Wind turbine power company nixed for biosphere risks in Israel

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The first wind farm in Israel on the Golan Heights. Israel is known as a solar energy pioneer, but wind in some locations, is not lacking in the small Middle East nation. Wind turbines get nixed in Jordan for the same reason as they share the same habitat as Israel.

Secret oil pipeline revealed between Israel and the UAE

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Just recently a large wind farm project slated to be built on a UNESCO bioreserve was axed. The FSO Safer is a sinking oil tanker off the coast of Yemen. Rebels won’t let international bodies in to contain the oil which is slowly leaking into the Red Sea.

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Israel approves 30% renewables goal for 2030: Revolution or low bar?

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Golan Heights wind farm, Israel. Figure 1: Electricity mix of Israel; Source: own figures based on Israeli Ministry of Energy, 2020. Energy Chevron COVID-19 decarbonize Israel natural gas Noble renewable energy Solar Energy wind energy

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Estée Lauder shows the planet beauty is more than skin deep

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To achieve its Net Zero emissions and RE100 goals by 2020, Estée Lauder reduced its carbon footprint by investing in bringing renewable energy to the grid. Beauty carbon emissions greenhouse gas Solar Energy wind energy

2020 74

Australia’s Largest Wind Farm Approved

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Plans for the 1-GW Silverton Wind Farm in New South Wales, Australia have been approved and when it’s all done it’ill be the biggest in the country, helping the country to meet its goal of having 20 percent of its electricity come from renewable sources by 2020. The wind farm will take up 80,000 acres of land in the outback and will generate enough electricity for 430,000 homes. Government / Industry australian wind farm Conergy

Beats the Beltway: a review of Bruce Beehler’s book “Natural Encounters”

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While he’s able to scourge what needs to be scourged (a wind farm near Maryland’s Backbone Mountain is an “environmental and visual desecration of the Allegheny front”), Beehler, in his ‘60’s, has a writerly calm and elegiac tone. In his blog, Birds and Nature North America, the peripatetic Bruce Beehler professes to cover not just what the title says, but also American culture, American history, and “stories of back-roads travel and camping.”

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Egypt’s Next Huge Wind Farm

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As part of its target of going from its current 550MW of wind to a staggering 2,690MW by 2016 to reach 7,200MW by 2020, Egypt is putting bids out for yet more wind power. A tender for a 200 MW wind farm to be built on the Gulf of Suez, at a cost of $500 million was announced by Energy Minister Hassan Yunis. This would continue progress towards this ambitious goal to tap some of the best wind resources in the world. Gigawatts of Wind Power by 2016 ).

New solar energy plant in the desert? Don’t disturb the soil

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There is construction of solar and wind farms, and these areas are popular for military exercises. Energy Nature Technology desert desert agriculture Oman renewable energy Solar Energy United States wind turbinesSolar power plants in the desert make use of wasted land, right? Think again. The desert soil has a complex network of pores in its unique soil. This takes hundreds, maybe thousands of years to create.

2020 70

World's largest wind farm opens off UK coast

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) LONDON – The world's largest offshore wind farm opened off the southeast coast of England on Thursday, as part of the British government's push to boost renewable energy. Swedish energy company Vattenfall, which constructed the wind farm, said the 100 turbines off the coast of Thanet could, at their peak, produce enough electricity a year to power the equivalent of more than 200,000 homes. Small wind and solar on every roof is a must.

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Hawa Akkar Wind Farm to Illuminate 60,000 Lebanese Homes in First for Country

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Lebanese renewable energy have fallen short of its ambitious goal of reaching 12 percent of Lebanon’s energy needs by the year 2020. But now it is in the middle of building its first wind farm at about 60 MW in the country’s north. . But the country’s first wind project is well under way. This situation may change somewhat when the country’s first wind farm project will produce enough electricity to illuminate 60,000 homes.

What we can learn about renewable energy from Australia

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It is estimated that between 2018 and 2020 Australia will have by the end of this year installed more than 16 GW of solar energy and wind energy which is equaling an average of 220 watts per person per year which is 3 times faster than what Germans are doing. A dramatic increase in the production of large-scale solar energy farms made up about half of the new energy renewable energy that was accounted for in 2018. In 2018, Australia’s wind farms produced 33.5

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Tafila Financing In As Middle East’s Biggest Wind Farm in Jordan Takes Shape

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But new energy is blowing into Jordan: financing is all in for what will be the Middle East’s largest wind farm – a 117 megawatt Tafila Wind Farm to be built about 100 miles south of Amman. . The consortia of investors released the news that the Tafila Wind Farm is fully financed to its expected cost of $290 million. Jordan Wind Project Company (JWPC) will run the development of the wind farm.

Why the renewable industry needs to invest in graphite, and turn to local sources

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It is also used in the batteries that store the energy from solar and wind farms once the energy is produced. Berkwood, who reached out to us to tell us about the improved ecological impact of mining local, also believes that they have some of the best graphite in the world –– with 70 to 80 percent of their graphite in Jumbo or Large Flake form –– considered the most valuable and used in the EV batteries or in batteries for wind and solar energy production. .

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Malta to Get State-of-the-Art Floating Wind Farm from Hexicon

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Sweden’s Hexicon to supply Malta with 10% of its electricity with a platform-mounting floating wind farm. As an EU member Malta is required to produce at least 10% of its energy from renewables by 2020. The Swedish company Hexicon has filed a project description statement (PDS) with Maltese authorities for an intriguing offshore wind farm with 36 turbines set on a hexagon-shaped 460-metre-wide platform.

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Tarfaya: Africa’s Largest Wind Farm in Morocco is a Go

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Africa’s largest wind farm to date is slated to begin construction as soon as a long-delayed financing agreement is completed, according to Wind Power Monthly. No new timetable has been revealed,” Wind Power Monthly reports. Morocco has already installed 147MW of wind power with an additional 975 MW in the pipeline, according to a Wikipedia entry. Image credit: Wind turbine against blue sky , Shutterstock.

Why Do We Still Use Fossil Fuels & Can Non-Renewable Sources of Energy Be Replaced?


To change, we would need to develop clear plans that provide predictability so that businesses can switch to renewable sources of energy, such as solar or wind energy. Beyond “not in my backyard” arguments where consumers have objected to renewable sources of energy being built close to where they live – particularly wind turbines – consumers will also need to have a more active role if we are to adopt renewable energy on larger scale.

Australia Plans Wind Farm, Hopes To Increase Renewable Sector

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Australia is able to attain massive amounts of energy from solar, wind, geothermal and wave energies. Australia recently announced that they plan to build a 140-wind turbine wind farm by the year 2013. If built, the wind farm would be the largest in the southern hemisphere. Currently the amount of wind energy in the country is minimal. Only 16 percent of Australia’s total renewable energy sector comes from wind.

Massive Wind Farm Approved In Wyoming

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The Chokecherry and Sierra Madre Wind Energy Project, slated to be located in Wyoming, was recently given approval by the Interior Secretary Ken Salazar. The Chokecherry and Sierra Madre Wind Energy Project will be located in south-central Wyoming. The wind project could amount to as much as 3,000 megawatts of wind energy capacity, currently the largest wind project in the U.S. Environment Wind Power

United States Grants First Ever Wind Farm Licenses

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The United States recently announced the first ever licenses for offshore wind farms. The wind energy development would occur offshore of New Jersey and Delaware. The farms would be placed along the Outer Continental Shelf. Unfortunately, until this point there have been no wind farms built in the United States. There have been numerous proposals of such farms, but none have been built as of yet. Alternative Energy Wind Power

UK Wind Power Projects Delayed

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A massive project planned in the UK that would erect an offshore wind farm consisting of over 8,000 wind turbines by 2020 is likely to now be delayed. The government is looking to contract out a major project that would connect the wind farm energy to the grid. By letting contractors bid on the project, the UK government is hoping to reduce some of the $23 billion expected to cost to connect the 33,000 megawatts of wind energy power to the central grid.

Morocco’s Hydroelectric, Wind and Solar on Track for 2020?s 42% Green Goal

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Saudi Arabia gives Morocco a sunny boost, but Joseph looks at Morocco’s bigger renewable energy picture: an aim to use 42% renewables by 2020. These new installations include a 140-MW wind farm near Tangier and a 472-MW solar power plant in the north-east area of Ain Beni Mathar. The government aims for 42% of Moroccan electricity capacity to be generated by renewables by 2020, up from 33% in 2009, divided equally between hydroelectric, wind and solar sources.

Wind farm planning approvals by local councils slump to record new low of 25%

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Figures revealed recently at the wind industry’s annual conference in Liverpool show that local council approvals of wind farm applications have fallen to a shocking new low of just a quarter of all applications. BWEA Chief Executive, Maria McCaffery MBE said: “The planning system is broken when it comes to wind energy.

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Hidden Costs of Constructing Wind Farms in Turkey Include Many New Roads

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The new roads required to transport wind turbines to installation sites in Turkey can delay projects and add to their costs, but also create hundreds of new construction jobs. An anonymous representative from one of Turkey’s largest wind energy companies says that every new wind project requires new access roads, because the best wind is found in relatively remote, inaccessible terrain, according to the Hurriyet Daily News. GW of wind power by 2020.

Egypt to begin building nuclear reactor in 2020

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By 2020, Jordan’s Energy Ministry expects total energy demand to grow by more than 50 percent and electricity demand to grow by 74 percent. Both Egypt and Jordan are ideal for sustainable power generation utilizing solar and wind technologies, and there have been developments in both, such as Jordan’s 52MW Shams solar farm and the Tafila wind farm. Construction of Egypt’s first nuclear power plant will begin in the next two to two-and-a-half years.

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Can Lebanon Reach 12% Renewable Energy By 2020 ?

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In 2009, Lebanon pledged to produce 12% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2020- is this target optimistic today? During the 2009 Copenhagen climate summit, the Lebanese government pledged to source 12% of its electricity from renewable resources by 2020. In fact by 2020 total renewable energy production could add up to 19% of total production assuming political stability and the development of wind energy. A wind atlas of Lebanon.

Wind Power Pitting Environmentalists Against Environmentalists

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Wind power offers a clean alternative to coal-derived energy. The proposed 50-turbine wind farm raises concerns about the impact on the local bald eagle population, including two rare golden eagles that use the bluff country for habitat. The controversy over the wind farm shows two conflicting ideas regarding environmentalism. Local residents against the wind farm have the U.S. Wind Power bald eagles golden eagles wind farm

China helped wind power climb to new record levels in 2011

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Wind energy developers installed a record 41,000 megawatts of electricity-generating capacity in 2011, bringing the world total to 238,000 megawatts. With more than 80 countries now harnessing the wind, there is enough installed wind power capacity worldwide to meet the residential electricity needs of 380 million people at the European level of consumption. China’s ambitious Wind Base program will help ensure a widening lead for some years to come.

U.K. Wind Energy Jobs Up 91%

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wind power industry has surged 91 percent in three years, the RenewableUK lobby group said today. The number of people employed full-time in the large-scale onshore and offshore wind energy industry rose to about 9,200 in 2010 from 4,800 in 2007, RenewableUK said today in an e-mailed report. is banking on wind energy to help meet its European Union target of deriving 15 percent of energy for electricity, heat and transportation from renewables by 2020.

RWE npower renewables receives green light for clean energy

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) RWE npower renewables, who claims to be one of the leading UK wind energy companies, has announced that it has been granted planning permission to build a twelve-turbine wind farm located between the villages of Bozeat, Harrold and Lavendon. Nun Wood Wind Farm was the subject of a thorough and rigorous public inquiry, held before a Government appointed Planning Inspector.

Budget to re-energise funding and planning for renewables

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New measures on planning could have positive implications for onshore wind farms Green Investment Bank: industry welcomes funding structure Carbon floor price needs post 2020 certainty Education, enterprise and technology boost could translate into supply chain growth The Coalition Government’s second budget was today welcomed by RenewableUK, the country’s leading renewable energy trade association, as containing a number of policies encouraging long term sector growth.

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Masdar Wind Project May Blow Back Into Egypt

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As part of a long-term strategy to advance alternative energy, Masdar had sought investment opportunities in the Egyptian windfarm industry, and in February 2010, they finalized plans to build a 200-megawatt wind farm on the Red Sea coastline. Egypt’s renewables target was announced in 2008 with a goal of sourcing 20% of its electricity from fossil-fuel alternatives by 2020. That includes a 12% target for wind energy, equivalent to 7.2

Egypt 78

Wind power breezes through 5GW mark

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) · 5 gigawatts of installed wind capacity in the UK · UK wind energy now providing enough electricity for close to 3 million homes · Delivery accelerates – 5th GW installed in less than 12 months The wind energy industry in the UK has recently been celebrating a milestone of 5GW of installed wind energy capacity, which is enough to supply close to 3 million homes with electricity on an annual basis.

Blowing in the Wind: America’s Struggle to Hold On To Wind Energy

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Blowing in the Wind: America’s Struggle to Hold On To Wind Energy. The American wind energy industry is hanging on, but only by a thread. Competing with everything from powerful global oil companies to wealthy coastline communities to constant political wrangling, the future of American wind energy is teetering. Luckily that scrap came in the form of a much needed tax credit extension which will catapult year end completed wind farms for another ten years.

Australia Wind Energy Sector Growing

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However, Australia is seeking to reduce carbon dioxide emissions greatly by 2020. The current Australian goal is to have twenty percent of their energy needs met through renewable sources by 2020. An estimated 159 million tons of carbon reduction through carbon taxation by 2020 is likely. Part of Australia’s renewable energy target includes wind energy, an energy that suit’s the country well. REpower will be providing sixty-four wind turbines which are 2.05

Now Morocco is Looking for Bids for 850 MW of Wind

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Now it is starting on wind. Morocco’s state-run power utility has just invited companies to bid on five wind farm projects with a total power generation capacity of 850 megawatts, as part of its plan to build 2,000 MW of wind power by 2020. Its Atlantic coast has some of the best wind resources in the entire world, and pictured here is its first wind farm – that was already the largest in Africa when it was inaugurated in 2010.

Masdar’s Renewables Strategy Shifts To Wind

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As Masdar’s partnership program gains traction in the London Thames estuary, the company is mooting wind power back home – in Abu Dhabi. Masdar is on target to complete the world’s largest offshore wind farm in London’s Thames estuary by the end of 2012. ON from Germany, Masdar has already laid foundations for 22 of the London Array’s 177 turbines that will eventually produce 1 gigawatt of clean wind power. Until the wind started blowing.

Renewables rising – wind power passes the six gigawatt threshold

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6GW of installed capacity as wind industry makes great stride forward UK now has enough installed capacity to supply over 3.3 million homes Chief Secretary to the Treasury calls for further expansion of wind power RenewableUK, the trade association representing the renewable energy industries, has announced that the country’s wind sector has reached a landmark 6 gigawatts of installed capacity – enough to supply electricity to 3,354,893 homes.

After record levels last year, world wind power is set to break new records in 2013

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Even amid policy uncertainty in major wind power markets, wind developers still managed to set a new record for installations in 2012, with 44,000 megawatts of new wind capacity worldwide. With total capacity exceeding 280,000 megawatts, wind farms generate carbon-free electricity in more than 80 countries, 24 of which have at least 1,000 megawatts. China installed some 13,000 megawatts of wind in 2012, according to the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC).

2013 57

China Plans to Tap 600 MW of Wind Power in Turkey

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Turkey’s massive wind resource has long been recognized. Now China’s wind giant Sinovel has signed an agreement to supply turbines to build 600 MW of wind projects in Turkey, in what could be the company’s largest overseas deal to date. Rather than a single large wind farm, the deal would be split up into more than 10 smaller projects, but the turbines would be Sinovel’s 1.5 Turkey offers a feed-in tariff for wind at 7.3

RenewableUK welcomes Huhne’s pledge to slash energy bills with new green measures

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Wind power and other green measures will cut household energy bills by 7% compared to relying on fossil fuels alone Government figures show the current cost to the ordinary household of support for wind power is 18 pence per week RenewableUK has welcomed Government figures showing that as part of a package of green measures, wind power will help slash future consumer bills by nearly £100 compared to largely relying on non-renewable sources.

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Wind surpasses nuclear in China, and the potential for more is huge

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Wind has overtaken nuclear as an electricity source in China. In 2012, wind farms generated 2 percent more electricity than nuclear power plants did, a gap that will likely widen dramatically over the next few years as wind surges ahead. Since 2007, nuclear power generation has risen by 10 percent annually, compared with wind’s explosive growth of 80 percent per year. The outlook for wind in China is much more promising.

Egypt Cuts Tax and Open Land to New Renewable Energy Investments

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A flailing Egypt still aims for 20 percent renewables by 2020. According to the Council, it said it would exempt parts and components used in the production of electricity from customs and tax if they were to be implemented in either solar or wind power operations. The country hopes to be using some 20 percent of all power from alternative sources by 2020.

Egypt 80


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RSPB CALLS ON GOVERNMENT TO INCREASE COMMITMENT TO ONSHORE WIND BWEA, the UK ’s leading renewable energy association, welcomed today RSPB’s “Positive Planning for Onshore Wind” report, which sets out how to significantly expand UK ’s onshore wind capacity. Evidence shows that it is possible to develop onshore wind farms, without damage to wildlife. RSPB’s call for a step change in onshore wind deployment is timely and well judged.”

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