Middle East expands renewable energy to the world

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The Abu Dhabi Fund for Development (ADFD) and the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) today announced the selection of renewable energy projects in Guyana, Liberia and Togo for funding by ADFD, as part of the sixth cycle of the IRENA/ADFD Project Facility.

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How can countries ensure renewable energy technology is developed sufficiently?

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The world’s largest solar energy dish in Sde Boker, Israel. The demand for energy in today’s world is rising, specifically electricity, as there are now around 1.1 The UK has already made a step forwards in its mission to produce much more renewable energy. Energy

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$50 million in funds for renewable energy in developing nations

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Abu Dhabi Fund for Development (ADFD) and The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) are inviting applications for more than US$50 million in funding through the IRENA/ADFD Project Facility. The world’s largest solar energy dish in Sde Boker, Israel.

Renewables better investment than oil and gas, says Gulf body

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News that Saudi Arabia wouldn’t like to hear: Renewable energy is the most competitive form of power generation in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, according to a new report published today by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). Energy

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10 Ways to Prevent Indoor and Outdoor Air Pollution


Save energy. 3 Save energy and make sure you use energy efficiently. In 2016, the International Energy Agency released a report with the key statement that “air pollution is an energy problem.”. That is why being mindful about your energy consumption matters.

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10 Solutions for Natural Resource Depletion


We can conserve some of that electricity simply by turning things off and unplugging them when we’re not using them and by using more energy-efficient appliances and light bulbs. Use More Renewable Energy. As the human population increases and economies.

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Austin’s calling you to work as a manager of the Sun

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Dreaming about a leadership role in solar energy and want to stay in or relocate to the United States? RES, a global renewable energy company which has been active in the renewable energy industry for over 30 years, currently has a Solar Field Operations Manager position open.

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How to Maximize Trade Platinum CFDs

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Critical metals are also necessary in renewable energy production. Platinum is among the most expensive metals in the world. Like gold and silver, platinum is rare and falls into the category of precious metals. The Mayans once used platinum in jewellery.

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Dream sales job in sunny solar open in Dubai

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Consider working in Dubai for world-changing solar energy projects: Beresford Wilson & Partners is looking for a solar sales executive to run its mission of creating energy efficient solar energy installations in the Middle East. Ever see the video Follow the Frog?

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Why Do You Need To Switch Energy Supplier?

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Currently, every homestead has a connection to energy. Have you ever taken time to think of how life would be without a link to energy supply? Today, you require an energy connection to run almost every item in the house. Recently, there are different providers of energy.

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6 Reasons To Hire A Lawyer For Your Eco Business

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Especially ones engaging in renewable energy. Considering the current business climate, it is safe to assume that business owners must have a lawyer on their team. Lawsuits and any other legal complications can arise anytime. As such, you have to be protected by all means possible.

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Top Factors You Consider Before You Hire A Resume Writer

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You want a job in renewable energies or something in the sustainable/eco space. It is a common thing that executives that have entered into the vetting the resume writers have their process of separating facts and fictions.

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4 US States Have Lowered Greenhouse Gas Emissions Below 1990 Levels

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Four Northeastern states: Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts and New York emitted less carbon dioxide from fossil fuel consumption in 2007 than they did in 1990, according to energy information data compiled in a study by Environment America. All four states have put in place Renewable Energy Standards requiring utilities to buy more clean energy, and [.] [ 4 US States Have Lowered Greenhouse Gas Emissions Below 1990 Levels from Green Living Ideas ].

Morocco’s Hydroelectric, Wind and Solar on Track for 2020?s 42% Green Goal

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Saudi Arabia gives Morocco a sunny boost, but Joseph looks at Morocco’s bigger renewable energy picture: an aim to use 42% renewables by 2020. The final, long-term (2020-30) phase will further emphasize alternative energy sources.

Can Nuclear Power Ever Be Justified For Environmental Reasons?

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A recent meeting held in Amman brought together various NGOs, experts and academics for the 4 th International Symposium on Nuclear Energy. Desalination and Nuclear Energy. Why Ignore Huge Potential Of Renewables?

Parks and Public Lands Win at the Polls

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Renewable Energy Standards Initiative. Voters across the country support environmentally conscious ballot initiatives.

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China helped wind power climb to new record levels in 2011

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Wind energy developers installed a record 41,000 megawatts of electricity-generating capacity in 2011, bringing the world total to 238,000 megawatts. Eighteen of India’s 28 states encourage wind energy development through feed-in tariffs.

Greenpeace Raises More Questions Over Jordan’s Nuclear Plans

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Citing poor energy independence and high energy costs ( around 22% of GDP ), the country has laid out plans to establish a 1,000 megawatt nuclear reactor just 40 kilometres north of Amman the capital city. Energy greenpeace Jordan Nuclear energy Nuclear power renewable energy

South Korea Building 2.5 GW Offshore Wind Farm

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The wind farm will be built off the southwestern coast of South Korea will include about 500 turbines and is expected to be completed by 2019. The government has committed to a five-year plan that will see it investing $36 billion in renewable energy to help it to become more energy independent and to stake its claim in the renewable energy market. South Korea is getting into the wind power game with a bold, 2.5 GW project will cost about $8.2

Should I Get Solar Panels Now in 2018 or Wait?


your property is a great way to save money on your energy costs over multiple decades. Here are four reasons why: Waiting to install solar means waiting to save money on your energy bill, which will continue to rise over time. Solar Energy

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What Incentives and Rebates Are Available for Solar Power?


The cost of a solar energy system depends on the number and quality of the panels. In Los Angeles, a 7 kW system would more than cover the energy needs of the average household. Ongoing significant savings can be experienced through net-energy metering. Solar Energy

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Obama directs government to triple use of clean energy by 2020

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5, calling for an increase in solar, wind, and other renewable energy for federal agencies , to 20 percent by 2020. percent between 2018 and 2019. Obama declared, "In order to create a clean energy economy that will increase our nation''s prosperity, promote energy security, combat climate change, protect the interests of taxpayers, and safeguard the health of our environment, the federal government must lead by example."

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Leasing Solar Panels: Pros and Cons


gigawatts of solar energy. energy mix in 2017 [1]. Solar leasing has established an indelible presence in the solar energy marketplace, and the growth of solar leasing arrangements is a major reason why solar has advanced so rapidly. Possibility to buy your solar energy system.

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Wind Energy Increases In Northwest May Be Aided By Electric Vehicles

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One of the major hurdles facing renewable energy is connecting the energy generated to the grid. The electrical grid across the United States is largely considered well past due for reorganization in order to better incorporate renewables and to make it more efficient overall.

Why Are Solar Panels so Expensive? Here’s a Breakdown of Solar System Costs


Once the selection of the system is established, then, comes the dimensioning of the energy load that needs to be supplied. Solar modules are the most important part of all PV system, they transform the solar energy into DC electricity. Solar Energy

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With Economic Rise, Green Power Rises In Indonesia

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Mochamad Sofyan, head of the new and renewable energy division at state utility PLN, is at the forefront. Indonesia is replete with green energy sources. Presently 12 percent is contributed by geothermal; that’s set to touch 18 percent by 2019.

Haley Barbour’s Red State Pays $100 Million to Israeli Biofuel Co for CleanTech

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Climate change hits America’s Red States hard – but there’s plenty of wood waste there for clean biofuel energy production – that could head off even worse climate change. And clean energy can be made from trees.

Step by Step Solar Panel Installation – A Comprehensive Guide


But despite these overwhelming factors at the beginning, once you are on the way of becoming a solar energy producer you will realize that the pieces will start fitting and before you know it, your house will be supporting solar panels! Solar Energy

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Company To Build World’s Largest Solar Field

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The amount of energy creation would be two gigawatts. This would be enough energy to equate to two coal-fired plants. The entire solar field would be expected to be complete by 2019. The location, which is not set yet, will include additional renewable energy zones. The area is expected to have 12 gigawatts of energy, including the solar field, wind energy, hydroelectric and biomass energy.

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Climate Wars by Gwynne Dyer

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Scenario 2, Russia 2019: The Colder War. With a title like Climate Wars this book looks “alarmist&# even to someone sick and tired of being called just that. But actually, it is far less dramatic than the action paced science fiction that may come to mind.

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Four Carbon Pricing Pitfalls to Avoid

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The EU also neglected to account for other carbon-cutting policies, like its 20 percent renewable energy and energy efficiency goals. Climate & Energy

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Experts at US-Arab Policy Conference debate Mideast’s future as global energy supplier

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Does the rapid expansion of new technologies like fracking threaten the future of eco-friendly energy alternatives such as wind and solar energy? An energy panel held on the first day of the Oct. associate deputy secretary of energy. energy policy vis-à-vis the Arab world?

Peak energy, climate change, and the collapse of global civilization - The current peak oil crisis

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Although there will be oil remaining in the ground when world oil production peaks, the remaining oil will become increasingly difficult and more costly to produce until the marginal financial and energy cost of producing oil exceeds the marginal profit and energy gained.

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