany in WWII. They sent him on some of the more dangerous missions: over half of their company never came back (and the story was later immortalized in Catch-22!) He flew 54 missions […]. All My Relations With Elderly Parents fascism Hank Fields honoring pacifism pilots Veterans Day WWII

2015 122

I Stand with the Xingu River


This photo, which I got from La Mina Circle in Los Angeles, reveals a tragic moment in the politics of the earth. Chief Raoni of the Kayapó people broke down crying when he learned that the Brazilian president, Dilma Rousseff. approved construction to begin on the Belo Monte hydroelectric plant & dam project on Xingu [.]. All My Relations Cranky Rants Belo Monte Chief Raoni dam destruction indigenous people progress resistance

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Climate Crisis Solutions conference


I’m pleased to be one of the presenters in Ohio this coming weekend at the 63rd annual conference put on by the Arthur Morgan Institute for Community Solutions. It will be held at Antioch College in Yellow Springs, from October 21-23, 2016. The presentations cover a wide variety of topics related to climate change. […]. Announcements Spiritual Ecopsychology animism bioregionalism climate change ecopsychology emotions spirituality stones storytelling vulnerability work that reconnect

Relationship with Stuff: Toy Stories


* Gabriele Galimberti wandered the world to photograph children with their favorite toys. He would first play with the children so they would get to know one another a bit, then he’d do the photo shoot. I think the project reveals some interesting insights into peoples’ relationship with our stuff — not only in the […]. Photography Spiritual Ecopsychology children consumerism ecopsychology Gabriele Galimberti ownership photography sharing toys

2013 156

Shamanism in Norway: Welcome Home!


News Flash: according to The Nordic Page, an online paper out of Oslo, the governor of Norway has just formally recognized and approved the Shamanic Association of Tromsø as a religion. Why is this worthy of note? Because for many years, this most ancient of spiritual practices been forbidden. Many shamanic practitioners are indigenous people. [.].

Norway 183

Solabaration! 2016


Folks along the Front Range of Colorado, come drive the cold winter away tonight with dance, song, story, cheer, xtreme juggling, a mummers’ play and more. All ages are welcome. I’m honored to be one of the three dance callers. Click on the sun for info. Save Save SaveFiled under: Announcements, Arts, Dance Tagged: Colorado, […]. Announcements Arts Dance Colorado contra dance Solabration winter solstice

2016 100

What my students learned this semester


Start paying attention The difference between me and you (or anything, for that matter) is the thought that creates that reality. I need to be radical in my love, my thoughts, my actions, my acceptance and surrender – to get to the root, the seat of life and growth, which is the seat of […]. Spiritual Ecopsychology poetry nature Tina Fields ecopsychology transformation gratitude Naropa contemplative education relationship students

Farewell, Pete – and thanks


* “To my old brown earth, and to my old blue sky I now give these last few molecules of ‘I;’ And you who weep, and you who stand nearby, I do charge you not to cry: Guard well our human chain– Watch well you keep it strong As long as sun will shine. And […]. Announcements Arts Singing death music Pete Seeger poetry singing social change

2014 142

Iñupiaq ancient lore in video game


* * Exciting news on the indigenous storytelling front: the Iñupiaq people (of the place currently known as northern Alaska) will soon release a video game based on their traditional stories. For those who haven’t the ability to physically sit at the feet of their First Nations elders and listen, what better way to get this […].

2014 137

Ginger Protector


* Do you ever get the spine-tingling feeling that the more-than-human world is looking out for you? I went to make a drink the other night that involved ginger. In an attempt to save money, a week or so prior, I had made my own ginger tea (brewed from grated ginger root peelings left over […]. All My Relations Animism Spiritual Ecopsychology animism ginger gratitude interpretation Moscow Mule protection recipe

2015 114

Jay Bird Service


I am allergic to bee and wasp stings, so when I realized that wasps were building a large nest beneath the porch roof right above my front door, I naturally felt concerned. Every time the door opened, there was a high chance that a wasp would fly in – and then I would have to […]. Adventures All My Relations Animism Spiritual Ecopsychology allergy animism birds Corvidae generosity kindness magic more-than-human world service Steller''s Jay wasps

2015 115

New Year Intention Meditation


Happy new year! From the composting wisdom of our past years, may we all grow a strong, supple new year of life; one that shelters and feeds the singing birds of the soul. The environment has effects on us – body, mind and spirit. If we align our actions and thoughts with large natural movements […]. Bioregional knowledge Drawing Spiritual Ecopsychology contemplative practice cycles ent intentions Jef Murray lunar perigee moon New Years Eve seasons Super Moon

2013 132

Brain Deposed as Seat of Consciousness


These days, most people take it for granted that the seat of consciousness is of course in the brain. “Brain dead” means the person as a whole is dead. The rest of the body is either servant to the brain, as in delivering enough oxygen for optimal functioning, or sort of an addendum. Witness the […]. Spiritual Ecopsychology B movies brain brain in a jar consciousness decapitation memory nature planaria research science science fiction Shomrat & Levin

2013 138

Shamanism in Norway: Welcome Home!


News Flash: according to The Nordic Page, an online paper out of Oslo, the governor of Norway has just formally recognized and approved the Shamanic Association of Tromsø as a religion. Why is this worthy of note? Because for many years, this most ancient of spiritual practices been forbidden. Many shamanic practitioners are indigenous people. [.].

Norway 159

Winter Solstice


* Winter Solstice in the northern hemisphere: it feels like winter is just getting started. Here in Colorado, the late December days alternate between relatively mild with lots of sun and below zero with violent winds or snow, then back again. It’s as though the earth is kind here, slowly giving us a chance to […]. Bioregional knowledge Spiritual Ecopsychology ecopsychology holiday season hope light science seasons winter winter solstice

2013 130

“Dear Winter” letter


* Dear Winter, Despite your many fine qualities, I’m sorry but I don’t think we are suitable as a long-term match. I want to break up and start seeing other seasons, beginning with Spring. (I’d I’d ideally love to be with Summer, but s/he is currently unavailable.) Please leave my home as soon as you can, […]. Cranky Rants Humor Spiritual Ecopsychology Tales & Blarney accident breakup cranky rant dear john letter seasons snow camping winter

2014 125

Coming Soon: The Mindful Guitarist


My friend Michael DeLalla‘s first book is about to be born: The Mindful Guitarist. Michael is not only one of the finest fingerstyle guitarists I have ever heard, he possesses a deep soul that shines through his music, along with a keen and quixotic mind. This book is not only for guitar players. Michael also […]. Announcements creativity guitar Kickstarter Michael DeLalla Mindful Guitarist mindfulness music

2015 109

5:20 AM, another farewell


* 5:20 am Another dear friend lost to this world Her last message to me, with a continent between us, was, “Can’t talk right now: I’m on my way.” Did she confuse me with someone else? Or was there a deeper meaning? Just in case, I’m paying attention; watching for […]. Adventures Animism Candice Chase death friend loss message mysticism poetry stars

2014 117